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The triumphant equities first holdings data

Equities first holdings happens to be a company that allows for excess capital for those who can provide a net worth that is very high. The company specializes in this. Cash can be included that will help with problems that may come of for the client. Indianapolis was the starting point for this company in the year 2002. Liquidity became a huge issue concerning the company and it did all it could to solve the problem. Financially there were issues that arose and it could not be undone by using traditional methods. The company allows for loans through its many services. A different source is very helpful for the company. The company is able to finish off about six hundred of the loans that is set up. Loans that have low interest enables the company to use territories to its advantage on the playing field. The company has seen a great expansion over time.

Texas’ Delightful and Well-Known Plastic Surgeon — Dr. Jennifer Walden

In delivering expert aesthetic surgery with a sympathetic touch, Dr. Jennifer Walden is Texas’ delightful and well-known plastic surgeon. Walden and her staff work as a team to give patients fulfillment in the best-quality treatment. Indeed, those who want cosmetic improvement, whether it’s a chemical peel or laser procedure can rely on surgeon Walden to help them reach their goal. Because of the successful result for many recipients, Dr. Walden has been awarded Patients Choice on many occasions.

However, the hours can add up fast for plastic-surgery activities, and there is a good reason. For starters, it comprises of painstaking details as relevant to plastic surgeons having to repair, remake or replace physical defects. Perhaps, as an inherent disadvantage, many patients are damaged with various deformities, which can cause emotional and mental torture. On some occasions, parents live with guilt feelings because they believe they created the malformation.

Nevertheless, Dr. Walden has the skills and specialized knowledge in managing these complex proceedings. During 2014, the Texas Monthly recognized Walden as one of Texas super doctors. Further, the female plastic surgeon has contributed much in surgery through exceptional performances. And, she has coached other plastic surgeons on laser techniques alongside facial advancement, fat grafting surgery and breast implants, and more.

Over several years, specific members of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons have recognized Jennifer Walden even as she was chosen to join as one of its participants. Also, Dr. Walden has been approved by many review sites such as CitySearch Austin and Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine — which is a peer-appointed structure. Of course, the publication, Top Doctors recognized Walden as one of Austin’s best plastic surgeons.

From her time spent in New York to arriving back to her native origins in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a frequent face on the news. Therefore, many news programs look for her on addressing the practice of medicine, scientific advances, celebrity plastic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation, and general medical communication. For your interest, you can view her real-time portion on KVUE-TV — one of Austin’s local ABC affiliates.

As Dr. Jennifer Walden is still carrying own cosmetic services in Austin, TX., you are welcome to join with those who have journeyed from miles to receive this brand of service.

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Obsidian Energy Growth Leader

Formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd; Obsidian Energy is an oil drilling company located in Canada. Over the past few years, the company has expanded in various ways. The people who work for Obsidian Energy are excited about the company’s plans for the future. Obsidian Energy focuses on making the oil drilling process more efficient. The leaders of the company want to reduce their impact on the environment. Oil drilling has traditionally hurt the local environment. With new technology options, the drilling process is now much more efficient.


Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves


Solar power is a huge opportunity over the next few decades. Most oil companies are not making major investments in this industry. The leaders of Obsidian believe that solar energy will become a major part of the company’s plans.



Solar Power


Solar power is a great option for people who want to save money on the cost of electricity. One of the barriers to implementing solar energy in a home is the solar panels. Solar panels are expensive, and few people have the cash to purchase them.


Obsidian Energy is going to offer solar panels to customers in the coming years. With more companies investing in solar energy, customers hope that the overall cost decreases. Even though solar panels are expensive, the cost of electricity each month is reduced once they are installed.


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Growth Plans for Obsidian Energy


Obsidian Energy is a dynamic company with plans for the future. The oil industry is still expanding in Canada. Demand for oil has never been higher. More people around the world are starting to drive. A few years ago, Obsidian Energy acquired a smaller oil company in Canada. Purchasing a smaller company is a great way for large oil companies to grow. Working for Obsidian Energy is fun for most people. The company takes care of workers by offering high wages and numerous benefits.


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Malcolm Casselle, Has More Virtual Trading Solutions

After founding OPSkins and leading it to become the world’s most successful and prolific cryptocurrency trader, Malcolm Casselle is at it again. He has launched a new entity that is focused on virtual trading of assets. WAX is the name of the new creation by Malcolm Casselle, and it’s a denotation for World Asset Exchange. The platform facilitates a P2P market platform for virtual trading in assets. It is built on the blockchain principle that makes use of decentralized contracts. These kinds of dealings allow sellers and buyers to trade assets uninterrupted with each other.

The Rationale behind WAX

One might question the reason behind creating WAX when OPSkins is already a market leader in the selling of virtual assets while gaming; with Malcolm Casselle still at the helm. Indeed, OPSkins is said to be the best bitcoin trader on earth. The creation of WAX was based on the need to solve two existing problems in virtual trading in assets. These problems revolve around segmentation and fraud. The platform solves the problem by using a relatively simple software program that is powered by blockchain technology. The tech software program allows all traders to buy assets simultaneously and purchase virtual items without having to click off.

