Technology Is An Ever-Growing Industry

Technological advances happen everyday and effect people’s lives in subtle ways. Each of these advances require great thought. There are a lot of intelligent minds that work behind the scenes to provide products that make life easier for every person. The IT industry is at the forefront of innovation. Companies have a desperate need for technicians to execute the ideas that have been created by technology visionaries. John Goullet started out as a IT consultant. He quickly recognized that the technology industry had severe staffing issues. A company can only grow as fast as its personnel can support. Staffing for a technology company requires a unique skill set. John Goullet was able to identify the needs of these technology organizations and seek out skilled individuals to match open job positions. He launched his own staffing company. Info Technologies was John’s answer to an industry problem that was slowing down the process of many great ideas. Info Technologies quickly grew into a multi-million-dollar organization. John had even bigger aspirations for his original vision. He merged his with Diversant Inc as a way to create more opportunity for himself and the people who had supported his original idea. John was selected as Principal at Diversant Inc and immediately applied his work ethic to moving the company forward. Diversant Inc is a leader in IT staffing and has a Fortune 500 client base to show for it. John understands that working with others is critical in developing a plan. It is also essential for company leaders to study the market and industry they are working in. Competitors offer a great deal of information. Observing successful companies in the same industry is a great way to develop effective habits. This is what moves an organization in the right direction. Diversant Inc has been able to monitor the trends of the IT industry and maintain a solid position by developing talent that organizations desire. There are a number of staffing agencies within the IT industry. However, training recruits for a skilled position is the primary focus of John Goullet and his team at Diversant Inc.

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The Leader In Anesthesiology Services

Medical Care is something that is widely available in most countries. Without these precise measures of health, the survival rate would dramatically drop. Unfortunately life is full of illnesses, accidents, and injuries. Things just happen when you least expect, but having access to great medical care can be a life saver, literally. Anesthesia is a common form of medication that is used during medical treatments. This medication calms the nerves so the necessary work from doctors can be performed. Capital Anesthesiology Association is the nation’s leader in anesthesiology. This organization is one of the largest in the country that specializes in this craft.  Read more here.


CAA provides the very best services to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. Covering up to 20 medical facilities, this organization spans across a wide total area. It serves Level 1 Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and High Acuity Hospitals. Did you know that Capital Anesthesiology Association has up to 80 physicians? How about up to 130 certified registered nurses? This extensive group works in unison to give all patients the best outcome possible.


Even the administrative staff matches the efforts of the clinical staff. This experienced team supports patients throughout the billing process, which drastically cuts down on the frustration. Having this much knowledge, expertise, and capability, Capital Anesthesiology Association  @capanesth is definitely at the top of apex.

Equities First Recognizes Trend in Lending

Why would someone want to borrow capital using Equities First?

Equities First Holdings is a global lender, and they have noticed a trend among equities holders and borrowers. It appears that the trend is an upswing in borrowing capital using equities as collateral for the loans.If a loan is needed quickly, and the borrower’s credit is not up to par for a particular loan, an equities loan may be appropriate, and quicker to get.Although every form of loan has some risk associated with it, collateral loans based on stock equities is a far more solid risk than other types of loans. And, most equity loans are non restrictive, meaning, the borrower can do anything desired with the proceeds of the loan. The loan to value ratio is fifty to seventy five percent, based on the types of stocks and the risks of the individual equities being used as collateral.

Equity First Holding has offices in nine countries, making them a truly global company. Having completed more than 650 equity loan transactions, they are able to offer the customer low interest rates and very high loan-to-value ratios for the quick loan market. The risk factor is solely within the value of the equity, and how it is expected to perform on worlds financial markets, and the type and sector in industry.

The small investor who needs a fast loan with no restrictions would be the most likely candidate for such a loan. If a customer needs a fast loan for equipment, for sudden salary jumps, for expansion, for just about anything, this type of loan would be great for the customer, because the loan is at a low percentage rate, and it will likely be at a high loan to value ratio, which would put more cash in the hands of the customer.


