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Charles Koch: Bernie Sanders is Right

Charles Koch is a wealthy billionaire based in the United States. He has been active in politics in the country offering political advice and giving funds to the party of his choice. In the recent past, he started a very powerful political network that has spread like wildfire in all the states in America. He has gained a lot of supporters from every part of the nation, and from the look of things, this year politics will be different due to the influence of his network.

Charles Koch and his brother are in charge of the political machine, and together, they have done a lot in the country. The two inherited the Koch industries from their retired father, and through the years, the two have worked tirelessly to ensure that the emperor left by their father expands over the years. Charles Koch works as the Chief Director if the companies while his brother David works as the vice president. The company currently has expanded in production and services, becoming one of the biggest industries in the entire world. The company is also offering more services that before, a sign that it has greatly expanded since the two brothers took charge.

Due to the independence, Charles Koch has acquired in the United States, the billionaire’s opinion is highly respected in all aspects, and especially in political matters. The billionaire criticizes people opinion too, and this is highly appreciated due to knowledge the billionaire has in financial and political matters.

Last Friday, Charles Koch said in a press conference that he was agreeing with what Bernie Sender has stated previously, shocking many people. The two have always had completely different opinions, but this time, Charles agrees with Bernie, though not completely. The two have the same opinion about leftwing Democratic presidential candidates especially on issues concerning corporate welfare and also criminal justice in the United States. The senator of the United States is getting upset because of the political and economic system in the country that most of the time is rigged to help the few who are privileged, and this is done at the expense of the rest of the citizens, especially the poor and less advantaged.

Charles Koch agrees with the senator because the system used in America has always favored the rich, ignoring the needy and poor people in the society. He applauds the senator and asks for action to neutralize this injustice.

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Avi Weisfogel Supports Operation Smile

If you are looking for a dentist around New Jersey, Avi Weisfogel is the right person to contact. The dentist is based in New Jersey, the same city he grew up and was born. The dentist has been very efficient in his duties, and this has earned him a lot of awards in the area. He has won the Best Dentist Award severally, confirming that his job is just perfect always. The doctor is qualified in all aspects. He is a graduate of Rutgers University in the United States, and in this institution, he studied biology and physiology. This did not put an end to his education. He went further to study in the New York school of dentistry, and this is the place where he acquired most of his education about dentistry.

After leaving the New York School of Dentistry, Avi Weisfogel owned Dental Sleep Seminar, and this time, the institution was based on his hometown, New Jersey. In the seminars, he educated individuals to hoe to treat and deal with their sleep disorders, and his area of specialization was sleep apnea. Avi Weisfogel did this for more than 16 years, and this way, he has all the knowledge to specialize in this type of sleep condition.

Five years ago, Avi founded the popular “Healthy Heart Sleep.” This new move was to help him, and other doctors learn how to deal with different types of sleep conditions, especially his main area of concentration, sleep apnea. He also started a foundation to help educate his fellow doctors on the several devices available for treating sleeping disorders. He also spends his time trying to show the relationship between sleep apnea and dental health. This clearly shows that the dentist has been very busy lately in the industry.

Apart from being an expert in dental health and sleeping condition, Avi is a philanthropist. He got this title after he started the GoFundMe page. He opened the page to help the charitable fund called Operation Smile that inspired and touched his heart. The organization does plastic surgery on children and teenagers who have any facial deformities. Children with cleft palates and also cleft lips have been the greatest beneficiaries from Operation Smile. Since the organization was formed, it has helped thousands of children in various parts of the continent, and Avi thought it was wise to join the campaign by starting his page. The organization was founded by a plastic surgeon and his wife.

The Handy Cleaning Solution

Handy Cleaning is makes life a lot easier, and I am all for this. I have never been a fan of cleaning my house. I just don’t like cleaning toilets, scrubbing bathtubs and washing dishes. I hate to mop and I cannot imagine spending any amount of time washing dishes. That is why I thank God for someone that had the insight to bring this company into existence.

The great thing about this organization is that there is workers in place that can do it all. I know that this company has workers in about 35 locations – according to the Handy Cleaning Services website – but I believe that this company will grow. It is inevitable that the company will expand into other areas because there is so much praise for the work that the Handy workers do.

I like the fact that this company does a background check on the employees. This makes me feel a lot safer with the people that come to do the work. I like having the opportunity to maximize my time because I can get the contractors out to do the work for me.

It is good to have a company to take care of the things that you don’t want to do yourself. I didn’t think that I could afford a company like Handy Cleaning Services, but the company is actually quite reasonable. I would say that this is among the best in the industry when it comes to getting quality workers that perform jobs at a reasonable price. I don’t know if there are any other companies that provide the number of different services that Handy Cleaning Services provides, but it doesn’t matter. I am loyal to this company now because I have had multiple experiences with the workers, and it has all been pleasant.

