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Rick Smith Has Assisted Securus Technologies to Serve the Corrections Industry

Securus Technologies is a leader when it comes to providing technology and communication solutions to inmates in Canada and the United States. The company was established several years ago, and it has impressed the consumers for offering some of the best services. The company has embraced the modern technology, and this explains its success in the competitive market. The main company offices are found in Dallas, Texas. At the moment, the company prides itself on having more than one million clients who are found in over three thousand correctional centers.

Securus Technologies has an amazing team of leaders who are in charge of the company operations. These professionals work day and night to make sure that the inmates in the three thousand correctional centers get the quality services they are looking for. The company knows that it is paramount for the inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones, especially those who have young children. The products and services from the reputable company are also very affordable to the consumers, and this has played a key role in the success of the private company.

In July 2008, the board of directors at the private company met so that they could appoint a new president of the institution. The board was looking for an individual who had a lot of expertise, especially in the technology department. They also wanted to appoint someone who would take the company to greater heights. After several deliberations, the team chose Rick Smith for the prestigious position. According to them, Smith had all the qualifications needed, and he was not going to disappoint the stockholders.

Nine years later, the board says that it made the perfect decision when it chose Rick Smith. Before getting the appointment, the businessman had worked in various companies, and he had acquired a lot of expertise especially in matters concerning leadership. Rick Smith had a lot of expertise in technology matters too. The expertise in technology has helped Securus Technologies to beat its competitors and emerge one of the best institutions in the United States.

Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the technology company has registered a lot of growth. According to several sources, the revenue of the private corporation has increased significantly. The institution has also to introduced several technologies that have assisted many inmates living in the country. Apart from making sure that the services are affordable, the company has also been focusing on making sure that they expand into several states. The company recently acquired a private corporation known as JPay. According to Smith, the company will come with a lot of expertise, and it will improve the services that the company has been specializing in. Smith did not disclose the finance details of the acquisition.

The Future of Law in Brazil with Ricardo Tosto

Most people don’t know much about law or lawyers in Brazil. There are several lawyers people should find out more about. One of them is Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most prominent lawyers in Brazil, and his law firm is recognised in the country as well. They are most famous for their work in the area of litigation. The company consists of people who are very dedicated to their job and very skilled. Their knowledge and proficiency are recognised on a state level as well. The client of the company come from different areas, such as banks and even government and if someone needs legal help in Brazil, these are the people who get recommended.

They are very focused when it comes to business. It is not an easy task to be fruitful and knowledgeable about the law and at the same time have knowledge about other complex sectors such as finance. Ricardo Tosto not only knows the law but also speaks the language of his clients, making communication easy and pleasant.

Ricardo Tosto and his colleagues come highly recommended by LACCA, a partner association of Latin Lawyer, the Latin American Association of Corporate Law. They care about the clients from individuals to organisations. And they take all cases very seriously not just because they want to win, but because they want to help.

Litigation is not the only area the lawyers specialise in. They were recently working on an international money laundering case side by side with Brazilian courts and their Swiss colleagues to change a court ruling according to new evidence.

Brazilian laws on Environment are stringent, but on many occasions, they are outdated and contradictory. Therefore, there is a need for skilled attorneys to help change these laws in favour of nature. Since the environmental issues are becoming more and more important, the legislation of a country must reflect it.

Ricardo Tosto obtained his degree in law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and he also studied business administration. He gained experience in smaller law firms before starting his venture.

Today he is a partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados and the company is one of the most respected in the country.

Nabors Industries under the leadership of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the most decorated CEO of Nabors Industries, an oil and natural gas drilling company. It has its offices in Hamilton, Texas. Since he took over as the CEO of the firm, the company’s fortunes have turned around in a big way. Its operations to have gone global, and the number of workers employed has also improved. Currently, the company employs about 30,000 employees. The number continues to grow every year as more and more drilling deals continue to be struck between Nabors and various governments and companies across the globe. Nabors have a presence in several regions including Africa, Far East, Middle East and America.

Anthony Petrello has provided unrivaled leadership since he took over, that has seen the firm become not only big in the American market, but the biggest there is in the world. Under his leadership, the company has been performing exceptionally well. He has pushed the firm to the point that it is the dominant company in the globe. Its service delivery to clients have been epic, and this has created a good reputation for them. Petrello has also invested heavily in remunerating his workers handsomely. This has created adequate morale to the workers who have remained devoted to their work. Under, the leadership of Anthony Petrello the firm has been able to grow steadily even at times when the mining industry was hit by economic crises.