Jose Borghi Takes A Look At A Survey On Celebritity Influence On Youth

Jose Borghi, the chief executive officer of advertising agency, Mullen Lowe has taken a look at a survey in Brazil that examined celebrity influences on youth. Below are some of the analysis and insights offered by the Mullen Lowe Brasil publicist. It is important to point out that Jose Borghi is an expert in media, advertising and propaganda.

The survey analyzed by Jose Borghi was done by research group Provokers. Its goal was to determine which media figures held the greatest influence of youth aged 14 to 17 years old in Brazil. Over 1,000 young people were questioned during the survey across the country. A surprising takeaway from the survey mentioned by Jose Borghi is the fact that television media still plays a big role in influencing youth behavior and values. This is despite the fact the more and more youth are spending more time on the internet and smartphones.

Youtube personalities and celebrities were found towards the top of the list, but they fall behind TV personalities and figures when it came to total influence and popularity. TV is still king when it comes to popularity and influence despite the fact that the internet is rapidly rising in use, prominence and influence. Parents, spouses and marketers should pay heed to this. Don’t ignore the medium of TV. TV ads are still highly effective and can really effect all demographics. That includes older youth and teenagers.

A trend on the internet is that teenagers and youths are increasingly interacting with YouTube celebrities. Jose Borghi has mentioned that this interaction is a great way for advertisers to market their goods or services and reach certain segments of the audience. The most influential celebrities were found by the Provokers study to be actors and comedians. For example, the survey listed actors and comedians, Tatá Werneck and Danilo Gentili as being the most influential and popular figures in the youth group it studied. Humor it seems plays a big role in Brazilian youths lives today, says Jose Borghi. They may like it because it allows them to forget about their daily problems and to enjoy themselves.

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Ohio’s Real Estate Market Sees A Boom Year

Ohio’s Real Estate Market Sees A Surge In Sales

The state of Ohio’s real estate market just saw its best year in over a decade. 2016 was a boom year and the best year for real estate since 2005. Here are some of the figures that show just how good and profitable real estate was in 2016.

Total purchases in Ohio increased by 7.5% for homes compared to 2015. There was about 151,600 homes bought in 2016. That represents about 415 homes bought per day in Ohio. Truly, real estate is now booming. Not only did did the number of homes purchased drastically increased in Ohio, but the sale price showed a significant increase as well. Average sale prices increased by 8% according to a report released by the Ohio Association of realtors.

Sales are rising and the number of purchases is also rising in Ohio’s real estate market. This can be described as a major boom in the real estate market in the state. Pete Kopf, who works as a real estate agent in the Cincinnati area, says that the boom has been record setting.

Ohio Real Estate Agent, Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate who works in the Central Ohio region. She works for the reality group, RE/MAX. Mrs. Mazzocco has an extensive background in real estate and property management. She has worked at The Edwards Realty Company and Scotland Yard Condominiums firms before joining the team at RE/MAX. Tammy Mazzocco is a fully licensed real estate agent.

Her office is located at 1131 Hill Road in Pickerington, Ohio 43147. You can reach Tammy Mazzocco by phone at (614)554-7837 to set up an appointment. Tammy Mazzocco’s area of expertise is selling and buying homes in the counties of Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield counties.

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Copa Star Breaks the Mold

Copa Star offers the best in quality health care providing patients a higher standard in hospitals, no matter the location. Designed with idyllic atmospheres and settings in mind, it is only rivaled 5-star hotels. This was important in the minds of the architects and building planners as it is clear that patients come first. Employing only the best professionals in the medical field, Hospital Copa Star keeps patients coming back by giving care that is planned with up to date field research; this hospital is known as possessing cutting edge technology.