My friends have even started using Handy Cleaning Services as a result of my recommendations. They have thanked me for the recommendations because these workers do such excellent work. I clean sometimes myself, but most of my thorough cleaning is done by contracted workers from Handy.

The Top 10 Holdings of the Highland Capital Management in Q3 2015

The quarterly 13F filing dated 03/02/2016 of James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Lp reveals the portfolio value of $3.42 billion which the hedge fund has. This represents a decrease of $1.49 billion compared to the previous quarter which was at $4.91 billion. This filing represents 22.73% of the Highland Capital Management Lp which is listed in the United States.

The Highland Capital ManagementLp equity exposure represents 22.73% of the assets based on the $10.04 billion assets which are under management.

Fund New Purchases

The new positions of James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Lp in this quarter include Amazon Com Inc for $23.35 million, Danaher Corp Del for $17.24, Spdr S&P EtfTr for &67.07 million, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc for $15.90 million and Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc for $17.73 million. Listed above are all the 5 new biggest positions which ensure hedge fund brought a total of 69 stocks.
Increased Positions
The hedge fund managed to lift its stakes in the Patterson Companies Inc by 16% to $87.91 million, Salesforce Com Inc by 18% to $54.85 million, American Airls Group Inc by 60% to $204.25 million, Kinder Morgan Inc Del by 173% to $5.38 million and Corning Inc by 18% to $54.86 million.
The Highland Capital Management Lp also managed to get smaller stakes in the LdrHldg Corp by 68.98% to $37.95 million, Burlington Stores Inc by 10.10% to $35.57 million and Salesforce Com Inc by 213.34% to $145.22 million.
The Sold Stocks
James Dondero fund managed to sell its stakes in Laboratory Corp AmerHldgs, Envision Healthcare Hldgs In (EVHC), Spdr Series Trust (Put) (XBI), Mckesson Corp and Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd. It is only possible to speculate the reasons for selling, but there is a belief that it has to do with the better place, value or momentum for the Highland Capital Management Lp’s Capital.
Reduced Positions
James Dondero fund reduced its position in the Anadarko Pete Corp (APC) by -76.75%, American Express Co (Call) (AXP) by -17.54%, Nrg Energy Inc (NRG) by -20.76%, American Airls Group Inc (AAL) by -56.11% and in IsharesTr (Put) (IWM) by -52.05%.
Highland Capital Management was co-Founded by James Dondero, who is also the President currently living in Dallas, TX. With over 30 years’ experienced in the equity and credit markets, Mr. James Dondero majorly focused in distressed and high yield investing. Highland Capital Management has been in the forefront in terms of the development of the Collateral Loan Obligation since its inception in 1993.
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How Are Brazilian Real Estate Companies Partnering With American Capital?

The Brazilian construction industry is working in many places at the same time. The industry is building structures that will be used for the upcoming Olympics, and there are projects in the works that will be completed after the Olympics are over. Companies like Construcap are working in the oil and gas industry to ensure that Brazil has a new revenue stream from untapped deposits. The nation is looking for new sources of income every day, and the recent partnership between Flour and Construcap the oil/gas industry access their latest discoveries.

#1: Why Is Fluor Partnering With Construcap?

Construcap is a large construction company in Brazil, but the company needs help to get started with their many installations. Several contracts have been awarded, and Fluor provides the necessary capital to let Construcap get started on every job at the same time. Fluor will remain in the partnership until Construcap may complete all the jobs on their own, and Construcap will be allowed to manage every site itself.

#2: What Will Construcap Do For The Oil/Gas Industry?

A construction crew must remain with every installation after its completion, and Construcap will provide the crews that must watch over every installation. The jobs created by Construcap alone will help power many communities in Brazil, and there are many more jobs supplied by the oil and gas industry. The development of Brazil must be taken seriously, and Construcap has found the resources necessary to continue developing.

#3: How Large Will The Oil And Gas Industry in Brazil Be?

The oil and gas industry in Brazil could become the largest employer in the country after every deposit is tapped. There are jobs to be had at literally every stop for the industry, and people in Brazil will have access to hundreds of job openings at every work site. Office workers, drillers, construction workers and managers are needed to manage the industry, and there could be hundreds of sites across the country. Brazil needs these jobs, and Construcap is creating those jobs through its contracts.

The partnership between Construcap and Fluor will help build up the oil and gas industry, and the industry will provide thousands of needed jobs to Brazil. The middle class in the country will begin to grow, and the trickle down effect will help many more people in Brazil live comfortably. The creation of brand new oil rigs in Brazil is a boon the economy needs.

