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Adopting Modernity & Fashion, the Richard Mishaan Design Way

The Richard Mishaan Design was founded in 1992 and is a world renowned leader in Interior Design. It has been in the industry for 25 years, creating new artistic designs for commercial entities, residential apartments, and the hospitality industry. Celebrity clients and international firms have benefited from the innovative and most creative hotel and local projects by the Richard Mishaan Design. The collections under his design industry include art, lighting, accessories as well as home showcasing, with a keen interest in the hospitality industry, residential sectors, and furniture collections.

Global contributions and fashion publications
The Richard Mishaan Design has been selected many times to appear on both the Elle Décor List and the AD 100. It has a broad scope of productions in not only design but also branding and marketing ventures. There are more than five successful collaborations for licensing done by Richard Mishaan, who is the principal and founder of the Richard Mishaan Designs, together with his partners.

Richard Mishaan is an architect and designer. He has published two books on design and architecture. The latest publication that he has launched is the Artfully Modern. It is his second work, which took the number one slot on the Amazon in its special category.

What stands out in the new book is the fact that it captures almost all the aspects of home life and seeks to make things better. It is a promotion that enables one to enhance everything from the powder room to the showroom. One of the favorite quotations that form the foundation of the Richard Mishaan Design is the emphasis that art is an expression of the people we are and what we would like to see.

Awards and international recognitions
The Richard Mishaan Design has received many accolades in many different occasions. AD’s Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell celebrates the firm’s innovative productions, the talent, and the creativity. Richard Mishaan has been overly passionate about what he collects, what he does, and his designs. Richard found pleasure in having people see the world as perfectly as he would like to see it himself.

Andrew Rolfe: A True Success Story:

Andrew Rolfe is presently a Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. Andrew Rolfe handles a variety of profitable investment opportunities within Europe as well as the United States.

The investment opportunities that Rolfe handles have to do with hospitality, retail as well as the food service industry. Mr. Rolfe has been the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook since early 2011.

Andrew Rolfe provides strong operational support to the entire staff at Towerbrook. Previously, Rolfe was the President of the Gap Inc. Rolfe held this important position with the Gap for a period of three years. At the same time that Rolfe held the position as President of the Gap Inc, he also held the position as Leader of the Executive Management team. Andrew Rolfe had a great deal of responsibility at the Gap.

Rolfe was in charge of over 400 Gap retail stores located within the United Kingdom as well as Japan. In addition, Andrew Rolfe was responsible for the successful launching of the Banana Republic in Japan. Banana Republic was a successful business venture.

Before Andrew Rolfe began his successful career with the Gap, he held a very important position as CEO at Pret A. Manger. It took 4 and one half long years and a great deal of planning and hard work to transform Pret A. Manger into a highly successful International retailer.

Other career successes included working as Vice President for PepsiCo Restaurants. Rolfe was responsbile for managing over 1200 restaurants which included Pizza Hut restaurants in 30 countries. Around the same time, Andrew Rolfe was elected to the Board of Food and Beverages.

*Education & Drive to Succeed/ So Very Important in Business:

From 2007-2014, Andrew Rolfe served on Chairman of the Board for an organization called True Religion Apparel. It seemed as if everything in which Mr. Rolfe became involved turned out a successful.

For a brief period Rolfe was involved on a business level with Wilton Industries as well as Kaporal Jean Co. In addition, in 2003 Andrew Rolfe served as Director of Booker PLC. While at Booker PLC Rolfe was directly responsible for daily operations within the Food Service Division.

Andrew Rolfe was a bright and enthusiastic young man who was fortunate enough to attend Ivy League schools. Rolfe attended Oxford as well as Harvard Business School. Rolfe obtained his MBA Degree from Harvard and graduated with honors.

Andrew Rolfe has also studied Economics as well as Political Science. Although Rolfe studied Political Science as well as Economics, at present he is not directly involved with politicians or political causes.

