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OSI Group Expands its Success with David McDonald

As the president and CEO of OSI Group, LLC, David McDonald is familiar with the entrepreneurial skills necessary to see a business survive and thrive. The OSI Group has been around since the early 20th century, founded by German immigrants as a holding company of meat processors, supplying the food service industry internationally. The group’s clients include McDonald’s and KFC, among others.

David McDonald began his career with the OSI Group more than 3 decades ago when he was hired right out of college, holding an undergraduate degree in Animal Science. Originally hired as a project manager, McDonald worked his way through the rungs of the corporate ladder before taking his place as the company’s leader. Under his stewardship, OSI Group has continued to grow and evolve, recently acquiring Boho Foods, a Dutch company that will see OSI Group’s foothold in Europe continue to grow.

His success with OSI Group has been propelled by a shared vision and ethos focused not on the status quo, but on continuously surprising and exceeding the expectations of its customers. For David McDonald, the philosophy is simple: know and take part in the local culture of the groups you are serving. He sees this as a matter of not only earning the customer’s trust, but also valuing that trust. In order to achieve that, McDonald cites a company ethic of partnership and education within the geographic areas the OSI Group serves.

It is that devotion to the customer’s needs that allows the OSI Group to evolve and innovate as business and technology changes. A customer’s requests and wishes are a clue as to what the company may be missing. David McDonald says the company’s ethic to meet those demands is what forces a company forward, to change, and to grow.

As the company edges its footprint into the Chinese market, the location of OSI Group’s newest facility, the ability to evolve will be ever more important in a country with a massive infrastructure apparatus and a complex regulatory framework. David McDonald is proud of that record of achievement, symbolized by the successful investment in China, and it is certainly a sign of the success he and his company will continue to achieve.

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The Great Victories of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani has achieved major successes in his career and has gained fame through his real estate investment DAMAC properties. He is the founder and chairman of the firm, which entails lucrative real estate ventures. He has developed major lucrative apartments and he recently he recently had a glamorous golf venture with Donald Trump. Hussain has also established a vast number of successful companies, among them, being the ZDICO Invest. The investment company which he established in 1992 has also grown tremendously and established more of its affiliates in the broader parts of the globe.

At his UAE firm, which he founded at the beginning of his career, Hussain offered food products to the big American companies like Bechtel. Besides, he also contributed to the success of the Afghanistan war, through his provision of food and other requirements to the soldiers taking part in the latter. Additionally, he has also worked with investors form major countries from Somalia, Gulf, and Bosnia, to help Americans achieve their targets in the countries.

The DAMAC owner has not turned back and is currently working harder to get firm to its top. He is also concerned about revising the property prices in the countries that the firm launched its major investments and he has launched a major target at offering initial public shares, with has the London Stock Exchange is one of his major IPO venues.

The major successes of the DAMAC properties have been associated with Dubai`s law that allowed all foreigners to own property in the country. The establishments of the firm have received a high accreditation due to their high quality and impeccable design. A vast number of foreigners have strived to acquire property form the DAMAC Properties firm, and Hussain has put a great effort towards meeting the demands of his clients.

Hussain is an inspiration to many people, and he has strived to share business ideas with another interested individual to help them succeed in their ventures. He believes that every individual that aspires to be successful ought to have a great vision of what they want to achieve as it acts as a guide for them to work hard towards achieving it.

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The Unique And Effective Services Of Dr. Dov Rand

In 2010 Dr. Dov Rand became the Healthy Aging Medical Centers President. His therapies are regenerative, integrative, individualized and directed at aging. His focus is on hormone levels, nutrition and exercise. He has explained the premise of bioidentical hormones as everyone has bad and good hormones. As people age the good hormones decrease while the bad hormones increase. The bad hormone that stores fat is insulin and cortisol causes stress. The good hormones include human growth hormone, progesterone, thyroid, testosterone, estrogen and DHEA.

Dr. Dov Rand restores the balance of these hormones to provide his patients with more stamina, strength and energy. Cases of depression and cancer decrease, the risk of heart disease is reduced and cholesterol is lowered. The conditions he treats include weight gain, high blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, poor memory, hot flashes, andropause symptoms, vaginal dryness, low libido, muscle atrophy, night sweats, mental fogginess, mood swings and menopause symptoms (Positivethefacts).

