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Beneful for Our Dog’s Happy Life

If it was up to me, I would never give my dogs any other food besides Beneful. I know our furry family loves their food when they eat every bite. My dogs seem to smile while eating. Their eyes look brighter, their tails wag faster, and their teeth are cleaner. Beneful puppy is the first dog food that our pets ever ate. After picking up them up from the people that had them, we took them to their first Veterinarian visit. The Doctor looked them over and suggested a diet full of chicken and rice food such as Chopped blends Beneful. Our dogs love the soft food. After they were about 4 months old, I decided to begin mixing the Chopped food with some of the Beneful puppy dry food from Purina Store. This combination on Twitter gives our puppies the texture and flavor they desire. Our dogs are now growing older. They are 3 years of age. They continue to want to play hard and need the nutrition that Beneful dog food gives them. They now prefer the Chopped Blends with Salmon and veggies or the Beef blend. They are very active and love to run around and play. We take them to the dog park and they love it. Beneful Salmon Chopped Blend and the dry food mixture are giving our dogs a very shiny and healthy coat. They are strong and healthy. Each visit to the Vet ends with a good clean bill of health. Our dogs are happy and healthy because of their diet and exercise.

Banco BMG sponsors tennis player Marcelo Melo says Ricardo Guimarães

The BMG has pronounced it recently sponsored the tennis player Marcelo Melo. The firm narrated that it had signed a commercial contract with the player; it takes the position number one in the world ranking of the association of tennis professional in the form of dual sport. According to Ricardo Guimarães, the logo of Minas Gerais bank will be displayed sleeves in uniforms, training and various materials of Marcelo.
On the establishment agreement, Marcelo narrated that their support will be helpful to you in getting ready for the competition at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro held next year. The collaboration with the BMG will be very significant for the player. BMG bank under the leadership of Ricardo Guimarães is going to bolster Melo, where Mr. Ricardo pointed out that their main objective is to improve their projects for them to acquire new titles, and also as a perfect preparation for the next world sporting competition. The player pointed out that this considerable assistance of sponsorship is the double champion in Paris 1000 Masters Trophy won with teammate Ivan Dodig.
The collaboration dated in near the beginning of November brings prosperity of nuance concerning this done, something that befalls every investor, quotes the leader of Banco BMG, Mr. Ricardo, as Melo arrived in Brazil with the commemoration of new take-over. This week brings the trophy in their belongings, the dual championship victory in 1000 master of Paris, achieved with the court colleague Ivan Dodig. This is the fourth successive triumph for the Brazilian. Aside from this done, this year only, the tennis competitor has won the ATP’S 500 Acapulco, the Vienna, and Tokyo, in addition to the Masters 1000 Shanghai and Roland Garros.

BMG embraces the custom of valuing the state of sports ability of Minas Gerais and Brazil encouraging sponsorship in different categories, particularly visibility and fame of players on the global scene. According to Ricardo Guimarães, it is also significant to support athletes who are professionals determined, disciplined and devoted to your objectives, values highly honored for BMG. In this case with Marcelo, according to Ricardo Guimarães restates that this partnership targets to present again in the sport the name of the very significant firm and complete recognition of the miners.


A Life Look at Yeonmi Park

A good way to learn about different perspectives of the world we live in can be to read about it from another person’s history and lifestyle. Author Yeonmi Park is an example of how this can be done.

Yeonmi Park, or Park Yeon-mi, is a human rights activist who was born on October 4, 1993 in the North Korean city of Hyesan. Her mother served as a nurse for the North Korean Army and her father was involved in politics, specifically a civil servant for Hyesan’s town hall where the Worker’s Party worked at. Though her family was considered a wealthy one for much of her childhood, there were struggles that impacted them later on in her life. These struggles were due to her father being arrested for what was assumed to be illegal trading, and then sent to a labor camp as punishment on What finally drove Park to understand what freedom is like was watching a pirated DVD and seeing that the ruler, Kim Jong-Il, ran an oppressive state and as such wanted to escape that life. The family, after reuniting with their father, decided first to sneak across the Chinese border with the help of traffickers, and eventually into Mongolia and then to South Korea. However her father fell ill and stayed behind, where he tragically died of colon cancer.

In spite of her struggle to escape to freedom, Yeonmi Park on nknews has now become a renowned human rights activist. In addition to this, she has also written her own personal story entitled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” Her book essentially tells her backstory, including her early life and later years as an adult and discussing how much hardship she faced in trying to escape North Korea and attain her own life. In fact, a core point written is that Yeonmi Park wasn’t even thinking about freedom during her escape or what life was like, only that her and her family would face certain death if they remained in the country.

Newark CEDC Works To Develop Local Real Estate

Located in Newark, NJ, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a catalyst to the city’s continued development. Its purpose is to obtain and grow businesses both big and small, aiding real estate development throughout 20 different neighborhoods. In collaboration with the Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development, Newark CEDC helps create new jobs and house citizens exclusively in Newark in an effort to enhance economic stability and overall quality of life.

One man behind the operation is accounting and project management professional and avid Twitter user, Kevin Seawright. With over 13 years of experience, Seawright has bettered many communities in his history along the East Coast through financial management of local government agencies such as Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. While serving as the Managing Fiscal Officer for Baltimore’s Commission, Seawright devised a new accounting system that saved the company over $100,000, which later resulted in his assignment to Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

As an integral part of Newark CEDC, Seawright will continue implementing his skills as a topnotch accountant serving as the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. As such, his VisualCV track record predicts Seawright will lead the company towards building relationships with city officials for support, as well as budget and forecast all funds flowing though Newark CEDC projects. Other than aiding the company financially, Seawright will oversee operations involving IT, infrastructure, and human resource, as well as act as a bridge for employees with questions they would like to bring to the attention of upper management.