Nabors Industries was created in 1968, then called Anglo Energy. Anthony Petrello joined the firm in 1991 after leaving a law firm to become the chief operating officer of Nabors. Petrello was picked by the managers of Nabors after they identified proficient skills in him to handle decision-making tasks while working for a law affirm in New York. After his appointment as the COO, he demonstrated leadership and management skills that were above board. This led to another board of management decision to appoint him as the president of the company. He would later be appointed the chairman, a position he held for ten years, from 2002-2012, when he dropped it to become the CEO.

After serving in the company for quite a long time, it was his turn in 2012 to be appointed the CEO, a position he gladly welcomed. Over the years he had learned everything there was to learn about the oil and natural gases drilling industry. All that was remaining was to execute his plans that would make the company better than he found it

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Talos Energy Brings Profits To Investors Again

In the world of Mexican oil and gas, it has been over 80 years since an outside company could come and invest in their oil drilling, whether it was on land or at sea. The policy was in place for a long time to ensure that the people of the country got as much of the proceeds as possible from the companies that operate there.

However, this all changed in 2015. A few years after Mexico had a rough economy, they used their knowledge to open up the gates again to foreign money. This way, they would use a bidding system to extract maximum value from the project. The idea worked, and it is helping to pull Mexico out of their issues of the past back into the future of oil.

Talos Energy, Premier Oil, and Sierra Oil and Gas are the three companies that are using the well and have the rights to it. Sierra is a Mexican firm and will have the most percentage of ownership, with the other half being almost evenly split between Premier, out of London, and Talos, out of Houston. It is the first of this kind of partnership between the three companies, leading industry experts and competitors to watch closely in anticipation of this historic event.

Talos Energy is a Houston based oil and gas company. They explore, exploit, and produce crude oil and other natural resource products. They focus on the region on the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican coast, bringing up about 16,000 barrels of oil per day. They have over 120 employees. They started with millions of dollars in equity backed funding. Their parent company is Phoenix Holdings. Recently, the firm reached $475 million in revenue for the year and acquired Helix Energy Solutions for $600 million.

The growth that Talos has seen over the years is a sign of the rapid management growth as well. They have used their investment experience to provide unique ways of solving problems and bringing value to the company. For example, employees are motivated to perform better with the use of perks and profit sharing compensation packages.

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The Reasons As to Why Ricardo Tosto is a Major Attorney

Brazil is famous among several great states of investment. It has a distinct economy with excellent opportunities to establish a business. Some of the world’s top banks are located in Sao Paulo in Brazil. If you plan to do a large scale business in Brazil, you might take into consideration hiring a lawyer like Ricardo Tosto. He’s a good option to work for you since he is the prolific top rated attorney in Brazil. Brazilian attorneys can provide you with diversified lots of business and individual laws.

This nation has undergone several changes in securities exchanges over a few past years. This is inclusive the appointment of Joaqim levy as the Finance Minister. Sometimes, foreign corporations have to state that they have to maneuver around to be successful. Ricardo Tosto as a Brazilian lawyer will be a point to what regulations are as well as how you can keep your business in consent at all times. Brazil also has insurance, workers compensation, debt, and bankruptcy lawyers who are different compared to those in the US. Ricardo Tosto is also aware of when you are supposed to release a financial statement as well as how financial statement need to be audited and more detailed information.

He is among the partners who founded Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados which holds a rank among the top Brazil’s corporate law firm. He achieves law education after he pursued his education with a bachelor’s degree in Mackenzie Presbyterian University. After this, he went to Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and did his law. Apart from his law practice, he also participated in politics. He was the campaign manager for Paulo Maluf who was the former presidential candidate.

Ricardo Tosto has helped many prominent clients who have a debt and credit restructuring situations and securities trading and mergers as well as acquisitions. He was awarded severally for working inclusive of listings in Who’s Who Legal’s Brazilian Lawyers. Also, Ricardo Tosto is also in the International Bar Association. He was an instrumental founder of the Election Law Studies as well as the Brazilian Institute for Political Party. Ricardo Tosto is also an author of legal proceedings inclusive of “O Processo de Tiradentes.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an Attorney with OAB 103650 / SP and has 1961 processes indexed, until then, by the Excavator. With 1770 cases in the State of Sao Paulo, besides 97 cases in Brazil. Of these cases, Banco Santos S / A was the party that appeared the most, totaling 87 or more cases, followed by Banco Fibra S / A with 58 or more lawsuits. Its clients with the most processes here are Banco Fibra S / A with 31 processes, followed by Banco Santos S / A with 21 processes.

