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Michael Zomber on Upcoming Arms Auctions

Michael Zomber says that spring is an exciting time for those who like to go to antique arm sales. In March, the exciting Julia’s sale in Fairfield, Maine, saw several arms sell for above their estimated worth. Therefore, he urges people to study what the arms that they are interested in buying will be worth before attending these events. He has spent over 40 years studying arms and says that each has its own story to tell. He encourages collectors to trace the history of a piece as much as possible so that they learn the story behind the arm.

He also realizes that collecting antique arms is not popular with everyone. He is an active supporter of several organizations that help victims of war including the Disabled American Veterans and Doctors Without Borders. He believes that it should be up to the individual to collect the items that interest them the most.

The next arms auction that should hold interest to collectors will occur on March 26, according to an article in Arms and Armour Auction. Czerny’s Important Militaria and Fine Antique Arms and Armour auction will occur on March 26. Michael is particularly anxious to see what the rifle manufactured by master French gunsmith and director of the Versailles rifle manufactory Nicholas Boutet will bring. This rifle was manufactured about 1800 and is one of the finest examples to come to auction in recent years. This auction will take place in Sarzana, Italy.

On April 8, collectors in the United States will want to be present for the Eldred’s Americana and Arms Auction in East Dennis, Massachusetts. This sale will feature a London LeMat that was used by Confederate forces during the Civil War. Recently at Julia’s one of these revolvers sold for over $240,000.

If you are interested in having your antique gun appraised or learning more about collecting, then Michael Zomber of PRWeb would love to hear from you.


George Soros on the Impending Global Economic Crunch

George Soros a renowned author and chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations was born in 1930. A graduate of the London School of Economics, George Soros has risen to become a house hold name in Global economics.

While addressing an economic forum in Sri Lanka on, Soros took the opportunity to address the looming global economic crisis. The recent past has seen a major shake-up in global economics with investors opting out of investing due to the fear of running losses. 
Soros sighted economic problems that have rocked China’s economy and the devaluation of the Yuan. These tough times have not only affected China but also other economies around the globe. George Soros feels that the looming global economic crisis is similar to that in 2008. In fact, George Soros predicts that the global economy and America, in particular, are headed for tough times worse than those experienced in 2008 during the global economic crisis. 

With China’s economy having been rocked to the core the country on has sought to address the issue through restructuring the preferred growth model. These efforts are a result of the dropping value of the Yuan. China prefers making an inevitable switch to consumption and services as opposed to the preferred model of investment and manufacturing. This switch comes after global equities recording a loss of $2.5 trillion in global equities. This situation has been worsened by Chinese equities taking a massive drop in Asia.

The current situation does not make it any easier for China, which is second placed amongst world economies. This makes Soros predictions appear to be unfolding. 

In the past, Soros has addressed the impending global economic crisis. George Soros is on record in 2011 when addressing a panel in Washington, stating that the Greece-born European Debt crunch is very serious as compared to the crisis of 2008.

This is not the first time that George Soros has had it right in predicting global economies. George, who owns a successful hedge fund that has recorded an increase in profits with margins of over or about 20% since 1969 up until 2011, gained popularity after he predicted and placed a bet that Britain would be forced to devalue the pound in 1992. A bet which saw him win $1billion.

The recent prediction by Soros cannot be far from the truth, as proved by the measures of volatility have risen this year, The Chicago Board Options of Exchange Volatility Index is up to 13%, the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index has risen by 43% in 2016. 
China continues the search for a permanent solution that will save the country’s economy from self-destruction. The China’s Communist Party intends to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020 while dismantling capital controls. Previous efforts by the People’s Bank of China to offer loans at low-interest rates have yielded no fruit. It remains to be seen if George Soros predictions will come to pass.

New Scholarships From Keith Mann

Keith Mann is the founder of the Dynamic Search Partners. He is a well-known entrepreneur, and he is currently based in the New York City. Just recently, his organization announced to the world that it will soon be launching new scholarships. According to Keith, the new scholarship will be quite different from what people expected from him. He will be giving them to the young students who have proven to be good future leaders.

