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United States Businesses Sour On Venezuela

The growing concern centered around Venezuela’s spiraling economy is reaching epic proportions. In the past two months alone, at least 35 major United States corporations including Mead Johnson Nutrition, MasterCard, Marathon Petroleum, and Coca-Cola have expressed outrage over the apparent lack of responsibility that the government is taking to get things back under control.
In a report by El Nacional, Coca-Cola has temporarily ceased manufacturing any sugar-based products in the country due to the lack of raw materials. Marathon Petroleum stated that it has been having problems dealing with the country as has credit card processor Mastercard. The one company that seems to have done well regardless of the turmoil is Kellogg, which reported a 6.6 percent increase.

Expert David Osio says Venezuela has been demolished by falling oil prices. Abhorrent inflation has skyrocketed, making everyday items terribly out of reach for the average citizen. Social unrest is at a high point with numerous riots reported over the past several months.


QNet, Success for Everyone

There are a lot of ways a person can make money to support their families. Many don’t realize there are options where they can stay home, work and still make the money they need to survive. They may wonder how they can do it and what they need to do to get started.

Starting Out

Qnet has a lot of options for sales within the home. Many make a large amount of money simply selling products that are used everyday. These common products make it a ready to use business for anyone that needs to make an income of some kind. These products are easy to sell and anyone can use them.

Why Qnet?

They have a wide range of products people can use in order to get the business going the way they want to. This can be something as simple as doing direct sales with people they know or more complicated by doing sales at shows and other outside activities. This will depend on the person who is selling and how they would rather do their business. That is another great thing. This is their business and they can run it how they want.

Who Could Do it?

The great thing about Qnet is anyone can do it. It can be sold if a person is a stay at home parent or someone that just wants a little extra money. The deciding factor is really them and what they want out of the business. They may need to get more money than just what they are getting at their current job or they may simply want to earn enough to do extra things. This will also motivate them on how they are using the business model and selling the products.

There are a lot of ways to make some great money, but Qnet is one of the best for working parents or others that need a little extra at the end of the month. They can get products people need and can help earn some money for those that choose to do it.

Does Wen by Chaz work?

Women around the country are turning to Wen by Chaz ( to give their hair volume and shine. This wonderful conditioner was specially developed to give women the hair they deserve. The conditioner makes some impressive claims in their advertising, but many women remain incredibly skeptical.
Women have heard the promises that Wen by Chaz Dean makes many times before. Many conditioners promise to make you feel more comfortable and keep your hair in top notch shape, yet most of these conditioners fall short. Women need confirmation that the conditioner will work, and media outlets are happy to oblige. Recently, Bustle decided to see if Wen truly works.

Bustle is one of the most popular internet media outlets. Each morning, thousands of people log onto Bustle and see what is going on in their world. Bustle is especially popular with young women, and they regularly cover health and beauty topics. Emily McClure is one of their top reporters.

Emily McClure has struggled with skinny and greasy hair her entire life. While most days it looks okay, she is always insecure about the hair. She had tried several beauty products, but none had helped. She was skeptical of Wen’s claims, but she was ready to try it out.

Emily decided to use the sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner for one week. The first day she washed her hair and used Wen, and she was shocked by the results. Her hair had more volume, and it had more shine. She thought the first day was just a fluke, but the results kept going for days to come. By the end of the week she looked great, and her confidence had reached a peak.

Wen by Chaz is an amazing product and it makes amazing claims, but the claims really do hold up. Bustle has proven these claims to be accurate.

Shea Butter is Good in More Ways than One

Shea butter is a substance that is made from the seeds of a Shea tree. For centuries these seeds have been made unto a butter to be used to soften skin. Smooth skin is just one of the benefits of Shea butter.

Shea butter also has been shown to reduce inflammation of the skin. This is used in order to clear up acne and other skin conditions. It is also used to prevent skin from prematurely wrinkling.

Many pregnant women also use Shea butter. They use it on their growing bellies because it helps prevent stretch marks. It also softens the skin and reduces itchiness.

Massage therapists have found Shea butter to be useful too. It helps their hands glide across the skin making their massage a comfortable experience. Another benefit is their clients are left with skin that is soft and smooth.

Shea butter can also be used as a sunblock. It contains a natural, low SPF of 6 in the lotion. This will help protect you and your family’s skin from burning when you spend time in the sun.

Another advantage of Shea butter is it helps prevent poverty in Ghana. Eugenia Shea is a company that hires Ghana woman to help make and distribute Shea butter though out the world. Providing work opportunities to these women helps to create a better future for both their children and their country.

Through Eugenia Shea, women are able to send their children to school for a quality education. They can also receive needed medical care to help them grow up strong and healthy. Women also learn valuable role modeling with regard to running their own business.

Shea butter is good for your skin. Eugenia Shea is also good for your soul. This company helps women out of poverty and empowers them to work for a better future.

Kyle Bass and Ethical Hedge Fund Practice

Kyle Bass is a successful hedge fund manager and investor in Dallas, Texas. He hails from a Christian family in Dallas, Texas. Bass also attended Christian schools up to university level where a scholarship award gained him enrollment at Texas Christian University.

In 1992, Kyle graduated with a BA in Finance and Real Estate Finance. He went on to serve in various capacities at firms like Prudential Securities, Bear Stearns, and Legg Mason all in Dallas. By the time he decided to get into private consulting, Bass had amassed enough resources and experience and exited employment as a Senior Director.

The year 2005 brought more focus and determination for Kyle Bass as he tried to get his new firm off the ground. Hayman Capital was the name and Bass dedicated a lot of his time in his Dallas office. It would not be long till business started trickling in and the firm expanded regarding office space, employees and the accounting records.

Since then, Kyle Bass’ reputation in business and society has elevated as well as that of Hayman Capital. One of Kyle’s most notable traits is his ability to forecast economic events with accuracy and consistency. Since he founded Hayman Capital, Kyle is known to enlist the services of industrial researchers in a bid to increase his understanding of the global economy. This research enables him to speculate and forecast on impending scenarios with pinpoint accuracy.

Kyle also anticipated the global meltdown of 2008, and he took the time to warn investors in the mortgage and real-estate sector. Sadly, as Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler exposed, he could do little to protect these investors from the far-reaching impact of the crisis that sent shockwaves around the world. Further down the line, Mr. Bass saw the European debt crisis and went on the record as having warned relevant authorities to adjust.

The Christian background Kyle Bass grew up in allows him the freedom to point out malpractice in the investment banking sector. He has previously come out blazing at investment bankers who misuse the funds they manage on behalf of their clients. For instance, he just saved some non-accredited investors whose money was misused by United Development Fund.

The United Development Fund has since been rocked by controversy and investor arrest leading to the loss of its asset value this year. Kyle Bass conducted his research on the questionable transactions of the firm and released his report on the internet and mainstream media. He further labelled the hedge-fund as another scheme to rob honest investors off their hard earned money.

Since the information went public, the hedge fund regulatory authority that is the Securities and Exchange Commission has since taken up the matter and is undertaking further investigations.