OneLogin Collaborates with Envoy to Bring a More Sophisticated User Data Feature that Guarantees an Unprecedented User Experience

With more companies adopting the use of technology, some old practices like visitors’ manual sign-in will soon be obsolete. Tech firms like Envoy have come up with software that ensures the above is achieved. With just a click into an iPad, visitors’ registration process kicks off with automated steps that are easy to use. Some of the features enabled in the software include host notifications, digital NDA, as well visitors’ identification tools. This software comes as a relief to IT admins who have to conduct rigorous visitor processing procedures.

Exciting Features

Envoy has continued to improve the software with a new feature launched recently in collaboration with OneLogin. System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) otherwise known as an automated user on/offboarding is a user provisioning feature that is accessible to Premium and Enterprise category of clients. With the new element, user provisioning and handling are made easier. It allows for the automatic inclusion of important sections, such as names, location, and contact, to Envoy from OneLogin catalog. All a user needs is an Envoy user provisioning connector fixed into the OneLogin’s application directory.

What to Leverage

Envoys customers stand to leverage a lot from SCIM feature. For starters, the huge burden of application users’ management is lifted off the shoulders of IT admins. Besides simplifying the sign in process for visitors, it also ensures that they locate the employee they are visiting with ease. The latter is possible only when the employees’ information is up to date. The feature also allows employees to create invites and get alerts upon their visitors’ arrival. One notable characteristic of SCIM is that any changes made in OneLogin’s directory automatically reflect onto Envoy. Knowing this fact, visitors’ hosts selected by the software can only be genuine employees, which guarantee office security.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a leading provider of identity management and single sign-on solutions to businesses. The firm’s capabilities in cloud/Saas application and on-premises handling sets it apart from the rest in the market. The firm works hard to ensure that their clients’ data is secured and end user experience is enhanced. Among the many accolades that the firm has received is that of a Visionary in Access Management Magic Quadrant by Gartner.

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ClassDojo App; what is it

Class management is among the most important issues in education today. Luckily, in an age where teachers, parent, and the kid use technology devices for communication, management has proven to be quite easy. ClassDojo is one of the few free communacation and educational apps that has garnered popularity across the country and abroad. More than 90 % of K-8 schools in the U.S and more than 180 countries are using this tool.

ClassDojo app connects teachers, parents, and students throughout the day, helping the students develop critical skills such as teamwork and empathy through a real time feedback from the teacher through any internet based devices.

Each student has his profile, with their own avatar, in which the teacher will assign dojos (point) throughout the lesson. The teacher can use a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer to deduct or awards dojos throughout the school day. The program is customizable, and the teacher can change the skills to adapt to the need of the class or the school.

He or she will then record the information on student profiles for entire year review. Parents have logins so that they can visualize the child achievement from their home, this way they can be able to support the student and allow them to develop social and academic skills. The app is quite an icebreaker between the parent and the child because the parent can have a look on the videos and photo of activities at school.

The app also allows teachers communicate an urgent message to parents. Notably, parents may also communicate an urgent or important message to the teacher, for instance, when a parent run late to pick the child.

Overall, ClassDojo has proven to be quite an effective tool in tightening the feedback loop between the student, parent, and the teachers. With ClassDojo parent and teachers can now track the performance, behaviors, and trends, improve the student without interrupting the class flow, more importantly, it let the student reflect on their in class performance.

Anthony Petrello Leading the Fight against Neurological Diseases

Antony Petrello is one of the most renowned powerful men in the oil and gas Industry. Petrello currently serves as the president and CEO of Nabors Industries. Besides being a powerful businessman, Petrello is also a magnanimous Philanthropist.

Antony Petrello besides being an executive at Nabors is largely involved in charitable activities. Petrello has been greatly involved in giving back to the community especially giving support to the medical fraternity. Petrello passion of giving grew when he together with his wife bore a child who had periventricular leukomalacia PVL a disease that is very common among premature babies. The disease is as a result of insufficient oxygen and blood flowing to the brain. Their daughter was born at 24 weeks and weighed a little more than a pound. Their daughter Carena developed cerebral palsy which led to her developing chronic motor skill impairment, growth delays and dependency on others.

