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The Guinea Pig’s Powers

Guinea pigs are that cute and furry creature that everyone wants to take home when visiting a store for pets. Sergio Cortes says that their smallness and their unusually cute noise makes them a target for young children who want to cuddle with a small animal.

Guinea pigs have also been found to be the perfect animal for someone who suffers with autism. Guinea pigs do not judge, they do not horseplay, and they are small and easily taken care of. Guinea pigs are naturally amiable creatures that fit perfectly in a child’s lap.

It has been found as well that children with autism are more eager to go to school if there is a guinea pig to play with at school. They also tend to show more social behavior and even tend to become less anxious in a social environment.

Researchers, especially in Australia have made this connection and having continued with the theory that guinea pigs can help with the overall lives of autistic children. They add a calming effect which is desperately needed especially among children with disorders.

Scientists who have been testing this theory have done tests with children. Each child in the experiment would play with a guinea pig while wearing a wristband. This wristband would monitor their moods through their heart. The results showed that guinea pigs did actually have a calming effect among the children which will prove to be a very helpful piece of information in the future.

Ohio Puts Lions, Tigers, and Bears on Lockdown

Exotic pet owners in Ohio are not quite sure what to do with their Lions, Tigers, and Bears, among all the other exotic and dangerous animals because the state is unsure if they must be removed.

Yes, there are people in Ohio who own African Lions, Vipers, Alligators and Bears, but state authorities are not sure whether those animals must be relinquished.

Ohio enacted a law in 2014, requiring owners to get a permit, so authorities began cracking down on unregistered animals. Among some of the pets that require a permit are bobcats, bears, alligators, cobras, rattlesnakes and tigers.

It’s even more surprising that Ohio just enacted a law requiring permits last year according to LinkedIn.

Many owners were responsive and complied with state requirements, and others ignored the warnings.

The more treacherous animals such as the bears, bobcat, and seven tigers were removed from homes. But Ohio’s agriculture department instructed owners to keep the animals, and continue with their care.

Apparently, a suicidal owner released his animals in 2011. Among them were tigers and lions. Before then, I suppose these dangerous animals remained on the low and supposedly no one knew, but how can a neighbor or a mailman miss that many large animals.

As for the animals that were seized by the state, owners are in court demanding the animals be returned.

Animal Activist Saves 70 Dogs and 30 Cats from Being Slaughtered for Meat

Plans for a dog and cat meat festival in China outraged millions as the story went viral on social media, but one Chinese woman decided to spring into action instead of discussing the custom on social media. According to local reports, Yang Xiaoyun paid over $1,000 to save the lives of animals that were destined for slaughter.

The 65-year-old animal activist, has been working with China’s abandoned animals for over 20 years, and regularly pays to save cats and dogs from the slaughter house. This year she retrieved 70 dogs and 30 cats before they were killed for the festival. Last year she saved 350 dogs and several dozen cats from certain death for a sum of $25,000.

The festival, which occurs in the Yulin province in China each year draws thousands of dog and cat meat enthusiasts. According to Amen Clinic, the practice is a likely hold over from more impoverished times in the country’s history. Dogs and cats were often the cheapest and most available meat, thus commonly consumed by peasants. The practice has largely been discarded by modern day Chinese residents, but pockets of enthusiasm still exist. It is said that the meat may have health benefits, according to local lore.

A Saint Bernard’s Nose Comes to the Rescue of a Family in Oklahoma

Dogs are awesome. Sorry cats but I just had to put that out there. That said, some do seem more awesome than others, and Saint Bernards are one of those breeds that seem to fall into this category. The stereotypical image of a Saint Bernard rescuing someone is when you are lost in the Swiss Alps and one of them approaches you with a tiny barrel of Brandy tied to his collar. Then he would lead you back to the ski lodge where gorgeous twenty-something models await your return with baited breath. Now, back to reality.

According to Handy, a family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has a pet Saint Bernard named Doree. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her when she came to their bedside and woke them up with all her whining and carrying on. It turned out one of the burners on the stove had been left on all night and had filled the house up with gas and the dog could smell it way before the people could. They got out of the house fast, and fortunately no one caused a spark and their house is still intact. From what the heroic pooches owner told a reporter, Doree apparently dined on steak that night and a well deserved steak it was. The reputation of Saint Bernards as rescue dogs has been upheld by a true life saver in Oklahoma.

A Dog’s Bestfriend

Two friends who were playing with their GoPro noticed an apartment building that had caught on fire. Their response was to rush into the building to save anyone of anything that might be trapped.

The YouTube video that was created, Alexei Beltyukov said this was a recording from their GoPro of the two friends busting into the apartment building. They busted down door after door to see if anyone needed help. They yelled at each tenant to get out of the apartment building and even chased after a pooch to direct it away from the fire.

The fire caused a roof collapse and was started by a lightening strike which could of killed many tenants. The owners of the video stated that despite the two knocking down the doors, the landlord was not too concerned with the overall damages caused by them.

