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PSI Pay Helps the Transaction System Change

As technology has changed over the years, so has the method many consumers use to buy things. Using remote sources of money has become commonplace across the developed world, however there are 2 distinct kinds of electronic payments, Cryptocurrency and E-Money, and they are often confused. Both systems operate on two different systems. PSI-Pay is a company that is at the forefront of the market shift. They invested a lot of money into wearable accessories that can used for payments. A recent article on the website Tech News Spy discusses the differences between these two payment options.

On one side there is electronic money, known as E-money. While Bitcoin is pure electronic currency that only has value between businesses and consumers who use it. The value of it tends to vary heavily depending on public trust and usage. Its niche uses have gained significant traction recently. PSI Pay is supporting the E-money market with is recent technology upgrades.

Cryptocurrency requires its own unique platform for buying and selling. The fact that it has its own separate value means the consumer marketplace is outside of the typical place one would buy products. An E-Wallet is simply a digital wallet. It hold all your money and resources in one place like a physical wallet. In terms of regulation, the concept of digital money is relatively new so politics hasn’t caught up with it yet. PSI Pay has had great success in this developing market. While cryptocurrency has struggled to catch on outside of users who actually understand.


The future of business transactions is very much in a constant state of right now. PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables have teamed up to ensure digital transactions become more commonplace. While company such as ecoPayz provide a secure middleman service between transactions and the users accounts. Cryptocurrency is still finding its place in the market, but as a whole, businesses are constantly staying up to date on the latest trends.

Comparative Lawyer- Sujit Choudhry

Politics and comparative law is what he has been dealing with ever since he began his legal practice. Professor Sujit Choudhry is a prominent legal figure not only in his home country but all over the world. Ever since he began his practice, he has been dealing with a wide range of issues among them decentralization and secession, constitution design for ethnically dived society, federalization, official language policy, bills of rights, a transition from violence to peaceful democratic politics, as well as minority and groups rights among others. Sujit has also taken part in drafting the Canadian constitutional law, see (

Sujit Choudhry is not only an expert in legal and constitutional matters, but he is a publisher who has published several books. One of his latest books is called “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis” in this book he puts more focus on a recent tweet by Erick Holder who is a former Attorney General who worked for the former United States of America President Obama, check ( The former Attorney General published the tweeter on December 2017, and according to him any possible termination in White House Special Council Robert Muller should be regarded as “ absolute red line.” Mr. Holder continues to give suggestions in case of any termination the Americans should hold a peaceful demonstration, and that the people of America must be heard and seen, refer to

On the other hand, Choudhry says that Erick’s call for mass action is based on two concepts, one concept being an uncontroversial constitutional boundary in the American democracy Which he refers to as the “red line”, and the concept is that according to Erick Holder it is upon the Americans to decide whether an official has abused the said Constitution or has gone beyond the country’s boundaries. In his book, Sujit Choudhry mentions that Erick wants the Americans to the constitutional issues will be resolved in the case of the “red line”. Mr. Choudhry continues to say that Erick Holder’s tweeter is based on constitutional self-enforcement and is constructed on “focal point.” Sujit is surprised with Erick’s tweet because he was once a public servant and he is also a legal expert, and he does not mention anything to do with a legal challenge as posted on

Ryan Seacrest Foundation has made the healing process for children easier

American radio personality Ryan Seacrest is famously known for hosting American Idol. In addition to the popular competition show, Seacrest has a long history of hosting experience like American Top 40, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and he is currently hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan. Because of his contributions to television and radio he has received countless Emmy award nominations. Outside of hosting, Seacrest made a conscience effort to give back in a major way by launching the nonprofit Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was created with hopes of inspiring children with life threatening illnesses and injuries. He provides inspiration and motivation through entertainment and education. With the Seacrest Studios placed in pediatric hospitals, children can participate in the radio and TV studio which allows them to watch some big entertainment celebrities. Children also have the opportunity to create their own videos and shows with the use of the green room. So far there are 10 hospitals throughout the U.S. that has Seacrest Studios. The main goal of the foundation is to keep families from stressing and putting too much focus on the physical and mental disability of their loved ones. The reaction and responses Seacrest has received from families has confirmed what he has intended from the beginning, families are grateful for the thoughtfulness and find the Seacrest Studios to be uplifting.

