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Figuring Out Your Brain Type to Succeed Financially

A lot of people want to succeed financially. But they have natural limitations that keep them from doing so. If you know the brain types of people who do succeed financially, you can learn from them, and imitate them to a certain degree. Myers-Briggs believe that we can never change our brain type, but we can develop it to become slightly more balanced and effective.

The four kinds of brains that make the most wealth are the ENTJ, ESTJ, INTP, and ENTP. The average human is an ESFJ. A practical, friendly, observant, and skeptical person. The easiest way that the Average Joe or Mary can become wealthy is by learning from an INTP or an ENTP, the smarter and more intellectual cousins      of the ESFJ. This frequently occurs when you get a college education. The complement brain of the ESFJ is the INTP, the innovative and clever scientist. ESFJ’s who practice programming, independent thinking, and reading will have a greater chance of becoming wealthy.

Developing discipline is crucial to becoming wealthy. People who are poor share several things in common. They like pleasure. They are selfish. They do not test what they hear. They demand and expect handouts. They go into debt frequently. They are generally mean and ungrateful.

People who are wealthy share the following brain traits. They like to suffer. They are generous. They always test what they hear. They give and do not receive handouts. They lend frequently. They are generally kind and grateful.

Becoming wealthy may seem like a high and challenging road. But it is something that we can all work toward. There are many people who have succeeded, and studying their lives will yield the missing ingredients to your financial situation.

Warren Buffett, a billionaire who built the gigantic investment company Berkshire Hathaway, summarized his investment philosophy as avoiding what others love while loving what others avoid.

Martin Lustgarten wants to help you succeed on the road to wealth. There are relatively few people who make it big. That is because becoming wealthy is the result of your natural abilities, choices, and your environment. Martin Lustgarten wants to help guide your choices and environment so that you can become more successful.

You can contact Martin Lustgarten at his Linked In account. He looks forward to hearing from you.


ClassDojo on the Move to Monetize the App

ClassDojo, a startup company that offers an application where students and educators can commune and expand their knowledge base, mentioned that they are planning to create premium features after the app’s widespread success.

Based on research, ClassDojo has already reached millions of educational institutions in the United States, and approximately 66 percent of these schools have more than a single teacher that integrates the application to their teaching practice.

How did the app rise to fame?

The primary thing that jumpstarted the startup’s prominence is the fact that the students who also utilize the service are allowed to receive prizes from their tutors each time they do a great job. Although this reward system is not too different from how the former gets stickers from the latter at the end of the classes, there were a few organizations that opposed the notion. Instead of being negatively affected by the criticisms, however, the partners behind the company decided to work harder to provide a newer and more efficient way of communication between all parties involved.

According to Diane Rhodes, an educator in Tiburon, California’s Bel Aire School who has been accessing the app for three years in a row, ClassDojo made it effortless for them to communicate not only with the children but also with the parents who naturally wish to check up on their kids often. Through this new application, Rhodes was able to capture photos of the students as they perform various tasks at school, and then post them real-time for the concerned mothers and fathers to see.

How is the appearance of the application?

If simply speaking of the design of ClassDojo, it is easy to deduce that it looks like the Facebook platform but with darker purple color. Apart from the teachers being permitted to publish images in public, the parents are also capable of liking them and posting comments on every photo. The company even increased their services by developing Snapchat’s Students Stories that lets the children post pictures on their own as well.

Nevertheless, the goals that ClassDojo wish to fulfill are comparable to that of Slack, for the reason that the teachers can avail the application without having to ask the system first.

About ClassDojo

Founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo is an online space that assists educators in making learning more interesting to the students by creating a digital classroom wherein they can share everything.


Success with the Cleanse features a Full Body Cleanse to lose weight and promote natural healing in the body. The cleanse lasts for 20 days and helps the immune system run more efficiently. Skin appears rejuvenated and healthier after the cleanse is complete. Energy will also increase in users who try the cleanse. Fogginess is eliminated in people who follow the cleanse’s instructions as well, a major positive from the Trust Pilot review. A weight loss of 10-30 pounds can also be expected along with the elimination of sugar cravings.


