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FreedomPop’s Affordable Service Expanding Internationally

FreedomPop, a sensation among mobile service providers is expanding its services to the UK. People in the kingdom are going to be able to experience the advantage of having very affordable mobile services. FreedomPop is known for its free package. Even though the amount of minutes and data is small, it is still a good deal for people that do not use their data all that much. Also, the other service plans are more affordable than any other service plan that a provider offers. This is what contributes to the ever growing popularity of the service provider that is buying its data wholesale from Sprint.

The setup of service in the UK is the first step of an expansion plan for FreedomPop. For the UK, people have to pay just a one time setup fee. With the free monthly service, one gets 200 texts, 200 minutes and 200 MB of data. That is pretty good for a free service. Fortunately, users can also pay for more service. Fortunately, there are other ways that one can earn more service. He can complete surveys. Each survey he completes will reward him with more minutes. In this case, even people that are very low on money can still pay for service.

This service is proving to be a very worthwhile service for people that are on a budget. In order to take advantage of the services, one needs to have a phone that is optimized for use with FreedomPop. As of right now, there are a few devices that are able to be used for FreedomPop services. They are older devices which include a refurbished tablet. One could also use an older Sprint device. Fortunately, as FreedomPop grows, more products will be added to the service.

FreedomPop is doing big business for people that are looking for a way to keep in touch without paying tons of big bucks for service. Even though mobile services are starting to get more affordable, FreedomPop out does them all. More people that are learning about this service are starting to sign up and save money for what it has to offer. They are switching from their old service providers due to not only a more affordable deal, but a more honest description of the deal. There are no sudden tricks or catches in the deal that FreedomPop offers. They give what they say they will give.

Sergio Cortes: Through Him, the King of Pop Lives On

Sergio Cortes Parra can be considered by most as the best impersonator alive. He is the man who resembles and idolizes the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson.
Sergio Cortes Parra was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1971, and he first came to know of MJ when he was a kid. At that time, Michael Jackson was still part of the Jackson Five and had not yet established his personal brand. It was later when Sergio was a teenager that Michael released Bad and started to attain international fame. A reporter asked Sergio to pose of pictures as Michael Jackson, and after these pictures were released to the world, many people thought it was Michael Jackson himself. The effect of the photos was relatively successful and opened up employment opportunities for the young Sergio.
Today, Cortes is managed by Destiny Projects, which works to develop and manage artistes.
Over the years, Cortes has practiced to refine his art and today he looks and sounds like the real MJ. He hosts concerts all around the world and performs MJ’s songs. The stadiums and halls seem to always be fully packed and attract a huge audience ranging from kids who did not get to listen to MJ to those who practically grew up with him.

Sergio says that he really takes the job of being MJ’s impersonator as a huge responsibility and special to him. He says that this is why he practices hard so that he can try and be the modern day Michael Jackson and deliver that experience to people. Many people have shown him support and have said that if Michael were alive, he would have been very proud of him.

He has embraced social media and is active on Facebook and Twitter. His Facebook page is filled with numerous pictures of him performing and at photo shoots. Fans flock to post pictures and express their admiration for him. He also posts regularly on YouTube for fans and audiences that may not be able to attend his shows.

Today, everywhere Cortes visits; people look at him with wonder and are astonished by what they say. He says that he always causes a commotion everywhere he goes as people gather up to see him.

Cortes has expressed his wish to perform in the United States, a region where he doesn’t have a huge following as he wish he had. So if you are in the US, you are in luck because Cortes wants to bring the Michael Jackson experience to you.

The Proper Approach to Keyword Usage

Keywords are designed to reach a desired target. Without keywords, online marketing starts and stays on the wrong foot. The lower a ranking, the less likely a user will find you. This is especially true considering the average user never goes beyond the search’s first page. Worse, they usually never go beyond the first three or four sources on that first page. That, without a doubt, puts a list of reputable keywords at the top of any marketing campaign list.

White Shark Media knows keywords are not being utilized properly. Many people still rely on awkward phrasing, thinking its uniqueness attracts search engines, and keyword stuffing, believing the more times they use keywords, the higher up the list their content.