Antony Petrello after learning of her daughter’s predicament did not give and was encouraged to even participate more in charitable activities to help other children that might be going through what her daughter is going through. Petrello together with his wife has contributed in the form of donation over 6 million dollars to Texas Children’s Hospital. The funds are supposed to help the advancement of research in neurological diseases. Petrello has also been involved in learning more about neurological disease, and he is a board member of the hospital board of trustees. Carena is now eight years old and is learning how to eat, talk and walk by herself. She has become the family source of joy and inspiration.

In addition to donating, Petrello is in the forefront in rallying other philanthropists to contribute towards the course. Petrello and his family ever since their daughter was diagnosed with PVL have been actively involved in creating awareness of the disease and other neurological disorders to the members of the public and have been a source of inspiration to many parents dealing with a similar issue. It is no doubt that the love for their daughter has helped the Petrello’s overcome the stigma that is associated with PVL.

Antony Petrello has not only been involved in the philanthropy works that target only neurological diseases but has also contributed to many other charitable organizations in Houston, Texas and globally. Petrello has given donations to activities that support environmental conservations and poverty alleviation among many others.

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Get the edge your business needs with White Shark Media

The Internet is a vast ocean of information. When someone searches for a business on Google, Yahoo, or Bing everyone wants to be in the first page of listings. Getting into the first page of listings is not easy. It requires the application of proper search engine optimization and search engine marketing techniques. Chances are the small business looking to get up above the waters is floating only a layer above the Internet’s dark web. Unlike the business’s competitors who already know how to leverage Google and social media, the business that doesn’t use these techniques may sink to the bottom or stay where it is.

Where can a business find someone or some organization who can help them get to the top of the sea and perhaps force their competitors back down to the lower layers. In the competitive business world, it is either swim or get eaten. A business owner who wants to get eaten needs to find a friendly shark, or at least a shark they can hire. Fortunately, there is one such shark out there. White Shark media is one of the friendliest sharks in the Internet ocean for small businesses. It works when the small business decides to hire the company’s services and follow its advice.

There are other search engine optimization and search engine marketing companies out there. Some of them are good, but none of them offer the personalized level of service that this one provides for its customers. A small business owner who needs SEO services should find out what this company can offer for himself today.

David Giertz Details the Best Retirement Plans

Life after retirement can be very complicated if one fails to plan wisely. People tend to get into early retirement without essential basics needed to go through it well. A large percentage of people get into retirement without planning and end up failing terribly. Planning for retirement is a way of avoiding finding yourself in a catastrophe. David Giertz, a great financial advisor, gives tips on how to secure a financially stable retirement.

Saving for Early Retirement

Saving for early retirement is never an easy job no matter how big the monthly payment is. This is because estimating how much money one requires for retirement is never easy. You should have sufficient money to last you through the whole retirement period because you will be spending less than you will be earning. To save enough money you should consider other sources of income.

The Best Retirement Plan

Once you realize how much money you will need for retirement, you need to find a flexible retirement plan. Retirement accounts charge at least ten percent penalties for any advanced withdrawals. If one is certain about early retirement, a Roth IRA is the place to begin. Unfortunately, a Roth is available for people earning $118 000 and below annually.

David Giertz

David Luther Giertz is financial advisor serving at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. The firm is located in Dublin, Ohio. Giertz has also worked as the senior vice president and president of Nationwide subsidiaries. Before that, he has served at FI/WH for four years and as the vice president of Bank Channel from 2004-2009.

Luther is a Broker at FINRA. Brokers are people who work for large brokerage institutions. The institutions are in the venture of selling and buying securities such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds and investments related products.

Achievements of David McDonald

David McDonald has seen OSI Group grow into one of the largest meat processing firms and through his expertise in the field of entrepreneurship, he saw the business grow into a global venture. Having studied at Lowa State University for Animal science degree, he got a chance to work in various food and beverage related firms, David gained vast knowledge to manage such ventures which are evident from his great contributions towards the enterprise. Marfing International Foods, South Africa is one of the firms that he served as director besides many others.

David has always had a determination towards venturing into the agricultural field and through his significant commitment back at school, he successfully paved the way for the accomplishment of his dreams. David`s appointment at OSI Group in 1991 was one of his major achievements as it motivated him to keep putting his best towards achieving the best. His current position as the president of the firm has seen him mold his team of employees into high workers by giving them a tip on how to offer the best customer services.