The driving force behind the idea of the foundation came from the multiple hospital visits Seacrest has made throughout the country. He noticed the heavy responsibility of caring for those children and he was impressed with strength and patience of their families as well as the hospital staff. He was determined to not only be apart of but create something that will provide a life enhancing experience for children and have a lifelong impact in their lives. You can connect with Seacrest thru Facebook if you want to help his foundation.

The New York Times Article on Ryan Seacrest:

David McDonald, Growing OSI

The food industry serves as a critical part of any thriving economy. The number of people employed in the sector is quite big. The OSI group has been growing with the industry for over a century now. It is now enjoying the stable leadership of David McDonald. David McDonald heads the OSI Group, LLC and further is the North American Meat Institute’s chairman. He acquired a degree in Animal Science from the Iowa State University.

David has vast experience and knowledge in the food industry. In addition to this, he served as the independent director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. since the turn of 2008. During this period Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos was undertaking operations previously handled by OSI group in the regions of Europe and Brazil. David McDonald is also responsible for a branch of OSI based in Australia, the OSI International Foods Australia.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, the company has grown. The best illustration being the seventeen million euros expansion in Spain. These are efforts aimed at boosting the production capacity and expanding markets overseas. The target production expansion took place in Toledo. The production of chicken products was expanded by twice the previous amounts. The production shot from twelve thousand tones to twenty-four tonnes annually. The facility was also beefed up to cater for new additions. A total of 22600 square feet was added to accommodate the production hall, the shipping and receiving area, storage facilities, and refrigeration rooms. Service areas and social areas for employees were also added.

The upgrade came in the as good news to the residents of the area. The facility had to hire twenty locals to add to the existing workforce. The amount of people who serve the facility has increased to 160 employees. The surveillance system of the company was also improved. The products together with the employees could now stay safe and feel more confident now that their security was assured. Cameras and fire suppression systems were put in place.

On the international scale, David McDonald and the management plan to increase the number of facilities. The facilities are set to increase to more than 65 in number. Part of the strategy that David McDonalds is using is through acquisitions. An example is the acquisition of the Dutch company Baho Food. The company manufactures deli meats. The Tyson Foods plant was also acquired by OSI group.


Southridge Capital, Penguins, And Investment Success

Hedge fund managers, owners, and employees – maybe not the receptionists, though – make tons of money compared to other positions inside the financial services industry. While bankers accept promises from debtors to pay back low-interest-rate loans in exchange for relatively small mortgages, cash advance clerks cash checks for nominal fees, and credit union employees collect monthly fees for keeping open bank accounts, hedge fund associates take on infinitely more risky tasks.


By definition, a hedge fund is an investment firm typically made up of just a few partners who collectively use high-risk strategies to take home returns. Hedge funds regularly take on loans worth millions of dollars, if not tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, to reap as much profit as possible. These firms also regularly accept money from private investors and businesses alike.


The hallmark of a hedge fund is highly-sophisticated investing strategies that only experts know how to pull off. Stephen M. Hicks is an expert investor himself with more than 30 years’ worth of experience in nothing but hedge funds under his proverbial belt. For more details visit Bloomberg.


In 1995, after roughly nine years with a small hedge fund in his home in upstate New York, the owner of that high-risk investment firm decided to close his business. Giving the younger Hicks roughly one year’s time to prepare himself for when his then-longtime job would end. Fortunately for Stephen, that boss let him experiment with creating his own hedge fund.


Southridge Capital was officially founded in 1996, just months before Hicks was set to leave his decade-long stint at the very first hedge fund he worked for. The financial services provider is an advisor to corporate entities and manager of all sorts of investments. Southridge Capital offers two central branches of services: structured finance and corporate advising.


Ever since Southridge was created back in 1996, the New York-based firm has accepted and invested some $1.75 billion into roughly 250 companies spread throughout six continents – everywhere on the planet except for the ice-cold continent of Antarctica. I guess Southridge Capital isn’t interested in penguins!



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Jacob Gottlieb-The Trading Artist

Do you know who Jacob Gottlieb is, what he has done, and the things he has accomplished? In truth, Jacob is a superhero, one character you may find in a comic book. Why so? Mr. Gottlieb has transformed the hedge fund market, making one of the best traders in the business.

Gottlieb, an alumnus of Brown University and the New York University Medical School has made economics his life despite his background in medicine, and that is why he has transformed many corporations and lives in the process.