Learn From Someone Who Knows

Greg Secker is trying to make people understand that if you use some tools, work on your timing, and do not hang on to a stock for too long, that you, too, can make money trading. There are a few problems that plague individual investors. First, they remember reversals-of-fortune way better than they remember successes, and this leads to a sort of trading paralysis where they don’t want to sell a stock when it is not performing as they expected it to, and secondly, they don’t want to sell a stock that is performing well as they think it will keep on performing well. Mr. Secker likely knows this and he also knows if investors are not coached into taking modest profits, rather than expecting trees to grow straight to the sky, they will fail to adhere to the principles of timing when trading.

Mr. Greg Secker has designed a course that teaches those interested in stocks how to efficaciously trade and these courses are offered under the aegis of his TradersUniversity. The course is broken into 4 sections and is delivered in a seminar-style format. The 4 main topics covered are fundamentals, technical analysis, trading psychology and money management. Trading psychology is likely the one that most investors would need to pay close attention to because more often than not, the failure amongst individual traders is in not pulling the trigger to sell when they should. They should either sell enough to take profit and let the principle ride, or they should sell out the entire position when the profit they wanted to make is reached.

Having a goal in mind as to what kind of profit you are interested in making when you buy into a position that is intended for trading dollars is very important. Making sure you sell when that happens is equally important, yet most people cannot sell if a stock is performing well. They are convinced it is going higher and they fail to make a move when they should. This leaves them feeling a sense of recrimination when a stock pulls back and they have failed to take the profit when the goal is reached. No one knows where a stock is going next, so this is why it is crucially important to follow the direction of someone like Greg Secker who will ultimately teach people how to acknowledge they have no clue what is happening next with a stock, so it crucial to sell in a timely manner.


Tim Armour On Passing Up Passive Funds

Warren Buffett bet $1 million dollars (proceeds to will be given to charity) that he can achieve a larger investment return than a group of hedge fund managers. He claims he will be able to do this by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund.

Timothy Armour, financial expert, acknowledges that Mr. Buffet is correct in his stance that the number of expensive and low quality funds is detrimental to investors. Simple and low cost investments are better in the long term, so this approach of bottom-up investing has historically achieved great results.

Timothy Armour states that people need to be more aware of product labels and avoid mutual funds that provide small long-run returns due to large management fees and overtrading. It is not about active or passive but rather long-term investment returns and keeping costs low. Index returns are good when used responsibly, but they can be risky in down markets. The most important thing an investor can do is build a safety net.

On average, an actively managed fund performs worse than passive investments. That said, there are exceptions to this if the investor knows what they are doing. For example, putting $10,000 in the first S&P 500 index fund would have produced over half a million dollars today. Putting in the time and research to learn which funds to invest in is essential for this type of payout. Timothy Armour realized that you need to ignore all high-cost funds and instead focus on locating fund manages who are investing a lot of their own money.

Timothy Armour’s firm has 86 years of experience and is proof there is nothing random about success in the market. They have averaged 1.47 percentage points above relevant index benchmarks annually.

He received his Bachelor’s degree from Middleburg college. He has over 30 years of experience in investment at the Capitol Group. He is now the Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group and was named Chairman in 2015.

Timothy Armour has noticed dramatic changes in the market following Trump’s inauguration. He believes that Trump will end the slow rates of economic growth and spur a new movement of investment success.

Getting To Understand the World of Investment Management

Investment management can be termed as the management of assets such as real estate and securities such as bonds and shares among others professionally. This is done to attain specific investment goals all this for the benefit of the investor. The investors may include the insurance companies, corporations, private investors, pension funds and charities .Investment management entails rendering a variety of services to the investors. These services include financial statement analysis, asset selection, plan implementation, ongoing monetary investment and stock selection. An investment advisor is thus the person or the firm that renders the investment management service and the person who gives the fund management decision.

Some of the top investment management firms include Wellington Management Company, Blackrock, Pimco, Fidelity, Vanguard, Capital group and franklin Templeton. The firms have been on top because of various aspects. The companies are innovators in this field hence their success. Integrity and transparency is another factor that has seen the rise of these companies in the investment management sector. The firms do take time to know and understand their clients and thus are able to know the conservative investors and the aggressive ones. These companies also remuneration offer good s to their employees hence a good job done.

Matthew Autterson is a skilled independent investment advisor .He attended Michigan state university between the years 1975- 1979. Matthew Autterson boost of a vast knowledge and experience in the financial service industry.