The good hormones are increased using bioidentical hormones. There are hormones on the market but the bioidentical hormones promoted by Dr. Dov Rand are superior. Research has shown synthetic hormones are dangerous and can lead to health problems. Bioidentical hormones have been shown to be both effective and safe. He also believes in increasing lung capacity with cardiovascular exercises and strength training to increase lean body mass. This will help prevent diabetes and metabolic issues.

Dr. Dov Rand increases hormone levels with IV Nutrient Therapy. The patient has a blood test so the results can be analyzed and the exercise and diet program established. A full assessment is required because every person is different. Genetic testing is used to see if the patient is susceptible to cancer, obesity and heart disease. When a vitamin deficiency is discovered the patient is offered the option of an IV treatment. An HCG diet helps people with a large amount of weight to lose. This is also an excellent option for stubborn fat unaffected by exercise and diet. Most diets do not work and some are dangerous. The HCG diet was developed in 1954 by a British physician to work with the body so the results last.


David McDonald Contributions to OSI Group

David McDonald who is the president of OSI Group was born in Northern Iowa. He is an alumnus of Iowa State University where he graduated in 1987 with a bachelor degree in Animal Science. Since then, he has been serving OSI Groups in different capacities. Due to his generous contribution to the company’s growth, he has climbed up the ladder to become the president of the company. OSI is an international firm that serves Europe, China, and the United States with value-added food products. David McDonald who also serves as a board member of OSI International Foods among other duties has been working to see the realization of OSI Group’s objectives.

David is a leader who realizes that the consumer’s tastes and preferences are dynamic. He has helped the company conducts market research to know the ever-changing consumer tastes through the employees from different regions. He then works hand in hand with local management who understands the cultures and cuisines most preferred to make sure that the customer’s needs are met. These have helped the company to be always updated and flexible in its effort of fulfilling customer’s needs.

David McDonald has also contributed to the success of OSI by expanding the company’s market share through acquisition. In his effort, He successfully acquired a food manufacturer popularly known as Baho which has penetrated Europe market so as gain more customers. Baho is a private enterprise that distributes food products in most Europe countries. It reaches more customers in Europe through its various subsidiaries. Having succeeded in the market for more than 50 years, Baho has gained popularity and a lot of experience in Europe market.

This acquisition would therefore definitely increase the company’s supplies in the region hence enhancing convenience in which the OSI Group’s customers get the products. By working with Baho, OSI Groups would also diversify their products thus accommodating more customers in Europe and other regions. According to David McDonald, Integration of companies’ operational methods would help OSI Groups to deliver up to standard services and products and hence improving its performance in the region. The company which has maintained high-quality products over time will successfully continue fulfilling its customers’ needs by expanding to new markets.

David McDonald has brought significant success at the company as he has been working tirelessly to realize the company’s goals and objectives as well as dedicating his efforts to enhance customer’s experience.

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Jose Hawilla

Looking for information about Jose Hawilla and other successful entrepreneurs? If you want to achieve success in your endeavors, you need to study successful people and emulate them. There are many people out there who are taking the right steps towards their goal and are getting the results they want.


The first step of entrepreneurship is developing or possessing a great idea. Some people start with what they know. Other entrepreneurs emulate and improve on existing products or services.


Whether you want to start with what you know, or you are interested in improving on what other entrepreneurs are doing successfully, it is crucial to do your research. You’ll want to find a need in the marketplace and fill it.


Jose Hawilla is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and he is well known around the world. Jose Hawilla has worked with numerous professionals and organizations and he understands what you need to do to reach your goal.


There are several different business models and investment opportunities but it is always a good idea to follow in the footsteps of those who have become successful in the area you are interested in.


In business, it’s crucial to plan and prepare before you take the first step. When things don’t go well, you need to look for alternative routes or strategies. One of the primary reasons for failure in business and many other ventures is lack of planning.


Hawilla encourages ambitious individuals to take the time to study successful entrepreneurs and other people who have reached their goals in life. It is imperative to seek advice from reliable professionals who are well versed in the area you want to get into. You may even consider getting a mentor or coach who can guide you and help create a solid business plan and effective strategy for marketing or promotion.



If you want to pursue entrepreneurship and become successful like Jose Hawilla, or if you already have your own business and are looking for ways to have a strong presence in the marketplace, it is extremely important that you seek expert assistance. You can visit for more details.



