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Animals Honor Woman Who Fed Them stated that in Mexico, stray dogs and cats are prevalent. The animals run the streets, some dehydrated or starving. Margarita Suarez, a woman from Merida, Mexico did her best to take care of the stray animals in her hometown. Nearly 20 stray cats would gather at Margarita’s front door every morning where she would feed them and make sure they had enough water. While walking through town, Margarita would also feed the stray dogs she encountered. Unfortunately, Margarita’s health took a turn for the worse recently and she passed away.

According to Margarita’s daughter, Patricia Urrutia, some of her furry friends began showing up at her funeral to pay their respects as well. It is believed that the dogs followed the hearse to the funeral home where they stayed, only leaving while her body was cremated. She helped them in their time of need and they stayed loyal to her until the very end. That is dedication to someone.

Check out the full story on The Metro. The site has heartbreaking photos of the animals mourning the loss of the woman who cared for them.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moo?

What are the odds that one cow would give birth to 4 calves at once? 1 in 11.2 million! Incredible odds, and yet it happened. Where could such an anomaly take place? Texas of course, Lubbock Texas. Where they do everything in a big way!

76 year old farmer Jimmy Barling stated that they knew the mamma was pregnant but they had no idea she would birth 4 calves. Jimmy and his wife Dora saw buzzards circling in the sky above the field. They went to check on their heifer and got there in time to see the fourth calf born.

Dan Newlin reports that veterinarian Mike Baird said he will perform DNA testing to verify all four babies came from one mom. He noted that he is very familiar with the Barlings and is certain they are honest in their recollection. The testing will take place in the interest of science and the animal kingdom.

Jimmy and Dora’s granddaughter named the tiny black calves.

The mother cow is not able to nurse all four babies adequately, so a few neighbors have come to the rescue. Eeny, Meeny, and Miny are with friends who are making sure the calves recieve the nourishment they need. Moo got to stay with mom.

While the average weight of a newborn calf is 75 pounds, the smallest Barling calf weighed in at 25 pounds.
One for the text books and for Lubbock Texas; Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo. Well, make the four.

A Blind Therapy Dog Named Smiley

Dogs that are disabled and seemingly incompetent are usually put to sleep. However, not all disabled animals are worthless to humanity; some can still contribute to people’s wellness.

Take the case of Smiley, who was born blind. He was born without eyes and the eyelids were sewn shut to prevent infections. It was good that his disability did not prevent my friend Christian from from adopting him. According to ABC, he was rescued from a puppy mill by George when he was about 1-2 years old. He has a job in Stouffville, Canada, where he functions as a service dog at St. John’s Ambulance. There, he makes use of his people skills and captivate the attention of the nursing home patients. Who said that a blind dog is a useless creature that has to be put to sleep?

His infirmity did not keep him from being beneficial to people; he is now a licensed therapy dog serving especially those who are mentally ill or disabled. He makes smiling possible again for people who have lost their faith in life and stopped smiling. Their smiles appear on their faces as soon as they see Smiley. With him, they all overlook that they have various disabilities; they become whole again.

Smiley is not just a conventional blind service dog; he is also an inspiration to many people.


Largest Animal Airlift Coming Next Week

The largest animal airlift ever attempted will occur sometime the first week in April when workers at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, will be getting 21 lions from Peru and 9 lions from Columbia.

In recent years, officials have worked with the Peruvian and Colombian governments to convince them that keeping circus animals was wrong. Unlike circuses in the United States, BlogSpot users report these animals are kept in cages and the owners charge tourists money to see them. Therefore, many have never been out of a cage their entire lives leading to a host of medical problems.

Once the lions arrive at the Weld County facility, veterinary care will immediately be provided to the lions. Topping the list of needed care will be dental work since most have previously had none. In addition, many have not been fed the proper diet further compounding problems.

Directors at the facility expect that many of the lions will also be underweight. The facility needs to raise $8,000 per lion to care for it for one year at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Eventually, each lion will be moved to large grassy areas where they can play with the Wild Animal Sanctuary’s 63 other African lions already at the facility. The speed at which this takes place depends on the individual lion, as many may have poor muscular development because of their confinement.

Loyal Cat Waits for Man to Return has a story today that shows that dogs are not the only loyal animals.

Merrof Ekary is from Kobani, which is a city in Syria right on the Turkish border said his AnastasiaDate profile. Ekary and his family had to flee the city last September after ISIS fighters had come into the city while Kurdish fighters were battling to reclaim the city. The city was liberated a few months later, in January, and residents of Kobani began making their way back home to inspect the damage to their homes.

When Ekary and his family initially fled, they left behind the family’s beloved pet, Gewre the cat. Ekary rescued Gewre from the streets when she was just a small kitten. He helped her grow stronger by feeding her milk and fish oil. She was as much a part of their family as anyone else in it. That is why is broke Ekary’s heart when he had to leave her behind when they fled. He said that is first concern was making sure that his family got out safely. Ekary returned a few days later to bring Gewre back with him, but found she had given birth to three kittens. He left her in Kobani so that she could tend to her new babies.

