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JustFab Strives for Success

Adam Goldenberg, co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab Inc., is a businessman who began his professional career at the young age of fifteen. At this age, Goldenberg had founded the company Gamers Alliance, which would be the first of many successful businesses. Three years later, in 1999, Goldenberg sold his company to Intermix Media who he choose to continue working with. Due to that, young Adam Goldenberg quit his high school career and moved across the country to take the position of Vice President of Strategic Planning. By the age of 20, Goldenberg had taken the position of Chief Operating Officer, the youngest of any publicly traded company.

In 2001, Don Ressler, future co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab Inc., sold his company,, to Intermix Media and met Goldenberg. Their friendship blossomed quickly and by the time Intermix Media was bought out by News Corporation in 2005 the two were ready to begin a company of their own. It was by 2006 that Goldenberg and Ressler were opening the doors to their new brand: Intelligent Beauty. Though Intelligent Beauty was followed by great success, the pair knew this would not be the end of their start-ups.

Ressler and Adam Goldenberg aspired to leap into their own niche in the fashion industry, which is how JustFab came to be. The idea of JustFab had been about making online fashion friendly, fun, and affordable. Their plan included creating the company an online membership where members would fill out surveys on their fashion preferences. Each month members would receive fashion accessories selected personally for them based on their fashion styles. Members could then purchase any of the options selected, reject the options altogether and request a new set of selections, or they could dismiss the monthly selection without charge. In all, the membership would cost $39.95 per month for all the included features. See:

Just as Goldenberg and Ressler had dreamed, JustFab and its online membership niche was a success. Their efforts to keep fashion fun and friendly brought in millions of subscriptions. The two were pleased and prided themselves on how they reached out to their members to make experiences with JustFab excellent. From updating their inventory to showing members various ways to wear their accessories, JustFab won over their clientele.

From there on, Adam Goldenberg, with his partner Ressler, has added on new brands, such as Fabletics, and continues to prosper as a business man.

Dream or a Nightmare?

WEN hair by Chaz is a successful hair care line that claims that it adds shine and bounce just after one use. Chaz Dean is a LA stylist that takes pride in his job; to make women’s hair the best it can be. He started a line of cleansing conditioners which is a revolutionary way to make your hair thicker and hydrating. It makes all your hair dreams come true just after one use. He sells this brand online via Amazon and on high end salons as well..

WEN Hair Care products are also available at

Emily McClure reported her trial of Wen by Chaz on Bustle. She tried the sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner line for her fine hair. The amount that Emily used for her thin hair was 16 pumps. After Day 1, she already noticed thinker, fuller hair. However, throughout this whole process, she would wake up to a head full of greasy hair, just prior of washing it the night before. For the average procrastinator, this could be a nightmare. After some days of washing her hair overnight with this magical formula, she soon learned her lesson: wash your hair in the morning. McClure got comments on how shiny her hair looked from her peers. This made her feel better from battling the grease nearly everyday that week. After years of battling limp hair, Emily finally found her dream head of hair by using Wen hair by Chaz Dean.

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Choosing The Correct Reputation Management Service Is Key To Your Success

When you own a business it is important that you keep up that great reputation. With social media sites up and running full blast, it is easy to blast or be blasted. In today’s instant posting world it is easy to get a five star reputation or have it fall to rock bottom in the blink of an eye. This is not just important for people who own a business, it can be as important for someone who works for a company or is hoping they will get a job. Many potential employers are looking at social media and online reviews to determine someones reputation.

Regardless of how you appear online, your reputation needs to be managed by an online reputation management company. Personal reputation management firm Better Reputation can help you to clean up anything being said about you or your business. Keep in mind that many things being said might not be true. When this is the case, Better Reputation will address the facts and restore your reputation. If things being said are true, they know how to handle that in a positive light also. This is why you need to engage the services of an online reputation management service.

Years ago we talked face to face to people to find information, today we turn to the internet and check out people, places and things. A reputation management service can help people and every business to create and maintain an online presence that is positive. When you are looking for personal success or business success, your reputation is often all you have to help you achieve your goals. Your business and it’s longevity depends on your reputation. These services can help you to make the positive impression on your customers.

Keep in mind that if you need to manage negative comments, negative reviews or build a better brand, you need the service offered by a reputation management service. These services include managing your search engine results, development of your content and management of that content, your social media, reviews and so much more. Let’s face it, your reputation is often the only thing you have. You need to keep it looking it’s best and using an online reputation management service is the only way to do that.