Charles Koch: Disdain For Big Government

Charles Koch wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post. The article addressed Senator Bernie Sanders’ comments during the Presidential campaign. Many times Sanders has pointed to Koch Industries as an example of a company that has taken advantage of the system and buys politicians. In the article, Koch explained that the policies they support or oppose are not determined by the political party that supports it nor by whether it will harm their business, but rather whether it is good for society and the economy.

Koch also explained that he shared similar ground to Sanders on the issue of the criminal justice system. He explained that it only hurts society and the economy to put non violent offenders in prison. It drains the tax payers’ pockets and it destroys families and communities unnecessarily. Koch says he believes that the system treats the wealthy and the poor very different. A poor person caught with cannabis will be incarcerated and stripped of future opportunities, which only extends the cycle of poverty. A wealthy person who is caught with the same amount of cannabis will face minimal repercussions. Policy then furthers this issue by restricting ex-convicts and limiting their future.

Charles Koch has long been a supporter of less government in all ways. He was born in Wichita in 1935 and after getting multiple engineering degrees from MIT, Koch went on to turn his father’s mid-sized oil company into an enormous leader in the industry. He is now the CEO and co-owner of Koch Industries, with 42 percent of the company being owned by him. The company is now much more than an oil and chemical firm, they also have interests in ranching, forest and consumer products, commodity trading and services, fertilizers, minerals, polymers and fibers, and process and pollution control technologies and equipment.

Charles Koch has been a long time supporter of small government. As with the example of ex-convicts that Koch used in his Washington Post op-ed, Koch also supports less business welfare. Even though this is not in his business’ best interest, seeing as they are a major producer of ethanol and receive significant subsidies from the government. Koch believes that all business welfare policies should be ended. He thinks that this hinders competition. He takes these views and then funds them through various charities that hold the same or similar beliefs.

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Video Communication From Talk Fusion Is Incredible

It should come as no surprise to anyone that with the evolution of technology comes the ease of communication. It is necessary for companies to engage in video communication in order to form profitable relationships within their company and with other companies. There are a variety of services out there for video communication needs, so it is easy to find something that suits the scale of your company. However, in order to get the most out of your company’s relationships, and in order to capitalize off of all the ideas that float around within and outside of your company, you will want to invest in professional video communication services.

Trusting Professionals To Serve Your Video Communication Needs

There is only one company that I will trust with my video communication needs. That company is Talk Fusion. They have the most innovative and creative platform. Their platform satisfies all of my company’s video communication needs. They are always updating their services to include new and exciting features. The quality of their video and audio communications are well above what I expected to see from their services. This professional video communication platform is light years ahead of all the rest of the video communication services out there. Those other companies are pretending to offer what Talk Fusion can actually give to its clients.

My company makes use of a variety of Talk Fusion’s services. We use the video chat for talking within our company. It saves us time when getting together meetings with members of our company from opposite sides of the city. We are also able to talk with one another when we are traveling abroad, which is quite frequently. Talk Fusion always has a new service that is there to meet our needs. We have used the video newsletters to send out exciting new ideas to our clients, and we use them to share ideas within our company as well. I am incredibly pleased with what we have seen so far. In terms of connectivity, Talk Fusion is the best in the business, and they keep getting better.

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Sergio Cortes And His Amazing Success

Sergio Cortes is one of the most talented impersonators in the world today. He is known for his ability to perform beautifully on stage as Michael Jackson. What he is most known for is his ability to sing beautifully and so naturally on stage. What most people don’t know is that he did not just become MJ overnight. He spent years of his life developing his skill and knowing how to bring to life the beauty of MJ’s performances. Sergio Cortes is a hardworking and talented individual who has spent years of his childhood becoming MJ.

He watched Michael every day on television when MJ was in Jackson Five with his siblings. It was quite unique getting to witness his upbringing and his first performances. His Mother eventually kept pushing him to practice performing and doing the dancing and singing as MJ just because of his natural and powerful ability. Sergio just naturally knew how to perform, and this is something nobody ever knew would grow. He was then asked to perform with a wig and costume when he was just a young teen, and this alone got him hooked to performing as Michael on stage.

His musical ability the continued with tons of appearances on live TV shows and all kinds of events across the globe. Whether performing in Brazil on a live stage or garnering millions of views online through YouTube, Cortes has become one of the most prestigious people in the world who truly knows what he is capable of. You will find that this specific performer has changed the world of entertainment in all sorts of ways, and the thing is that he truly knows what he is capable of and he continues to perform whenever possible.

