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Toronto’s Regenerative Medicine Expert, Dr. Cameron Clokie

Stem cell therapy can be described as taking donated cells and putting them in a patient so as to treat an injury or disease. According to Dr. Cameron Clokie, an expert in regenerative medicine, taking utilized molecules, cells and biomaterials to fix parts that do not carry out their function properly in the body, due to injury or disease, is what regenerative medicine is all about.

Clokie is an Oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is Induce Biologics’ CEO. Induce Biologics is a regenerative medicine company whose main focus is on musculoskeletal reconstruction solutions.

He was a professor, at the University of Toronto, of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and has been a board member of scientific advisory boards for a number of companies.

There have been scientific breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, yet the number of patients being treated is still low. Hospitals are providing therapies that have not been proven, and which, sometimes, make the situation worse, yet they are making tons of money off of them.

The earliest form of cell therapy is blood transfusion. This is widely practiced in clinical settings. After that came the bone marrow transplant. Through a donor, blood cancer patients got a second chance at life by having new blood cells. How is it that people are not benefiting from regenerative medicine and the potential it has?

In cases of severe burn injuries, the patient’s cells are used for the cell therapy. This goes to show the far we have come when it comes to regenerative medicine. The Lancet report states that there is so much potential to reduce the burden of some conditions such as heart disease, progressive neurological conditions, and stroke. It is a fact that regenerative medicine can improve the quality of life of a patient suffering from chronic diseases and also increase life expectancy. The problem is that treatments through regenerative medicine are not mainstream medical practices.

Research, through regenerative medicine, is being carried out by scientists all over the world with the aim of finding solutions for many of the common diseases and injuries. We have seen progress, for example, the chip technology, which can change cells, from one type to another, and completely heal organs.

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Ground-breaking Lip Balm: An EOS Review

Evolution of Smooth swept the lip balm industry off its feet and had it dancing ever since. In addition to lip balm, EOS also sells hand and body lotion, and shaving cream products. Their products are hypoallergenic, gluten free, paraben free, and petroleum free. EOS offers various product lines, limited editions, and multipacks. Here is a basic guide to their lip balm product lines.

  • Organic – 100% natural USDA certified with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil ($3.29)
  • Visibly Soft – deep hydration with cocoa butter, shea butter and four moisturizing oils ($3.29)
  • Crystal – wax-free vegan formula with five nourishing oils ($5.49)
  • Shimmer – original formula with added shimmer ($5.49)
  • Active – formulated with sunscreen ($3.29)
  • Medicated – with chamomile and aloe to soothe dry and cracked lips ($3.29), buy here!
  • Organic stick balms – the same great organic formula in stick form ($4.49)

The Crystal Lip Balm line is EOS’s newest lip balm that has whipped up quite a stir. Although this line seemingly caters to the underrepresented vegan market, it speaks to anyone who has dreaded the waxiness of a lip balm. The Crystal Lip Balm line aims for the same great color, smell, and taste of EOS – without the weight and intensity of wax.

Much of EOS’s success can be attributed to their low price for quality, all natural, and organic products, refer to The prices above reflect the prices on EOS’s website,, however, EOS products are sold at major retailers such as Walgreen’s or Target. The prices will vary depending on which retailer you choose.

EOS seems unstoppable at this point and their presence in Asia and Europe speaks to their success on a global scale. Only the best can be expected from this company that is constantly innovating and changing the way consumers moisturize and beautify.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Three Tips To Navigate Brazil’s Revitalized Financial Market

With Brazil’s economic turmoil coming to a close, its economy making consistent positive gains, its financial sector continuing to regrow, and a full-throttle China back in production mode, now may be the ideal time for investors to jump aboard a foreign investment.

However, you’ll need to first understand a few basics about vesting your money in a foreign property. Brazil, in particular, has some unique caveats within foreign investing that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with to ensure a sound investment

Igor Cornelsen, a major investment banker who’s managed some of the largest banking institutions in the world, has some insightful strategies to help investors maximize personal gains, minimize risks, and avoid common pitfalls.

Tip 1: Make Local Connections.

Connecting and networking is a fundamental aspect of building solid business leads and relationships. Brazil isn’t an exception, and with 25% of the 18 to 64-year-old population being business self-starters, it’s simple to solicit new ideas, set up impromptu focus groups, and network with business oriented locals. Cornelsen points out that local, native advice can be worth its weight in gold because they know the changes in the market and circumstances that make an investment profitable or not worth the effort.

Tip 2: Know the currency restrictions and laws in Brazil for foreign investors.

The country has many currency controls in place, and they are extremely strict. According to Cornelsen, a smart investor can use these to their advantage, but they must first know all the foreign currency restrictions.