The Brooklyn born and bred Jacob Gottlieb owes his life to New York City. As you are aware, New York is a city like no other. Hence, the place has inspired Jacob into aspiring to be great, something he is today. Did you know Gottlieb has either founded or helped create many of the corporations he has worked for over the years?

Jacob, in his pursuit for excellence, has helped create Visium Asset Management and Balyasny Asset Management. Indeed, it is a dream come true for Gottlieb since Mr. Jacob has always aspired to become the best financial analyst there is. Gottlieb, for instance, served Visium as its CIO since its establishment, a role he is not ready to quit soon.

Mr. Jacob, who once pursued his education at Flatbush High School, has at one point in time worked for Buyside Research, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., and Merlin Biomed Group. In truth, Jacob Gottlieb might have deviated from his college training but that does not mean all gets lost. All the corporations Jacob has had the opportunity of working for had had something to do with medicine.

Are you aware that Jacob Gottlieb has also been doing some philanthropic work? Jacob is now a part and parcel of Robin Hood, the largest poverty-fighting organization in all of New York. The group, comprising some of the best minds in the world, has offered financial support to two hundred of the best NGOs in the region.

Robin Hood has gone a long way towards helping families meet their financial needs and at the same time get to live in decent shelters. The good news is that Jacob Gottlieb has been there to see all this through. From the look of things, we discover that Jacob is a selfless man who wants nothing short of the best for the world. Hence, he world hard to ensure all his plans fall in place.


NetPicks Offering Direction to Forex Traders

Foreign exchange trading in currency pairs, according to online training strategy firm NetPicks, allows traders to invest in the price movement of currencies. Based on speculation of the variation of the prices of the currency pair, forex trading provides traders with opportunities to commerce the pair in a decentralized market. In major cities around the world like New York, London and Tokyo people transact through over-the-counter financial exchanges. The ability to trade in different cities means that the FX is a 24-hour market. Many people prefer spot trading, also known as making a trade on the spot while entrepreneurs, in particular, prefer trading in futures markets to hedge their risks.

FX markets are highly liquid as trading volume equals approximately $5.2 million on any given day. Forex trading is limited to few options, unlike the stock market that offers a wide array of investment choices. The pound sterling versus the US dollar (GBP/USD), United States dollar versus yen(USD/JPY), and the euro versus the yen (EUR/JPY) are the frequently traded pairs. Dealers can commerce in their exotic currency pairs, but the risks far outweigh any possible economic gains. Traders are advised to familiarize with common forex terms like price index point known as PIP which is a gain or loss made and bid price which is the price that buyers are ready to pay for each pay. Ask price is the current purchase price of a pair while Spread is the difference between the ask price and the bid price.


About NetPicks

Founded in 1996 just as online and day trading was emerging, NetPicks LLC has been the gold standard in offering training education since then. With Stocks, Future, Forex, and Options markets, NetPicks helps traders realize success in the markets. Based in Irving, Texas and headed by Mark Soberman it boasts of a full staff of real traders rich in international trading experience with over 20 years of personal and 17 years of trading education experiences. This pool of experienced professionals search tirelessly for significant trends, short or long for the benefit of the customer.

More than a forex signal service, NetPicks provides web seminars and immediate real-time support demonstrating its believe and support for the client’s growth, click ( NetPicks trading strategies show that online trading is a continuous education as with the countless emails and letters they have received from satisfied clients influencing reviews to their services.

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Jed McCaleb And Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the founder and creator of Mt.Gox and the founder of Stellar. He is an American programmer as well as a well know entrepreneur. Before he co-founded Stellar, he was the founder of many other companies. He also found and was the active CTO of the business Ripple. He stopped in 2013. He also is well known for coming up with the bitcoin exchange and peer to peer eDonkey, the application and the Overnet networks.

He recently sat down with CNBC and explained his idea of a global, Blockchain power single payment system. Stellar is already a Blockchain powered worldwide payment set up that operates with a digital token.

Jed discussed how he believes in the future that there is going to be serviceable world-wide payments network. He also said that he thinks that there is a chance for an hybrid system that enables the payment of currencies through Blockchain.

Knowingly Ripple is already on line with Korea’s Woon Bank to be implanted on commercial status starting later on in the year, Ripple and Stellar are both being recognized by real investment companies.

Jed had hopes that by 2028 Stellar technology will be able to power up a global payment network that not only gives payments but also processes the original assets like shares and stocks.

