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World’s Most Revered Author Jaime Garcia Dias Prepares Life Journal

Formal Writing Education and First Book is Born
The young Brazilian boy, Jaime Garcia Dias, attended Rio de Janeiro schools, studying anything to help him pursue a career of writing. His father, Arnaldo Dias, a published writer himself, encouraged his son with guidance, training and inspiration.

Dias has always credited the book, “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands,” by Gradiliano Ramosand, as his highest inspiration. In fact, after reading it, he wrote and published his first book by himself by the age of 15. At the age of 18, Jaime Garcia Dias taught at College of Literature in Rio de Janeiro.

Throughout his own early success, young Dias recognized the lack of support and tools for Brazilian youth to pursue academics and especially literature interests. His father had represented not only a mentor but an idol to Dias, and he understood he was fortunate.

In 1993, while teaching at Carioca Literature Academy, Dias told on his Twitter that he spearheaded a special new program for promising Brazilian teenagers who were interested in reading, writing and literature. The program helped teens work and continue literature studies after graduating Carioca Literature Academy. Jaime Garcia Dias’ work helping students was a stepping stone and impetus that resulted in a promotion to academy’s vice president. Before the year 2001, Jaime Garcia Dias had already written and successfully published nearly a dozen fictional books.

Within ten years, Dias was promoted to President of the Academy at its 100th Anniversary event. Due to the Academy’s prowess and the inspirational direction of Jaime Garcia Dias, it became well known both nationally and internationally for its ability to accept young writers and develop their talents into promising careers in literature avenues.

Fame and His Journal
In 2010 Dias began a journal of his life in installment chapters. The journal, “Wise, the Journal of Brazil”, has been dedicated to his father, who is featured strongly within the text. Dias has also published twenty books as of 2015, and is still writing prolifically. All of his work has received various awards of excellence. Some of his most popular works have been:
• “Fell from Heaven”
• ”Clouds”, “Tiny”,
• “Canal”,
• “Two Ways”

Jaime Garcia Dias is not only one of the best known fiction author in the world today, he is the most prolific, churning out spellbinding novels continually even establishing some videos on Vimeo about his career.

Jaime Garcia Dias is an excellent example of how one lone pebble, if put into the right stream of accomplishments, can and will send out ripples to change an entire river’s course. So it was with Arnaldo Dias, his son Jaime Garcia Dias, and the many authors who came because of them.

Technological Advancements of Slyce

The visual product search stage Slyce Inc. announced that it will be showcasing a full line up of the foremost visual search for sellers. In addition, it will also debut several services that are currently in beta development.

The image recognition platform technology presented by Slyce when integrated into the mobile e-commerce applications will enable users to just snap an image and be presented with close or direct matching products. The discovered goods can be bought seamlessly at impulse. This tech already serves visual search for some of the largest retailers, such as Neiman Marcus and Home Depot.

In addition, to be showcased are other proprietary products produced by Slyce in addition to exclusive previews of products that are soon to be released on the market. Each of the product is made in a way to help consumers increase mobile consumer engagement, access viable consumer intelligence and boost mobile-based revenues through the Big Data supported analytics.

Some of the examples include;

Universal Scanner

This technology will enable consumers to take pics or scan anything that interests them and they will receive the exact matching or comparable results online. The Universal Scanner of Slyce seamlessly handles QR codes, barcodes, and coupons, among other real world images.

Slyce Insights

This is the first visual search data analytics program of the industry. It extracts meaningful data in contextual format from images thus providing retailers with unique looks at how clients are leveraging the visual search to enhance shopping experiences.


The tech enables the app of a retailer to snap a pic of its printed vouchers (through either catalogs, newspaper or receipt) and straightaway generates a version that is mobile-optimized that is stored in-app. The user is then notified to redeem whenever the voucher is about to expire or whenever he or she is close to retail stores.


This tech is designed to boost up sales of mobile commerce through offering consumers alternatives that are relevant to their needs. This is done through usage of urbane visual relevance feature analysis.

The visual search-powered application will also be showcased. They will include; Pounce – a mobile shopping app, Craves – an app on boutique fashion discover and SnipSnap – a leading app on US mobile coupon.

The Real Estate Industry in Brazil is Filled with Quality Investments

The Brazilian real estate market has a wide variety of existing properties with more being built especially some projects in the West Zone of Rio De Janeiro. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is the real estate company where valuable property is the norm. Whether a customer is looking for a rental, buying a home or a business investment, finding it in the Brazilian real estate market is certain. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos builds its own assets and manages, maintaining the value of its developments. Holding a high rating in the Brazilian real estate market, the company is a recognized power in the Brazilian development marketplace.