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OneLogin Collaborates with Envoy to Bring a More Sophisticated User Data Feature that Guarantees an Unprecedented User Experience

With more companies adopting the use of technology, some old practices like visitors’ manual sign-in will soon be obsolete. Tech firms like Envoy have come up with software that ensures the above is achieved. With just a click into an iPad, visitors’ registration process kicks off with automated steps that are easy to use. Some of the features enabled in the software include host notifications, digital NDA, as well visitors’ identification tools. This software comes as a relief to IT admins who have to conduct rigorous visitor processing procedures.

Exciting Features

Envoy has continued to improve the software with a new feature launched recently in collaboration with OneLogin. System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) otherwise known as an automated user on/offboarding is a user provisioning feature that is accessible to Premium and Enterprise category of clients. With the new element, user provisioning and handling are made easier. It allows for the automatic inclusion of important sections, such as names, location, and contact, to Envoy from OneLogin catalog. All a user needs is an Envoy user provisioning connector fixed into the OneLogin’s application directory.

What to Leverage

Envoys customers stand to leverage a lot from SCIM feature. For starters, the huge burden of application users’ management is lifted off the shoulders of IT admins. Besides simplifying the sign in process for visitors, it also ensures that they locate the employee they are visiting with ease. The latter is possible only when the employees’ information is up to date. The feature also allows employees to create invites and get alerts upon their visitors’ arrival. One notable characteristic of SCIM is that any changes made in OneLogin’s directory automatically reflect onto Envoy. Knowing this fact, visitors’ hosts selected by the software can only be genuine employees, which guarantee office security.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a leading provider of identity management and single sign-on solutions to businesses. The firm’s capabilities in cloud/Saas application and on-premises handling sets it apart from the rest in the market. The firm works hard to ensure that their clients’ data is secured and end user experience is enhanced. Among the many accolades that the firm has received is that of a Visionary in Access Management Magic Quadrant by Gartner.

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ClassDojo App; what is it

Class management is among the most important issues in education today. Luckily, in an age where teachers, parent, and the kid use technology devices for communication, management has proven to be quite easy. ClassDojo is one of the few free communacation and educational apps that has garnered popularity across the country and abroad. More than 90 % of K-8 schools in the U.S and more than 180 countries are using this tool.

ClassDojo app connects teachers, parents, and students throughout the day, helping the students develop critical skills such as teamwork and empathy through a real time feedback from the teacher through any internet based devices.

Each student has his profile, with their own avatar, in which the teacher will assign dojos (point) throughout the lesson. The teacher can use a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer to deduct or awards dojos throughout the school day. The program is customizable, and the teacher can change the skills to adapt to the need of the class or the school.

He or she will then record the information on student profiles for entire year review. Parents have logins so that they can visualize the child achievement from their home, this way they can be able to support the student and allow them to develop social and academic skills. The app is quite an icebreaker between the parent and the child because the parent can have a look on the videos and photo of activities at school.

The app also allows teachers communicate an urgent message to parents. Notably, parents may also communicate an urgent or important message to the teacher, for instance, when a parent run late to pick the child.

Overall, ClassDojo has proven to be quite an effective tool in tightening the feedback loop between the student, parent, and the teachers. With ClassDojo parent and teachers can now track the performance, behaviors, and trends, improve the student without interrupting the class flow, more importantly, it let the student reflect on their in class performance.

Nick Vertucci Never Let his Past Affect his Future

Nick Vertucci emerged out of a humble background to become a millionaire in the real estate investments. Nick is a kind of a person that dwells not in the past life and let’s not the effects of the past life be manifest in his future life. Nick was born in a medium class loving family that provided him with everything they could. He faced realities of hard life after he lost his father at an early age of ten years. The death of his father forced his mother to work hard and most of her time was devoted to her work. Nick says that he never enjoyed close life with his mother because she would arrive home late from her work and by then he would have slept. Vertucci started earning his living out of a van when he reached eighteen.