Just like any other scholarship, Keith has partnered with Uncommon Schools or organizations to make sure that everything is successful. The company will be partnering with a nonprofit making chatter known as Uncommon Schools that is also based in the United States, and they will play a crucial part in the scholarship. According to reliable sources from the two institutions, the new scholarship from Keith and Keely will be offered to a single student who is coming from the uncommon schools. A student will be picked from the school every year, and they will be offered an opportunity to study in college for four years and then partner with a good organization.

The new move has been appreciated by many people, especially the teachers from the Uncommon Schools. The organization will offer a needy student from these schools a bright opportunity, and they will complete their degrees without any financial challenges.

Applying for the scholarship is just a walk in the park. The senior students write an article consisting of one thousand words, explaining how attaining a degree will help them achieve their goals as professionals in the future. If the article is considered worthy, the applicant is picked and offered the generous opportunity.

Keith Mann is a business person and philanthropist found in New York City. He is an advocate of education, and that’s why he is very keen in educational matters. He founded the organization known as Dynamic Search to help needy students who do not enough funds for education access the right education and become important leaders in the world. He picks the most deserving candidate from the rest and gives them to an organization that can help them realize their dreams.

Check out some of Keith’s favorite videos on Vimeo!

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What Makes Talk Fusion the Best Communication App

Talk Fusion Video Chat has grown to become the number one communication program in the world despite having been launched only some few weeks ago. The AppBrain, which is Android Discovery tool, reported that the Video Chat is ranked as the best communication app in Indonesia, ranked fifth in Japan and twentieth in Switzerland. For just 90 days, the traffic data has increased tremendously and as a result, the web ranking of the company has improved by 30,000 positions.

There are many programs which have been in existence for years but none has had the success achieved by Talk Fusion Video Chat App in that short span of time. The product in undisputedly the smartest, fastest and the most compatible with every other device including Apple, Mac, Android, tablet and PC.

There are many plans to make the app better and to create a better user experience. This is why the company is planning to come up with 30 day Free Trial. There is so much hype in the whole world ahead of the launch of the Free Trial. People cannot wait to use the new and perfected products from the company. The overall success of the company is set to be more when free trials for all its products are launched. The probability of everyone in the world getting to know Talk Fusion will be very high.

Talk Fusion Video Chat app can be installed for free from the Google Play Store and iTunes. Once the Free Trial program is launched, users will be able to sign up for it through personalized join site for an associate or form Talk Fusion’s Website. After this, they will be able to access all the products of the company for 30 days with requirements such as the credit card.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a leading company in the world that provides for innovative video marketing solutions. The company was started in 2007 by Bob Reina who is also the CEO. Its headquarters are in Brandon, Florida.

Talk Fusion aims to enable businesses expand their operations and ultimately increase their revenues. In providing the services, it strictly follows the highest business ethics and best practices. Reina believes that success cannot come where there is no responsibility.

Originally reported in Business For Home.

Handy Fills Home Help Needs

Problems in a home sometimes appear without warning. A leak in the plumbing line could drip into the ceiling. The drywall sags until it collapses. Three problems exist. The drywall has to be fixed. The carpet has to be cleaned. The plumbing leak must be fixed. No one has to panic about a situation such as this. A few clicks on an app could lead to several solid freelancers – a carpet cleaner, a home improvement contractor, and a plumber – heading to the house without delay. The great app and company Handy is to thanks for making things so easy.

Handy’s co-founder Oisin Hanrahan deserves a lot of the thanks as well. An interview in The Next Web reveals he learned very early in his previous career in real estate that people do not always know how to handle crisis situations. Even basic repair and cleaning tasks may be overwhelming to them.

“Why don’t people just pick up the phone and call a repair person?”

This is a question some will pose. The answer is people do call companies based on phone book and website ads. The trouble is they do not know what they are getting. With Handy, a rigorous screen process helps ensure only the best freelancers are affiliated with the company. Hanrahan is quick to stress the extensiveness of the screening process.

The ease of booking and rendering payment for services definitely is appealing to customers. A lot of time spent on the phone is eliminated. So is haggling over prices and costs. Search, click, and pay right on a smartphone. The ease of these steps helps drive Handy’s appeal in the market. Handy has outlasted competitors, operates in numerous cities in the United States, and is valued at around $500 million. Handy is making a lot of right moves.