Jed McCaleb had been the developer for crypto for a good amount of time and he has went on to make a prediction of Stellar. He believe that Stellar had the ability to change the world’s financial systems like the stock market, the payments and even fundraising. He has his hopes for 2028.

The research firm of finance named Autonomous Next has reported that the ICO’s have contributed to the incoming of almost 9 billion dollars in only 4 years. Unfortunately the use of ICOs have had it’s share of fraudsters who willingly take advantage of all the new tech which helps them get up funds and leave investors clueless without their money. Because of this it has gotten the attention of regulators all across the globe but fans of the token sales have complained that they rep a new model of fundraising.

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Graeme Holm explained how infinity’s Group approach contrast to the conventional broker. “To be precise the whole approach is diverse, the fact-find broadly expounding on the expenses of household and progressing needs of the family, not simply wants. Infinity Group operates with customers in different gatherings to fine tune, assist and understand the customers in executing week by week money based spending plan about necessities like travel expenses, entertainment, weekly groceries and fuel. Commonly, when the application is endorsed, and the loan is settled, the job of a traditional broker is done and essentially from here is the point at which the work of Infinity Group begins.


The Infinity’s Group customers are designated to an individual financier to enable them to settle the loan in the shortest time possible. The most noteworthy accomplishment this year involved reduction of ninety-six thousand two hundred and seventy-one dollars in only a year for the young couple with a family. Infinity gives a month to month report of performance to all customers which empowers them to find out if they are required to make family budget adjustments or to know if their performance is in line with expectations and goals they have in place. The company additionally gives the customers six monthly, comprehensive survey to guarantee customer absolute commitment and success in reducing the mortgage of the family”.


Graeme Holm also discussed on how the concept of debit card assists in controlling consumer spending.” If anyone cannot pay money, at that point, they aren’t buying it! Infinity Group gives each dollar a focus and purpose on educating the distinction that is there between a need and a want and in the process ensuring that you are true to your objectives. The greater part of the things we spend on the cash we have earned hard become a total waste in a couple of months after purchase.


Instead of all this, that cash ought to be decreasing daily interest in your mortgage. A large number of individuals do not keep in mind the interest is summed up daily and charged month to month and as a company center on reducing expenditure. We are extremely mindful that many families utilize the money they access to directly; therefore credit becomes a continuous foe for an average family. The debit card can work with similar adaptability to credit card however it guarantees that customers don’t hyperextend the outgoings of the family”.


Graeme Holm has over seventeen years of financial services career experience. Graeme has finished accreditations across real estate, financial planning, and finance. He spent like ten years in four central banking environment; Holm was not pleased with just propelling one branded services and products offerings. This gave him the drive and motivation to begin his organization Infinity Group. Graeme Holm intends to change and fix the financial lives of Australians, just a single home at a given time. Learn more:

Juan ‘OG’ Perez Involved Mega Birthday Bash With Close Friend Jay Z

Legendary rapper Jay-Z rolled out the red carpet recently for a close friend when he shelled out $113,000 to help celebrate the birthday of Juan ‘OG’ Perez. Perez, along with a small group of friends that included Jay Z, enjoyed lavish 50th birthday party that came complete with a $13,000 dinner and a total club tab of $91,000.

The night began for Perez and his party at Zuma, a Japanese restaurant located in midtown Manhattan that has garnered international acclaim. The spot is a favorite of Jay Z and wife Beyonce and served the Perez party an impressive dinner that included lobster, steak, and sushi.

The next stop for Perez and friends was the Made In Mexico, a popular restaurant and nightclub in the Inwood section of town. Here, the rap legend purchased 9,000 drinks for the enjoyment of the small group celebrating Perez’ 50th birthday.

The night was not done for Juan ‘OG’ Perez or his birthday party as the group next moved onto the Playroom Nightclub. There Hov spent another $91,000 and purchased 40 bottles of champagne. One server for the club posted the bill racked up by Jay online and the Perez birthday bash was instantly immortalized in the annals of internet lore.

Juan ‘OG’ Perez was born and raised in Harlem. He first met Jay Z in 1996 when he was introduced to the Roc Nation icon by the co-founder of Roc-S-Fella records Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke and the two men bonded immediately. The two men shared a common interest in sports and would go into business together in 2003 with the opening of a group of sports bars located in various New York City locations.

The first of the sports bars opened by the duo of Perez and Jay Z was located in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood and was named the 40/40 Club. The venture expanded over the next 11 years to include five more openings in Atlanta, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Brooklyn.

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