David has always put a lot of effort in all his operations, and his determination towards being the best has seen OSI Group establish a vast number of firms both locally and internationally. Besides, the renowned entrepreneur has received a lot of accreditation for his notable contributions towards the growth of OSI Group. He recently received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Award, which was an accreditation for his significant contributions to OSI Group.

OSI Group has been conducting their operations in various countries for over twenty years, and the firm has grown tremendously since it was launched. The enterprise offers high-quality meat products to its customers including meat burgers, chicken, and pork, among many others. OSI Group employs safe strategies in their production process to ensure that they offer clean and safe products to their consumers. Due to the excellent management of the firm, it has successfully established its operations in a vast number of countries through which it targets to offer its services to a large number of consumers.

The firm has partnered with many organizations to provide various products to customers, and their collaboration with the Beijing Olympic Committee was one of the most successful deals that the firm did. OSI Group provided a vast number of meat products to the people taking part in the Olympics, and due to the impeccable taste of their products as well as their excellent quality, the firm received a lot of accreditation, which in turn increased their customers.

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Benefits of Agora Financial Newsletters

Managing and taking care of your personal finances is a very important task that all people need to take care of. When you are looking to improve your personal finances, following advice from a professional could be very beneficial. When you are looking for quality advice, one option is to read the articles and newsletters provided by Agora Financial. Agora Financial is a company that specializes in providing online periodical to consumers that are looking to improve their personal financial situation.

Overall, Agora Financial is best known for providing online publications that help consumers make better financial decisions. The publications that are written can provide people with a range of different benefits including help with picking stocks, how to budget and manage finances, and how to prepare for the financial future. The newsletters are ideal for people in a wide range of situations with varying levels of financial expertise.

While there are many different online publications that provide financial advice, one of the top benefits of getting advice form Agora Financial is that the company has very experienced writers. The Agora Financial team includes writers that have worked for some of the top financial magazines and periodicals in the world. Others have worked for some of the top financial planning offices and investment banks as well, which gives them real-life work experience in the field.

When you are looking to get more information from Agora Financial, you will also have many different options to choose from. The company does offer a free newsletter that can provide you with great information. However, there are additional types of products available as well. Agora Financial can provide someone with a subscription service that will provide even more detail and advice. This information can then be used to help meet certain financial and personal goals.


A Close Look at Michael Terpins Career Journey

Michael Terpins started to operate a leading online marketing firm and high-tech PR in 1990. During the first internet boom, Terpins teamed up with his team to launch brands such as EarthLink, Jupiter Communications, America Online Greenhouse, and Motley Fool. Today, his brand represents a variety of consumer videogame, Web 2.0, and IT companies such as MyPublicInfo, CyberDefender, Xandros, Entropia Universe, Augmentum, and Bitgravity.

In 1994, Michael Terpin launched Internet Wire, a newswire division that secured over $25 million from top-tier investors such as Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad. Following a strategic investment by NASDAQ in 2003, Internet Wire rebranded to Market Wire, which was sold to CCN/Matthews in April 2006. In December 2016, CCM/Matthews was sold to OMERS Capital Partners for over $100 million. Currently, Marketwire is the world’s third largest investor/public relations newswire.

Michael Terpins’ most recent venture is Social Radius, a social marketing platform specializing in search optimization, the creation of social media content, building socially-based traffic, social media outreach, and lead generation. Its client roster includes TuneWiki, Digital Media Wire, DazzBoard, Philips,, David Lynch Foundation, Rallycast, Bombay Sapphire, Constant Philips, VeneuGen, and Red Herring.

One of Michael Terpins’ greatest successes is the launch of “Yes We Can” video in support of the Obama Campaign. During this campaign, Michael Terpins’ video garnered over 40 million views. Besides, it gained over one billion traditional media coverage including interviews on CNBC, The Today Show, CNN and other world’s leading media outlets. The video also featured on six articles in the New York Times. In 2013, Michael Terpins founded BitAngels, an angel group for cryptocurrency investment and ConAgenda, the first conference for bitcoin after discovering bitcoin and bitchain. He also teamed up with Nick Sullivan and Gil Penchina to start a bitcoin syndicate as part Gil’s Flight VC. Besides, Michael Terpins has been an investor and advisor in technology startups.