Highland Capital Management Finds Profit In Argentina

Since the financial downturn in recent years, investors have been looking for attractive prospects for their capital. Argentina is one such prospect that has been identified by many to be highly attractive. This allure is despite a 2001 default of $95 billion and a 2014 refusal to service their outstanding debt and holdout creditors. James Dondero recently observed that Argentina is a very resource rich country. These resources were being underutilized with the amount of capital dwindling down due to the country being barred from the bonds market. Without the ability to issue sovereign debt the countries economy was winding down and eventually it would become crucial for the government to settle with its creditors or face complete insolvency.

Dondero’s observation is one of the reasons that Highland Capital Management is the largest holder of long-term yield bonds due to payout in 2033. Jim is not only the co-founder but President of the company and his insight into the Argentinian bond market has put the business in a position to profit greatly. This profit comes from a recent U.S. Judge ruling which lifts the ban on Argentina settling with its creditors and thus able to payout on the bonds. Highland Capital Management isn’t planning on stopping there. Under James’s leadership, the company is looking to invest not only in new bond issuance from Argentina but also the country directly. The additional investment may come in the form of an Argentina Fund formed by James Dondero and Highland Capital Management which would be another option to the numerous capital funds eyeing the country for profit.

The current President of Argentina is Mauricio Macri and they are a key reason the country has become so appealing to international funds. One of the key platforms of their campaign was undoing the decisions and economic policies of the former Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The recent uptick in interest, as well as the U.S. court ruling that allows Argentina back into the international bond markets, should be proof of how successful President Macri has been.

Source: Bloomberg

1888 Was A Great Year

Charles and David Koch, grandsons of billionaire Harry Koch, are celebrating their grandfather’s and his legacy by naming a new company 1888 Management LLC. The significance of the name 1888, this was the year their grandfather came to America to make his fortune. He was of Dutch descent. This new company will manage part of their own personal wealth. The brothers combined wealth is estimated at around $100 billion dollars.

Trent May, from Wyoming Retirement System, joined the Koch brothers in 2011. He has helped gain investors. He and the company are focused on direct investment opportunities. He is very well thought of by his peers. He knows and studies the market. He seems to have a “Midas” touch. Every endeavor turns a profit. With his reputation as an investor, 1888 has had no problems gaining investors.

The Koch family is known for backing wealthy Republican conservatives. They put lots of money behind a candidate who agrees to lower taxes and lower regulations. They have yet to endorse a candidate for the 2016 election.

Charles Koch is a businessman and philanthropist. He and his brother inherited the business from their father. They then began to expand the business beyond the oil refining and chemical areas. The business has grown abundantly over the many years they have co-chaired this business. Charles Koch has also written books about success and profits. With the track record he and his brother have with successful businesses, it is no wonder others are interested in how they make their wealth.

Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

When the Consumer Electronics Show – CES- has its annual event, it gets attention from all around the world. Vermont Paw gathered that Marcio Alaor, Executive of BMG was present for the revealing of 40 years into the future. He stated that there were quite a few presentations that were interesting. The top electronic that captured everyone’s attention was the drone that has a space for a passenger.

The Ehang 184 drone enticed you to believe there could be a version of a flying car. The Ehang Chinese company manufactured the popular drone and to this date it has only been able to fly 23 minutes with the maximum height of 3-5 Km.The main concer n is the security. The Chinese company plans to have a control center to be set up to be able to control the drone if needed too.

Marcio Alaor, Executive of Banco BMG states the electric cars will be more popular and with a starting price of $30,000. The Chevrolet Bolt will have it’s final version in 2017. However, Ford and Volkswagen displayed their prototypes. Ford has plans for 13 hybrid cars to hit the market in 2020. Not to be left behind, Volkswagen reinvented the Kombi with their electric prototype.

Cameras will continue to evolve and be attached to appliances like the refrigerator. No longer will the day be forgetting if you need milk, you can have your refrigerator send you a picture of the interior and you can see if you need milk. Samsung has priced their refrigerator at $5,000. You will be more dependent the use of the camera around the house.

