Brown Modelling Agency | 4 Key Tips to Starting a Print Modelling

The requirements for press modelling are not as stringent as those for runway modelling. Basically anyone of any height, weight, shape or color can do it. This is because different companies are usually looking for different characters, at different times to pass different messages. Therefore, nothing should deter you from pursuing it if it is your passion. Here are some tips to help you though.

Get your Best Shot Yet

The key to getting you selected for press modelling lies in your photographs. This is not the type of photo you just take with your phone. But, something professional. Getting a professional photography is crucial in this stage. They will not only caption you and your personality excellently, rather, they will also advise you on poses that sell. Once you have that shot that you consider great, create a profile to sell yourself.

Be Persistently Patient

The press modelling business is very competitive, given the low entry barrier. Therefore, you might not get a gig immediately. You have to be persistent and patient. Keep going for those auditions, even if you are yet to be selected. The important thing is the lesson that you take with you at the end of every audition. It will better your game bringing you a step closer to being the perfect press model that someone wants.

Keep Bettering Yourself

You have to look your best at all times, just in case you get that much awaited call. So, it would do you a lot of good if you started exercising an eating right. Also, ensure that your skin is flawless always. Research for beauty products that enhance your face. Also, look for a way to keep your hair vibrant at all times.

Get an Agent

Getting an agent to handle your press modelling profession is the next best thing you can do for yourself. However, remember that not every agent can deliver. You need to look for performance. Check whether the agent you are considering working with has past clients and how well he was able to satisfy them. For starters, you can check Brown Modelling Agency, one of the leading modelling agencies in Texas.

A Look into Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Modelling Agency is a top-rated, Texas- based modelling agency. It is actually the leading modelling agency in Central Texas. The agency offers services for commercial, fashion modelling and Theatrical model.

The Brown modelling agency has managed to make itself a great reputation, working with internationally recognized brands. Therefore, you can be guaranteed of excellence if you choose to work with them. Realize your dream of becoming a print model by joining Brown Modelling Agency.

Choosing A Competent Business Lawyer

Every now and then business legal conflicts arise, and when they could not be settled through out of court proceedings, business litigation can be used as a way to rectify the situation. Whether it’s a private individual or a business entity that has a legal issue with another business entity, these issues can often be addressed with business litigation.


There are many lawyers out there that help with business disputes and related matters but you need to bear in mind that not all lawyers handle legal issues effectively. There are lawyers who are well known for rendering excellent services and representation to their clients. These are kinds of lawyers you need to look for. You simply need to know where to look.

Start by checking out lawyers directories and legal associations in your area, including the local bar association. Also consult other business people to find out who they have hired for business related legal issues.


Some people find a good lawyer through friends, relatives and colleagues. Ask around and you may be surprised how easy it is to locate a reliable lawyer through recommendations.


Once you have obtained a list of potential lawyer, the next step is to do some research. Perform a background investigation in order to find out which ones are delivering great service to clients.


When it comes to choosing a powerful business lawyer, consider Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.


Ricardo Tosto is a well known lawyer in Brazil. In fact, Ricardo Tosto has also gained a world wide recognition due to his litigation style. He is a caring person who takes the time to review his clients’ cases and situations before rendering advice or representation. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and include business owners, entrepreneurs, large companies and corporations, politicians and other high-profile individuals.


Consistent with Ricardo Tosto‘s practical experience in dealing with complex business disputes, a hallmark of his unique approach is a thorough understanding of his client’s enterprise ambitions. He has many years of experience as a litigation lawyer and has a proven track record in handling complex business law issues.

More information about Ricardo Tosto you can found at twitter

Helane Morrison – Making Investing Safe for All of Us

Helane Morrison is a lawyer who began working as the Director of the Enforcement Program for the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996. It took just three years for her to be promoted to District Chief where she directed examination and enforcement for the entire Pacific Region. Her goal was to strengthen the SEC’s presence and impact in matters such as insider trading and fraud and she attacked these issues with a passion. You might ask why any of us should care about Helane Morrison? The answer is simple; she spends her days fighting financial corruption in order to protect each of us and our investments.


Ms. Morrison began her career after she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and her Law Degree from Berkeley. She worked as a clerk for both a Supreme Court Justice and a Judge on the US Court of Appeals and then entered private practice. The irony is that in her private practice, she represented the very clients that she would later investigate. She ensured that her SEC staff examined all claims and that the enforcement division investigated and charged anyone who cheated investors.


In 2007, Ms. Morrison moved back to the private sector, as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. Hall Capital is operated exclusively by women and is the most successful investment company in California. Ms. Morrison joined Hall Capital to experience the company’s unique leadership culture but, more importantly, to work at restoring investor confidence in financial markets. The company philosophy is to build multi-class assets in international markets for families and foundations. This seems like a match made in heaven with Ms. Morrison’s clients coming out on top. Helane Morrison continues to work to generate superior income and safe investments for all her clients and it is nice to know that there is someone out there looking out for us.