Nothing is farther from the truth. Not only does this type of approach make for clumsy reading, but search engines often dismiss the ploy. Utilizing keywords has become more about strategy and quality than pure quantity.

  • You need a primary keyword. This will let the Internet see what your content is about right off, improving the chances you connect with desired targets.
  • Place the main keyword in the page title, main headline and meta description once. This lets users and search engines find your content across the board. Use any of your other keywords, but make everything grammatically sound so that users get a snippet of what they are going to see on the landing page.
  • None of your keywords should be repeated more than two or three times. Depending upon length of content, you can use the primary keyword more. Overdoing it is going to annoy users and search engines may deduct points, pushing your content down on their lists. Use keywords in ALT text and image file names. (This usage does not count in number of times keywords are used in text).

Search engines and users have become too savvy to fall for antiquated tactics. Keyword strategy is about a design that lets the world know your message. Read text carefully and out loud. If phrasing seems awkward, it probably is. If it feels like you’re repeated keywords too often, you likely have.

White Shark Media is an aggressive leader in online market solutions. We’ve reviewed thousands of websites and seen the mismanagement of keywords everywhere we look. At White Shark Media, we like to think success is inspiring. So we educate, hoping to see everyone achieve their online goals.

Source: White Shark Blog

Brad Reifler – Entrepreneurial Success Personified

Becoming an entrepreneur is a daunting task and may ultimately be deemed too much of a challenge for many. When someone does decide to begin their own business venture, they often look to those who have been highly successful for inspiration…Brad Reifler has to be considered one of those inspirations especially for those in the financial sector.

Brad Reifler’s first business venture began in the early 80s when he founded Reifler Trading Company which grew to be one of the largest futures operations and ultimately was sold to THE largest futures company, Refco Inc. in the year 2000. Before selling the company, Reifler was already working on his global reputation and founded Pali Capital in 1995. This venture was another huge success as it employed over 300 people, had offices on four continents, and did $1 billion in commission income over Brad’s time as CEO.

Since 2009, Brad has founded “Forefront Capital LLC” which he currently leads as CEO. The company also has several subsidiaries that include Forefront Advisory, LLC and Forefront Partners.

Brad Reifler has had a successful entrepreneurial career by building companies that offer highly diverse product offerings, and today his company attracts some of the world’s leading advisers, investment bankers and business leaders.

For any person that is considering becoming an entrepreneur, studying Brad Reifler’s rise to success would be a great starting point. Reifler’s work ethic and track record for over 30 years make for ideal footsteps to follow if becoming a successful entrepreneur is your goal.

Play Your Cards Right In Order To find Love

Love, marriage, and family are the backbone of all human societies. The first step in that equation is love, and that is quite possibly that hardest step to take. There are billions of people that are out there in the world. There are also millions of those people that are single and wanting to make love connections. The problem that comes into plays is helping those individuals that want to have relationships to meet and to come together. There are many avenues that people may take in order to meet that special person, but they may feel like all of their hard work is in vain. In reality, love is worth all of the hard work in the world, and the opportunity to meet that special someone is an opportunity that should never be missed. There are those individuals that may think that they have tried everything, but in reality, there are always other options.

Online dating is a great alternative for those individuals that believe that they have done all that they can to meet that special someone. Online dating is a simple way to meet people that are interested in meeting other people. There are different online dating sites, but basically what they offer is the same. They help people to meet other people that may have similar interest to them. In that way they are able to see if they are compatible. Compatibility is the first step to find that person that is going to be right. After compatibility is established, then a couple has the option of seeing if there will really be a love match. There have been hundreds of people that have found their true love on these websites, so it really is worth the investment to figure them out.

There are also awesome apps that are available that help individuals with the dating scene as well. One of the more popular apps is called Skout. Skout is an app that allows single people to meet each other. It is an app that helps them to find people all over the world that are interested in hanging out, finding friends, and making love matches. The good thing about this app is that it is very user friendly and it is simple to use.Skout is an international app as well, so if a person is traveling to Barcelona and they want to have a good time, they can go onto the app and find a person to hang out with, and no one knows what will happen next.

