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Insights Gained For Vijay Eswaran

With Vijay Eswaran’s success in his career, it is natural for people to be curious about his mindset. There are a lot of pieces of wisdom that Vijay can share with people that can actually be life changing. One of the reasons they could be life changing is that they have changed Vijay’s life. It has given him some new perspective on what can be achieved in life. One of the easiest ways for people to achieve their goals is to actually learn more about their goals and the activities towards it. It can take a while of soul searching and research for people to have their breakthrough.

One piece of insight that Vijay Eswaran has gained came from a monk who has talked to him about living two minutes from the Abyss. One of the reasons that the monk has meditated close to a cliff was so that he can learn to appreciate life. This has definitely brought a lot of appreciation of life to Vijay. When people see that they are about to lose something, they often think about all that it has meant to them and their lives. This can give them the fuel to fight harder for that which they can lose.

Other things that Vijay has gained understanding about are stages of change and the importance of a servant mindset when it comes to leadership and business. When running a business, the best mindset to have is that of giving to others. While the business aspect of it is an agreement of exchange. Therefore, the person names the price and the person agrees to the price. Then he pays the price in order to receive the item. The type of business that Vijay Eswaran runs is the type of business that seeks to improve the lives of customers throughout the world.

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Every Aspect of Dr. Jorge Moll’s Working Life is Devoted to Bettering the Human Condition

What led Dr. Jorge Moll to neuroscience? Innate compassion, his whole life he has wanted to relieve the suffering of others. Dr. Moll is the president and a member of the board of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He also directs IDOR’s diagnostics and imaging lab the Neuroinformatics Workgroup and the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit.

Founded by Dr. Moll in 2010 IDOR is a not-for-profit devoted to medical research and the advancement of medical technology. The Institute’s areas of focus are oncology, neurosciences, intensive and internal medicine, and pediatrics (

After earning his MD at the Federal University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil he completed his medical residency at the same school. From São Paulo University he earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. Pathophysiology is the study of diseased organisms and the physical changes caused by diseases or syndromes.

The D’Or Institute of Research and Education is a passion project. Jorge Moll wanted to bring advanced medical research, healthcare, and education to his native Brazil.

Dr. Moll believes that the input of others at IDOR is essential to the institute’s success. Needless to say, meetings with organizations, donors, staff, and students consume a large part of his day.

He states another important skill is being able to cull the bad ideas from the viable ideas. Dr. Moll also advises against mulling over an idea for too long. Start working on them soon or go on to something else.

Last year, Dr. Jorge Moll became a partner at VHM Ventures. VHM funds medical innovations. The company’s investments have made possible new drug delivery systems and the building of state-of-the-art research facilities. Dr. Moll’s involvement in VHM Ventures stems from the belief that the company can help better the human condition while positively impacting the industry.

Dr. Moll freely admits that he has had his failures. He states that they are usually research that doesn’t yield the desired result or took too long.

Jorge Moll is contemplating another business venture. Ever the humanitarian he would like to start a company devoted to making being hospitalized as pleasant as possible.


Glen Wakeman – Multi-faceted Entrepreneur

It is possible for one man to don many hats in one lifetime. Glen Wakeman is ample example of this as he effortlessly sails through his many roles as writer, adviser, businessperson, and author.

Glen Wakeman is probably the propelling force behind the success of several companies. He is currently the Chief Executive officer of the LaunchPad Holdings company four the past four years. LaunchPad Holdings was created by Glen Wakeman to help launch new start-ups with its innovative software.

Glen Wakeman received his education from the universities of Scranton and Chicago. He joined General Electric Capital and gained considerable expertise in finances during his 20-year long term there. He has served in GE Capital in various managerial capacities, such as General Director, Chief Operations Officer and Director of Business Development. Glen Wakeman traveled to different countries as part of his work at GE Capital, including South America, Asia, and Europe. One of his greatest success stories while at GE Capital was the initiation of Nova Four. It is a firm that helps new companies with investment and mentoring on how to stay afloat in a competitive business world.