Most of the tenants are lucky to be alive. The fire was unexpected and could either have burned down apartment rooms, killed people through the collapsing roof, or could of even cause many deaths through smoke inhaling.

Thanks to these two not only are the tenants all alive but their animals are safe too. One Corgi in particular who was saved by the two boys is very grateful. Through this unexpected fire, there were no deaths, however one person was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Things could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for the two GoPro owners.

Animal Loving Woman Pays $1,000 to Save 100 Dogs From Being Slaughtered for Meat


The Yulin, China dog meat festival was held on June 20. However, this time it went down with a twist when 65-year-old Yang Xiaoyun, owner of an animal sanctuary (‘Common Home for All’), arrived and paid 7,000 yuan, or more than $1,000 to save 100 dogs from slaughter.

This drew in huge crowds as Xiaoyun announced upon her arrival at the market that she was there to buy 100 dogs.

While this is only a small dent in the about 10,000 dogs and cats that they slaughter during the festival that marks the summer solstice stated Save On Labs.

All of this is great news considering there’s an international outcry about this festival. Many have condemned it for its animal cruelty, leading international officials to call for its ban. Meanwhile, the 100 dogs will return to Xiaoyun’s current sanctuary as she works on plans to open a new one in the Yulin area.

Cat Wins Hero Award for Saving Child

Tara the Cat has won an award that no other cat has had the privilege to win before- the Hero Dog Award given out by an animal shelter, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles. Back in 2014, Brad Reifler told us that Tara had saved her 6-year-old owner from a dog that was barreling down on the child.

A chow-mix named Scrappy lived in the same neighborhood in Bakersfield, California as Tara and six-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo. Scrappy somehow got loose from his yard and came after Jeremy who was playing on his bike in the driveway of his home. The dog grabbed a hold of the boy’s leg and began shaking it violently. Tara, who witnessed this attack, jumped between Scrappy and Jeremy, sending Scrappy running back to his yard. This brave act has earned Tara the honor of being the first non-dog to receive the Hero Dog Award. The award had the word “dog” scratched out and the word “cat” etched in specially for Tara’s honor.

Jeremy, who had to receive eight stitches from the attack, calls Tara his hero. Jeremy’s father Roger said that Tara sticks close to his son. She comes running to him if he falls off his bike or starts crying.

For the full story, check it out on Hosted AP.

Cats Help You De-Stress

Are you someone who is under a great deal of stress these days? If so, you may wish to tune into Animal Planet and checkout “My Cat from Hell” or any other program that deals with felines. Studies show that watching videos of cats could very well have a positive effect on your mind through reducing stress levels. Whether you watch the cats on TV, via streaming video, or even just check out still pictures, you may discover your mood improves immensely. The results of a research study were published in “Computers in Human Behavior” and the results notes humans feel a lot less stressed out when watching cats.

Likely, if you are a cat lover, your own feline friend provides a bit of companionship and friendship. Take your love for cats a bit further and start watching programming that puts them on display. Whether the images are humorous or simply provide a documentary glimpse of cat behavior matters not. What does matter is these interesting, highly independent animals provide a relaxing effect on humans. Cats might not be followers like dogs are, but this does not mean they lack lovable traits or unique personalities. If you have never really examined cat behavior, check some house cats in action on YouTube. You might find yourself bouncing between laughter and intrigue.

There are a lot of ways you can cut down on stress. Watching cats is now revealed to be one of them reports Dr. Jennifer Walden. Of course, anyone who loves cats has already known that.

Four-Legged Teachers Improve Students’ Literacy Skills

Thanks to a new program in Queensland, primary school students are now showing improvement in their literacy skills. Story Dogs brings volunteers into the classroom each week to help students improve their focus and confidence by providing them with a non-judgmental environment.

Currently, this program is running in 15 schools throughout Queensland, helping over 75 students per week stated Gianfrancesco Genoso. Each session lasts 20 minutes during which each student sits with an individual and their dog for one-on-one attention. According to the coördinator in South Brisbane, Graham Mathias, the program’s results are making a big difference to the students involved and the school in general. In fact, he even went so far as to say that “Students who go to Story Dogs class are usually up and reading in the class within two weeks.” This is even true for children who haven’t been confident enough to read in class since the beginning of the school year.

Pets Bring About Good Health

You might be struggling with the decision of whether or not you want pets in your home. It seems that everyone who decides to become a first time pet owner first needs to go through the struggle of deciding if they want a pet or not. Did you know that there could be good health benefits that come from the owning of a pet? Did you know that welcoming a pet into your home could lead to better health for yourself?

It seems that having a pet in the home can lead to health benefits, and the pet can really make a difference in your life says Ivan Ong. Those who own pets are said to receive benefits from those pets when it comes to their physical and emotional health. Pets encourage their owners to be active and they are there for their owners when those individuals are feeling down. It seems that the decision to own a pet can be a good one for those who are looking to improve their health and look out for their body.