Amy Nauiokas’ Success

Amy Nauiokas is a lover of horses; her first horse was called Pandoer. The horse is 15 years old, and it is a Dutch Warm Blood. Over time, Pandoer lost his visual and went for a 3-year semi-retirement to Amy’s barn. While at the barn, the horse made a miraculous recovery and was back on track. Amy loves Pandoer and has a special connection with him.

When Amy goes riding, she likes to wear Ariat which are very comfortable clothes that are great for any terrain. She likes to wear Vogel boots which are custom made for her narrow feet. When Amy is driving, she loves to travel in her vintage Land-Rover Defender because she likes the feeling of being on a safari while driving.

For a saddle, Amy like Voltaire and she uses saddles from them; one of her favorites is the tiny one they did for Archie. In 2010, Amy co-founded a not-for-profit organization that is called Bubble Foundation. The NGO is dedicated to providing food and access to activities to underserved children in the city of New York.

Amy has partnered with charter schools that share the same mission as her organization to design free fitness and nutrition programs that complement and expand the current efforts in schools. The foundation also offers support concerning funding, resources, and information to these schools. The foundation also provides activities, food programs, and learning adventures to provide the basis for building a lifetime of knowledge.

At her free time, Amy likes to hang anywhere at her Connecticut house. She loves sitting by the pool and in her back patio as she looks at the field where the kids are playing on swings. Whenever she wants to dine out, Amy likes to go to Blue Ribbon that is on Sullivan Street in New York City.

Amy is married to Harry Harrison who used to work for Barclays Non-core as the head of the division up until 2017 when the division was successfully closed. Harry is also a member of the board of directors of Bubble foundation, and even the member of the board of directors of GFMA (Global Financial Markets Association.)

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