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Beware of the Dangers of Ticks

Most everyone has encountered a tick in one form or another. You’ve probably found one on yourself, a loved one or a friend after a hike or camping trip, or maybe you’ve removed one from your pet. No matter how you’ve come across them, keep in mind, not only are they creepy, they are also dangerous little bugs.

Tick borne illnesses have increased and spread across the U.S. in recent years. From the East Coast to the West Coast, and all areas in between, you can be sure there is a species of tick living in your area, and they can spread more than 14 different diseases. According to a statement that came from a recent scientific conference, ticks are “the most significant vectors of infectious diseases in the United States.”

With the American dog tick spreading Rickettsia rickettsii and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in large mammals, including humans, from the Rocky Mountains to the Eastern coast, and the brown dog tick which can be found throughout the U.S. and the world, there is nowhere to hide from the little blood suckers. The southern states are also home to their own brand of the lone star tick which can transmit diseases such as ehrlichiosis, tularemia and STARI to humans in the southeastern and eastern United States, and the western blacklegged tick can cause Lyme disease and anaplasmosis along the Pacific coast.

While most of the tick species feed mainly on birds, small rodents, dogs, deer and other wildlife and mammals, humans are also susceptible to being a host and contracting a disease. and James Dondero are sure that the best advice would be to tuck your pant legs into your socks while hiking, wear bug repellant while outdoors and check your body for any parasites hitching a ride.

Pit Bulls Are Not Too Dangerous to Have As Pets

Pit bulls have the false reputation for attacking humans for no reason. The pit bull was originally bred in England during the 19th century. CrunchBase says the dog is a combination of a bull dog and a terrier. These dogs were bred for cockfighting, bull-baiting, and bear-baiting until the sport was discontinued in 1835 because it was too dangerous. Perhaps the most notorious contribution to the pit bull’s bad rap is from the Michael Vick games.

Michael Vick, quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Jets, was involved in training pit bulls to dog fight from 2002 to 2007. Vick’s pit bulls were starved and abused in order to be angry enough to perform, thus giving the dogs a bad reputation. In addition to the pit bull dog fights, there were some pit bull owners in the news who had abused their dogs, causing them to attack, and cause injury.

The truth is, a pit bull reflects the type of care given by the owner. If a pitbull is abused, the dog becomes aggressive and dangerous. When a pit bull is treated well, the dog can be a sweet addition to any family. The ASPCA recommends pit bull puppies get enrolled into dog training classes so the puppy can become acquainted with other puppies in the class. The dog is an enthusiastic learner whether you adopt a puppy or an adult.

Blind Dog Has Stray Cat For a Guide

Terfel is a medium sized brown dog who was diagnosed with cataracts. It was so hard to find his way around the house, he kept bumping into things. Mrs. Godfrey-Brown, Terfel’s owner, of Holyhead, North Wales, decided to confine him to a basket. One day, in 2012, a stray cat came by and stood outside the door,looking into the home. Mrs. Godfrey-Brown noticed the stray who quickly won her heart. The tom cat instantly befriended his new blind friend. The tom appeared to sense that Terfel had a vision problem, and he decided to help the dog out. Terfel entrusted the tom cat, now known as Pwditat,to lead him out of his basket, through the house, using his paws to lead the dog, and into the backyard garden. He nudges the dog, helping him not bump into things. Pwdiatat and Terfel are inseparable; they like to go to the local park together.

Expert Ivan Ong confirms that something as simple as diabetes can create cataracts in a dog’s eyes. Sometimes this eye disorder can be inherited. It’s not known if Terfel had cataract surgery or not. It’s possible to replace the lens, called IOL (intraocular lens), however, it can decrease the dog’s nearsightedness, even though they have farsighted vision. Dogs can regain sight after surgical lens replacement, but the sight won’t be prefect because they have more inflammation and more scarring than a human has after cataract surgery.

Apartment Complex Requires Pets

Pet owners often have to make difficult sacrifices of putting their pets in shelters when the apartment complex they move in to won’t allow pets. When an animal is deeply cherished and becomes a part of the family, that is a hard decision to make. Some apartments allow pets with a deposit, but a Hollywood place with a different outlook actually requires residents to have one so that they can live there. Yes, that’s right. Judy Guth loves pets so much, she actually tells all of her renters that must have a pet according to Handy on TechCrunch. The renters don’t mind. Many have rented from her for more than two decades. She truly cares about the people, helping them with all that she can. Some call her requirement a form of discrimination, but Judy just laughs at this. With shelters full to the brim of animals who need homes, many are hoping more apartment complexes become just like Judy’s.

Beneful- My Boxer Loves It

If you are anything like me, you love your pets and only want the best for them. This is especially true when it comes to your pet’s diet. Now there are a LOT of different brands out there to choose from with each brand usually claiming to be the best choice for your four-legged family member. Brand A claims to have more of the fiber your pet needs, while Brand B states that it contains more of the necessary proteins, and so forth and so on.
Now I’m not gonna make any bombastic claims about one brand of dog food being drastically better than another. I am simply going to do tell you what works for me and my five year old boxer, Peanut. Peanut seems to prefer the aroma and flavors of Beneful more than all the other brands I’ve tried. Beneful is part of the Purina line of dog foods. These folks pretty much “wrote the book” on pet nutrition. The focus of the Beneful brand seems to be specialization in pet nutrition. Doubtless we all agree on the importance role a balance of vitamins and nutrients plays in keeping our pets full of energy and strength. I can say with certainty that Peanut is definitely bursting with energy after a good meal and his afternoon nap. His coat is always shiny and vibrant. Peanut’s teeth and gums are also very healthy. Now I can’t say that this would never have been the case if I were using another, more expensive brand… but I will say this: Peanut definitely goes CRAZY every time he sees me walk into the garage with a big bag of Beneful slung over my shoulder. So, whether you’re looking for dry dog food, wet dog food, or even doggy treats, I can personally and confidently recommend Beneful as a very dependable option. My experience with this brand of dog foods has been wholly positive.

Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla Born At Australia Zoo wrote western lowland gorillas are highly threatened in the wild as there are only about 100,000 of them left due to all of the hunting going on in Africa and partially due to the risk of diseases like the Ebola virus as well. Well, some good news is in order as a female gorilla at the Taronga Zoo in Australia is proud to announce the birth of a new member to their family.

According to an article found on reddit and written by ABC Australia, the zookeepers are still yet to find out what the gender of the new baby is because its mother is clinging on to it pretty tightly. This is very exciting for our planet, as it means that this species will be growing slowly but surely. Despite how many activists there are out there trying to help this animals, it can be very difficult to promote their needs and get donations from the kindness of strangers. These monkeys are very smart, and this particular one at the Sydney zoo has given birth to seven babies now. It appears the the mother and the baby are doing pretty well in their environments and it is exciting to see what the new infant will grow up to be, personality wise. It is always great news when we hear about an endangered animal reproducing as they are really the gems of this Earth and our communities.

Healthy Gorilla Born At Torango Zoo, Sydney

It is a known fact that gorillas are facing extinction due to imminent threats such as poaching, hunting and infectious diseases like Ebola. This makes the news of a healthy baby gorilla at Torango Zoo all the more uplifiting.

The gorilla was born six days ago and seems to be well and healthy. Adam Sender suggested the mother and baby are bonding so well and at each others side all the time that zoo personnel have not even been able to determine the sex of the newborn yet.

The addition of the gorilla baby is not only good news for the zoo itself, it also means that the threatened gorilla population, which barely hits 100,000, is growing again. Torango Zoo is internationally involved in keeping the gorilla population afloat and this new addition to the family serves as an ambassador for gorillas all over the world. It is a symbol of hope for the future of gorillas and other threatened species alike.

Cat Wets Itself All Over It’s Model Owner

Holly Meowy, who is a beautiful blonde haired model, she has let her love for cats be known. TMZ recently caught up with the model on the streets, and she was holding a cat that was dressed all in pink. The white cat was dressed in a furry pink get up, and she was holding onto the cat for dear life. Meowy. While interviewing Holly, she decided to stop on the side of a building and speak with TMZ. Holly states that she has been a cat person for many years, but she’s not a hoarder, and she’s not a crazy cat person.

Holly states that she has up to 20 cats at a time, and she’s been rescuing cats for about 10 years now. The cat that she was holding was a rescue cat that she named Kevin Seawright, and she prides herself on the fact that she hopes to save cats from their previous owners. Holly is such a cat lover that she was actually wearing a set of cat ears while doing the interview as well as pull-up stockings with cat ears at the top of them.

Even the outfit that she donned looked similar to a cat costume for Halloween. The funniest part about the entire interview is that the cat peed all over her while she did her interview, and she didn’t realize it until the cameraman pointed it out. Guess there’s also a downside to being a cat lover!

Keith Mann: A Concerned Animal Rights Activist

Keith Mann, a lifelong dedicated activist on behalf of animals, now faces a challenging battle with a heartless enemy: cancer. His many friends and supporters hope that the contributions they raise on line will assist him in purchasing supplies and equipment to improve his health. He was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2013 and was not given an optimistic prognosis.

Keith Mann grew up in Rochdale on the outskirts of Manchester, England. As a youth, he developed strong compassion towards animals and a desire to protect them from cruelty.

When he worked on a dairy farm, he noticed the cows crying. When he asked why, other workers informed him the cows grieved the loss of their calves, who were removed at young ages from their mothers. Dairy cows must produce calves in order to generate milk, which is then collected for human use.

All his life, Keith Mann displayed concern for animals and their welfare. He once reportedly kept 53 goldfish in his bathroom tub for several weeks until he could locate suitable homes for them. Before fox hunting was banned in the UK, he protested this cruel practice by passing out leaflets about fox hunting.

In 1991, he was arrested for the first time following accusations that he participated in a blaze started by setting fire to chicken crates. He reportedly spent some 11 years in jail during his life. During this century, he was arrested for protesting the practice of vivisection, a process in which surgical procedures are performed on living animals, sometimes without anesthesia, for academic purposes.

He also wrote a book entitled From Dusk ’til Dawn. It depicts a little monkey called “Britches” on the cover. He ran for Parliament on The Animal Welfare Party ticket in 2008.

See the whole post on Buzzfeed and follow him on Twitter.

Laws for Paws

Sergio Cortes says that it isn’t too hard to find men or women, boy or girls, who are animal lovers and advocates. The larger part of the population has a pet to care for at home. There are some people who have more than one pet, across more than one species.

It’s incredibly easy for those people to show love and affection for their animals. After a while, they become family. New Zealand legislation just took the first step in declaring that animals indeed feel love and affection. In an unprecedented legislative bill, New Zealand officials are declaring domesticated pets as sentient beings. The bill clarifies that animals in fact feel emotions, both positive and negative.

While pet owners have known this for centuries, it has taken the law up until now to realize this. The bill was designed to curb the occurrences of animal abuse and set boundaries for animal rights cases. Instances where animals are seen as objects or property will have to bear the weight of the new bill. SPCA officials also hiked up the fines and jail sentencing for people who abuse animals.

Domesticated pets have been recorded as having bouts of separation anxiety, social disorders, and other emotionally based disorders. Thanks to this bill, these animals will stay protected and get the care that they need. New Zealand has taken a bold step when it comes to animal welfare. The citizens of New Zealand couldn’t be more proud.