Read more about Helane Morrison here.

Wealth Solutions helps clients retire happy

Wealth Solutions is a well known Registered Investment Advisory firm working out of Austin, Texas. This company was founded by Richard Blair. He created this company as a way to reach out to individuals and business overs and make a positive impact in their lives. Sometimes it can be very hard to find resources and good support.

Richard Blair has always enjoyed the world of education. He was always a great student and was eager to learn new information. After all, Blair does come from a family with a history of educational teaching. His mother, grandmother, and wife were teachers. They all got experience what it was like to teach in classrooms and make a positive different in young children’s lives. The women he is related to all saw ones’s knowledge and confidence grow.

Growing up Blair found that he had an interest in financing. He decided to use all of the knowledge he gained to help with financial planning and investments. Right after he obtained his degree from college he entered the financial services industry, in 1993. He started his own firm Wealth Solutions in 1994. One year after he got his foot through the front door of financing.

He would continue to provide factual and unbiased advice to all qualified clients. There would be no conflicts of interest. Ever since Richard Blair started his own finance business in 1994, he has used his knowledge and experience to help clients adequately prepare for retirement. Proper planning is absolutely necessary.

Blair hopes to help clients avoid any obstacles in the road to retirement. He can help clients plan income to last through retirement. Blair’s ultimate goal is help clients fulfill their retirement dreams. Who doesn’t have big dreams for retirement. The kids will be gone, house is paid off, no job, and all the time in the world to travel. The last years on earth can be great if planned for properly.

Those currently active in the workforce should plan on saving money for retirement as early as possible. Money has more opportunities to grow the longer it is accumulating interest in an account. Social security may run out years into the future, so it is best to be as prepared as possible.

Richard Blair is a certified tax specialist, certified annuity specialist, certified income specialist, and certified fun specialist. Blair just keeps checking off new skills off his bucket list.

A Look At Brazilian Marketing And Marketing Leader Nizan Guanes

What To Expect To See In Brazilian Ads

If you are new to Brazilian marketing, then you may surprised at first by how frank Brazilian marketing can be. The ads in this country are often straight to the point. Very rarely will time be wasted to entertain you.

Another highlight of Brazilian advertising is the prevalence of what can be described as sex appeal. Brazilians as a whole are very open about their sexuality. Most ads will contain an element of sexuality or some sex appeal. This is approved of by the majority of Brazilians. Expect to see plenty of sexy characters and scenarios in Brazilian ads. Don’t expect anything pornographic though.

Be prepared to see lots of soccer themed advertisements in Brazil as well. The country is crazy for this sport. In Brazil, it is called football though. Star soccer players will often be featured in ads for major brands.

Meet Nizan Guanes, A Leader Of Brazilian Marketing

One of the biggest players in Brazilian advertising is a man named Nizan Guanaes. Mr. Guanes controls a conglomerate group called the ABC group. This conglomerate has controlling interests in 18 different media, advertising, communications, radio and news companies.

Nizan Guanes started his career by creating advertisements for a small advertising agency. His talents were spotted by bigger and more prominent firms and he was given a position at some of Brazil’s best known advertising agencies. Nizan Guanes has created ads that have been featured in marketing trade shows and were considered to be among the best in the world.

Mr. Guanaes would go on to start his own companies. This includes a free Brazilian online portal called iG. It is the second largest online portal in Brazil. It offers email accounts and news. Nizan Guanes is also a UNESCO goodwill ambassador. He also supports UN Aids, a non profit UN affiliated group that helps people with AIDS.

A Peak at Brazil’s Judicial System

A Brief Overview of the Brazilian Justice System

Brazil is a country that share’s many similarities with the United States when it comes to its judicial system. The layout of Brazil’s court system will be described below.

At the very top of the judicial system in Brazil is the Supreme Federal Court. This is the highest court in Brazil. It is responsible for defending the Constitution. The Supreme Federal Court is also responsible for striking down laws that are not compatible with the constitution as well as hearing appeals from the superior courts.

Below the Supreme Federal Court is the Superior Court system. There are five different superior courts. They are the Superior Court of justice, labor, electoral, military and state. The State Superior Court deals with all issues that are not covered by the other Superior Courts of Brazil. Each court specializes in hearing cases according to its jurisdiction. For example the labor court settles labor disputes and not military issues.