Among Brazil’s largest real estate developers are Cyrela Brazil Realty and Rossi Residencial SA. The economy has affected the housing market but the country is resilient. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is a progressive real estate company, operated with the determination of creating new ways to manage and improve constructed and acquired developments.

Collaborating with Fonte, Ibis, and Cycorhps, Cabral Garcia manage rental and construction properties. The company is one of Brazil’s leading businesses, providing architectural services and brokerage assistance for the acquisition of rental and purchasing properties. Many brokers are offline in the countries real estate industry but larger firms are able to fill the gap, introducing buyers to lovely homes, apartments and business real estate investments.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is interested in associating itself with persons and contractors, who are ethical and competent, in building and in developing, sustainable properties. The company has several developments in the works, Jacarepaqua, High Residencial Vilar, and others. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos builds properties, increasing their value, offering a good return on the investment. Many of the beautiful townhouses and apartments developed by Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos are visible throughout Brazil, both residential and hotel properties.

Luxury residences are available for sale in beautiful locations in Brazil, Guaruja, Sao Paulo Brazil or the lovely seaside Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Find a beachfront home and enjoy the tranquil environment of the gorgeous Brazilian coast. Brazil is fifth in the real estate market on a global scale in the country, ranking as one of Brazil’s largest developers. The company offers quality investments and is competitive with any of the countries many real estate developers.

What Kind Of Change Has Andy Wirth Provided The World?

Andy Wirth is known for being the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings group. Known for being one of the best presidents they have ever had, the company has received numerous awards and gain notoriety for being one of the best resorts in the industry. Having started in this unsanitary a very long time ago, his 25 years of experience brought him closer to this amazing opportunity of being president.

He was in the mountain resort and hotel industry for more than 25 years. He started back in 1986 with the Steamboat Springs Resort back in 1986. He also became and served as one of their many marketers and leaders in different positions with the corporation. It was in 2010 when he finally decided to join the team as president of the Squaw Valley Resort.

This guy has become known for being a reliable and top notch president because of the way he handles business and takes care of his employees in a very generous way. His amazing resort is known for providing top of the line services at the best prices. Squaw Valley is extremely beautiful and known for their quality skiing mountains and resorts.

What Kind Of Change Has Andy Wirth Provided The World?

Andy is known for his amazing philanthropic work and what he has achieved over the years. Having worked with a variety of organizations over the years, he has helped grow countless organizations to becoming full grown places to help others. As a member of the Founders Circle and contribute to numerous environmental community service organizations, he remains to be quite philanthropic and inspirational. He has worked with organizations like The Tahoe Community, High Fives, Truckee River Council, among many others. He continues to make change and a huge difference in different communities by being active and also serving most organizations with a leadership role to help inspire the youth and build growth in communities.

Andy is quite inspiring with what he does, and he continues to make differences in people with his amazing contributions to the world and different organizations. He has made great change and continues to make big changes with his investments and charitable choices. His role in this industry has enabled him to make wonderful charitable investments that have made the community a thousand times better. Andy clearly is making big changes and will continue to do so in the near future.

Learn About Handy, the Best in Home Cleaning Services Provider

For a brand to become established in any market, it must prove to be different from other similar brands in the same market. There are various ways in which a brand can stand out from the rest in any market. With the advancement of technology in the recent times, service providers and dealers of different products have moved with speed to ensure that their clients can comfortably order for products and services from the comfort of their homes.

This has proved to be convenient for both parties. As for the clients, they are saved the cost and time for looking out for the product or service in the streets. The service providers benefit from the online provision of these services through increase in sales which reflects in their profits.

Handy is house cleaning service provider which can be accessed online through their mobile app. All a home owner is required to do is to book the services of a home cleaner, handyman or a plumber through the iPhone app. The home owner will provide his or her details through the app which will enable Handy to send a professional within the duration agreed.

The idea has received a massive support among home owners who can now have their home cleaning services requested from the comfort of their homes. The service provider has currently been in 25 cities in the United States and it is seeking to extend its services nationwide. It is also providing the same services in two cities in Canada as well as in London.

Over 200, 000 professionals in the home services industry have expressed their interest in joining the service provider. A professional at Handy gets an average of $ 18 per hour apart from enabling one to choose on his own hours. The company has so far employed more than 50 million people among other freelancers who work on more than the 10,000 jobs ordered monthly. The company ensures quality services to its customers by ensuring their professionals are qualified and dependable. They conduct a thorough screening on their background and character before being offered the opportunity.

As the demand for the services increases, the company is opening new offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. Handy on appstore is also planning to include other services in their list of services offered so as to fetch more customer base. This will further their business expansion plan as they will get more clients asking for their services. This will also mean an increase in the number of professionals working for them.