It was in 1967 that the first CES began in New York City. It opened the door for our devices we use every day. The VCR came to the table in 1970. The Compact Disc Player came in 1981, and the DVD was presented in 1996.

Our favorite plasma television was presented in 2001 and the Blu-Ray DVD in 2003. The CES 2017 already has date: will be between 5 and 8 January next year in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Marcio Alaor OMG, Banco stays informed about the things that affect the world. Like the BH Carnival had a positive balance for transit in Minas highways. Also states that Netflix could have an impact on the world.

Brazil is the home of BMG and is well known for being the leader in payroll loans. It is one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil. One part of BMG Group is the bank. BMG has 80 years of offering financial solutions. It continues to contribute to the economic and social development of Brazil.

The Many Tribulations Of Olympic Valley Over Weather And Incorporation

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently released a piece online concerning the current state of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe and the lovely Olympic Valley located within has seen its fair share of hardships and legal struggles in the last four years. The climate has not been cooperative in recent years, which has caused some hardships for the winter sports terrain in the area and for resorts like the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. After four years of weather problems, things are starting to look up for the area. Winter storms have rolled in early, and the temps needed for winter tourist and sporting attractions have also come with the winter precipitation. The favorable weather conditions have allowed the area to open up for business earlier than expected, and these factors have helped to boost a troubled economy in Lake Tahoe.

Another problem Lake Tahoe has been gripped by is a political one. There had been a movement of backers wanting to incorporate the area, and Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, fervently opposed the incorporation of the area. Andy Wirth believed the incorporation would be detrimental to the resort industry and all other businesses in the area.

The political battle between Andy Wirth and the backers of incorporation divided the community, and it was a public battle consisting of words, allegations, money and legalities. The backers of incorporation insisted Andy Wirth and the Squaw Valley Ski Resort did not want to have to answer to a community committee, which would have been made up of residents of the area had it been incorporated. The backers of incorporation alleged the resistance to incorporation was because the Squaw Valley Ski Resort was due to the resort’s ability to influence the officials in Placer County on land deals. The backers also claimed Andy Wirth and others had thrown quite a bit of money into the battle to halt the incorporation of the community. Andy Wirth dismissed the allegations and countered by saying the backers had also spent a lot of money. In the end, the backers wasted their money because their project was canned.

Andy Wirth has always been a charitable, community man. After his traumatic accident skydiving, which resulted in his arm being ripped clean off and subsequently reattached, he got behind a new project according to his About Me page. Since then, he has been aiding injured Navy Seals and their families after their return from combat.

Impressive 2015 Results For Madison Street Capital

At a time when most hedge fund companies are scrambling to recover losses, Madison Street Capital, LLC., led the pack for gains in 2015. As reported in a article, with 42 deals either closed or globally announced this exceeds the 32 transactions the company closed in 2014. Their success hinges on new and innovative alternatives in investment banking that structure deals designed to work for both buyer and seller. Paraphrasing Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, LLC., ‘…the new deals are much like sowing seeds in the soil of intent to grow revenue-share stakes, PE bolt-ons, and PE stakes’.

In the aftermath of the Gulf storms, Madison Street Capital, LLC., teamed with United Way in a philanthropic effort to help rebuild communities and businesses with their team of professionals whose exceptional knowledge and experience abilities structured financing put businesses back on their feet. Based in Chicago, Illinois, they draw on years of financial experience that creates a variety of financial services carefully designed to meet the needs of their clients. Through middle market investment banking (M&A advisory), their services for restructuring, evaluation and hedge fund capacity to buy and sell other financial instruments puts them in the position to make deals that bring all parties out of disaster and back into a profit margin.

Perhaps the most admirable thing about Madison Street Capital, LLC., lies in the fact that they make it very clear they are not a lending institution. They are financial arrangers who study the situation, all the details of the existing conditions and then conduct research on all of that information. The prime objective is to compile a deal where all parties benefit and end up making higher profits than before the restructuring. With a heavy emphasis on going public, stocks are sold to raise capital that sweetens the deal for lending institutions who then loan money for other matters such as expansion. Throughout the whole process, Madison Street Capital, LLC., remains in a management capacity to continue overseeing the assets and holdings.