In particular, the problem that WAX is seeking to solve has to do with the fact that the current virtual trading in assets comes with a market melee locally and regionally. The traders are often dumbfounded because of the sheer confusion of language and concerns regarding security and payment processing complications. Thus, most traders tend to want to operate within their countries. Such a development is unfortunate because it even beats the rationale of virtual trading in assets whose objective is to provide a marketplace without boundaries. WAX is being introduced by Malcolm Casselle because it is the only blockchain application that has the capacity to handle virtual trading in assets in real-time. It provides the needed security against fraudsters and allows the traders to play on and explore virtual trading in assets without inhibitions.

Brief on Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle attended MIT where he attained a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. He is also a Stanford University Alumni. While at Stanford, he studied Computer Science further and graduated with a Masters degree. He has worked in several other companies including NetNoir, where he was a founder and CEO too. NetNoir was the first ever media production website that specialized in Afro-related culture.

Graham Edwards: Leading Force for Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has made a significant impact in the UK since he finished school at Cambridge University, where he studied Economics. Edwards is currently the CEO at Telereal Trillium, and before that, he held positions as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch and Head of Finance for the property department of BT Group Plc. He began at Telereal in 2001, spearheading a 30 year partnership with BT Plc. This deal helped acquire 6,700 properties and catapulted Graham as a true leader.

Graham Edwards proved his strategic abilities again in 2009, when he lead the acquirment of Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. Telereal officially became known as Telereal Trillium as well as the leader in property outsourcing while having annual revenue of 1 billion.

As the leader and Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium, Graham leads his team to success by eliminated the complexities of the industry and delivers straight forwards solutions to his clients. Because Graham Edwards expertise and ethos of diligence, Telereal Trillium has maintained many noteworthy clients, some of which include, Virgin Media, Royal Mail and The Birmingham City Council. Under Graham’s leadership, this company has also received many awards for the quality of their work, such as; Investors in People award, The Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year award and picked as Tomorrow’s People Awards ‘Corporate Supporter of the Year’ (Thenewsversion).

Edwards has been an extremely integral part in the evolution of this company through his leadership, negotiation skills and has led to the strategical growth through partnerships. Graham is also a philanthropist and sits on the boards and committees of the Portland Trust, One Voice Europe, UK MDA, UJIA, British Friends of the Hebrew University, World ORT and Pennies. Through is care for the community and passion for his company, Graham Edwards will solidify the continued success of Telereal Trillium.


The Secret to Stream Energy’s Success

Digital Age consumers are different from their counterparts who existed some years back. They demand more than quality services or products from businesses. Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are just but a few aspects that modern consumers demand from businesses. The success of a modern business depends, among other things, on attention accorded to consumers and everything they deem important.

As a startup, Stream Energy incorporated philanthropy into its business model. With less than 13 years of existence, the Dallas-based firm has burgeoned, currently boasting of operations across America. The firm’s energy services are available in seven states and other services—wireless, protective, and home—are accessible to consumers nationwide. Stream Energy has accumulated over $8 billion in revenues since its inception.

Stream Energy is not about to forget what propelled it to be among the leading direct selling companies; The firm is more involved in philanthropy now more than ever. In fact, it recently launched Stream Cares to spearhead all its philanthropic endeavors.

Some recent instances that Stream Energy demonstrated a caring heart include contributing towards helping Hurricane Harvey victims, sponsoring homeless children to be part of annual Splash for Hope, and treating the less fortunate Dallas-area veterans and their families to an opulent lunch. In all these instances, Stream Energy worked alongside its associates and other organizations, such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and Hope Supply Co.

Stream Energy’s associates are central to the firm’s business model. They sell the company’s services, earning commissions, salaries, bonuses, and other rewards based on the number of new clients or associates they persuade to be part of Stream. It is for this reason that Stream values its associates and their endeavors. Whenever Stream’s associates set out on a philanthropic cause, the company backs them by doubling up their contributions or matching their donations to a certain maximum.

During Hurricane Harvey, for instance, a crowdfunding campaign was initiated to help Stream’s associates in the affected areas. Stream matched all the contributions to the campaign up to $25,000.

Sahm Adrangi: Reality of Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is a founder and chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He completed his graduation in Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. At the beginning of his career, Sahm Adrangi worked for finance group of Deutsche Bank. He was an Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC and in 2009 he founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.

Sahm Adrangi released an article about Eastman Kodak Company; it is a 138-year-old firm which deals with commercial printing and imaging. It used to provide motion picture film products. In recent, the company announced its partnership with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since then its stocks reached more than double of their value. It did so to earn money and get back to the platform. They are trying to save the company from being bankrupt. They just claimed that blockchain would remove the problem of IP ownership and other occurring problems. The photographers would be paid properly. One day prior to announcement 370,974 restricted stock units were bought by five board members of the company.