He was once the president of one of the biggest state chartered financial institution in the US. Matthew Autterson is a great philanthropist and is highly respected in the philanthropic world. Matthew Autterson is also a board member of various firms. He is the chairman of the board of Hospice of Metro Denver among many others.

Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Benefits of Concession for Brazilian Santitation

The Brazilian government announced that it will be creating a more complementary partnership between the public and private sectors for sanitation reform, local business leader Felipe Montoro Jens reported.


By creating concessions for conducting basic sanitation business, the two sides hope to establish a partnership that will leverage the government experience and scope with the higher levels of technology and resources found in the private sector.


Felipe Montoro Jens said he believes that the partnership will create improvements for managing the trash disposal, structural issues within the current system, and help spread resources to more areas. Right now, Edison Carlos, the Tratas Brasil president, said there is a lot of waste which sends resources away from helping people and getting the job done. Water, for example, was often unavailable because the state water sector did not appropriately budget their financial resources.


Basic sanitation in Brazil is 90 percent public and 70 percent of users are served by state organizations. By leveraging the experience and connections of the government sanitation contacts with the private initiatives with better technology and more resources, the public wins. BNDES plans to develop action plans for each state based on their list of needs and situations. Then the bank can customize the response and projects to the needs of each place.


While concessions are a good way for the government to update sanitation needs around the country, Edison Carlos said that the two sides need to create clear cut goals when writing their contracts.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a major business leader at several companies in Brazil. He serves on a board of directors overseeing the concessions being given out by the Central Authority.


He has many years of business experience in Brazil. Before that he was educated at Getulio Vargas Foundation and also holds a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Lime Crime’s New Hair Dyes Unleash Your “Queen of the Unicorns” Color

In case there is still not enough Unicorn in your life, after buying Unicorn frappes and Unicorn-horned hairbrushes, the iconic Lime Crime brand has come up with a vegan, ammonia and bleach free range of semi-permanent “unicorn hair” hair dyes.


Each jar is reasonably priced at just 16 dollars. The tints will last for 8-10 washes and a full color gives complete coverage for 10-12 washes. Right now there are 13 brightly colored shades worthy of a unicorn mane, from a bright purple Pony to Salad green. They are designed to fade away gracefully, giving you that desired look for longer times than other brands.


Lime Crime founder and “Queen of the Unicorns” Doe Deere is known for her multi-colored and vibrant hairdos, and with the Unicorn Hair line, she wanted to share the joy of bright colors. Doe Deere’s signature purple color is actually Pony, so her fans can now match the iconic look for their own hair or find one of their own. She has always been committed to listening to her fans, and knows that they love bright colors and unique styles too.


Her team spent three years developing the pure, vegan formula that anyone from a pro to a newbie can apply. It does not contain bleach, so those with darker shaded hair may want to have their hair professionally bleached first for the best color, or choose a darker unicorn hair full coverage jar, such as Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, or Jello.


You can even mix up the colors for more fun results. Anime and Salad combine into a tropical turquoise, Blue Smoke and Gargoyle become blue steel, Neon Peach and Bunny become petal pink, and Dirty Mermaid and Gargoyle will be a slate gray color. Lime Crime encourages all of their unicorn enthusiasts to mix and match the colors to find the one that truly matches the personal style and inner unicorn.


The Unicorn Hair is designed to fade naturally over time. If you get tired of your look and want to start anew, washing with a clarifying shampoo speeds that process up.

Rona Borre Redefined Entrepreneurship

Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a leading staffing and recruiting company located in Chicago, Illinois. She started her company after quitting a high-paying job as an account executive for another large staffing company where she led the company in sales, breaking every marketing record the company ever had. However, the company was sold out from under her, and she decided to form her own company.

Instant Alliance was started from a spare bedroom in Borre’s condo and six months she had fifty people working for her from a downtown Chicago office. Borre wastes no time in getting to the issues, and she makes no bones about it. Her work ethic is based on action without which nothing seems to happen.  To read more about Borre and Instant Alliance, hit on

Borre is a born salesperson, as she approaches any problem like a champion hunter stalking prey. Once she confronts the prey or the prospective client, she uses logic and her experience in hiring to bring the prey into the cage. In actuality, Borre is a master at the art of developing relationships. She will go to great ends to get to know the top management of her clients so she can find just the right candidate.

