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Miranda Lambert Opens Animal Shelter

There’s no doubt that country music crooner Miranda Lambert loves animals. The singer told People magazine, in 2012, that she has no plans to have children. Instead, she stated “my dogs are my children.” In support of her love for animals, Lambert has opened a no-kill animal shelter in Oklahoma.

Lambert, with the help of her foundation MuttNation, acquired the shelter from the city of Tishomingo. The five-acre spread was renovated and has been re-opened as Redemption Ranch. Pet food giant Pedigree also had a hand in the task. Pedigree has assisted in the acquisition and renovation of more than four dozen shelters nation wide.

Redemption Ranch can accommodate up to fifty dogs and has been suited with larger kennels, improved fencing, and an intensive care unit.

Lambert fans like Vijay Eswaran and many others say that her love of animals is no secret. She and country superstar husband Blake Shelton have adopted numerous pets including several rescue dogs. Lambert and her husband also own a menagerie of horses, chickens, and small pigs.

#ThanksMichelleObama goes Viral

The hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama has seen a huge spike in the number of tweets it received over the last 10 days, according to The Washington Post. The hashtag has become a popular one amongst school children across the US as they tweet pictures of their newly healthy lunches served up by school districts sticking to new guidelines on fat, sodium and sugar contents.

The First Lady has been a major supporter of the drive to make US school lunches healthier, with a large number of studies showing how the fresh fruits and vegetables served with the new style lunches are not being eaten by children. The majority of tweets regarding the new style school lunches have poked fun at the positioning of fruits and vegetables alongside unhealthy options, such as corn dogs. The mystery meats served with many school lunches are now being photographed using Smartphones and posted to different forms of Social Media. This is a bit counterproductive in the eyes of Rod Rohrich. One student went so far as to place pictures of their own school lunch alongside a French school lunch to show the difference between the two.

Sam Kass, the Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition came out in support of Michelle Obama and explained policy is created in Washington DC, but individual school districts are responsible for creating their own lunch menus.

Rare Male Tortoiseshell Cat Brought to Animal Shelter

A 12-week old kitten was brought to the Lothian Cat Rescue in Bonnyrigg, Scotland — and was soon discovered to be a rare mutant. Young Harry is a male tortoiseshell — and there are only a handful of such cats in the world.

Tortoiseshell cats themselves are hardly rare, but over 99 percent of them are female. The reason is that the genes governing fur color are on the X chromosome. As with humans, the X chromosomes also determine sex. Females have two X chromosomes, while males have one X chromosome and a Y chromosome. The tortoiseshell pattern results when a cat has a gene for black fur on one X chromosome and a gene for orange fur on the other X chromosome Sam Tabar had told me.

The tortoiseshell pattern only occurs in a male cat if he is born with an extra X chromosome, giving him XXY, rather than XX or XY. (The same condition can occur in humans; it’s known as Klinefelter’s syndrome.) Such cats are sterile and tend to have more feminine behaviors than normal male cats.

Harry’s rare condition has naturally caused a stir at the animal shelter. The vet who sexed Harry said it was the first time she’d seen a male tortoiseshell, and she had been practicing for over 30 years. In fact, when she heard Harry’s former owners call him by his name, she had commented that the cat was probably a Harriet. Much to her surprise, he wasn’t.

Breedism in Louisiana

Some people own dogs that might not be that friendly. However, that doesn’t mean that a city has the right to ban the dogs from homes and collect them. This is what’s taking place in Louisiana as officials in one part of the state are going to ban pit bulls. One family is heartbroken over losing their family pet.

If people wouldn’t treat these dogs so bad and make them vicious, then the dogs might not have the reputation they do, and it might make a difference in some states that want to get rid of the animals. Pit bull lovers like Sultan Alhokair have some of the sweetest pups around. Rottweilers are also on the list of dogs that are supposed to be collected like the week’s trash and taken to a shelter. Those who don’t let officers get the dogs will face fines. These dogs will eventually be put to sleep after they are collected unless some further action takes place to stop this heartbreaking scenario.

The Interesting Conundrum With Interest Groups: Why We Need Them

Finally, someone sees the writing on the wall. Francis Fukuyama’s article, titled “The Ties that Used to Bind: The Decay of American Political Institutions” sheds some light upon the problems that plague America’s political systems. The political systems, he says, are wrought with an age old, party first mentality, and that the system is now compartmentalized because various interest groups hold it captive. While I respect these ideas (and even agree with some of them), I disagree with Mr. Fukuyama: interest groups are not primarily, and only negative forces. Honestly, it is true that the government does have so many interest groups that it is virtually impossible to steer through the swamp that has become the American policymaking process; without these groups, though, the government cannot properly mediate between constituent viewpoints.

Self-evidently, the United States is a large, and diverse country. Jared Haftel is well aware of this. The country is far too large for five hundred and forty-five (congress, the Supreme Court, and the president) men and women to govern a nation of three hundred-plus million citizens. The citizens need the special interest groups, unfortunately, so that their specific needs can be heard and understood. Once leaders grasp constituents’ problems, they are more ably equipped to deal with the problems at hand. Understanding viewpoints can radically alter the policymaking process and completely alter the world for society’s advancement. It’s all about America as a whole.

The Problem the Public Sees In Pit Bulls

Donna Deville LeBlanc had always hated Pit Bulls. She thought they were vicious and blood thirsty. But when neighbors moved out of the house next door they left trash on the sidewalk including an old mattress. Three days later they saw the black starving dog sitting on the mattress as if he too, were just part of their trash.

