Ara Chackerian: The Best Philanthropist In The Field of Healthcare

If you are looking for great investments and lessons on what to do in business, you should look to Ara Chackerian. Believe it or not, the entrepreneur has a lot of missions accomplished in the business world. Particularly, the Florida State graduate loves to work in the healthcare field to promote pharmacy services. As a matter of fact, the angel investor uses his marketing skills as a means to reach many companies. You can visit




In these days and times, Ara is working on promoting in more countries. In actuality, the philanthropist is working in the United States, Armenia and Nicaragua. With his focus on the youth, Chackerian counsels them in the areas of chemistry and pharmacology. As a bonus, Ara co-founded Pipeline Rx. Specifically, it allows customers to call in written prescriptions whenever they need to be refilled. With 20 years of experience under his belt, the connection between technology and healthcare are running hand-in-hand. Check out for more.




For a hobby, Ara Chackerian looks to farming as a way to relax and think about the healthcare field. In reality, the business owner wanted to create the most organic prescriptions in all of the world. Of course, healthcare would eventually catch on to his vision, and as a result, there would be more lives saved. With that being said, Ara believes that he can come up with solutions that won’t destroy the Earth or contribute to landfills. In actuality, other businesses would soon want to team up with Ara to fight against global warming. With all of his hard work underway, the philanthropist is creating more jobs through the farm than in any other place. In summary, Ara Chackerian feels that the resources that you need are already on Earth. Overall, it’s a matter of time before every business connects with the natural environment and technology.


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