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Lori Senecal to Resign from MDC Partners and the Prestigious CP+B Agency

Lori Senecal is currently famed to be among the most successful women in the competitive corporate world. The businesswoman has a lot of expertise in matters concerning leadership, and this is why she has been excelling in the male-dominated market. In the past years, the successful career woman has been fortunate to work in several companies, and she has managed to prove to the world that she is a woman of substance who can be successful despite the numerous challenges. In her challenging career, the businesswoman has been dedicated to achieve her goals and make the world a better place for everyone.

Just recently, the popular Salary magazine announced to the world that Senecal was resigning from her role as the chief executive officer of the institution she has been serving, known as MDC Partners. Lori Senecal has been in the leadership of a highly regarded company called CP+B, and she will also be resigning from the position. The changes will be taking place at the end of the year 2017. The successful businesswoman, however, did not disclose to the world what she will be doing in the coming year. Sources say that she might be looking for greener pastures in the New Year. Check out GCReport to see more.

In her very successful career, Lori Senecal has managed to accomplish so much. One of her greatest achievements was introducing the American Airlines to the CP+B family. Although the task was very challenging, the businesswoman shocked the world by showing very high levels of excellence, and this made her win very many hearts from all over the world. MDC Partners and CP+B say that they have significantly benefited from the expertise that has been shown by the businesswoman in the recent past. The two institutions say that they had already signed an agreement with Lori Senecal, stating that she will be leaving her position in December 2017. The companies are looking forward to introducing new individuals who will take up the role the businesswoman has been occupying in the recent years. However, none of the companies have announced who will be succeeding the influential leader. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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Jose Borghi Takes A Look At A Survey On Celebritity Influence On Youth

Jose Borghi, the chief executive officer of advertising agency, Mullen Lowe has taken a look at a survey in Brazil that examined celebrity influences on youth. Below are some of the analysis and insights offered by the Mullen Lowe Brasil publicist. It is important to point out that Jose Borghi is an expert in media, advertising and propaganda.

The survey analyzed by Jose Borghi was done by research group Provokers. Its goal was to determine which media figures held the greatest influence of youth aged 14 to 17 years old in Brazil. Over 1,000 young people were questioned during the survey across the country. A surprising takeaway from the survey mentioned by Jose Borghi is the fact that television media still plays a big role in influencing youth behavior and values. This is despite the fact the more and more youth are spending more time on the internet and smartphones.

Youtube personalities and celebrities were found towards the top of the list, but they fall behind TV personalities and figures when it came to total influence and popularity. TV is still king when it comes to popularity and influence despite the fact that the internet is rapidly rising in use, prominence and influence. Parents, spouses and marketers should pay heed to this. Don’t ignore the medium of TV. TV ads are still highly effective and can really effect all demographics. That includes older youth and teenagers.

A trend on the internet is that teenagers and youths are increasingly interacting with YouTube celebrities. Jose Borghi has mentioned that this interaction is a great way for advertisers to market their goods or services and reach certain segments of the audience. The most influential celebrities were found by the Provokers study to be actors and comedians. For example, the survey listed actors and comedians, Tatá Werneck and Danilo Gentili as being the most influential and popular figures in the youth group it studied. Humor it seems plays a big role in Brazilian youths lives today, says Jose Borghi. They may like it because it allows them to forget about their daily problems and to enjoy themselves.

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