Can Concession Benefit a Country’s Basic Sanitation Services, Felipe Montoro Jens Explains

The concession initiative announced by the government has been explained by Edison Carlos, the president of an institute that deals in basic sanitation: Trata Brasil. The government, partnering with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) went public with its decision to make concessions.

On his part Edison Carlos is positive that the services will be improved in many ways including the resource, structure and managements areas. Infrastructure project expert, Felipe Montoro Jens, was also of a similar opinion.


Edison pointed out that the 90% of sanitation services are rendered using public power. Of the 90%, he demonstrated that 70% relies on state organizations. He believes that state organizations and the private initiatives ought to work in tandem. Working in a complementary manner will deliver better, reliable and guaranteed results. The experience of government bodies puts them in a good standing although partnership with private companies guarantees better outcomes.

On his part Felipe Montoro pointed out that resources were withdrawn steadily from state owned firms since the same had no water and could not perform well. Edson on his part said that the National Bank for Economic and Social Development would come up with customized plans of action which will respond to the survey findings of individual areas.

Edison while lauding the partnership for concessions said that the goals ought to be clear and the contracts drafted equally clear. Felipe Montoro Jens on his part says that the governors must review the activities to ensure that the agreement is fulfilled as agreed upon by all the partners present.

Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe is the chief executive of ‘Felipe’s company Properties at Felipe’s company S.A’. He is also the chairperson of ‘Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A’. Felipe was once a director of ‘Braskem S.A is beginning from April 2010 up to August 2013. He also worked as Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A

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