Brazil has multiple exchange rates for different types of transactions. For foreign currency, Brazil doesn’t have a set exchange rate. It can be changed at will by the Central Bank of Brazil, but there is a set commercial exchange rate in place. Non-residents must find an authorized bank for exchanges. Why does all this matter? Cornelsen points out that an investment’s profit can be destroyed by simply using the wrong foreign exchange rate.

Tip 3: Be prepared for a lot of red tape.

Red tape can make it difficult to break into business, and Brazil is heavy on red tape following their previous economic down spiral. While the economic market is steadily growing, it’s still rather delicate following near economic disaster.

Cornelsen advices to research the regulations ahead of time to know what you can avoid and how to handle any hoops you must jump through. He points out that there’s a restrictive labor market, steep taxation, nonsensical regulations, and a government that’s notorious for over-regulating and underperforming. All the red tape makes it vital to make informed decisions through research.

Free Money?

Igor Cornelsen spent a lifetime learning the ins and outs of investing in Brazil’s market, before semi-retiring to a life of golf in sunny Florida. He now runs an investment firm to help foreign investors navigate the waters he’s already successfully rode. With expert advice like Cornelsen provides, there’s endless potential to make money in Brazil, even if “there is no such thing as free money in Brazil.”

George Soros: Early Life, Career, and Philanthropy

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists in the world. According to, Mr. Soros has given away over $32 billion to fund Open Society Foundations across the globe. Soros is the founder of the European Central University located in Budapest. The institution is the leading center for studying social sciences in the region. Under the leadership of Mr. Soros, the Open Society Foundations have managed to support organizations and individuals around the world fighting for accountable governments, freedom of expression, and activist societies that campaign for equality and justice. Additionally, the foundations have managed to provide university and school fees to numerous underprivileged students.

More about George Soros Philanthropy

From time to time, George Soros has focused on helping individuals who are discriminated by their societies. For instance, Mr. Soros has supported factions that represent Europe’s Roma people. Additionally, he has supported highly discriminated groups, such as sex workers, LGBTI People, and drug users. When he was young, Soros experienced such intolerance. He was born and brought up in Hungary in the 1930s. He lived through the 1944 and 1945 Nazi occupation, which led to the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. George’s Jewish family secured false identity papers to survive. They also concealed their backgrounds and helped other people do the same.

In 1947, George left Budapest for London where he worked as a waiter and railway porter. He worked hard and gathered enough money to pay for his studies at the School of Economics London. He later moved to the U.S. in 1956 and ventured into the industry of investments and finance. He launched Soros Fund Management in 1970 and made history by becoming a successful investor. With his fortune, he created the Open Society Foundations, which comprises of partners, projects, and foundations in over 100 countries.

George began helping the less privileged in the society back in 1979. He gave black South Africans scholarships during apartheid. In Communist Hungary, George promoted open ideas exchange by sponsoring academicians to visit the West. Additionally, he supported fledging sovereign cultural groups among other initiatives. He went ahead to create the Central European University following the collapse of the Berlin Wall. When the Cold War was over, Soros expanded to Asia, Latin America, the U.S., and Africa. He supported a broad range of new efforts with the aim of creating transparent, democratic, and more accountable societies. Soros was among the first prominent individuals to condemn the war on drugs as “perhaps more harmful than the problem itself.” His efforts helped kick-start the medical marijuana movement in America.

Mr. Soros giving has surpassed his foundations. He has supported independent organizations, including the International Crisis Group, the Global Witness, and Institute for New Economic Thinking the European Foreign Relations Council. Soros is presently in his 80s and still takes an interest in the work of the Open Society Foundations. He regularly travels to support the Foundations’ work and campaigns for constructive strategy changes with leaders of the world. Throughout his philanthropic legacy, George Soros has remained dedicated to fighting the most intractable problems of the world. and more information click here

OSI Group European Expansion and American Tradition

One of the most reputable food services companies in the world is also one of the safest. In 2016 OSI Group was rewarded the OSI Group was awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The food services group has been very busy lately making purchases and acquiring of food service related businesses and facilities to expand its empire. This recent activity has also led to the availabitiy of new jobs that have been created through the recent acquisitions.

Boho Foods and a Tyson Food’s plant have been the recent acquisitions that are shining light onto the OSI Group of late. The OSI Group is proving that it can make major moves within the foods industry and successfuly merge their operations and production processes to further distribute OSI Group food products. The OSI Group is well on their way to implementing their global strategy and putting into place a distribution channel that will great expand their operations throughout Europe.