Afraid if other neighbors called animal control the dog would be destroyed Her husband without anything in his hands, not even a treat, called to the dog and he came to him cowering with his tail tucked between his legs and when her husband bent down and the dog laid its head on his lap he fell in love. The dog was so starved you could see all of his ribs and vertebrae. They nursed the dog back to health, even though it was one of those slow ventures that took forever for the nutrition to take hold, even taking him to the vet and controlling his diet while healing from starvation.

He became strong and healthy again and was very loving. He had a pillow on the floor in her room but he chose to go sleep with her teenage daughter being fondest of her. Donna says he is amazingly fast at learning new tricks and being trained. Dozer is a beautiful dog with an amazing personality and very playful attitude.

Donna Deville LeBlanc says he is an amazingly loyal dog and if she had the chance she would rescue another.

No Stance To Stand On

The President has recently taken an executive action relieving millions of illegals from deportation. Right or wrong is not the question at this point but rather opponents, mainly representatives of the GOP, next course of action? The GOP seems all up in arms in regards to the situation but have offered no solution to the problem. The House Speaker John Boehner has insinuated using the current House composition to block the necessary votes needed to hold a vote on the bill.


The GOP is complaining about the executive action as an impeachable offense but Herbert Hoover, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush have all taken similar action on immigration. Complaining about an action and not having a solution to offer is similar to the fit of a toddler. The GOP wonders why its relevancy is dwindling but continues to fight with no cause on the issues. If issues are brought to the forefront and the only differing stance you take is against what is being put on the table, how can you gain any support?


This seems to be the picture painted by the GOP for the past 14 years. Jared Haftel has read quite a bit about all of this and tries to keep up with the news as well. The GOP refused to back their own president, George W. Bush, on immigration reform he proposed in 2007. A lack of stance is what caused a splitting of the conservative base which ended in the formation of the Tea Party.

FSU Shooting Leaves 3 Injured and Gunman Dead

There has been a shooting at Florida State University (FSU) early this morning in the school’s library.

The shooter has been been identified as FSU alumni and lawyer, Myron D. May, and was shot and killed by authorities just outside the library. May fired a .380 semi-automatic weapon, engaging in an intense battle with law enforcement officers.

Only three students have been shot, and so far, all of them are still alive. One student is in critical condition, one is in stable, and the other was only grazed by the bullet. Considering the number of students in the library at the time of the shooting, it is remarkable that only three were shot and all have survived.

At a news conference at 6 a.m. this morning, Florida State University Police Department Chief of Police David Perry said, “At the time, as you can imagine, Strozier Library was packed with students studying for final exams. Our estimates right now are anywhere from three to four hundred students were studying.”

It is miraculous not more students were not injured.

Myron is an attorney and graduate of FSU, who had recently returned to his old campus a few weeks ago. During his visit, he suggested that he was being targeted by the government. This was not really taken all that seriously by Stephen Williams wine and others following the story.

John Thrasher, FSU’s President, stated that he has no reason to believe that the campus is under any further threat, and that the shooting was an isolated incident.

Dog Born with Cleft Palate Thrives

When a pit bull puppy was born with a cleft palate and lip, there was little hope for her survival. The original owner took the puppy, now called Ruby, to a vet, who suggested euthanasia, as she was unable to nurse. For the first five days of her life, her original owner tried to keep up with her needs, but ultimately surrendered her to the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation.

From there, foundation directory, Jennifer Clayton sprang into action. Clayton took Ruby to her personal vet who suggested tube feeding the small, malnourished pup. That is exactly what Clayton did, from December 2013 when Ruby was born, through March of 2014.

In March of 2014, Clayton and Ruby flew from Utah to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to meet with a vet specialist. Surgery was performed to fix Ruby’s birth defects. While the were slow ventures they saved the life of the pup. The following evening she began eating food on her own.

She has been perfectly health since, although sinus issues and dental problems persist. The pup is no longer in ill health or danger of being euthanized. She also has a wonderful home with Clayton, who has adopted the dog.

Ruby has also become somewhat of an internet celebrity. She currently has 30,000 Facebook followers, and is regularly stopped on the street by fans. Her recognizable mug may not be the perfect puppy smile, but it’s Ruby’s smile and her fans simply love it.

Buddy The Beagle Takes An Ambulance Ride

Dog enthusiast Ray Lane reverberates the old notion that dogs are man’s best friend, but for one pup in San Angelo, Texas, he takes it to a whole new level. JR Nicholson was feeling dizzy and called for the squad to help. While being transported to the hospital, apparently the dog, 35-pound Beagle mix, stowed away on the ambulance. 

The pooch hopped on the side of the ambulance and took a 20 mile trip. He was finally discovered by a passing car who flagged down the ambulance driver. Tanner Brown was the paramedic on duty and she was faced with an odd dilemma. With nothing else to do, they loaded the dog up and transported him to the hospital too. 

What makes the story even more adorable is this pup was adopted by the Nicholson just four months ago. He was a pound rescue, and his gratitude was displayed today when his new owner was sick. Dogs have a sense and they know when something isn’t right. He knew that his master wasn’t well and he was very attentive. He is, perhaps, the first dog in history to ride in an ambulance. 

The news of Buddy and his epic journey went viral, and the story has made social media history. Hopefully all will be well with Nicholson and he and the pup will be reunited. This pup got his fifteen minutes of fame and his pictures have made it around the world.