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Keith Mann Campaaigner For The Rights Of Animals

Keith Mann was raised by his parents in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. His mother is supportive of the animal rights activism movement which Keith is part of. He has written a book on his liberation of animals called, “From Dusk ’till Dawn” and gives an inside look and behind the scenes narrative of the liberation movement.

Keith’s first job was on a dairy farm, and his lasting memory of it is the crying. Cows would cry all day as they searched for their calves that had been taken from them. This left a lasting impression on Keith, as did other cruelties he encountered as a young man:
* A rabbit was being kept in an unhealthy living condition in a hutch. Keith repeatedly asked the owner to do something, but he never did. Finally, Keith removed the rabbit himself.
* The next removal was from a fairground. Keith took a tub of goldfish, which he then had swimming in his bathtub for weeks. Eventually he found good ponds for them to be released in.
These incidents are what Mann describes as ‘acts of liberation’ and are what started him on his path to be an animal rights campaigner.

Keith Mann came to the public’s attention in 1994 after receiving a 14 year sentence for conspiracy to set a number of meat lorries on fire. This act was being set to demonstrate against the treatment of chickens. On appeal the sentence was reduced to 11 years, but is still one of the longest ever handed down to an animal activist. In 2005, he was believed to be at the top of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Mann says there is something riveting about participating with the movement. He enjoys the rush of adrenalin when he faces the unknown; live animals, dead animals, prison, alarms and chases. He has been charged, arrested and sent to jail for acts he says he has not done. While serving his time in jail, Mann refused to eat meat, and therefore had to go without food. Other situations Mann has survived are; being shot at, punched, driven at, chased by men with spades, falling off a building and actually going through the roof. His time with the Animal Liberation Front has had many dangers and a lot of trauma.

Keith Mann’s book, “From Dusk ’till Dawn” is a story of how the Animal Liberation Movement has grown and what it stands for. It is a compelling story with a lot of images that expose a big issue.

Man Reunited With Stolen Pet After 18 Months


Richard Brower was living the nightmare of every pet owner when his German Shepard was stolen from his backyard. After 18 months and a long effort to find the dog, Brower had all but given up hope. In an attempt to lift his spirits he went searching for a new pet companion, what he found was truly amazing.

The heartbroken pet owner went online looking for another German Shepard. He happened upon the Claresholm Animal Rescue Society’s page for a rescued German Shepard. Amazingly enough, the Shepard staring back at him was his long lost pet, Dozer.

According to Lee Slaughter, Brower called the animal shelter, and his father made a quick trip over to check out whether or not the pup was actually Dozer. After a quick command check, it was found that the pup was actually his long lost pal, and Dozer was quickly reunited with his owner.

Those who stole Dozer are still on the lose. The dog had been picked up a month prior and dropped off at the shelter by a concerned citizen. Where he was and why he was on the loose remain a mystery, but it doesn’t really matter now. Dozer is back home with his beloved owner.

It’s A Dog’s Life


Lauren Piccolo’s heart has been hurting for almost 5 months. Piccolo’s dog Burt, a one year old brindled Whippet, had been missing for all of those months. She had constantly been searching for him and just did not cross paths with him anywhere. Friends, family, and Good Samaritan’s were evaded by Burt since August 20, 2014. She had at one point put posters up for about 90 blocks.

About a month ago, Lt. David Kelly, a 25 year veteran from Ladder 22 in Harlem said he started noticing the dog hanging around the FDNY training facility foraging for food. He began to feed the dog because he looked like he was hungry. He saw the dog nightly for almost two weeks.

Kelly started to look online for anyone missing a Greyhound mistaking the Whippet for that breed. Finally he came across a Facebook page and there was Burt. Not knowing if it was the same dog he contacted Piccolo who provided a few pictures of Burt, When Kelley received the pictures he could identify the dog as the “real” Burt and set about trying to capture him.

According to Paul Matheison, concerned about the coming snow storm Lt. Kelly decided to get a metal cage and try to trap the Whippet. Sure enough during the middle of the snow storm. After retrieving Burt he was re-united with His owner Lauren Piccolo. He is resting and recovering.

Real Life “Pet Semetary” Story


Stephen King’s “Pet Cemetery”: was a very popular movie, and it’s still something that scares many people who remember it. A cat in Florida named Bart, was hit by a car, and believed to be killed. Cat. The owner of the cat saw its lifeless body, and decided to bury the cat. Five days had passed, and the owner came home to find the cat in his neighbor’s yard, walking around and alive! This is where the plot twists.