OSI Group is a heavy hitter and one of America’s top 100 food companies for the simple reason that they believe in going big and following tradition. For more than 100 years OSI Group has put together a portfolio of high profile clients that they service. McDonald’s was one of the company’s first account and the company currently employs more than 20,000 individuals in the united states. The recent acquisition that OSI Group has made suggest that they are looking to add more than a few thousand more employees to their payrolls in the coming months.

On the south side of Chicago, Illinois a former Tyson Foods facility was recently purchased by OSI Group. The group issued a statement declaring the newly acquired property to part of the OSI Group’s boarder OSI manufacturing network. The collective network of facilities further strengthen OSI Group’s ability to distribute their quality meats along the board of the United States.

OSI Group began as Otto and Sons and started out as a quality fresh meat producer in the mid western part of the United States. In Aurora, Illinois is where it all began and OSI Group became known as the group that revolutionized the food solutions industry.

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Nick Vertucci: A successful Real Estate Investor

NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) is part of Nick Vertucci Companies (NVC). The academy specializes in education and training about real estate investment. Founded in 2013, the institution has provided one of the most sort-after educational programs in the country. It was established by one of the country`s most successful and dedicated real estate investor, Nick Vertucci. NV Companies offers multiple resources and services, including active investment and education.

Vertucci`s idea to start NVREA has provided a trademark and a fortune to his organization. Many students and young entrepreneurs can access the required knowledge from the academy. The institution provides crucial investment knowledge to those who are seeking to meet their financial goals. The institution also offers financial revolutions to business owners who experience stagnated growth. NVREA trains entrepreneurs how to apply new tactics and strategies to achieve better results.

Nick Vertucci`s Story

Nick has a philosophy that the past does not determine the future. He grew up in a family that loved him and provided for his basic needs. However, the family was not excessively well-off. His parents had to work hard to provide for the family. Nick did not enjoy the luxuries of life. Life became harder when he lost farther, at the age of 10 years. His mother had to work late to cater for the rest of the family. Vertucci started living in his van when he turned 18 years.

He experienced a financial revolution a few years later when he started selling computer parts to multiple organizations. He had the luxury of managing his business. He married and had three daughters. Nick experienced a major financial challenge during the crash. He lost everything apart from his home. Vertucci acknowledges that he had not prepared for such an event because he did not diversify his risks.

Vertucci experienced his worst economic period for the next 18 months. A friend invited him to a three-day workshop. Although he was reluctant to join, he was assured the training was worth hearing. The speaker talked about real estate investment. Despite failing to understand everything, Vertucci was interested in the subject. He started studying and researching the subject. After 10 years, Vertucci was confident that he had acquired the knowledge to venture into real estate investment.

Nick Vertucci Succeeded establishing several real estate businesses. He vowed to teach others, about his methods, to help them get out of their financial constraints. His experience taught him a valuable lesson. He hopes to help other understand business challenges and tactics of evading such problems.

The Career Life of Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the founding partners of the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, a law firm in Brazil. It is one of the popular in the country. He is still a partner in this law firm to date. Ricardo Tosto specializes in business litigation. He deals with cases from the following law fields; civil law, election law, business restructuring, bankruptcy, administrative law among others. Ricardo Tosto has previously worked as a director for Brazilian company known as Fundação Rede de Previdência Privada. He has also been an adviser to another company known as Grupo Rede.

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized by various bodies for his prowess in legal matters. He has been nominated by the Who’s Who Legal. He is nominated as one the best commercial lawyers in Brazil. He has also been featured in various publications such as the Legal 500 and Análise 500. His prowess is not only recognized in Brazil but also in other countries in the Latin America region.

Ricardo Tosto holds a degree in law from the Mackenzie University. In addition, he has a certificate in business administration. He is therefore familiar with business litigation cases that relate to finances and business management. This is a factor that has earned him many clients from the banking sector.

Ricardo Tosto does not stop there. He is a political and legal writer. He normally writes in the national dailies and in special magazines editions. He is a co-author of a book entitled O Processo de Tiradentes.

Ricardo Tosto has another advantage in this profession. Unlike many lawyers in the country, he is able to represent lawyers in more than one language. He is among the lawyers in the country who have a clear understanding of both Portuguese and English. This is a factor that comes into play especially when foreigners are looking for representation.

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Jason Hope- A believer in the Internet of Things

Jason hope is believer in the internet of things. The internet of things is a technology that will have all the devices of the future interconnected on the same network and be able to share information with each other. Jason Hope has established his name in the industry for being commentator in tech innovations trends that are happening and those that are likely to happen in the future. Using his blog Tech.Co, Jason Hope writes exclusively on the internet of Things terming it as the biggest thing that will happen in the tech world in the future. It will be the greatest wave of innovation to ever hit the tech industry. Those who follow his articles refer him to an authority on the direction technological trends are heading, and his Linkedin.