On their company website, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation states its mission is “To retain, attract, and grow businesses; enhance small and minority business capacity; and spur real estate development in every ward of the City of Newark.” Through the assistance of Kevin Seawright, and others like him, the city of Newark can expect to see continuous economic growth through the development of local real estate ventures.  Check out Kevin on Mashable to keep following up on his career.

Morning Brew Available From Direct Marketing

Bernardo Chua, listed on LinkedIn as current CEO of Organo Gold Coffee was born on September 6, 1974 in the Philippines. He was a student at University of the East Manila where he studied marketing. Before founding Organo Gold Coffee in 2008, Chua was an executive at Gano Excel, a company that trains people to become independent distributors who order their soap, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. After working with his mentor, Leow Soon Seng, at the Malaysia office, on his Facebook Mr. Chua said he moved to California so he could be Gano Excel’s president. While employed at Gano Excel, Chua worked hard to expand the company to reach markets in Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States.

As an executive for Gano Excel, Bernardo Chua won the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry back in 2004. He recently won the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal for his work with multi-level marketing. While president of their United States office, the marketing genius made Gano was the first company to market the ganoderma herb, grown in the Phillipines. This herb is made from polypore mushroom genus. Chua decided to build a prototype for independent distributors who wanted to sell Chua’s coffee, and they just opened another branch in Turkey.

The CEO brought his experience from Gano Excel to create his own coffee company. Bernardo Chua started the first Organo Gold Coffee in Richmond, British Columbia. After the success of his independent distribution at Gano Excel, Bernardo Chua created an online company. When the year 2012 came to an end, Organo Gold Coffee had 400,000 people working as independent distributors. Currently, the Canada based company now has millions of distributors around the world. They recently added Turkey to their distribution family.

Bernardo Chua owes Organo Gold Coffees’s online direct marketing success to Mr. Joven Cabasag with more then 20 years of experience in multi-level marketing. Cabasag developed the 5 level marketing concept to attract direct marketing distributors in the United States.

To become a distributor, apply for the starter kit on the Organo Gold Coffee website. The kit contains samples of the coffee the company sells, so distributors can become acquainted with the product before they sell it. The kit includes binders and a briefcase as well as contacts for ordering the product for marketing. In different cities in the United States throughout the year, Organo Gold Coffee representatives hold free conventions to recruit distributors, giving speeches and showing presentations in convention centers. Organo Gold Coffee has grown to become one the top 55 direct marketing companies, and it reached a revenue of $215 million by the year 2013. Distributors can buy the products at retail cost from the Coffee Connoisseur Club. This direct marketing company claims distributors can earn more than $20,000 a month.  Follow Bernie on Twitter, or even check out a few of his Vimeo specials about the products to know more.

Crowdfunding Campaign Benefits Capital Area Food Bank


The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas is the beneficiary of the latest crowdfunding campaign begun by the well-known U. S. Money Reserve in its ongoing charitable and social responsibility activities, according to a current Digital Journal story. The Capital Area Food Bank helps feed needy Texans through almost 300 agencies currently partnering with it in over 20 counties in the Central Texas area and is a major charitable force in the area. The firm has provided more than 25 million pounds of food in the current year, and has provided as much as 31 million pounds of food to needy families in the region.

The company regularly involves itself in this kind of socially responsible activities, encouraging its clients, customers and others to donate for those in need in the Central Texas Area.

A current goal is to provide this kind of support to many more families throughout its 19,064 square mile service in Central Texas. The firm is currently in its 32nd* year of service.

Begun by long-term gold market experts, The U. S. Money Reserve was founded for the purpose of providing expert guidance to those investing in precious metals and is one of the leading distributers of precious metals in the form of coins issued by the United States and other governments. Both first-time and experienced investors who want to guide their investing into the purchase of gold, silver and platinum can use the firm’s founders’ experience to give them a solid backup .

When To Add Gold To Your Portfolio And In What Quantity

While most people know that holding gold in their portfolio is important for its inflation fighting, increased portfolio diversification, and its tangible and fungible nature, the question exists regarding both when should gold be added to a portfolio and in what quantity. This article will try to address these questions.

Most investment advisers recommend holding gold in your portfolio but don’t recommend making an investment in gold until you have $10,000 invested in index funds which track the overall market. Index funds provide you with access to a wide range of the stock market and the diversification benefits of holding gold don’t set in until you own other investment types. Once you have your first $10,000 invested in gold it is recommended that you hold about 10% of your total investment portfolio in gold investments. As such, as soon as you have $10,000 saved, it is often recommended that you should invest your next $1,000 in gold investments.

Of course, this is generalized advice and how you should invest your money will ultimately come down to your own investment mantra and how you perceive different market options to look like. You can hold more or less of your portfolio in gold as a result but it is highly recommend that you dedicate a portion of your portfolio to the precious metal. After all, it has been a viable investment for thousands of years and there is little indication that this will change in the future. Keep at least some gold in your portfolio at all times.

How to invest in gold and which gold investments you should pursue is for another article. However, it is important to use an investment adviser who is familiar with investing in gold and who can find gold investments that benefit you and allow your investment in gold to appreciate significantly over the investment horizon that you have. I used US Money Reserve Inc. who provided me with the advice needed to find gold coins and other gold investments that not only outpaced other investments but also the gold indexes by concentrating no rare gold coins that were little known to the market. US Money Reserve Inc. has a dedicated team of gold experts who were open and direct to me which I really appreciated throughout the time I was selecting gold investments. A firm like US Money Reserve Inc. is an excellent information source for anyone looking to make an investment in gold.

The Company has also been featured in TV on Today In America.

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