Not only was the cat alive, but it was buried alive, and it dug itself out of its own grave. Those who remember the Stephen King movie, may remember the same thing happening to anything that was buried in the pet cemetery, except they all came back evil. According to Oliveira, this cat was weak, tired, dehydrated, and had dug itself out of its own grave, but still found its way home. The cat has a very deep wound to its left cheek, it’s left eye was injured beyond repair, and it has a broken jaw.

The Humane Society is going to wire its jaw, remove its eye, patch up its wounds, and give it a feeding tube, as the cat currently cannot eat on its own. If movies such as Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery didn’t exist, this would be an amazing story, but now it comes off more as creepy, than anything else. It’s still amazing that the cat went through so much and still survived.

Igor Cornelsen’s Tips For Investing in Brazilian Markets

Igor Cornelsen is an investor and chief executive officer of Bainbridge Investment Inc. located in the Bahamas. Igor Cornelsen has been CEO of Bainbridge Investment Inc. since April of 2011. Bainbridge Investment Inc. is an investment company that focuses on long term investments and returns for its clients.

In addition to managing investments for his clients at Bainbridge, Igor is also an investment adviser. As an investment adviser Igor Cornelsen guides investors with his knowledge and experience of the marketplace to help them better manage their own portfolios. He also guides up and coming investors who are striving for wealth and success in the corporate world. Igor Cornelsen uses hands on techniques to show aspiring investors on how to come out on top in today’s global economy.

Mr. Cornelsen has achieved great success and has profited handsomely by investing in Brazilian markets. It has been reported on CBS8 just how much success he has had. Some of his tips on Brazilian banking, the major players in Brazil, opportunities and outlook will be shared in the article.

One of Mr. Cornelsen’s tips on Brazilian banking is to pay attention to the major players who have the most influence on Brazil’s economy. According to Mr. Cornelsen there are 10 major players in Brazilian banking. The top 10 major players in Brazilian banking are BTG Pactual, Caixa Economica Federal, Santander, Banco Bradesco, Citibank Brazil, HSBC, Banrisul, Banco Itau, J Safra and Banco do Brasil. If you pay attention to these major players that play a crucial role in Brazil’s banking infrastructure you can a good idea of the economic climate in Brazil and be able to spot smart investments quickly.

Another major tip on investing in Brazilian markets is to pay close attention to Brazil’s largest trading partner, China. When China’s economy is booming Brazil’s exports of raw materials tend to increase in prices. China is also a big competitor to Brazil in exports of manufactured goods to South America If China floods South America with its cheap manufactured goods, you can be pretty sure that Brazilian manufacturing will decline and cut back as a result. Keeping an eye on Brazil’s largest trading partner China will allow you to gauge the ups and downs of Brazil’s developing industries. This should help you determine which investments have the best outlook and which sectors are best avoided. Brazil and China’s economy are linked together and if you decide to invest in Brazil, you must pay attention to the economy of China if you are to invest successfully in Brazil. That’s what Igor Cornelsen can explain better than most.

Jared Haftel Is Looking To Change Lives

Jared Haftel is already a graduate of Duke University, and he is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Stanford University. He has been working in the banking industry since he graduated from Duke, but his aspirations go far beyond being in a banking office for the rest of his career.

His goals reach far beyond the banks, and he hopes that he can help people to learn how they can make sure that they are managing their money properly. The best way for people to manage their money is to latch on with Jared Haftel to make sure that he can give them the tools they need to become more financially stable.

The Apps And Software

The apps and software that Jared wants to use to help people are going to give people financial tools that they can bring with them when they leave the house. Most people do not have all the information they need, and they cannot make an appointment with the people in the bank to get this information.

Jared hopes that he can reach people in the world who need to have as much information as they can get. These people do not always have the access that they need to get the service they need, but they can use these apps and software to make sure that they are learning as much as they can about their finances.

The Goals

The goal is to make sure that Jared can reach people in many walks of life. Jared knows that some people would rather get their information from someone who cares, and he is willing to work with people all over the world to give them the help that they need.

The best way for Jared to help people is to use his expertise that he will gain at Stanford to help people. He will make sure that there are ways for people to get the information they need to become more financially healthy. His goals align with the needs of the people that he meets every day in his work.