The Career

Glen Wakeman has a successful five-pronged approach to gauge a firm’s overall competence. The first step involves leadership programs that encourage smooth progress as the company evolves. Next, Glen Wakeman provides advice about a company’s vision and its implementation simply and enthusiastically. This drives transformation in an organization. He also advocates redesigning a firm’s structure and motivating employees to embrace this new system with minimal opposition. Glen Wakeman successfully handles his several avatars and manages to balance these perfectly. And this is the quality that makes him stand out in the world of business.



Dr. Mark J. Holterman – A Doctor Who Makes a Global Difference

Dr. Mark J. Holterman is a physician who wears many hats: Pediatric surgeon, professor, CEO of an investment firm, as well as medical researcher/analyst, to name a few. His passion for advancement in medicine is evidenced by his dedication to research projects as well as funding and promoting medically innovative businesses (Ideamensch). He has over 30 years of experience as a physician, of which include serving as a professor and active participant in multiple medical professional organizations.


About Dr. Mark Holterman

As co-founder and first CEO of the non-profit organization Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT), Dr. Mark J. Holterman is committed to the advancement of cellular therapy (CT), which promotes the ethical and safe advancement of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. CT involves the transplantation of human cells in order to boost the body’s disease-fighting capacity in addition to the restoration of cells and tissues. This process is used for multiple conditions including but not limited to osteoarthritis and the accompanying joint pain, alopecia (hair loss), psoriasis, and a multitude of autoimmune disorders. The ethicality of the AACT systems is a non-issue as only adult, rather than embryonic, stem cells are utilized.

Dr. Mark Holterman also supports the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). The IPSAC-VN’s purpose is sustainably improving the field of pediatric medicine for Vietnamese children. It runs multiple initiatives which supply medical staff and supplies, in addition to any necessary resources for the area.

One of many of Dr. Mark Holterman’s many passions is CellR4 – the official journal of the Cure Alliance. This publication concentrates on the repair, regeneration, differentiation, and reprogramming of cells. This journal enables the discussion of the hurdles as well as opportunities in producing new treatment options. Their publications are available at no cost on their website.

Mark J. Holterman is a physician driven by his passions in medical research and advancement. He is clearly an asset to the medical field, as evidenced by his professional accomplishments.


Paul Mampilly’s set morning routine and his educational and career background

Paul Mampilly knows success takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your dreams. He is no different when it comes to this and is living proof. One factor he says has played a big role in his success is having a stable and consistent schedule. He has done the very same morning routine for the past 15 years. How’s that for commitment! It goes as follows. Paul wakes up at 5 to 6am in the morning and checks all the markets in Canada and the United States. Paul Mampilly will track the stocks of certain companies including True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, and most popular newsletters Profits Unlimited.

Mr. Mampilly founded these three newsletters and they help people with their wealth strategy. The businessman is up to date on trends that are going to be great investments because they are going be huge in just a matter of time. One of them is not a thing, but a group of people, millennials to be exact. There are 92 million millennials making them one of the biggest generations of all time. It’s just a fact that they will influence the U.S. economy in a huge way. Products they prefer and buy will determine what companies will become incredibly successful and companies that will not. The other trend that will absolutely dominate the market is called the Internet of Things. Another term used is called smart devices. It is creating machines, devices, and lots of others things that are interconnected to the internet. This innovative and very advanced technology will make life much easier for people, convenient, and most importantly save lives. Paul recommend investing now in these because they are on the verge of blowing up.

Paul Mampily advises subscribers on a number of things including special opportunities, technology, small-cap stocks, growth investing, and much more. He also founded Capuchin Consulting in which he advises profession investors on what unique stock opportunities to invest in. Paul Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and Accounting followed by Fordham Graduate School of Business where he got an MBA in Finance in 1997. Mr. Mampilly worked on the stock market for a number of years working at financial institutions including ING, Deutsche Bank, Kinetics Asset Management, Bankers Trust, and many more. From his stellar work with these financial companies he has won multiple awards and competitions.