She wants to know all about a company, what drives the engine, who they want to hire and why, and most important of all, what the corporate culture is like, so whoever gets hired will thrive and stay on the job for a long time. This approach works because the attrition rate of all hires that have come from Instant Alliance is only 1 percent over the last 15 years.

Borre has trained her account executives to work the same way, and they are also getting fantastic results, which is why the company is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States.

For more of Borre, visit her here.

In a recent interview, Borre was asked what makes her so motivated to succeed, and she replied that she is rarely, if ever, satisfied with anything on the first go-around. There is always a better way to do things, and she is bound and determined to find it.  Related article on

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Jason Hope; Making the World a Brighter Place

Currently people use smart technology as a convenient tool in their lives, but Jason Hope believes that in a few years, smart technology or ‘Internet of Things’ will become a much more common feature in everyday life. Corporations need the latest technology to keep their cutting edge in the business world and to lure clients, but what about devices that allows us to automatically make coffee as soon as the alarm goes off, because the technology is connected? Imagine not having to worry about not leaving the lights on, as you can check your device to shut the lights off? Jason Hope thinks that this ability to connect will happen very soon, eliminating a lot of waste and making lives safer.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and earned his BS in Finance, and later at the W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU, got his MBA in Business. Since then Jason has been busy with several enterprising paths in industries that maximizes computer information systems and technology. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. He has a committed interest in local politics in Arizona and nationally as it pertains to business and Jason on Facebook.

He also has an interest in helping other young investors realize their dreams, as his site, Jason’s Hope is a grant program. High school seniors and college students are invited to submit a solid idea and technology plans, which Jason looks at personally. If he likes a plan, students can receive anywhere from $500 to $5000 to make solid technological ideas get off the ground. While Jason is all about the technology when it comes to business and giving back by helping others, there is another part of Jason’s Hope which is philanthropy and learn more about Jason.

The one organization that stands out is the SENS Foundation. SENS is focused on taking a different approach when it comes to aging. They are driven to find the cure for diseases like heart and lung diseases, and Alzheimer’s. Traditional medicine treats diseases like these once they occur, while SENS focuses on trying to make these diseases never occur in the first place. Jason Hope is looking towards the future in various ways; technological, future investments, investing in young entrepreneurs, and supporting research to rid the world of diseases and aging. The future looks very bright indeed and read full article.

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Liberal Billionaire George Soros Thought Dangerous By Right Wing

George Soros first became known for achieving 30% returns on hedge funds investments for 30 years and earning $1 billion in profit in a single day of trading the British pound, and later he shared his strategy in a his book. He is also known for his philanthropy. That he is a liberal is evident in his Open Society Foundation who main goal is to bring about social justice. The Open Society Foundation operates in over 100 countries and allows him more political and economic insight into matters around the world. An article published by the on May 20 gives readers insight into why he is targeted by the conservative right and believed, by some, to be controlling the world’s wealth and promoting the idea of a world without borders, a global order.

The article points to George Soros being a man of contradictions. Most billionaires are conservative right wingers rather than liberals. George Soros says at his website that his billions obligates him to take a stand on controversial issues. He also shares his commentaries on the economic and political landscape of the world through his essays. The writer of the article, Veronika Bondarenko explores and debunks some of the right-wing conspiracy theories, such as Soros being allied with the world’s elite to bring down the global currency. His many essays discussing how best to strengthen the world’s economy are wasted on those conspiracy theorist.

Read more:

True accusations sited in the article include Soros using his power and money to influence politics. George Soros openly supports migrants, refugees and criminal justice reform. The Open Society Foundation website states that more than $1.6 billion has been spent on democratic development in Eastern Europe, which also can explain why many European governments share anti-Soros sentiment. The Open Society Foundation also spent more than $1.5 billion on democratic reforms including immigration, democratic governance and criminal justice in the US. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Being born in Nazi occupied Hungary in 1930 and educated in England in 1947 gives George Soros a unique perspective to view the world. Being ever vigilant in addressing economic and political issues that are of world concern is a role he assumes. Being a target of those with opposing views goes along with the territory.