There is never enough that a person can do to find love. It may take effort to make a love connection happen, but in reality all of the effort that a person makes is totally worth it when the love actually begins. Love is in the cards for everyone, you just have to know how to play them right.

Facts About FreedomPop’s UK Debut

FreedomPop is the communications company that turned the mobile phone world on its head when it introduced its premium free service in the US. In recent months, the company has been expanding its services to the global arena with its free data, text and voice packages. After partnering with Dutch carrier, KPN, the company is expected to expand to countries like Germany, UK, Spain as well as France.

The company announced its free mobile launch in the UK and has already began contacting those who had signed up so as to get more details. The company describes the first stage as an alpha test that will help it collect feedback from users early as it prepares to make an official launch later.

FreedomPop has also went ahead to reveal its subscriber plans. Just like in America, the free offer will come accompanied by 200 minutes, 200 free text messages as well as 200MB of data. The company will also offer a Premium 1GB plan worth £9 monthly that will come accompanied by 1000 text messages, 1GB of data and free voicemail. The other Premium package worth £18 will come accompanied by 2GB of data, 2000 text messages and unlimited calls.

According to Digital Trends, it is not yet clear whether the service is going to be 4G LTE. FreedomPop is well known because it does not give penalties for those that use more data than allocated rather it charges one penny per excess MB used. The company also has a unique feature that in the event that a customer has a lot of data rolled up, he can share it with other friends connected in the network. Alpha users are also given the unique ability to choose their telephone numbers from a small list provided.

The company’s Co-Founder is optimistic that the company will roll out its low-cost mobile phone services to every country in the world. He says the company’s success triggered international carriers who are ready to merge with it to continue providing the service. Within the next few years, the company plans to venture in eight different markets with improved packages.

The company’s packages are an attractive deal for users who do not use their smartphones too much and who want to check their emails, make a few calls and send a few texts. In America, the company gives users 200 minutes of free voice data, 200 free text messages as well as 200MB every month.

Leading Real Estate Mogul Haidar Barbouti

A number of positive changes are occurring in the Houstong real estate market. A large percentage of those changes are due to one innovative entrepreneur. The industrious person bringing about all those positive changes is Haidar Barbouti. The successful real estate developer is based in Houston, Texas. Barbouti is the man behind all the great changes that successfully transitioned the Highland Village Shopping Center to an upscale shopping center. The Shopping Center was a fixture in the community since the 1940s. Certainly, the shopping center had seen better days. Barbouti’s innovative ideas helped to restore the shopping center to its former glory.

New Leadership
Haidar Barbouti is the property manager and broker at the Highland Village Shopping Center. The real estate professionals long history in real estate led to his creating another wonderful success story with the Highland Village Shopping Center. The operation of the shopping center was handed over to the real estate developer in 1991. Clearly, he had a vision for the center. One that might have shocked other real estate developers in the community. He realized that the center was losing customers to larger centers that housed more upscale stores. He decided to design a plan to attract larger stores to the shopping center. Attracting those larger stores led to a new wave of customers gaining interest in the shopping center. Some of the first upscale stores attracted to the center were Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma.

About Haidar Barbouti
The leading real estate mogul has invested in numerous real estate investments. For example, he has invested in shopping centers, office buildings, and numerous commercial properties. He has also invested in land development and condominium conversions. The successful real estate developer strongly believes in giving back to the community too. He lends his resources and talents to numerous charities like the Highland Village Adoption center that works with placing pets in good homes.

Yeonmi Park; Why The World Needs Many Others Like Her

Yeonmi Park is not your usual twenty-one-year-old girl. Different with many girls her age from developed countries who are going to colleges and doing their university courses without a lot of care in other matters, she is fighting a war that needs resilience, strength and a lot of courage. She has endured a lot to be where she is today, but at least she is happy that when she speaks, there are people who lend her a listening ear.

In her native home country North Korea, when someone expresses or speaks their mind, they are not listened to. In fact, they are labelled as rebellious and punished. That is why many native North Koreans are afraid to think about anything that is contrary to what the ruling elite has set them to. Many live in abject poverty and without the most important social tool; communication. Were it not for challenges that prompted her escape Yeonmi would also be living in similar conditions.