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Lessons to Learn from Glen Wakeman

LThe business industry can be tough sometimes. New investors have to work so hard to get impressive results at the end of the day. If you want to become prominent and thriving in the tight markets, then you can learn some of the business practices from some of the most successful individuals in the industry. (Glenwakeman) is one of these professionals. The entrepreneur is popular because of what he has been doing in the business world. People who choose to follow his path to success have done very well in the modern tight markets. Here are some of the features investors should learn from Glen Wakeman (


Inspiring Entrepreneurs

After choosing his career life several years ago, Glen Wakeman went to schools to earn a college degree in finance so that he could achieve what he was looking for. The great skills he acquired at the university have been converted into the business world so that they can be helpful. His finance knowledge has assisted him to become a great mentor to other communities in the world. The investor has assisted many people to reach their dreams through his company known as LaunchPad Holdings. The firm was established by the businessman few years ago.





Preparing for Success

Unlike most people in the modern times, Glen Wakeman realized his career preference when he was a very young boy. The renowned businessman chose to enroll for a degree in a learning institution that was respected for economics and finance studies. The businessman also acquired an MBA at the University of Chicago, and this proved that he was ready for the profession. Glen Wakeman invested his time and energy in education, and this prepared him for his successful career life.


Gaining Knowledge through Experience

After acquiring his education, the business mentor worked in the market for more than two decades. The numerous working positions he was given assisted him to become a renowned businessman in the complicated markets. Glen Wakeman worked for several companies before he could start his company. Despite the hardships experienced in the corporate world, the businessman managed to acquire knowledge that has helped him in his entire life.


Sahm Adrangi: Buying Mystery Stocks

Every successful trader has their unique methods and techniques on how to outsmart the stock market. They formulate different approach on how they can maximize their income just by trading. This skill is one of the most sought after from financial institutions because they wanted to earn more profit. However, there is a risk present when trading, especially at the stock market, and it is much better if one is prepared whenever these risks come. Mr. Adrangi, a young and active trader, is considered as one of the bravest risk takers on the planet. He is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he is currently serving as the CIO or the chief investment officer of the firm. As the CIO, it is his task to oversee the operations of the company which affects their financial performance. Sahm Adrangi knows what to do to keep the value of their chosen business to go up, and he would always take a risk for the sake of huge profit.

Sahm Adrangi became the center of attention recently, because of his announcement that he will buy more than $100 million worth of stocks. The problem is that the companies where he will be buying his shares from are still unknown and many are speculating which company is it. According to Sahm Adrangi himself, he asked his clients and those who belong to the financial industry and trust his skills to give him $100 million. He promised that the money would be paid for if it becomes profitable in a short amount of time, and he is positive that the team will make it to the top.

Sahm Adrangi defended his actions, stating that there are no problems with the world, and whatever he does is his right. After the purchase has been made, more people are becoming more aware and would like to enter the trading industry. However, Sahm Adrangi warned the people that there would be risks in investing. Today, Kerrisdale Capital Management is partnering with Sahm Adrangi to get some of the best deals when talking about trading and passive income hunting.. Twitter

Stream Energy Announces Illinois Launch, What This Means

Chicago, Illinois’ Navy Pier was the sight of a celebratory party for the hundreds of Stream Energy Independent Associates on January 13th. The party was thrown in celebration of an announcement made last September, when Stream Energy announced that the company was expanding their line of services to Northern Illinois. The move to the Land of Lincoln is the seventh state that Stream is now an energy provider. They now offer their services in Illinois as well as Texas, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Washington D.C.


Stream Energy’s Expansion

President and CEO of Stream Energy, Larry Mondry, said of the announcement, “Our expansion here is something we’ve been planning for some time now.” The move to Illinois will allow their customers in the state to receive the entire suite of Stream energy and home protection services at a two percent discount. Aside from providing energy, Stream also offers a Wireless Home Protection services to its customers all over the United States, to include identity protection, credit monitoring, and roadside assistance.