Use The Skout App To Find New Friends

I’m by no means someone who likes to flirt, but sometimes I do like to chat with others. I’m a very reserved person who only goes out when I feel the need to, and I rarely do a night on the town. I socialize a lot at work, and an acquaintance of mine told me that I should try chatting to people on Skout. I was a bit embarrassed by the suggestion, but they said it would be a good way to find a friend, or even to get a date. I acted as if I wasn’t going to take the suggestion, and said “thanks.”

I decided to look up the company, and I was impressed by the things that I saw. I decided to download the Skout app, since I use my phone a lot of the times, and I carry it with me every day. The app was very simple to use, and I was able to download it within a minute. After I implemented it into my phone, I was instructed to sign up for an account. I signed up for the account, and created a profile with some personal information, and I chose to add my picture.

I did read that I’m not required to add a picture, but I have no problem with showing myself to the world. After creating my profile, I began to look for people to chat to. I read about a “shake” feature, that allows me to shake my phone, in order to bring up someone to chat to. I was blown away when it worked for me the first time. It was so much fun, and it was something that I decided to do on a regular basis, to meet new people to chat to. This app is really a lot of fun.

I carry my phone with me all the time, and as soon as I get a break from work, I’m right on Skout. If I’m not doing the shake to talk, chat, then I will do the “buzz,” where I can voice my opinions about things that are bothering me, or some interest that I have. There is a very big community on Skout, and I can use the app to talk to anyone, anytime of the day. A few people that I found to be interesting, I decided to add them to my favorites list, which makes it easier for me to find them later.

I hadn’t determined yet which route I wanted to take when using Skout; the romantic route, or a friendship route. I decided to use the app, and see what comes of it. I did meet someone who seemed like they would be a good friend, and we had several interests in common. I chose to purchase some Skout points, which is a way to purchase features inside of Skout. I used my Skout points to pay for the feature that let me know if someone has been looking for me. It turns out, someone had been looking for me.

The same person that I had added as a favorite, and thought they might make a good friend, had added me to their favorites, and had been looking for me. I was flattered, and that person and I, chat regularly through Skout, and we’ve become good friends.

“In Dog We Trust” Is A Doggone Gold Mine

This guy I work with, Dan Newlin, always has the best stories. So get this-The Pinellas County sheriffs office’s order from American Floor Mats turned into a $10,000 donation to their local animal shelter.

The official seal rug, intended to read “In God We Trust” was printed with a typo, instead reading “In Dog We Trust.”
Rather than send the rug back and simply replace it, Sheriff Bob Gualteiri had the idea to place “the doggone rug” up for auction. The proceeds where to then be donated to the Canine Estates Inc. animal shelter, a local animal shelter who last year alone adopted out 186 dogs to their new “forever homes.”
Jane Sidwell, the fouder of the shelter, said she was pleasantly surprised when they received an exact total of $9,650 in donation money, instead of the expected cost of the rug ($500). She states that most of the money will go toward vet bills, since many of the animals come to the shelter in poor health and need to be treated to become healthy again before being adopted out.

NYC Mimics LA- Dog Café On The Way

Doggie Divas prepare to be pampered a little bit more. New York City is often the first to set trends and here they are again preparing to open a dog café. Coffee lovers can come in, grab a cup of joe and pet a few canine friends who are hoping to be adopted. Bernardo Chua has also heard that taking home a new family member is not necessary to visit this shop plenty of folks will surely drop by just to experience a new twist on a standard coffee shop. Consider it a no-kill shelter with caffeinated benefits. The food area and dog areas are separated for health reasons (whew!) so no worries of finding a dog hair in your muffin. Let’s also hope the barristas wash their hand really well after petting the furry friends. Fundraising efforts are still ongoing to reach the total amount needed to finally open its doors and begin giving dogs a second chance at love.

Welcome Home

One town in Utah is doing something about the people who are homeless. Residents of the town are giving them homes to live in, decreasing the number of people who live on the streets. These homes are small, but they put a roof over the heads of those who don’t have one. Many cities are giving people tickets if they are homeless, but Utah gives those who don’t have anywhere to go a home. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to take a small storage shed and turn it into a home for one person or even a person with a child. These can have furniture in them, even if it’ basic furniture, plumbing and a heating and cooling system. Bernardo Chua (tumblr) sees this as a way for people who are homeless to get back on their feet as they can give an employer an address instead of not having an address for government assistance or any other kind of help.