Desiree Perez Proving Everyone Wrong

In January of 2018 Billboard Magazine put out their list of the Power 100. On that list yet again was the COO of music and entertainment conglomerate Roc Nation, Desiree “Des” Perez. The long-time business woman and executive is continually finding it harder to stay out of the spotlight as her success grows. The company continues to make moves in both the music, entertainment, and sports sectors with Desiree Perez leading the charge.

2017 was a huge year for Roc Nation’s music arm, as Jay-Z garnered eight nominations at the Grammy Awards. His record, 4:44, was the 14th straight #1 album for the rap mogul. This made 2017 as the largest grossing year on record for Jay-Z, and it was due to a large part to the hard work of Des Perez. She continues to be a bulldog at the negotiation table and be the driving force behind Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s tour, acting as producer. Perez signee Rapsody was nominated for two Grammy’s as well, making her penchant for talent even more apparent. She also helped secure a huge deal with country music father-son duo Rhett Atkins and Thomas Rhett to form Home Team Publishing.

Des Perez is a hard-working executive who got her start in the music and entertainment industries by managing a number of highly successful night clubs and entertainment venues in her native New York City. She parlayed the business relationships she formed as a manager into becoming Jay-Z’s right hand woman when it comes to business decision. The pair have been working together for over 20 years, first at SC Enterprises and at Roc Nation since 2009. That is the year Jay-Z formed the conglomerate and he did not hesitate to name Perez as COO. She has proven in the decade since that he made the right decision.

Rick Scott FEC’s Complaint Updated by ECU

After new evidence that was previously unreported surfaced that there was illegal collusion between the Super PAC and Rick Scott, an updated FEC complaint has been lodged against Scott. The supplemental complaint has comprehensively documented Rick Scott’s coordination with PAC. The full complaint indicates that the New Republican and the Scott campaign team have a shared address. The Super PAC gave undisclosed payments for its website to be updated. The website update would serve the purpose of serving Rick Scott before his Senate announcement. The Super PAC also conducted the polling on behalf of Rick Scott.

The Scott campaign and the Super PAC also shared the same fundraiser. The original complaint is further strengthened by the new evidence that has been presented by the supplemental complaint. The complaint shows that Rick Scott made use of New Republican to bend the finance laws that have been instituted to regulate political campaigns. Scott also used New Republican to fundraise and raise soft money that was way above the federal contribution limits that have been set by the FEC. End Citizens communications director, Adam Bozzi said that a wave of new evidence has surfaced in the past few days to supplement the evidence that had been earlier documented regarding the Scott saga.

Bozzi added that Rick Scott would go to unprecedented lengths to employ shady political campaign tricks to advance his agenda in the forthcoming mid-term elections. The communications director also said that the FEC should conduct thorough investigations on the case involving Scott with immediate effect. He said that the citizens of Florida deserve better than what Scott is offering. The new supplemental complaint also shows that the Rick Scott campaign team used an identical mailing address with New Republican. New Republican had used this mailing address to contact the FEC on a statement in February.

The state of organization mail to the FEC highlighted the close relationship between the two entities. The Super Pac and Scott’s campaign team also had the same fundraiser. The evidence also demonstrates that Rick Scott continued to hold regular meetings with New Republican and raise campaign funds through the Super PAC until March of 2018. The original complaint documented by End Citizens United gave comprehensive details of how the Florida Senate candidate was running around the US election laws. Rick Scott recruited some of his former campaign staff to New Republican. The staff included the Melissa stone which served his 2014 campaign manager and chief of staff.

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Extraordinary Milan Kordestani

Extraordinary depicts Milan Kordestani. He is a published author, entrepreneur, organic farmer, equestrian award winner and college student in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Milan’s attitude is compelling. It is hard to tell which is his vocation and which is his hobby. He is passionate, humble and driven with all of his interests.

Innovative Farmer

As a sophomore in high school, Milan Kordestani founded an innovative organic farm, Milan Farms. His goal was to raise poultry in a humane and organic manner. He also raised 100% organic saffron and mint. Milan Farms was trademarked in 2016. There are now three separate farms serving Colorado and California and the west coast with organic eggs and selling saffron around the world.

Milan walks the dual path of tradition and innovation with the production of saffron. Milan Kordestani is researching the use of hydroponic and aquaponic methods for saffron crops in addition to drip irrigation. Kordestani became the first farmer to grow saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges.