Handy was founded by Oisin and Umang and has been able to secure over $ 1 million bookings in a week with just two years after it was launched. Most of the company’s revenue comes from cleaning which about 15% of the revenue comes from plumbing and handyman services.

The company is aiming at creating a brand that the home owners can entrust to take care of their homes. Home owners will now have a reason to smile as they get rid of casuals who are unreliable and welcome the services of professionals who are dedicated to their work.

The Important Services Offered by Healthcare Companies

The provision of healthcare cannot be confined to the government as this entails a broad topic and service area. Each hospital will have a different system that allows for the execution of duties. Most services that are offered in hospitals require much attention, something that calls for there to be proper equipment and technology that allows for the execution of different activities that are necessary. This is not something that each hospital can manage to offer seamlessly. It sometimes gets more complicated to a point patients will have to bear with the inconvenience of getting transferred to the locations. For this reason, healthcare companies have stepped up in a bid to offer services that can allow each hospital to have easy time managing the needs of different patients.

It is certain that healthcare companies have invested heavily in having modern tools that are able to offer reliable services. Lack of the right equipment in hospitals has been attributed to heavy financial assistance that is needed not forgetting maintaining these equipment is a bit expensive. One of the easy people have been able to get personalized healthcare that is ideal to the realization of their needs is through healthcare companies. These companies have made it easy for one to receive services that are able to make it easy to handle all kinds of ailments.

Offering services that are tailored towards ensuring the health of patients is kept in safe hands is also a factor that has been expensive. Most hospitals have not been able to afford the budget that is needed to implement regular training of their employees to keep them in touch with current health topics. Leaving such professionals to work in the industry can hinder the effective delivery of services to the people. For such reasons, healthcare companies have taken over to offer the best to patients.

Nobilis Health is one of the strong companies that have invested in offering healthcare services for different hospitals. Ranging from ambulance services to surgeries, Nobilis Health has been able to deliver to the expectation of their clients. They are equipped with the latest technological features to help mitigate issues that offer a threat to lives of patients. Hospitals that have worked with Nobilis Health have recorded positive results within a period less than three months and this can be linked to the effort their professionals have displayed towards the development of a flawless system. This is among companies that can be relied on to offer healthcare services for health institutions.

Preparedness to handle emergency is necessary for all healthcare institutions. However, this is a subject that touches on how well equipped and moneyed an institution is. Lack of the right supply of funds will make it difficult to handle emergency situations. Healthcare companies are known to offer quick and tailored response in all situations and their methods of dealing with emergencies are unique and effective. They offer the most solid answers to healthcare problems. All the staff that is hired to execute procedures within the company is verified to offer such services.

White Shark Media Improves Its Service Delivery By Acting Upon Its Customer Complaints

Every business relies upon the comments brought forward by customers to measure its position in offering services. White Shark Media has in the past had to deal with compliments and complaints. Compliments are a way of appreciating the kind of services customers have received. This shows that so far things are moving in the right direction.
However, the painful part comes when customers begin to express their discontent. White Shark Media has learned that it cannot hide its head in sand and assume things are okay. It has learnt to deal with complaints and ensure it streamlines its services by seeking to offer what customers want.
One of the complaints it has received from customers is that the old campaigns were performing better when compared to the optimized campaigns. White Shark Media manages AdWords campaigns. When customers say that their old campaigns are doing better than the new optimized ones, it may indicate that something is wrong.
It is a big criticism to the company. When the company received this kind of complaint, it had to deal with it knowing very well that it takes time even for new campaigns to begin yielding better results. However, in order to assure the client’s success, the company increased its effort of following procedures.
White Shark Media has given priority to procedures such as those involving existing campaigns. It says that it uses all the successful elements of the existing campaigns of new users. It does not reinvent the wheel with all the clients. The main aim is to ensure that the company produces better performing campaigns.
Therefore, in case of well-performing campaigns, it uses as much of those campaigns to produce same results especially in the first couple of months. It does that until the initiative it is employing is able to yield better results. The thing is— it may take more time for the results to be seen.
It has a team of experienced supervisors who oversee the campaign management and provide feedback. White Shark Media has become a leading digital marketing agency, which offers tailored solutions on online marketing to small as well as medium-sized entities.
It has been regarded as among the fastest growing agencies in the region of North American. Its cost-effective online search marketing campaigns has allowed it to grow exponentially. It strives to offer excellent customer support and experience while allowing businesses to grow and expand their online marketing strategies.

Excellent Legal Counsel From Dan Newlin

Legal help is important during many times in life. People need to have someone they count on during certain times in life. When someone decides to buy a piece of property, they will often need a lawyer who can stand with them during the entire process. Effective legal counsel can be ideal when facing such issues. Legal counsel can also be extremely useful during other times such as when the person is going through a divorce. The legal help that they need is often available when they need it from lawyers who know how to make sure that will have the best possible advocate on their side during any kind of legal issue in life.