In 2015, Michael founded bCommerce Labs, a bitcoin start-up accelerator, which has recently launched its first ICO and Cryptomarket Company. In 2017, Michael left for Aphabit Fund, a global digital currency fund as a special advisor before joining CMO as the head of ICO investment committee.

Boraie Development: Creating a New New Jersey

An article that was published on Philly Purge brought light to the New Jersey real estate situation. The real estate market in New Jersey has suffered greatly since the Great Recession. There are housing shortages which economists fear may widen the gap between housing demands and housing supplies. New Jersey has one of the highest rates of mortgages in America which has negatively affected the real estate markets in the state.

Even with all the uncertainty of the real estate market in New Jersey, some towns have been seen to have high housing demands grouped with excellent inventories. It looks as though the New Jersey towns are preparing for a game changer in terms of developments and apartments. Economists have speculated that there is a change looming in the market because the drop in house prices and high interest rates expectations will result in more homes going on the real estate market shelves.

Sam Boraie offers a solution to New Jersey real estate market. With its 20 year experience in the development business, it has made a name for itself as the go-to development company in New Jersey. This is primarily because the company uses mostly private sources of capital to be its main source of funding for its projects. Boraie Development works with strong financial institutions, contractors, and architects to ensure that projects are delivered on time. Boraie Development is multifaceted and focuses on management of the property, sales, marketing, and development of property.

According to the centraljerseyworkingmoms, the Boraie specialty is creating projects that attract tenants, residents, and financial partners who are committed to a long-term working relationship. Managing of properties is an added value on its assets and adds on to its long-term working commitment. The company has sold over $150 million in both residential and commercial transactions. Because of this, it has gained the trust and respect that is accorded in the NJ real estate market.

Tom Bergeron, in a Bloomberg article, referred to the president of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie, as a visionary. In the article, he confirms that Omar saw the potential of a wasted town four decades before its bloom. He began in 1972 by buying dilapidated buildings one at a time and started work on his first project; Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Tower Two was completed in 2003 which paved the way for even more Boraie developments. To Omar, New Brunswick is growing into a developed force to be reckoned with.


Don Ressler: Being Successful Through E-Commerce

Don Ressler is an American entrepreneur and businessman who is known for establishing several startups. Fabletics is one of their current brands, which formed through the idea of Don Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg. They decide to come up with the brand when they began asking themselves what women would consider in choosing a sports outfit. They are stuck between “being fashionable” and “being affordable”, so they decided to combine the two and introduce Fabletics to the public. They founded the company based on their assumption that the demand for athletics wear will keep on going up, and they wanted their products to be fashionable, and at the same time, affordable.


Upon the introduction of Fabletics to the masses, Don Ressler stated that they considered what the people really wanted and their individual kind of style, and not what the current market trends dictate. They added quizzes on their website and thousands of items on display, making sure that all style would fit in. The customers who purchased from their website gave Fabletics a positive review, stating that the brand managed to introduce comfortable and fashionable sportswear at a very reasonable price. Soon enough, more people are visiting their site, and it resulted to the rising revenue of the brand. Don Ressler also asked for Kate Hudson to become the face of Fabletics, making her one of the co-founders as well. With her being the model of the brand, more people became interested and started purchasing their products.


Don Ressler stated that with Kate Hudson on their side, Fabletics will become more successful. As of now, they are regarded as one of the fastest growing companies in the world of online retail, and they just partnered with Amazon recently so that they can sell their products at a broader audience. Fabletics transformed into a multi-million dollar business, thanks to the brilliant ideas of its founders. According to Donn Ressler, he believes that Fabletics is different from the rest of sportswear companies because of how they take women into consideration. He stated that the majority of sportswear companies are focusing more on male athlete, but his company would stay full pledge serving women. He also added that their company offers more discounts than their competitors, and they actually have a VIP pass which the customers can pay for $50 a month, in exchange for fabulous rewards and soaring discounts. Fabletics continue to become one of the leaders in the online retail industry, and in the near future according to Donn Ressler, they will start introducing sportswear aimed for plus sized women.