This hospital is known for specializing in complex cases bringing medicine into the 21st century on The most recent Neuro and Cardiac surgery innovations and hybrid rooms that provide patients with a relaxing atmosphere to boost healing. Copa Star departments provide services from Intensive Care Medicine to Vascular surgeries. The Hospital Copa Star possesses an excellent Emergency Room for immediate care. These rooms feature robotic medicine, magnetic resonance imaging and other state of the art medical facilities such as telemedicine. Patients also have the option of surgery within Smart operating rooms where medical processes are streamlined for maximum chances of a fast recovery. In addition to this cutting edge technology there, the hospital plans to add a pediatric facility on Facebook that will not only cater to at-risk newborns, but also provide specialty care staff for this department.

Hospital Copa Star understands hospitals must provide more than cutting edge technology for its patients. Emotional support is available for patients and their loved ones. Copa’s medical staff have been specially trained in interpersonal guidance for families of patients undergoing extreme surgery and other trauma within the hospital. What ever the case, the hospital is equipped to determine and provide for its patients. Chaplains and other guidance professionals on ScoopNest are on staff to assist. This is only one reason why this interdisciplinary team are able to ensure an optimum recovery. No matter the department, staff are trained to deal with the needs and details of a hospital which providing medical care for an international demographic. Cultural and other social considerations are never an issue at Copa.

Hospital Copa Star is also a leader in information management and transfer. Copa houses a system which allows a fast and efficient connection between families and their treatment team. This allows the hospital to conform to a standard in international medicine that is difficult to rival. There are also a variety of amenities onsite in addition to its sleek and futuristic architecture, there is also a restaurant on site, employing a Swiss Chef with a specialty in international cuisine on Apontador. As many patients come to Copa, this hospital aims to provide the best for them. The Copa star is quickly becoming the premier hospital for Latin America, but its reputation is becoming international. One can only guess what the future holds.

David Osio’s Group Announces The Launch Of A New Mobile Application For The Real Estate Business Transactions.

David Osio and his group recently launched a much needed mobile application which will help prospective real estate developers at great length. With the rampant growth of the real estate industry, even the most experienced real estate business person has tons of information and details to learn on a regular basis. The mobile application will help such investors to quickly and efficiently analyze the financial returns of a property of interest by just inputting the required fundamentals of the property. In June 2016, the group announced the launch of the mobile app, named Davos CAP Calculator. The team announced the current development of more useful and innovative products and the expansion of the company’s businesses to regions in Europe, such as Spain.



Gerard Gonzalez, the executive director of the Davos Real Estate Group, stated that the tool is an innovative solution to investors seeking a clearer financial vision before purchasing a real estate property. He explained that the device’s ability to calculate a project’s income would save a lot of investors from avoidable investment failures. Another key benefit of the app is its calculation of a property’s mortgage price, based on financial projections of the investor’s bank, transaction period and interest rate of the project. After satisfaction with the analysis of a project’s income, a client can seek further financial help from one Davos Real Estate group agents through the app’s interactive chat platform. The group’s development team used the latest technology with the support of Tecknolution firm, to build the app and launch it on the Android and iPhone mobile applications stores.



David Osio is the founder and chief executive officer of the Davos Financial Group. He has successfully led the firms with old business and leadership expertise. Under his leadership, DGF has regional offices in New York, Geneva, Lisbon, Panama, and Miami. DFG has specialization in offering clients with unwavering support in financial problems through its various subordinate and licensed companies. David Osio pursued international banking law at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello from 1989 to 1994. While at school he headed Banco Latino International as the vice president of commercial banking, serving to manage the corporate and private sectors, plan marketing strategies, maintain customers and coordinate the business processes. In 1993, David set up the Davos Financial Group and managed it by planning its expansion on the local and international scenes. David’s skills in tax, asset management, investment, and banking play a fundamental role in the continuous growth of DFG.