This can be particularly true when the person is facing an issue such a problem that has resulted from any kind of accident. Accidents of all kinds are very common. Someone may be in a car accident as they cross the street. Another person may be shopping for Christmas presents and break a leg as a result of a poorly maintained sidewalk. Still others may have a problem as a result of work conditions that were less than ideal. Under such circumstances, it is imperative to have legal counsel that understands how they can with within the confines of the legal system to get the most effective legal counsel during any legal process.

Working with an effective legal counsel such as Dan Newlin can be an excellent way to help the person who has been injured get the kind of help they really need. Mr. Newlin has spent years in the legal field helping his many clients. His work here has been focused on providing his clients with legal counsel that can provide them with the funds they need to make sure that their recovery is as quick and easy as possible. Mr. Newlin knows that his clients count on him to help them in their time of need. He understands all aspects of the justice system and how to work with judges and juries to get the right result for his clients.

Mr. Newlin and his team of extremely qualified and highly trained lawyers know what they need to do in order to assist their clients in the pursuit of justice for all of the people who look to them for help. Many of his clients know that hiring a lawyer from this firm will ensure that they have what they need from the legal system. They also know that the lawyers here can tell them what they need to know about the legal system and help them communicate with all those who may be involved in all aspects of their specific legal case.

Why Work With White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is definitely one of the best marketing companies in the worldwide online advertising industry. The company has been in the industry since 2011, and they have grown over the years. I have worked with the company many times and have had them do all kinds of marketing work for me because it has been tough recently to do the work myself.

The White Shark Media team set me up with different marketing tactics and systems to help get me out there. I have found that it is hard at times to succeed in this industry without the right amount of people on your team, and considering that they have 180+ people in their worldwide team, they can help build your business and brand online.

This company has been known to provide their customers with top of the line services and programs. The company has been in this business for countless years, and they have helped numerous people attain so much growth with their brand. You will find that this business has come up with the best ways to work with their clientele in the most strongest way possible.

One of the reasons why I love working with them is because they come up with unique ideas every single day, and they handle all aspects of any type of marketing you ask of them. They also work endlessly on the latest tactics to make sure that marketing is done successfully. White Shark Media offers amazing SEO, Adwords campaigns, and all kinds of local search marketing to allow for any person trying to build their brand.

Reviews of White Shark Media

Many people will review this company  the same way I am reviewing it now. First of all, they are very easy to communicate with their team members about your projects. They handle all emails and phone calls at a very decent rate, making sure that they handle your biggest concerns and current issues. They can also do multiple marketing campaigns, and these all come in to play to help you grow.

White Shark Media is one of the rare SEO brands that has hundreds of people on their team. They utilize the latest in online marketing techniques to get their clients the marketing they deserve. Give them a call today, and you will be amazed at how they treat clients. Their team is also easy to work with on your future campaigns.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG

The bank known as BMG is one of the leading financial institutions in Brazil and all of Latin America. It is also a financial institution that has branched out to the United States to serve even more customers. What makes BMG Bank a leading financial institution is the number of services they offer. This bank will offer customers investment services, business loans, credit cards, insurance and also deposits. By offering these services to both individuals and businesses, BMG Bank is able to meet the financial needs of many people and organizations. It is owned by Mr. Ricardo Guimarães, who also serves as its President and Director.

One of the most common services that BMG Bank offers is investment services. With this particular type of service, consumers will be able to put their money in financial securities such as annuities and bonds. They can also invest in stocks which can help grow their money as well as give them a steady income. BMG Bank will also give them advice on what to invest in so that customers can get the best returns possible. By offering investment services, BMG Bank can help its customers improve their financial situation.

Another common service offered by BMG Bank is offering credit cards. There are a number of people and businesses that may need a line of credit to help pay for things when the need comes up. Offering credit cards will give the bank not only a way to help businesses and individuals but also help make the institution money. Using credit cards offers convenience and the ability to pay bills and other expenses which will be paid back at a later time. With credit cards, BMG Bank helps its customers finance short term expenditures.

At BMG Bank, consumers will also have the opportunity to receive business loans. With business loans, private sector companies as well as government organizations can get the money they need to finance their operations. They can also get financing to help pay for certain projects. An example would be a business that is looking to get capital to operate on credit as well as expand its product line.

BMG Bank also offers insurance services as well as deposits. These services give customers the opportunity to get financial protection as well as storage of their funds. Using these services will help ensure financial stability. The services of BMG Bank offers consumers a lot of quality services that will help them mange their finances more easily and efficiently.