Pastor Hosea Collins was featured on The Steve Harvey Show after losing 130 on the Full Body Cleanse. He discussed how he transformed his life and got healthier after his wife needed a kidney. The Pastor watched his diet, added exercise into his routine, and followed the cleaning instructions. His faith caused him to see that he had a purpose to help others, so he dedicated his weight loss journey to saving his wife’s life. He now wants to save more lives by discussing his transformation and getting others to be more health conscious.


Steve Harvey began following the Full Body Cleanse after hearing about Pastor Hosea Collins success with the program. He is eating raw foods while he completes his cleanse. He is working with CEO A.D. Dolphin to regain his health for 2017.


The ingredients in the cleanse are derived from natural plants and formulated to work with different systems in the body. Blood and Lymphatic Systems, Cardiovascular Systems, Liver, Spleen, and Gall Bladder Systems, Colon and Digestive Systems, and the Lungs and Respiratory Systems are all targeted by the various formulas. Activated Charcoal is residue left from burnt plants and is included in the Full Body Cleanse. It acts as a cleansing agent by causing the elimination of excessive water and toxins in the body.   Read more about Dherbs Inc, and what they’ve been doing to make a difference on their LinkedIn page, which offers a lot more information.


Wen by Chaz Puts Moisture, Body and Shine Back in Color Treated Hair

In recent years it has become a popular fad for young women to change their hair color as often as they change their mood. There are numerous hair coloring products available for home use that make it easy for women to color their own hair at home. Unfortunately, many of these products contain strong chemicals such as bleach and ammonia, which can damage the natural composition of a woman’s hair. People who routinely use harsh chemicals on their hair often experience a variety of problems. The practice of coloring hair could lead to the thinning of hair or the lack of moisture in hair.

Some of the more common issues women have when coloring their hair are dryness and dullness. The harsh chemicals found in hair coloring products strip away the natural oils found in the hair and scalp, which often makes the hair feel and look more like weathered straw.

Bring Back the Moisture

Chaz Dean,, created a line of hair care products to combat the different issues women experienced with their hair. Since each product contains a different blend of ingredients, the Wen line is better able to help restore damaged hair to its naturally beautiful condition. There are a few products in this line that can help add moisture back to hair that has been damaged due to coloring.

The Wen hair daily cleansing treatment is made with beneficial amino acids as well as soy and quinoa protein. These natural plant extracts add strength while also making hair more flexible. Additional plant extracts in this product include oils from ginger and lotus. These help restore the hair’s natural moisture by nourishing both the hair and scalp. Other products in the Wen line that are capable of repairing colored hair are the Sweet Almond Mint and Fig versions of Wen’s cleansing conditioners. Bottles vary in size, but they average around $40 dollars and can be purchased online from eBay,  Sephora, Guthy-Renker and other select retailers.


Students React to ClassDojo Application

ClassDojo, an application that focuses on the development of communication between elementary school parents and teachers, recently conducted a survey that sought to gauge the reaction of students in classrooms where the company’s application has been utilized. According to ClassDojo representatives, student reaction to the application’s implementation has been overwhelming positive. Teachers in elementary classrooms have reported that students who used the ClassDojo application felt more engaged with the particular lesson that interacted with the app, experienced a higher level of responsible attitudes because of the application’s focus on parental involvement, and showed a higher capacity for tackling difficult subjects.

Higher Engagement With Specific Lessons

ClassDojo representatives reported finding pleading results after viewing the portion of the survey that involved student engagement. Teachers who participated in ClassDojo’s survey reported that students who used the application during the teacher’s coverage of a new subject matter experienced higher levels of engagement than students who did not use the application. ClassDojo representatives stated that this increased level of engagement is likely caused by the application’s integrative educational software. This software was designed to help students to connect classroom activities with virtual concepts thereby creating a deeper level of engagement for ClassDojo app users.