Sergio performs live as often as he can. He continues to make people happy singing and dancing like MJ. Most people wonder exactly how he developed his looks, face, and skin to look like MJ. There is nothing specific that he did except to live his life and just grow out his face, and he eventually began to look like his idol, and today he makes his living as an impersonator at both professional events and small time parties.

You can easily catch his performances on the web with his viral videos. He has now performed in so many ways, and you will come to find that Sergio definitely knows what he is capable of. MJ is a legendary performer that deserves to have somebody like Sergio impersonating him, and Cortes does a wonderful job bringing to life somebody like Michael truly is amazing live.

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4 Major Predictions that will Change the NYC Real Estate Market in 2016

New York City has some of the best and most expensive real estate in the world. This city is loaded with a variety of buildings, apartments, condos and houses that have different styles and different price ranges. The real estate industry in NYC is ever changing and the year 2016 will not be any different. Here is some general predictions about what will be happening with New York property sales throughout the year.


  1. Rising Interest Rates


Interest rates in the Big Apple have been trying to go up for many years. However, they held steady. In 2016 this will not be the case. Interest rates will go up and less buyers will be willing to purchase properties. This in turn is expected to weaken the buyer”s confidence in the market. Ultimately, sellers will have to put downward pressure on prices just to keep buyers interested.


  1. Downward Prices will Negatively Impact Sellers


Many NYC property owners are going to want to sell their properties at higher rates. This will not work for them in 2016. The downward price trend is going to force them to lower their prices for property sales. There will be a lot of resistance to this trend but sooner or later most buyers will give in.


  1. Property Buyers will Look for Prime Locations


Buyers have always looked for prime areas for land within NYC. In 2016 this trend will be driven by a softening market. Buyers with the income will want to focus on prime locations and then secondary areas second. Buyers want to make sure that they can grab the better locations at a cheaper price. The secondary and lower end properties will not fare as well because purchasing the best property at lower rates will be the focus of buyers.


  1. Deals will be Harder to Close in 2016


Another reason why property in NYC will not move at a quick pace has to do with the closing process. The fact is that buyers and seller are going to have a harder time trying to close deals for properties. Buyers are going to be asking more for these deals and in most cases sellers are going to have to deliver more to get results.


Town Residential is a leading New York real estate agency that has been in operation for many years. This organization was started by Andrew Heiberger who is the company’s CEO. This real estate firm wants to ensure that the market is moving in a positive direction. They want to make sure that their properties are selling in the market.


Town Residential typically sells full scale luxury structures such as office buildings, condos and apartment complexes. They also sell homes that contain one to five bedrooms and penthouse units. Each of these properties are well maintained and primed for sale. Town Residential works hard to ensure that their client’s needs and desires are being met with each transaction.


These predictions are fairly accurate since they have been reported on New York Daily News. They are also based off the past and current trends that are currently taking place in the NYC real market.

Philip Diehl Explains His Love For Gold Coin Ownership

Philip Diehl recently spoke to the ePodcastNetwork about gold coin ownership in his capacity as president of the US Money Reserve. Philip is a currency guru who was once the director of the US Mint, and he wants investors to understand that there are many ways to invest. This article shares Philip’s thoughts on gold coin ownership, his belief that there is more than the stock market and the sort of products the US Money Reserve creates.

#1: Gold Coins Have Been A Standard For A Long Time

The whole US economy is based on the gold standard, and gold coins have been used as currency since before the time of Jesus. Gold coins are still popular today with many investors, and Philip encourages investors to have a look at all the gold coin options on the market. Philip’s company creates beautiful gold coins that anyone may collect, and he further explains the simplicity of gold.

#2: Gold Is Easy To Understand

The price of gold around the world is easy to ascertain at any money, and the weight of every coin is equally-easy to ascertain. Gold coins may be sold for a set value that is easy to understand, and collectible coins carry their own sentimental value because of the design. Philip produces lovely coins at the US Money Reserve that collects may purchase or trade, and he wants investors to put their money into coins that are easy to store and manage.

#3: The Coins Will Stand The Test Of Time

There is no way of knowing when a stock will fall off its high horse. There are many valuable stocks around the world today that seem like they will never lose their value, but large companies have gone bust many times in the past. Gold will never lose its value, and the price of gold is rising every year. Philip wants investors to trust in the stability of gold over the flash and appeal of stocks on the market.

Philip Diehl has a clear understanding of the gold coin market, and he makes a good argument for storing money in gold coins. The coins may be kept in a safe place, and the coins may be sold at any time. The coins could represent the retirement fund for someone who is investing, or the coins may represent an investment profit for an investor who is consistently purchasing new coins.