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Bird Flu Horror

The bird flu might seem like a disease that would affect humans, but there is a very low risk of it spreading from the chickens that it infects. A recent outbreak has affected about 10 million chickens in Iowa. While the threat of the flu mutating to a form that would affect humans is low, it’s still frightening to think about. There could be a disease that isn’t known about that could affect humans. Paul Mathieson tells us that when this happens, there might not be a vaccine. What would people do if they were to get sick from animals and not know how to treat the disease? Precautions need to be taken on farms in order to keep the spread of such diseases to a minimum. It’s probably only a matter of time until there is some new kind of flu that can be spread from animals to humans, and at that time, it might be too late to develop any kind of vaccine at all.

We Forget They’re Animals

That cute little puppy or kitten seems like the perfect pet. You bring them home and love them and make sure they have plenty of food to eat. What you always forget is that they are a wild animal. Wild animals have instincts that can kick in when you least expect them and can be dangerous.

I have a black Pomeranian that I have had for 10 years. He is as mean as a rattle snack, but the most loving dog you would ever want to meet too. Its confusing but I have asked the vet if he suffers from bi-polar disorder. If anyone gets near my wife he will tear their head off. He bites, hisses, growls and loves to gnaw on ankles. Best of all, he is like my child and sometimes I forget that he is a dog. It may sound crazy, but when you have them for so long, they are a member of the family.

A new study was recently released by Adam Sender and associates that showed cute animals can and will attack. While they all have different temperaments, just like humans, they all have a drive inside them that we cannot control. This can cause much problems to those who don’t see their mood swings coming. Sometimes, just for no reason, our dog Toby doesn’t want to be bothered and will lash out at whoever gets near him. In our case, thank goodness for mussels.

Alice the Pug Runs Her Own Marathon For Charity

Julia McGovern, 24 who’s a native of Hopkinton, Massachusetts has run in her second Boston Marathon, even though Julia and Alice make their home in Los Angeles. Alice and her human flew from Los Angeles to Boston on April 16th for Julia’s marathon. Anastasia Date said that experiencing running the entire 26. 2 miles, has inspired Julia to have a special marathon run for her pug, Alice. In order to support her owner, Alice will be running in a 0.262 marathon race of her own.

Because of her short and stubby build, Alice would be unable to run the 26.2 mile human race. The money to sponsor her can be pledged at the dream page. People have already pledged $2,600. The money is supposed to go to Pug Rescue of New England. The marathon is supposed to be a one-dog run. Alice has been running along the beach and on practice fields, getting fit for her marathon, which takes place after Julia runs her race. Julia didn’t say exactly when or where the marathon will be held in the Los Angeles area, but she said she would upload a video of the marathon.

Pug Rescue of New England (PRONE) has been in the business of rescuing homeless and injured pugs for the past 30 years. PRONE is dedicated to finding homes for pugs in the six New England states. It’s non-profit and relies on donations.

Blueberry the Pit Bull is Fighting to Change Minds

Many cities have bans against owning or breeding pit bulls. Because of dog fighting rings that frequently abuse and torture pit bulls, they have falsely been accused of being dangerous. It is not the dogs but their owners that cause aggression. That is why a pit bull named Blueberry and her owner Maura Porter are fighting to get their reputation changed. Based on common misperceptions about how dangerous this breed of dogs are, many of them die of euthanasia, even if they have done nothing wrong. When Maura first tried to get Blueberry involved with helping the disabled, she was rejected based strictly on her dog’s breed. That made her realize she needed to rally to defend pit bulls. Now Blueberry works with a place called “DOG B.O.N.E.S.” as a therapy dog. She helps the terminally ill and those hospitalized, and the patients love her. Ricardo Guimarães BMG recently had an ill friend who Blueberry would visit and the friend would immediately light up upon seeing her and blogged about the loving encounter on CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE BELO HORIZONTE. Her sweet disposition might just help give others a brand new outlook on pit bulls.

Kangaroo Thinks He is a Dog

An Australian family found a baby kangaroo that was all alone after his mother had been hit by a car. They named him Dusty. The family took him in and started feeding him, not sure if he would even survive. The joey made it though, and he started hanging out with their two female dogs. He even took over one of their dog beds, so that they had to buy an extra dog bed just for the joey so he could have one too. The little kangaroo thinks that one of the family’s female dogs named Lily is his mother. STX Entertainment said he gets nervous when she isn’t around. He hops anxiously, wanting to go look for her. He has his own collar with reflective tape to make it easier for the family to find him if he gets out of sight. The little kangaroo has become part of their family now, even taking truck rides in the back with the other dogs.

New York Judge Issues Writ of Habeas Corpus For 2 Captive Chimps

A New York Supreme Court justice has, essentially, given “legal personhood” to two chimpanzees that are being used for research. Hercules and Leo were given a writ of habeas corpus, which means that a lawyer can act on their behalf to get them released from captivity. This also means that Stony Brook University, which has kept the chimps as research subjects, will have to explain why they continue to hold the chimps captive instead of letting them move into a chimp sanctuary.

