An EOS flavor for Every Chapter of Life

Now you can buy EOS lip balm in a variety pack. The company sells three, four, five, six or eight flavors in a pack. You can identify the flavor by the package color and the label. The packaging is the first thing the consumer notices as the circular shape is very distinctive and the bright colors are sumptuous.

Examples of Color Indicating Flavors

Green Yellow – Honeysuckle
Aquamarine – Sweet Mint
Steel Blue – Blueberry Acai
Light Coral – Strawberry Sorbet
Maroon- Pomegranate Raspberry
Pale Green – Honeysuckle Honeydew
Yellow – Lemon
Light Green – Honey
Crimson – Summer Fruit
Light Pink – Strawberry
Fire Brick – Watermelon
Beige – Vanilla Bean
Bold Yellow – Lemon Drop
Orange – Tangerine

There are new flavors being released quite frequently by EOS, so a full list of flavors is impossible. Just to give you an idea of the flavors that might be sold together, see their lineup below.   Check on

In a two pack you might find watermelon and passion fruit or coconut milk and vanilla mint. A Christmas holiday three pack was composed of honey apple, wildberry and passion fruit. A four pack might consist of summer fruit, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet and honeysuckle honeydew. One five pack is made up of passion fruit, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit and sweet mint. A delectable looking six pack includes blackberry nectar, coconut milk, vanilla mint, vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry and sweet mint. The eight pack assortment is even more varied with one example consisting of strawberry sorbet, lemon drop, honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, sweet mint, tangerine, pomegranate and blueberry.

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The packs are varied enough that your choice of flavors can coincide with your mood or what you’re eating or drinking. The colors of the EOS containers can be matched with your wardrobe or the interior’s décor. EOS gives you a lot of options and ways to incorporate EOS lip balms into your world.  Visit EOS site.


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