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What Adam Milstein Thinks About Today’s Radical Muslims

Radical Islam is probably most thought of as a militant terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda or ISIS responsible for bombings and deaths of millions of Arabs, Jews and Americans. But Adam Milstein, a Jewish-American author, real estate investor and philanthropist says it’s become ingrained in social media and has started joining forces with progressive liberal groups on college campuses. He mentioned in an article on that activist Linda Sarsour has been among those bringing demagoguery and antisemitic ideology where given the pulpit. Milstein says Jewish-Americans need to be read to counter this ideology, and to understand that at times these radical Muslims and progressive leftists even have joined forces with the alternative right such as when a Turkish leader once aided Hitler’s forces in their campaigns against Jews.

Adam Milstein has worked hard through the non-profit groups he supports to help bring Israeli-Americans close to home and feel a stronger connection to the actual nation of Israel. He was born there in 1952 and spent his younger years traveling with his family when his father had building framing work at various construction sites. Adam Milstein joined the Israeli Defense Forces when he reached 18, the age required of all Israeli men to complete three years of military service. He fought in the unit that defeated Egypt’s armies all the way back into Egyptian soil during the Yom Kippur War, and after completing combat he returned home and married a young woman he had met in the military named Gila. Milstein then worked on his higher education completing his bachelor’s first at the Technion, and then moving to the US to complete grad school at USC.

Adam Milstein has made millions in the real estate industry as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties where he has led the acquisition and resale of million-dollar commercial and large-family residential properties across the US. But he and his wife Gila consider their philanthropy dedicated to Jewish-Americans to be their most important work, and they don’t just give money to causes they support but are actually out in the field along with other activists. The main organization they do it through is the Milstein Family Foundation, but their other key partners are the Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, StandWithUS, Hillel International and Hasbara Fellowships. Milstein’s articles have touched thousands of readers and have earned him recognition several times as one of the world’s most influential Jews.

Adam Milstein and his Ambitious Philanthropic Works

Adam Milstein is the first son of Eva Milstein and Hillel Milstein having born in Haifa, Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 after which he joined the Israeli Institute of Technology. In 1978, Milstein acquired a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. Adam Milstein had later on attended the University of Southern California and attained his master’s studying Business Administration

Adam Milstein who is among the founders of a charitable organization known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has been on the forefront of strengthening ties between Israel and America. Being a one of a kind philanthropist Adam Milstein has been able to facilitate many activities that enable Jews mostly in America and other countries to visit their ancestral home which is Israel.

Milstein’s philanthropic services include partnership promotion, consultation and supporting fundraisers in the Jewish community, education, and advocating towards pro-Israel. His philosophy as a philanthropist contains three exceptional principles of active philanthropy, philanthropic synergy, and life path impact.

Though his family’s foundation, Adam Milstein has been able to invest in expertise on his various projects all geared towards funding other charitable organizations to improve the kind of service they offer to those in need.

According to philanthropist Adam Milstein, philanthropy is more than giving checks, but there are many practices one must undertake to make an impact out of investments. He noted that it is a lifetime labor of love and compassion. The philanthropic work ought not to be termed as work but a charitable endeavor through which one finds satisfaction. By developing a daily trend as a donor, one progresses with the non-profits allowing focus in their services for humankind.

Another principle is finding synergies and staying focused. A philanthropist can promote knowledge that heightens their impact on the organizations they purport to support. It is beneficial to identify what you can do best and focus your energy there. Philanthropists do not choose the organization to sponsor but through cooperation with other similar charitable groups, such as AIPAC, Israeli-A American Council and Taglit-Birthright, put their resources and grow the impact of their work to all organizations without discrimination. The preeminent philanthropists sacrifice their time, talent, expertise, connections to promote their mission in non-profit organizations.

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Adam Milstein Was Founding Member of Israeli-American Council

In the summer of 2006, the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles organized a pro-Israel rally. Despite the fact that there are more than 200,000 Israeli-Americans living in Los Angeles, very few people showed up for the event. This got the attention of several prominent businessmen in the area, including Adam Milstein. He realized that Jewish people with strong connection to the Jewish state and homeland needed a better rallying point, and perhaps a more organized effort to bring together what is a significant American subculture.

Today Adam Milstein serves as chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a group that serves more than 250,000 Israeli-Americans and Jewish people across America. It is the largest organization of Philanthropist its kind in the U.S. Furthermore, as of 2017, it was the fastest growing Jewish organization.

Establishing the Israeli-American Council was a project near and dear to the heart of Adam Milstein. He was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1952. His mother, Eva, had immigrated to Israel from Mexico and his father, Hillel, came to the Jewish homeland from Argentina. Both came to Israel shortly after the new country was founded in 1948.

Adam Milstein grew to manhood and was conscripted into Israeli military service in 1971. He served in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and fought under General Ariel Sharon in Egypt. His experience in the fighting included the crossing of the Suez Canal and surrounding Egyptian forces there.

After military service Adam Milstein earned a B.S. degree in business from Technion. He met and married his wife, Gila Elgrably, in 1974. The couple moved to the United States in 1981. There Adam furthered his education by completing and MBA at the University of Southern California. Like his father, Milstein set out to make his mark in the real estate business and enjoyed considerable success in that field. Today he is a managing partner in the highly regarded Hager Pacific Properties of Encino, a firm that manages more than 100 properties across the U.S with a value of some $2 billion.

But success in business is only a part of Adam Milstein’s life – his work with the Israeli-American Council is a central aspect of what makes life important to him as a proud Jewish American with roots in the ancient land of Israel.