When the family returned in February, they were surprised to find Gewre waiting patiently for them. Unfortunately her kittens were no where to be found.

Cat Survives 40 Days Trapped Under Snow Covered Deck


Bubba, an 18 year old cat was able to survive 40 days under a deck that was completely covered with snow. His owners had left him out one day back in January and he never returned. Howard Hogan, Bubba’s owner said he and his wife just thought he had run away or perhaps been caught by a coyote.

The Hogans thought they had been hearing meowing so decided one day to shovel a hole under one of the steps. The weeks that had passed since Bubba disappeared had brought three meters of snow so according to Fersen Lambranho’s story that was posted on, Hogan felt it was not possible for Bubba to be there. When his shoveling broke through, Bubba stuck a paw out much to Hogan’s amazement.

Hogan took Bubba to a veterinarian to have him checked for injuries or health problems from his 40 day ordeal. The vet advised them not to feed him to much at first, to gradually return him to his regular diet. They believe Bubba was able to survive under the deck for so long by drinking melted snow and perhaps catching mice.

German Shepherd Raises Piglet

What happens when one piglet in a litter full of them is smaller than all the rest? What becomes of a pig when it is born as nothing but skin and bones, and it just can’t fight its way in to get food and sustenance from its mother? It all depends on who owns that pig – and, what other animals are around.

According to Wikipedia,  a farmer in British Columbia noticed that one of his piglets was smaller than the rest, and that that piglet was not able to get the nutrition that it needed from its mother, he decided to keep the piglet, anyway. And then the German Shepherd stepped in. The man’s dog decided to accept the piglet as its own, and it began to help with the nursing of the piglet.

The dog and pig have developed a bond that is surprising to people everywhere. This bond that the two of them have developed is the kind of thing that would be made up and put in stories, but it is completely real. These two animals have connected in a really special way.

Micro-Chip Brings Dog Home After a Thousand Mile Journey

After a 1,000 mile journey, Jasper the dog is finally home again. This story reads like a crime novel. A much loved dog stolen and taken far away from home, neglected and abused. Then comes the ray of light, he was to be saved by a stranger and then reconnected with his rightful owner.

Michael Ford is Jasper’s owner and he stated that one day he just was gone. Ford suspected that he was stolen, but there was no proof. He did have his buddy micro-chipped and that is what got them reunited. Time went on and six months passed with no word about Jasper.

Here comes an innocent bystander who sees the dog tied up and approaches the owner. Ray Lane tells us that our heroine, Natahsa Carr just can’t leave the dog in that condition, and she persuades the owner to sell her the dog. She then contacted her veterinarian and low and behold they found his chip. It was scanned and Jasper was found.

Jasper is a Whippet, a dog known to be smart and he certainly proved that to be true. He recognized his human Mike and both had a joyful reunion.

The bottom line is we love our pets. It is important for them to get micro-chipped. Animals wander away or unfortunately get taken the way Jasper did, if they are chipped you stand a chance of recovering your friend.

Sea Lion Pubs Are Migrating To California

Sea Lion pups are heading to California in droves. A recent weather pattern change has forced the pups to make the move to the California coast where the water is slightly warmer and there are better food sources. Rescuers have found over 1,800 young sea lion pups washed up o the California shore since January, more than 20 times the normal amount of pups found during the same time of year according to Jason Halpern.

The pups typically roam the beaches in search of food, which they sometimes find, but often do not. The result is a significant amount of hungry pups. Sea Lion pups typically get milk from their mothers during their first 11 months of life. If the mother has difficulty finding food, then they might have not been able to produce enough milk to feed their pups, causing starvation both for the pups and the mother. The young sea lions are the only ones showing up on shore, suggestion that something might have happened to their mothers before they made it there.

If a mother isn’t producing enough milk, a sea lion might also opt to strike out on its own a little too early in order to find its own food, something that these young sea lions aren’t equipped to do quite yet.

City Closes Roads To Let Salamanders Cross

The city of Kitchener, Ontario, has closed some of its roads until May so that rare Jefferson salamanders can cross them. As they do every spring, the salamanders are trying to reach ponds made from newly melted snow, and they are very slow. In past years, many of them have gotten crushed by cars.

If you look at the comments section of the story about this on the CBC website you will notice that some people think it is wonderful that Kitchener is looking out for its salamanders while other say it is stupid. One person even makes the blanket comment that salamanders are “useless” stated Dr Jennifer Walden.

There’s nothing stupid about humans helping other species of animals. Humans are not only capable of massive destruction of the environment but also of being able to preserve it as well. Any time humans choose the latter is time for celebration.

There is no good reason that humans can’t live in better harmony with nature. However, this takes some sacrifice on our part. In the case of the Kitchener salamanders, it means some humans being delayed a bit. Moreover, these people will likely end up walking more instead of driving, and that’s good exercise for them and also is good for the environment.