Milan Farms has collaborated with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every dozen eggs sold because he recognizes the value of ecosystems and how important it is to counteract deforestation on a global scale.

Award-Winning Competitive Equestrian

His natural aptitude with horses was evident at age 10. Noted for ranking 3rd place in the Worlds Championship, 17 and Under Park Division, in 2015. His highest ranking came in 2016 at the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division. Clearly, Kordestani is seen as a notable equestrian.

Born in Stanford, California, Milan Kordestani moved to London, England in 2009. During that time, he studied at Eaton Square School. In 2010, Kordestani returned to the Bay Area and became a student at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton and graduated in 2017.

Published Author

Not only is he an active farmer and master equestrian, he writes for the Huffington Post about mental health, politics and agriculture. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.


David McDonald- Shaking the Food Industry with His Success

David McDonald has worked in OSI group for over 30 years, and he started as project manager rising due to his integrity and hard work. He was born and grew on Iowa farms and developed an interest in the agriculture industry after working on the farm for years. With the help of his parents, David attended good school joining Iowa State University and graduating with Animal Science bachelor degree.

After graduating, he joined OSI industries in Chicago in 1991, and within 30 years, David McDonald has overcome all the barriers becoming the OSI Group chief executive officer and president. His outstanding and exceptional leadership and achievements over the years have earned him Wallace E. Barron which is an Outstanding Senior Award. Today David McDonald is the most respected person in the world of food service industry globally.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group has become premier of global food provider making tremendous strides delivering top services and products to their customers. According to David, he works hard to ensure he has a robust logistic team that keeps up with the continually evolving food industry in the international market. David McDonald states that keeping OSI Group flowing smoothly, there is need to have close contact with the local marketers to ensure they meet the needs of customers without hassle.

Throughout the tenure of David McDonald, he has acquired various companies globally that deal with food products. The company has established different facilities with the most significant ten located in China and handling poultry. OSI Group recently bought the Baho Food, and according to David McDonald, the move will give the company better and active presence in the European region. David praised the acquisition of Baho Food as a significant investment with the capability of complimenting the existing products of OSI group increasing and satisfying the demand of clients.

David McDonald states that over the three decades he has worked with OSI Group the company has enjoyed tremendous growth. It has also experienced strategic and dynamic partnership making them profitable in every country they set business.

David McDonald also acts the board of directors and the North American Meat association chairman, and he boasts of being South Africa Marfrig Global Foods independent director. Since 2008 David became the Australia OSI International Limited director and also Lowa State University, distinguished corporate leader. David McDonald believes that providing more services and products to their clients is tied to production capacity and even product development.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Making Lawyer Searches Easier

Why is it so hard to find a good lawyer? Honestly, there are countless commercials and billboard ads promoting great lawyers, but their schedules are usually full or they’re not as great as advertised. In many places, finding the right lawyer still means searching endlessly. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

New York residents no longer have to worry about searching endlessly. They have the Lawyer Referral and Information Service on their side. The New York State Bar Association established the LRIS as a way of helping resident find the right lawyer easier. The LRIS has many services to help people find the lawyer they need, regardless of their legal issue.

The most popular service is their recently launched online portal. As technology continues to consume everyone’s daily lives, it only made sense that the LRIS launched an online option. The new online option is available all hours of the day.

Unlike the old phone service, the online service only required one quick step. The old phone service is still available, and their staff has been trained to handle more than 10,000 calls. If someone chooses the online option, all they’ll have to do is fill out a confidential questionnaire. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Medium

The questionnaire is along the lines of the questions they ask people over the phone. They use the questionnaire to determine which lawyer is best for that individual. The questionnaire asks about the legal issue and for the individual’s location. Once the questionnaire is submitted, they’ll be matched with a local attorney in a timely manner.

If they decide to meet that attorney, there’s a first-time fee of $35 for the 30-minute consultation. Anything beyond the first consultation, the lawyer’s usual fees will start to apply. It is important to note that there are no obligations and the referrals are free.

If someone’s looking for advice on compensation or employee benefits, the best lawyer for them is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein has over 15 years experience dealing with executive compensation and corporate governance. There’s a strong chance that anyone using the LRIS’s services won’t be matched with Jeremy Goldstein.

Before he established his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein worked as a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz. He started working there shortly after passing the New York State Bar and graduating from college.