Internet of things is a technology that will make it possible for multiple devices to interconnect and share data among themselves. In other word known as sync data. The devices we are talking about could be anything from the kitchen appliances to the street lights and even to electronics devices in our homes. When devices share data, they will be able to add efficiency in implementing tasks while at the same time minimize wastages. Jason Hope insists that, Internet of Things could be the biggest technological advancement ever. He adds that the business environment is likely to change once IoT kicks in. It will create new ways of doing business. In coming years, people should brace themselves for great changes.

The wave of Internet of Things can be equated to the emergence of cryptocurrencies. There has been a loT of controversy regarding the use of digital currencies as an alternative to the traditional money however, many people still think or thought that it is an impossibility. Currently the most popular digital currency known as bitcoin is causing waves in the financial markets. Its value has grown so huge that investors are regretting not taking advantage when it was still worth less.

The same thing is likely to happen with the Internet of Things. People are doubting its applicability but Jason Hope sees it happening.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope ids a futurist. His job is to make predictions on the technological advancements that are likely to happen in the future. He also deals with predictions on how the economy will be affected by these technological advancements. Jason Hope resides in Arizona, where he was born. He holds a master in business administration from the W.P Carey School of business, Arizona state university. He is known for being a philanthropist and a mentor, and more information click here.

Susan McGalla- VP Pittsburgh Steelers

Studies indicate that businesses, which have gender-diverse stand a 15% to outperform companies while the ethnically diverse corporations stand 35% chance than those firms that got no gender diversity. This shows that these companies can exceed since they are open to innovations. Gender diversity in a workplace provides multiple perspectives though; these statistics contain a small percentage of C-level positions in S&P 500 companies, which are held by women.

A significant number of women are never privileged to hold high-level office positions; this has seen most of them struggle to get promoted to staircase into this positions in their companies. McGalla regards the effort she deposited to reach her of comfort in working with a staff of men and women. Growing up with two brothers and football coach dad, made McGalla have limited breaks as a girl child. She always worked to attain her goals, which rendered her an inspiration of working hard to be a lucky woman as she is today holding numerous high-level positions.

Susan McGalla delivered excellently to have her way up through different positions of the American Eagle Outfitters a company she joined when men dominated all executive ranks. She exited the firm as the president. Later, she founded her firm P3 Executive Consulting, which she holds a position of a Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla has taken the responsibility of encouraging women to rise for this opportunities. She incorporates Women Leadership Initiatives groups to provide women leaders with necessary assistance and give them a chance to share their ideas together. This offers women a ground to strategize and plan well for their businesses, make networks with other women in the field, and enable them to learn on trending information in the industry. Women’s networks and initiatives have given women opportunities to stand out and support each other.

Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was brought up with her two brothers by a father who was a local football coach. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from the Mount Union College where she works with the college’s Board of Advisors.

Lori Senecal to Resign from MDC Partners and the Prestigious CP+B Agency

Lori Senecal is currently famed to be among the most successful women in the competitive corporate world. The businesswoman has a lot of expertise in matters concerning leadership, and this is why she has been excelling in the male-dominated market. In the past years, the successful career woman has been fortunate to work in several companies, and she has managed to prove to the world that she is a woman of substance who can be successful despite the numerous challenges. In her challenging career, the businesswoman has been dedicated to achieve her goals and make the world a better place for everyone.

Just recently, the popular Salary magazine announced to the world that Senecal was resigning from her role as the chief executive officer of the institution she has been serving, known as MDC Partners. Lori Senecal has been in the leadership of a highly regarded company called CP+B, and she will also be resigning from the position. The changes will be taking place at the end of the year 2017. The successful businesswoman, however, did not disclose to the world what she will be doing in the coming year. Sources say that she might be looking for greener pastures in the New Year. Check out GCReport to see more.

In her very successful career, Lori Senecal has managed to accomplish so much. One of her greatest achievements was introducing the American Airlines to the CP+B family. Although the task was very challenging, the businesswoman shocked the world by showing very high levels of excellence, and this made her win very many hearts from all over the world. MDC Partners and CP+B say that they have significantly benefited from the expertise that has been shown by the businesswoman in the recent past. The two institutions say that they had already signed an agreement with Lori Senecal, stating that she will be leaving her position in December 2017. The companies are looking forward to introducing new individuals who will take up the role the businesswoman has been occupying in the recent years. However, none of the companies have announced who will be succeeding the influential leader. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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