Higher Level of Responsible Attitudes

ClassDojo representatives also described impressive results with the portion of the survey that measured student levels of responsibility during course work completion. According to the participating teachers, students who used the ClassDojo application during class experienced noticeable levels of increased awareness of parental expectations. ClassDojo representatives stated that the application’s focus on parental involvement causes students who use the app to perform better. Because students are aware that their parents will have instant access to the course work completed while the application is open, they are better motivated to work to capacity.

Higher Capacity for Tackling Difficult Subjects

Teachers who participated in ClassDojo’s educational survey also reported improvements in student ability to master difficult subjects. During this section of the survey, teachers measured their students’ handling of various subject matters during application use agains the same students’ handling of the subjects while the application was not in use. The results showed that the ClassDojo application successfully assisted students with the ability to grasp unfamiliar subjects. ClassDojo representatives stated that the company will be competing additional research in an effort to continue to make improvements and assist the public school system.

The Future of Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is an information technology firm located within Dallas, Texas. The company offers incredible levels of support and Technology to its main customer base, which just so happens to be incarcerated individuals currently serving time for past mistakes within the United States prison system. This level of service said Securus Technologies apart from the rest of its competition, as it’s niche Focus allows it to receive a lot more customer attention from individuals that other companies would rather just ignore. In a recent press release Securus Technologies is seeking to promote its video chat software, something that has allowed it to set itself apart from the rest of the world when it comes to information technology.

View the company profile on


This software program is available for free on both Android and Apple devices, and as long as a Wi-Fi signal is available customers can use it to communicate with their loved ones. This video chat program makes visitation much easier than ever was before, we’re more traditional ways to see an incarcerated person in jail would be to travel a long distance, go through annoying Security checks, and place themselves in danger from other inmates within the prison itself. Now all an inmate needs to do to contact your loved one is to log on to the video chat program at Securus Technologies offers to them and they are able to talk with them using seamless streaming technology.


Based upon the reliability and quality of this technology there is no doubt that Securus Technologies through their press release and promotion of this particular software program will increase their customer base significantly. This is a great move for Securus Technologies who sees loyalty from their long term customers.


Female Activewear & How Fabletics Is changing The Game

On a physical scale, men seem to a bit more active in their daily lives. Many jobs require physical lifting or constant walking. Even after work most guys maintain their active movements by playing ball, working out, or some other form of physical training. Women on the other hand seems to lack in pace when being compared to men and usually takes care of the home and kids, which can leave you mentally and physically stressed. Other than professional female athletes, women really don’t have many more people they can aspire to. All of that has changed thanks to the fresh new activewear line for women.

Fabletics is the new kid on the block and it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite among women who lead healthy lifestyles. One of the great things about this brand is that it has a face behind it’s brilliant products. Kate Hudson along with two of her contemporaries co-founded Fabletics back in 2013. This brand of clothing has great style, meaning, passion, and comes in reasonable pricing. Unlike many other luxurious brands that were designed for women, this brand is more about getting you off the couch and putting your body in motion. Starting out as an online business has it’s positives as well as negatives, but with a brilliant marketing plan, Fabletics has built a huge following on most of the social media sites. You can think of Fabletics as more of a healthy lifestyle community than just an activewear brands for women. This community is full of like minded females whom are living a healthy and natural lifestyle. Being apart of such a strong community, individuals can now get that added push or motivating that’s needed when you’re physically drained.

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This membership program is great because individuals will receive personalized outfits that meets their distinct needs. The fashion line is amazing and offer some of the best styled yoga pants, tops, shorts, and more on the market. There are new styles being offered on a monthly basis also. This online subscription retailer is expanding as more into brick and mortar stores. Bloggers at “My Subscription Addiction” are raving about the consistent sales and many of the exclusive products are up to 75% off. You won’t find these price cuts at many other competitive locations. The deals were stated as being “to good to be true.”

By expanding the company into more physical locations, Fabletics will surely be able to increase it’s consumer coverage and with a strong social media presence, this brand should be around for many years to come.

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