During her growing up, she did not experience a lot of challenges because her father belonged to the privileged class. However, things abruptly took a turn for the worst when he was jailed for allegedly being involved in sending metals to China. Her father was sent to labor camp which prompted Yeonmi and her mother to set off for a long journey in a bid to look for freedom and a better life. She vividly remembers her childhood memories and says that her country’s regime is the worst when it comes to matters related to human rights and democracy.

She got lucky to escape from the country in 2007 through a family friend who took them past the borders. On entering China, things got much worse. She vividly recalls a horror experience where a man threatened to rape her, but her mother offered herself instead so as to protect her. Together with her mother, she would later be sold off into human trafficking and was bought by a man who promised she would be seeing her mother and father if she agreed to become his mistress; which she agreed.

When her father eventually arrived in China from her native country, he got died from colon cancer. Since she had no one she could tell about his death, she had no other choice but to bury his ashes in the middle of the night. At only fifteen years old, together with her mother, they escaped from China to South Korea and towards freedom and liberty.

Today, she is a fierce fighter for all matters related to human rights for her people and everyone else in the world. She says the fight has to continue even if it means losing her life because she has endured worse things before. However, she is optimistic that the situation back in her home country will soon change since the regime has started warming up to listening to people express themselves.

Kevin Seawright Wants To Keep Helping People Out

Kevin Seawright has spent a good amount of his time making sure that others’ needs are met, and he is being honored for doing that by Notre Dame. Kevin Seawright has worked with the company that he is employed by to make a nonprofit fund development program come to life. He has had a passion for working for those who need a bit of help for a long time, and he deserves the recognition that he is receiving for his efforts.

MarketWatch shows that Kevin Seawright worked in the public education system and various other positions before taking the job that he currently has, and the things that he saw while working in his previous jobs have given him all of the inspiration that he needed to know that helping others out was something that he wanted to do with his life. He realized that the public education system, and the community as a whole, can use a bit of help from time to time, and that is why he has worked hard to offer some help to those in need. And that is why he has said that he is more inspired than ever to keep helping people out in every way possible.

How to Write Effectively on Wikipedia

Writing and editing Wikipedia articles can prove to be rather difficult for beginning Wikipedia writers and editors. Wikipedia has a different set of guidelines, because it is its own information source. Pretty much everything in life has varying rules and guidelines, as does Wikipedia. The formatting rules, procedures, guidelines, and suggestions for the world’s largest online encyclopedia – Wikipedia – can be found on the Wikipedia website. Learning to be an excellent, proper Wikipedia article writer and editor is not that hard, but it can take some time, especially for slow leaners.

One of the most important things to keep in mind for beginner Wikipedia writers and editors is to understand that Wikipedia has millions of users that come from all walks of life, from every country in the world. Translators have converted and translated thousands of articles into many different languages. It is crucial to understand that all the peoples of the world have different viewpoints – compose your article to appeal to everyone, and offend nobody.

Get Your Wiki is a online-based company that offers many different Wikipedia article and webpage editing, writing, and translation services. offers article composing and editing services. Get Your Wiki guarantees to create a Wikipedia page that fits your needs exactly – if not, Get Your Wiki will give a 100% refund immediately. Having an appealing, grammatically correct article on Wikipedia is so valuable because Wikipedia shows up near the top of most search engines on the Internet, every single time. This is great exposure for whatever article you have written.

Some people have malicious intents and want to defame articles and ruin the content in them. Get Your Wiki helps safeguard your article, is notified every time someone edits the article, and guarantees to remove any foul or incorrect content that may be edited to your article. Not many people do this, but it is possible and has happened before. In addition, provides translating services for any article on Wikipedia, in to nearly any language.

Wikipedia is meant to be concise and have 100% accurate information, so the sentences must be short and concise if one wants an appealing article. Staying away from sentences that are long is key.

Colors may look good on webpages to some people, but no text on Wikipedia should be colored. Using colored texts for graphs and pictures that need to be color coded is different, but the general rule of thumb is to stay far away from adding any color on the Wikipedia article.