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Nick Vetucci Lays Down Real Estate Investment Blueprint

There are a ton of people that are interested in real estate because they assume that they can make money with selling homes and buying commercial properties. This is not an easy market to venture into. People that discover Nick Vetucci will find that he is one of the most knowledgeable sources when it comes to real estate and figuring out the ways that you can capitalize on this concept.


The real estate business can be a very profitable one, but it’s not always an easy business to learn. There are a lot of people that are trying to get into real estate and flip homes, and it takes some time to become familiar with the things that work versus the things that do not.


Nick Vertucci started a real estate academy so that he could help people sort out exactly what those things were. When it comes down to real estate success it is always better to follow the footprints of someone that has a proven track record. Nick Vertucci is one such person. He has a track record for providing quite a bit of resourceful information because he has sold homes and invested in various real estate properties.


He has put time into discovering what the real estate market is all about. This has allowed him to carve out a niche as a real estate professional that is going to be able to help more people build a better sense of what they need to do to thrive in the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci has a lot of different perspectives on real estate, and he knows about the things that can help people accelerate quite quickly.


One of the things that he has done time and time again is advise people on their cash flow when it comes to the investments that they are making. Sometimes it may take getting a loan to fix a home. At other times you may have cash that you’re setting aside that can be put into real estate. There are so many different things that can be done to make investments better. It just takes someone like Nick Vertucci that actually knows the market to help those new real estate property owners sort out the best opportunities. This is where someone like Nick is vital developing real estate strategies. He can help people discover opportunities that they did not know existed.

Nick Vertucci Is Changing People’s Lives Everyday At His Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is the dynamic founder and CEO of The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). He founded the academy in 2013 and has been helping students from all over the United States to realize and accomplish their real estate investing goals. The academy relies on a specific system that Nick teaches and this includes the “Get In” phase, which teaches people to buy low so they can sell high later, the “Get Out” phase, which explains how people need to rehab or fix up their real estate property so it can be sold, and the “Get Paid” phase, which covers the making money part of the whole system.



The Past Is Called The Past For A Reason


Nick operates on the belief that the past does not dictate people’s future. This is an important cornerstone of his teaching, because Nick feels that a lot of people’s failure to succeed stems from the fact that they are holding on to the disappointments of their past. Nick knows that holding on to this negative energy only fosters a poverty mentality and that people will literally self-sabotage their own efforts because of their negative beliefs. Nick, himself, once had to resort to living in his van during a rough stretch in his life, but he worked his way out of it and loves to help other people overcome their own inner demons on their road to success and wealth.



Nick Vertucci Gives People The Know-How


Nick doesn’t believe in only building up people from the inside out by helping them to find the confidence to push through their self doubts. On top of this, he also gives people all of the tools and information they need to know for how to actually get out in the real world and become profitable in the real estate business. While some real estate courses offer scant information along with an overload of mottoes and well wishes, The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy gets into the nuts and bolts of the real estate world. Nick put together the academy this way, because he knows that people need solid advice about the specifics of what to do.



A Bit More About Nick Vertucci


Nick grew up in a loving family but lost his father at the young age of ten. After this, his mother would work long hours to provide for his family, and this gave Nick the motivation to work so hard throughout the rest of his life. Eventually Nick became a millionaire and then decided to help others accomplish the same.

Nick Vertucci and his Passion for Teaching and Investment

Investor Nick Vertucci has been in the business of real estate investment for a couple of decades. The industry was a saving grace for him, and he has now taken his passion for the business and is teaching others how to become accomplished as a real estate investor and change their lives.


During his early life, Nick Vertucci had financial problems which led him to live in a van during his teenage years. He took up a business and started selling computer parts. Although the business was nothing major, it gave him enough stability to put his life together and even start a family. Then life took a turn and the family lost nearly all of its financial stability in the year 2000 because of the dot com crash. After 18 months with barely any income, a friend invited Nick Vertucci to a seminar teaching about how to invest in real estate property. Although he had some doubt, he attended the workshop after all. That was when things started changing for him and his family. He developed a keen interest towards the business. At first, he did not understand things very well, but he was very persistent and started reading books on the business and learning from established real estate investors.


Nick Vertucci took on real estate investment head on. He learned and practiced and after a while success came knocking on the door. He was able to turn his financial situation around completely and support his family, providing complete stability for their three children. Next, he moved on to establish a business. During his time learning about investing in real estate property and doing it, Nick Vertucci developed another passion as well. He wanted to help people in his situation turn their lives around as well. He discovered that he has a knack for teaching and explaining things. He also assembled a team of expert investors to help him educate beginners in the art of real estate investment. He created his business called NV Companies Inc and the NV Real Estate Academy.


The NV corporation has invested a significant amount of effort and resources in order to provide high-quality training for aspiring real estate investors. The NV Real Estate Academy proved to be one of the companies most valuable resources, resulting in the company growing to one of the largest firms dealing with real estate in the United States of America.

Nick Vertucci is a Testament to Hard Work and Dedication

Nick Vertucci is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. His life was not all rosy as he was living in his van at a young age. He started his own business and began selling parts for computer. He was quite successful until the dot com crash brought his business to a halt and he lost almost everything. Vertucci found it difficult to regroup as he had not invested for the future.