Stream Energy is a Dallas, Texas-based energy provider. It was started by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji in 2005 in response to the state of Texas deregulating their statewide energy market. The company also began offering wireless phone service nationwide in 2015, called Stream Wireless. They employee over 250 employees ate their headquarters in Dallas. They have thousands of Independent Associates in the states they provide energy services. These associates are charged with selling the services to new customers (Saveonenergy). In the past 12 years the company has grown year-over-year and boast a lifetime revenue in excess of eight billion dollars. 2018 is slated to be a big year as the company expects to move its services into more markets as other states in the United States begin to deregulate their energy industries.



Paul Mampilly Says Virtual Reality is the Future of Entertainment

People who enjoy fictional entertainment whether it’s in the form of books, plays or movies understands they enjoy the feeling of losing themselves in the story. For some years, the most popular movies are the fantasies that create entirely new worlds of fun and adventure. People forget about their own lives and their own bodies lying back in a darkened movie theater, and feel they are experiencing the movie. Books are inherently less involving for more people because they require the most active effort of imagination. It’s easy for most to experience the fantasy world by watching a movie. However, what if people could not only watch and listen, but experience another world as through their other senses as well, as though they are physically in the other environment.

In a recent blog article, investment writer Paul Mampilly says virtual reality and enhanced reality are the future of entertainment. Why read or even watch The Lord of the Rings when, someday, you’ll be able to live through the adventures of Frodo and company? He got a demonstration of the latest in VR. He helped to investigate a murder mystery, took a space walk outside and turned into a tree.

The hardware still needs improvement. Paul Mampilly says that. But companies with a lot of cash and clout are working on improving the delivery technology to make the experience feel as real as possible. According to Investor’s Business Daily, Facebook is spending $5 billion a year on its Oculus Rift VR headset. Microsoft bought Mojang, the making of the game Minecraft, for $2.5 billion to improve its VR capabilities, including its HoloLens gear. Intel makes the equipment that made Paul Mampilly feel like a tree. Google and Samsung Electronics are also making their versions of VR and AR.

A research company, IDC, says VR would generate $14 billion in sales in 2017, and this would grow to $143 billion by 2020. According to Paul Mampilly, another company is going to dominate this new area of entertainment. However, he reveals the name of that company only to readers of his Profits Unlimited newsletter from Banyan Hill. To know more, visit here.

Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street legend who stays in touch with the latest advances in technology so he can tell his readers what companies to buy next, so they can ride the new megatrends to fantastic wealth. He has managed money for big Wall Street firms, private Swiss banks and a hedge fund. But he now prefers to help ordinary people become wealthy.

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The Customs Companies’ Founder Perry Mandera is Devoted to Helping Chicago Area Youths

Perry Mandera is the founder of The Customs Companies. With employees numbering in the hundreds and $200 million in annual sales the North Lake Illinois based trucking company offers an array of transportation services.

  • Logistics
  • Global and Domestic air shipping
  • A US Customs bonded warehouse and distribution center
  • Less than truckload shipping (LTL)
  • Shipping between facilities in the same city belonging to the same company
  • Local hauling

Mandera sits on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA). In 2000 the ITA honored Perry Mandera by numbering him among the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium (Customco)”.

Perry Mandera has always been devoted to the service of his country and community. In 1975 he joined the US Marine Corp Reserves. While on active duty Mandera learned to drive trucks. The experience would lead to the 1986 founding of The Customs Companies.

Perry Mandera gives money and time to a variety of causes. The most recent beneficiaries of his generosity were victims of the California wildfires. He has also donates to relief efforts stemming from other disasters and cancer research. He is especially committed to the youth of the Chicago area.

Mandera is a present member of the board of directors of The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. A July 2017 post on Mandera’s blog talked about the foundation’s Holiday Toy Drive. Volunteers were posted at the entrance to the Chicago Bear’s home stadium Soldier Field. New unwrapped toys were collected from people attending the game.

The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation also provides needy children with backpacks and school supplies. To date, 14,000 children have benefitted from the foundation’s efforts.

In another entry, Perry Mandera discussed the Illinois Transportation Association’s “Trucks, Traffic, and Teens Event”. Held in Decatur for three days the event teaches student drivers about the carting industry. As part of the program young people climb into the cab of a semi with a 53′ trailer attached. Understanding the view a truck driver has teaches the students about blind spot avoidance.