Clay Siegall’s Fight to Eradicate Cancer

Clay Siegall has spent the bulk of his adult years in the field of biotechnology. Earning his Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland were just the beginning. Clay worked for the National Cancer Institute from 1988-1991 and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991-1997, clearly laying the foundation for his work in cancer research. In 1997 he co-founded Seattle Genetics in Washington State and then used research, innovation, and drug development practices to enlarge the company. Seattle Genetics’ work has marked Seattle as a center for cancer research. Mr. Siegall’s twenty years of cancer research and therapeutic drug development does not just benefit his own company, he also is a board member of several pharmaceutical companies. He has authored seventy publications and has fifteen patents.


Seattle Genetics is currently doing seventy trials for their new Antibody-drug conjugate “Adcetris” and is considered a leader in developing antibody-drugs. This type of drug sends cancer fighting cells to the source of the disease. The current trials are being conducted for results in various types of lymphoma. Adcetris is only one of thirteen drugs that are part of Siegall’s “ambitious plans” for the industry. In their own words, Seattle Genetics is a “biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing innovative, empowered antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer.” ( A noble intention as most cancer fighting drugs can damage healthy cells as well as the radical ones. The new Antibody-drug lines target only the cancer cells and leave the other vital healthy ones alone. Adcetris is already commercially available in sixty-five countries fighting against the life stealing disease of cancer.


According to “Approximately 39.0 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of any site at some point during their lifetime.” With the side effects and complications of most conventional cancer drugs, this work by Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is a giant step in the eradication this horrible disease. Their fight against this malady that knows no boundaries, one that attacks young and old, rich and poor, is a fight for us all.

The Good, Bad & Ugly About Texas Real Estate

Being a banker requires one to be a “Jack of All Trades.” Because they make loans to groups from vastly different industries, they must have expertise in many different fields. Here is “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” of the Texas housing market, which might have been discussed at the “Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference” held on November 7, 2016.


“Good: Breaking Sales Records”


Property is one of the primary inputs for productivity and land purchases remain an important loan category for most successful financial institutions. The booming North Texas real estate market in 2016 was very “Good” for bankers. The unemployment rate was low and jobs were plentiful.


“Bad: Low Homeownership Rates”


During the 1990s, the Federal Reserve made a concerted effort to increases homeownership rates in the United States, using Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and private banks. As of 2016, the United States homeownership rate was only 63% with the Texas homeownership rate, being a “Bad” 61%. Why is Texas so low?


The Houston Chronicle points out that many factors impact homeownership, including age, urban density and poverty rates. Mississippi, Utah and West Virginia all have higher homeownership rates than Texas.


“Ugly: Only Two Months Supply”


The high sales for Dallas homes is partially due to a low supply of luxury dwellings. Unlike other cities with a supply of about six months or so, Dallas only has an “Ugly” supply of two months. NexBank can help solve that problem.


NexBank President & CEO John Holt might have explained what could be done to solve these problems at the banker’s panel on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” Hopefully, more single family houses can be built to satisfy high demand in 2017. Bankers have the solutions.


Eminem VS Kanye West: Who’s the Best Rapper?


There are many famous rappers out there who exist, some of them terrifying murderer rappers. They often have many different talents and strengths but by far their biggest talent is their music. We all know of the famous ones, especially ones like Kanye West and Eminem. Both enjoy rapping and both enjoy making music with their loved ones featured as part of their music. They have a unique talent musically and share that with others.


Differences between Eminem and Kanye West


Kanye West and Eminem are extremely different, personality wise. Kanye West loves to be in the news. He enjoys talking to famous people and meeting new people. He loves making music and is often spotted with his wife, Kim Kardashian.


Eminem, on the other hand, prefers to spend more time focusing on his music and promoting his personal interests. He enjoys working on new records and releasing high-quality, original content. You can clearly see the passion that he displays through his songs and his music.

There are many differences between them, of course. These are just two of the differences. Others will be able to comment on the time they spend with the press and the time they spend with both family and friends.


Both are wonderful, career driven people who love to meet and hang out with new fans and embrace their culture. In all, there are many things about them that stand out and make them famous. Hopefully they don’t end up on a list of poor rappers some day, but considering how famous they are now, that would be highly unlikely.