He trudged through the next 18 months trying to make ends meet and only found himself getting deeper into debt. It wasn’t until he attended a real estate seminar did he finally find a way out of the employment doldrums. He found the seminar rewarding and Nick Vertucci knew he found the keys to success. He continued to learn all he could about real estate and it was mostly as he went along. The more Vertucci learned the more inspired he became.


Nick Vertucci went on to develop a real estate system that totally worked for him and brought more success than he ever dreamed possible. His system is straightforward and simple to use and he decided to pay it forward and give others the benefit of what he has learned. He wanted others to have the chance to get out of debt and become financially successful just as he had. He found that although others have the desire and drive to be successful they sometimes lack the knowledge and stepping stones to achieve success.


Mr. Vertucci brings the opportunity to succeed to others by bringing forward a solution, as well as the stepping stones to success. He teaches the strategies and tactics to work successfully in the real estate investment industry. Nick Vertucci is the founding father of NV Real Estate Academy and provides the education necessary to successful real estate investing. His team is on the forefront of the real estate industry and inspires and educates individuals interested in the real estate industry. His educational system helped transform the lives of those who felt they could not get out of debt or find a way to create wealth.


Nick Vertucci is a symbol of hard work and perseverance and is an inspiration to those that may think otherwise. He has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that with the right tools, as well as the right mindset, anyone can be successful at whatever they take on in life.

Learn the story of Nick Vertucci in 5 minutes

The past does not determine your future. On the other hand, is it wrong? The saying is part of Nick Vertucci’s philosophy. Although he grew up in a family that provided all he needed, no one can say his family was excessively well off. At age ten, he lost his father, and things turned to worse. His mother had to work extra hours to support his other siblings. At age 18, Nick was living out of his van, and his life was at its worst.


Nick’s luck came a few years later when he started his business of selling computer parts. Nick Vertucci notes that he loved the freedom that he got for being the boss. It was at this time that he got married. He was doing very well until dot com crashed in 2000 and all his finances disappeared in his eyes. He says that he was operating with the wrong investment mentality and had not thought about his future. For more eighteen months, Nick Vertucci survived with little income and sunk himself deeper into debt.


Nick notes that at that time he lost almost everything except his house. At that point, one of his friends invited him to attend a three-day real estate training seminar as a guest. After assurances from the friend, he decided to visit, and he claims that it was the best decision he ever made. It is on that day that time he got an answer to get himself out of his financial hole.

From that day, he felt ready, inspired, and renewed. He continued to study, train, and absorb that he could talk about real estate. It took a decade to gather the information needed to be a successful realtor, but he kept pressing on. Finally, he developed the system that allowed him to make money in real estate that is simple and straightforward.


When Nick Vertucci finally made it, he decided to teach his system to others to become successful, get themselves out of debt, and radically transform the lives of their families.


He founded the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. that gives individuals a solution to the difficulties that come with starting a career in real estate. The NV Real Estate Academy had a variety of resources to active investing and was founded by Nick Vertucci, a prolific realtor. With this academy, Nick was able to teach his method and system to individuals seeking to become successful brokers.

Edison Carlos’ Take on the Recent Government Announcement of its Intention to Partner with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development

The government has announced that it intends to make concessions via a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. The president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, gave his opinion on the issue during an interview. Edison believes that the move will improve the structure and management of the services offered. He also says that it will result in better use of resources.


Edison further mentions that 90% of basic sanitation services are done by private offices, and 70% of the users get services from state organizations. Edison argues that just because private firms are doing the work does not mean the public should be excluded. Instead, the two can work in a complementary manner and achieve much more than what the private firms can attain on their own. Government entities have a great experience that can be leveraged through the partnership of companies.


Edison notes that the private enterprises have more resources that make them useful in preventing wastage of water. The companies have an advanced technology which is essential for water management. According to Edison, the current situation of Brazil requires the work of such organizations to create an impact on the financial situation of the public institutions.


According to the report issued by Felipe Montoro Jens, Edison emphasizes that it is vital to have goals that are clear when coming up with contracts and during the adoption of public agencies inspections where the services will be provided. The representative of Edison believes that it is important for governors to review the activities that are presented during concession and verify that the existing agreement is honored.


Felipe Montero Jens went to Vergas Foundation and Thunderbid School of Global Management. He is the chief executive officer of Energipar Captacao that was incorporated in 1996. Felipe Montoro was the director of Braskem S.A from 2010 to 2013.

Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Benefits of Concession for Brazilian Santitation

The Brazilian government announced that it will be creating a more complementary partnership between the public and private sectors for sanitation reform, local business leader Felipe Montoro Jens reported.


By creating concessions for conducting basic sanitation business, the two sides hope to establish a partnership that will leverage the government experience and scope with the higher levels of technology and resources found in the private sector.


Felipe Montoro Jens said he believes that the partnership will create improvements for managing the trash disposal, structural issues within the current system, and help spread resources to more areas. Right now, Edison Carlos, the Tratas Brasil president, said there is a lot of waste which sends resources away from helping people and getting the job done. Water, for example, was often unavailable because the state water sector did not appropriately budget their financial resources.