Fersen says that it may not have been the intention of the justice to label the chimps as “persons”, but, instead, did so to help move their case through the system. The Nonhuman Rights Project filed a lawsuit on the chimps’ behalf, previously, but a judge refused to issue the writ of habeas corpus and the case was dismissed. Now that a writ has been issued, it can be inferred that the chimps have certain rights and that they might be considered illegally detained.

It is unknown what effect this writ will have on other animals. It could mean that some animal species, such as those as similar to humans as chimps, may gain more legal status than other animals. For now, this order only concerns Hercules and Leo. The Nonhuman Rights Project has also been working to get two other research chimps, Tommy and Kiko, released and are appealing a recent ruling against them.

Millions Of Jellyfish Type Sea Animals Are Washing Up On West Coast Beaches

There’s a quiet invasion of jellyfish type sea animals washing up along West Coast beaches, and no one is sure why this incredible event is happening. This is the second-year millions if not billions of purple sails or by-the-wind sailors are being blown ashore by a combination of fierce winds and above average surface sea temperatures.

STX Entertainment reports that tourist are amazed by the sight of the color purple covering the beaches. Some marine biologists say the creature’s small dorsal fin can’t handle the wind and sea mixture, and they get caught in a current and washes ashore.

There is speculation that other forces contribute to the demise of these gooey, mussel looking, stinging creatures that are harmless to humans. It appears these invaders make the waters off the West Coast their home during summer months, so going to the beach this year could be a “purple rain” sort of event.

Child Support: The Draconian Treadmill

Child support is a precarious thing. It’s a necessity to ensure all children receive the care they need and yet there’s a dark shadow of sexism that looms over it. While almost all courts will assign and account for child support monies from the father there is seldom any talk of the mother contributions.

In fact, fathers face liens on their houses and bank accounts, suspension of their drivers and professional licenses and even jail time. Even still the mothers are given free rein on how or what to spend the money and are in no way held accountable for their half of the child’s support.

Not only is this current system extremely sexist but it also keeps many fathers from having rewarding lives and careers which would better enable them to care for their children.

While it’s important to note that there are plenty of fathers who are perfectly able and still choose to no support their offspring, many who legitimately can’t afford their court orders are getting stuck on a treadmill of poverty and obfuscation from gainful employment. This sad cycle is concerning to Ricardo Guimarães. Even the father’s ability to find a decent place to live can be undermined as agencies are allowed to report child support arrears to credit agencies.
The situation is all too common and highlighted by the case of Walter L. Scott, a Georgia man who was gunned down by police after fleeing a warrant for past due child support out of fear of losing a second high paying job to jail time.

Dogs’ Relationship With Man is Strictly Hormonal

According to scientists, the closeness that man and dog have is due to a hormone called oxytocin. Japanese researchers discovered that the longer a dog is fixated on his owner, the more oxytocin is released within them both. Oxytocin is a nurturing, attachment, and loving hormone similar to the feelings that parents and children feel for each other. The owner wants to pet the dog and the dog wants to wag his tail. Dogs probably like to gaze at their owners because they like the way it feels.

In the first experiment, researchers wanted to test the oxytocin level of urine in dogs after they encountered their humans. BernardoChua suggested that it didn’t matter what the sex or breed the dog was. Dogs that were spayed and neutered had the same amount of oxytocin as the other dogs. The Japanese Scientists tested dogs by giving them oxytocin in a nasal spray. The other group of dogs had saline spray; male and female dogs were in both groups. The dogs with the oxytocin nasal spray wanted to gaze at their owners the longest. Oxytocin had the strongest effect on female dogs than on the males.

After conducting this experiment, the researchers wanted to see if wolves raised by humans could exhibit the same hormonal experience Wolves only use eye contact for attack; therefore, the oxytocin hormone is not successful in relationships between wolves and their human owners.

Dogs Needlessly Being Euthanized over Unpaid Fees for Minor Infractions

Animal control agencies across America are intentionally targeting dogs from lower-income areas and fining their owners with large fees for small infractions. And, if their families don’t pay up, the animals are being euthanized. Some areas are a bit less cruel, only impounding the pet owners in jail for the violations, when the extensive fines are not paid. Either way, a frightening and unjust trend is being suffered by families with pets.

Gerilynn Aflleje is a California resident who was placed at the mercy of the Stockton animal shelter, along with her 4-year old Siberian Husky mix Chunk, and lost. In 2013, Chunk had gotten lost and was dropped off at the shelter by someone who found him. When Aflleje later found her dog at the shelter several days later, she was not permitted to recover her pet until she paid a $180 shelter storage fee. The shelter ordered the money to be paid within 24-hours, and when Aflleje, unemployed at the time, couldn’t come up with the money, Chunk was unnecessarily euthanized. “We didn’t only lose our pet, we lost a family member,” she said.

Igor Cornelsen is saddened to know that dogs are being put down for such minor infractions as failure to be licensed and barking too much. The animals’ families are being fined hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars for minimal offenses. Shocked and infuriated family members of pets and animal rights attorneys say these severe methods are all aimed at producing money, and low-income families are impacted unfairly.