The company will go through the SEC inquiry because they have found irregular and inconsistent in their transactions and they don’t have appropriate documents. Their plan has not been appreciated by anyone and people running it is anonymous. In 2018 they launched the Kodak “Kashmir” a Kodak bitcoin. And other with schemes have been found guilty. Due to which this bitcoin is not trustworthy.

There is no information regarding the people behind it. During a press conference, they told that now WENN Digital will lead it and KODAK One is not responsible for anything. Around 7.5% of stocks of WENN Digital are with Appcoin and 12.5% of its stocks are with Appcoin’s chairman. Redstone Literary Agents, Inc was renamed as Appcoin Innovations Inc and it began dealing in bitcoin and ISO related advisory.

Ryde and WENN Media collaborated which resulted in the formation of WENN Digital. Kodak had signed a contract for selling products with American Spotlight for selling the product named Bitmain Antminer S9 under their brand name for two years but the contract ended up after nine months due to their useless schemes. Kodak is dying and will not be able to survive on its useless schemes like Blockchain. They have announced many promising schemes and program but never came to any conclusion. Sahm Adrangi realized it and made everyone aware of the reality of Kodak.

Why Equities First Holdings UK Assess Stocks Before Using Them As Collateral

Equities First Holdings UK have helped several people and business reach financial goals. Financial goals were achieved by offering financial advice to investors and businesses. The stock-based loans are helpful to people who want to improve financially. The popularity of EFH of a stock-based loan stems from a good approval rate, and it allows you to use stock for collateral to secure the loan, and what Equities First knows.

The stocks are examined to determine how much a stock will be in the future. After the stocks’ assessment, EFH UK decides if stocks are valuable enough to use as collateral. The process has been the same since the EFH UK opened its’ doors in 2013. EFH UK is a business trusted by people because they have an ethical process of handling the stocks once the customer turns the stock over to EFH UK for the loan. They can rest easy that the EFH UK will not dump their stocks back into the stock market.

Waiakea Water was Built on Principles the Company Still Upholds

An online article called into question whether the current brands of bottled water are just capitalizing on this industry’s popularity or if in fact they really do have beneficial effects. The article also pointed out that not only has bottled water become a popular beverage around the world, it has also become a 100 billion dollar industry. It posed the question of why would so many people choose to pay for something they could receive for free from their own taps. The answer lies in the advertising behind the brands, which usually indicates some unique aspect to the water, making it more beneficial than ordinary tap water.

One brand of water that has shown itself to be beneficial to a person’s state of good health is Waiakea water. Marketed as a brand of Hawaii volcanic water, this product actually does contain nutrients used by the body to build strong bones and muscles. These nutrients include calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are added to the water through a natural process as it passes through several layers of volcanic rock.

With a pH ranging between 7.6 and 8.2, Waiakea water is also a naturally alkaline water. The Waiakea water pH level is also obtained naturally without the use of any artificial means of processing. In fact, the company behind this brand of bottled water, takes an active stand in helping to preserve the natural resources on the planet. Their bottling process is designed to use less energy as well as reduce the amount of carbon released into the Earth’s atmosphere. The water itself comes from a renewable source on the island of Hawaii, making it an environmentally-friendly product.

When entrepreneur Ryan Emmons decided to launch his own brand of bottled water at just 22 years of age, he also chose to market it on three basic principles. These included the water’s sustainability, its health benefits and its appeal to people who were socially conscious. As part of this company’s ongoing efforts to maintain these principles, it is moving toward exchanging its current RPET plastic bottles for a more fully degradable plastic, which will be available in the near future.

The Innovations of Louis R. Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert is a businessman born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and now resides in Hartford, Connecticut. Chenevert attained his education from the University of Montreal, HEC Montreal and Concordia University. Prior to retirement, he was the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation(UTC.)

Louis is one of the most legendary names to ever work at United Technologies Corporation. His focus of innovation and long-term goals during his stint as CEO of UTC is what transformed the company into the success it is today. Louis is responsible for changing an entire industry with the investments he chose to make during his time at UTC. During his prior position at Pratt & Whitney, Louis came up with the idea of a specific type of engine. When he became a part of United Technologies Corporation in 2006, he brought the idea with him. Due to the increase in efficiency the engine provided, 14 airlines now use this specific engine.

After the success of Louis’ engine, the company grew exponentially. The company is expected to create 25,000 new employees with-in the next 3 years. The current leadership at UTC say that it strives to be as revolutionary as Louis R. Chenevert. Gregory Hayes, the current Chief Executive Officer at UTC likes to remind his employees that the CEO should work in favor of the company and should leave the company better off than they found it. This is the attitude the Chenevert had when he was CEO of UTC, and it is the mindset that any CEO of any company should have.

Chenevert is the recipient of the 2009 Honor Award from the National Building Museum, in 2011 he was named Person of the Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology.

As well as his career in airline innovations, he is chairman of the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board. He is also the founder of United States Friends of HEC Montreal Foundation and is chairman of the HEC Montreal International Advisory Board.