Basic sanitation in Brazil is 90 percent public and 70 percent of users are served by state organizations. By leveraging the experience and connections of the government sanitation contacts with the private initiatives with better technology and more resources, the public wins. BNDES plans to develop action plans for each state based on their list of needs and situations. Then the bank can customize the response and projects to the needs of each place.


While concessions are a good way for the government to update sanitation needs around the country, Edison Carlos said that the two sides need to create clear cut goals when writing their contracts.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a major business leader at several companies in Brazil. He serves on a board of directors overseeing the concessions being given out by the Central Authority.


He has many years of business experience in Brazil. Before that he was educated at Getulio Vargas Foundation and also holds a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Felipe Montoro Jens Explains How the Concessions Initiative Will Benefit the Economy

The recent announcement by the government that it would grant concessions in partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) has sparked different reactions in various sectors of the economy. In a recent interview, Felipe Montoro Jens pointed out that the concessions would help reduce wastage of resources, especially water. The involvement of private organizations in the management of public resources will ensure more efficient utilization of the resources and development of infrastructure such as sewage systems since private firms have more resources than public organizations. The goals of the projects will be clearly set out in the contracts to avoid any confusion or conflict down the line.The projects will be tailored to each individual state’s needs to ensure that the objectives are met.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe is an infrastructure expert based in Rio de Janeiro with extensive experience in various fields including water and sewage, oil and gas, real estate, defense and technology among others. He is currently the CEO of Energipar Captacao SA, and holds several other high-profile positions in a number of companies. He also serves on the boards of a few companies.


Mr. Montoro has made a great contribution to the country’s economy hence the high regard and authority he is accorded in the business sphere. He studied business administration at the Getulio Vargas Foundation. He graduated from the Thunderbird School of International Management with an international management master’s degree.




The BNDES concessions initiative is bound to benefit the country’s economy greatly as Felipe Montoro pointed out. However, some control measures need to be implemented to ensure that the services provided are of the required standards and that the cost of undertaking the projects is not too high. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, this collaboration will also greatly improve the financial performance of public entities.



The Investing Advice Of Long Term Investor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a longtime investor and banker who has lived most of his life in his native country of Brazil. He was a very prominent banker in Brazil and led a number of the largest banks in the country. He retired from banking in 2010 and now splits his time between Brazil and South Florida.

As a part-time job and hobby, Cornelson has an investment firm in South Florida named Bainbridge Investments, Inc. In addition to managing his client’s portfolios, he serves as an investing and financial consultant to high net worth individuals.

Igor Cornelsen says that when investing it’s best to avoid damaged companies as the whole point is to make money when investing, not lose it. A company that is damaged is not a good investment as so putting money into them isn’t a good idea. However, he says that sometimes good companies have damaged stock. When this event occurs it’s a great time to put money into it as it is likely the stock won’t be damaged for long and will return to the value that it should have. In this way, you can invest at cheap prices and make an almost guaranteed return in the long term.

Other investing advice that Igor Cornelsen likes to explain to people is to start investing when you’re as young as possible. The sooner you put money into the global stock markets the more effective each dollar is. $200 saved and invested a month when a person is 25 is much more valuable at age 65 then $200 invested every month when someone is 45. This is because the earlier saved money had 40 years to grow instead of half that. Due to compounding interest, one of the biggest factors in having enough for a successful retirement is time.

Cornelsen also suggests people get a financial adviser, at least when they’re starting out investing. Once someone is familiar with how the markets work and how and when to rebalance account they can then try to handle their portfolios on their own.


Igor Cornelsen Brings Home Ideas For Making Investments In Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is fairly easy to find on Tumblr, Twitter and WordPress if you would like to hear what he has to say about investing. He’s a former investment banker who now focuses on private investments and offers part-time consulting services to various clients around the globe. He also makes appearances and reports on TV from time to time, and most of his advice is how to become a profitable but careful stock investor. While Cornelsen has a lot of general tips to offer investors, most of his advice would be regarding long-term investing.


Long-term investing is the end game that Cornelsen says all investors need to be willing to play. He says that far too often people look to strike it big with stock trades by entering the stock market like a casino and trying to buy and sell fast-growing stocks immediately. Igor Cornelsen says far too many investors end up disappointed and sometimes with big losses because they didn’t understand that investing isn’t about making it big overnight, it’s about picking small stocks and having a diverse portfolio as well as having a plan to let the investments add up over time for savings in the future.


Cornelsen has said investors ought to be willing to look beyond the US stock market and consider investing in foreign countries like Brazil, the country of his birth. Cornelsen was formally educated in Brazil and also worked for three of the nation’s biggest banks and advised the government in fiscal policy. He tells investors that they should get to know these banks and learn which ones can accommodate foreign currency securities. Cornelsen also says due to a lot of upheaval over the last few years, regulators are going to have some “red tape” that may make investing a bit more difficult for newcomers, but navigating the red tape is more than worth it according to Cornelsen. He also says investors should look at other foreign nations and economic trade policies that affect Brazil including China and the Middle East.