Vertucci afterward opened and ran a small shop that dealt with computer accessories. The business used to offer him much freedom as he was the boss of his own business. At this time she met with and married her wife. He got three daughters. Vertucci says that life at that time was simple and running smoothly for him and had not the idea of investing in the future. However, this period was short lived because his business collapsed before his eyes as the world embraced the new era of dot-com in the new millennium.


Nick Vertucci survived the dire situations for a year and a half. Nick would earl only a little or sometimes earns nothing at all. Nick ended up stricken big debts. Finally, he met with his old friend who invited him to a real estate seminar at his guest that was scheduled for three days. He initially could not figure out what that meant or its application in solving his current financial crisis. Vertucci attended the seminar upon him being pushed by his friend. While in the class, a brilliant idea came up in his mind. This idea would become his stepping stone to realizing his career. With this idea, Nick took the training seriously.


Nick Vertucci knew very well that he had got the answer to his problems. He continued to gather sufficient information on real estate as much as he could. It cost him about ten years in searching for the information but never gave up. Nick Vertucci eventually succeeded in creating a real estate system that would make him rich. He became a millionaire and now takes an interest in training other people in the real estate business field. Nick teaches his people on how to boost their families financially using his systems.

Anthony Petrello Leading the Fight against Neurological Diseases

Antony Petrello is one of the most renowned powerful men in the oil and gas Industry. Petrello currently serves as the president and CEO of Nabors Industries. Besides being a powerful businessman, Petrello is also a magnanimous Philanthropist.

Antony Petrello besides being an executive at Nabors is largely involved in charitable activities. Petrello has been greatly involved in giving back to the community especially giving support to the medical fraternity. Petrello passion of giving grew when he together with his wife bore a child who had periventricular leukomalacia PVL a disease that is very common among premature babies. The disease is as a result of insufficient oxygen and blood flowing to the brain. Their daughter was born at 24 weeks and weighed a little more than a pound. Their daughter Carena developed cerebral palsy which led to her developing chronic motor skill impairment, growth delays and dependency on others.

Antony Petrello after learning of her daughter’s predicament did not give and was encouraged to even participate more in charitable activities to help other children that might be going through what her daughter is going through. Petrello together with his wife has contributed in the form of donation over 6 million dollars to Texas Children’s Hospital. The funds are supposed to help the advancement of research in neurological diseases. Petrello has also been involved in learning more about neurological disease, and he is a board member of the hospital board of trustees. Carena is now eight years old and is learning how to eat, talk and walk by herself. She has become the family source of joy and inspiration.

In addition to donating, Petrello is in the forefront in rallying other philanthropists to contribute towards the course. Petrello and his family ever since their daughter was diagnosed with PVL have been actively involved in creating awareness of the disease and other neurological disorders to the members of the public and have been a source of inspiration to many parents dealing with a similar issue. It is no doubt that the love for their daughter has helped the Petrello’s overcome the stigma that is associated with PVL.

Antony Petrello has not only been involved in the philanthropy works that target only neurological diseases but has also contributed to many other charitable organizations in Houston, Texas and globally. Petrello has given donations to activities that support environmental conservations and poverty alleviation among many others.

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Get the edge your business needs with White Shark Media

The Internet is a vast ocean of information. When someone searches for a business on Google, Yahoo, or Bing everyone wants to be in the first page of listings. Getting into the first page of listings is not easy. It requires the application of proper search engine optimization and search engine marketing techniques. Chances are the small business looking to get up above the waters is floating only a layer above the Internet’s dark web. Unlike the business’s competitors who already know how to leverage Google and social media, the business that doesn’t use these techniques may sink to the bottom or stay where it is.

Where can a business find someone or some organization who can help them get to the top of the sea and perhaps force their competitors back down to the lower layers. In the competitive business world, it is either swim or get eaten. A business owner who wants to get eaten needs to find a friendly shark, or at least a shark they can hire. Fortunately, there is one such shark out there. White Shark media is one of the friendliest sharks in the Internet ocean for small businesses. It works when the small business decides to hire the company’s services and follow its advice.

There are other search engine optimization and search engine marketing companies out there. Some of them are good, but none of them offer the personalized level of service that this one provides for its customers. A small business owner who needs SEO services should find out what this company can offer for himself today.