Farther down, below the Supreme Courts are the second and first instance courts. The first instance courts consist of labor, electoral and federal courts. The second instance court contains regional labor, electoral and federal courts. It is ranked above the first instance court which is considered to be a local court where issues are first brought.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, One Of The Leading Attorneys In Brazil

Navigating Brazil’s legal system can be a daunting task. This is especially true for an outside businessman or company. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of Brazil’s leading lawyers. His area of expertise is defending corporate clients and high profile individuals. He is also involved in corporate litigation and settlements.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the founding partners and managers of the Brazilian law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. He founded the company after working for several notable Brazilian law firms. He is a member of the bar association of Brazil. Fully licensed, he also has a background in business administration. If you are looking for one of the top lawyers for business, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is your go to attorney.

Michael Zomber Explains Samurai Traditions in His Books and Films


In late 2009, Michael Zomber published two novels that are based on Japanese history. Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan highlights the lives of samurai warriors who attempt to overthrow the unfair government. The main characters in this book are Hideo and Kobiyashi, who represent the common Japanese citizen during the 17th century. Zomber’s other book about Japanese culture is titled Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai. As the title slightly implies, this book covers the full history of Christianity in Japanese society. Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai offers a unique perspective that isn’t typically found in history textbooks worldwide.

Shortly after the release of these two books, Michael Zomber appeared in an interview that was uploaded to the iUniverse platform. Released in a podcast format, the interview reveals all of the reasons that inspired Zomber to write comprehensive books about Japan. Both of the books were also released in electronic format on the iUniverse portal. After listening to the podcast, the audience can get a good idea of Zomber’s passion for Japanese traditions.

Michael Zomber boasts more than 40 years of experience in collecting samurai swords and armor. His personal collection has surely inspired him to write novels about the honorable samurai fighters who have played an integral role in Japanese society for many generations. Zomber was also excited about the opportunity to appear on the History Channel’s Guns of the Orient. In this show, he talks about the technical and aesthetic details of samurai weapons and other items that have been in the arsenal of samurai warriors.

Under his own independent film studio, Michael Zomber has also released a documentary called the Soul of the Samurai. This production was made with the help of a Buddhist expert who operated the Aikido Center in Los Angeles, California. This guru on Japanese culture provided Michael Zomber with plenty of details on Bushido and other aspects of samurai customs. According to Zomber, the Soul of the Samurai was dedicated to this good friend who passed away before the film was officially released.

Successful Market Trends by Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass was born on 7th September, 1969, in Miami Florida, United States. His father was the manager of Fontainebleau Hotel. He later relocated to be with his family in Dallas while serving at the Dallas Convention. Kyle Bass founded the Hayman Capital Management, L.P a Dallas based firm committed to global growth and opportunity creation. Mr. Kyle attended Texas Christian University where he honed his financial skills. He majored in real estate and graduated with honors. He is the managing partner, portfolio manager and chief investment officer at Hayman Capital.


With his excellent skills in the marketing trends, as the article The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler describes, Bass predicted a bet against the U.S subprime mortgage crisis where he purchased credit default swaps which added value during the real estate bubble fluctuation. Bass is well-known for making prominent successful bets in Europe and Japan and now China. In addition to the successful bets, Mr. Bass has high expectations on the future of Argentina and Japan. Although Kyle Bass has successful predictions on bets in the past, his performance has relatively been criticized by some investment firms.


Mr. Bass’ Career

In 1992-1994 Kyle was an employee of Prudential Securities then he later joined Bear Stearns. When he turned 28, Bass was promoted to senior managing director. The promotion ranked him among the youngest managers of Stearns. Bass left Stearns in 2001 for a five-year contract at Legg Mason. During his interview at Legg Mason, Kyle Bass told the panel that he would launch his firm in five years. During his service at Legg Mason, Kyle Bass offered advice on hedge funds including various institutional customers and firms on investment strategies. In 2005 December, Bass quit Legg Mason by selling his shares. He founded Hayman Capital Management L.P. He served as the manager and principal after investing approximately $33 million.


Kyle having founded Hayman Capital Management, a Dallas based funding firm. He hit the news headlines after successfully predicting the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. Kyle was the topic of discussion in town during that period. He was like M. Night Shayamalan in 2001 from grass to grace to be nominated for The Sixth Sense script.

Mr. Granados Holds a Fun-Filled Event for Miami Guests

Danilo Diaz Granados is the co-founder and director of Toys for Boys Miami LLC. Since its establishment in 2013, Toys for Boys has been providing Miami elite individuals with one of a kind product offering from contemporary art, luxury timepieces to exotic cars. Their clients get a chance to shop for unique artifacts from the luxury boutique. The boutique targets rich buyers who have well received it.

The boutique’s popularity has mainly been attributed to the implementation of innovative marketing strategies by Mr. Granados and his team. Besides managing Toys for Boys, Danilo Granados also ventures in video production. He is in charge of editing, communication distribution, promotion and production at Edge of Glory. He has led a team of experts in producing films that have received significant acclaim.

Before founding Toys for Boys, Facebook lists how Danilo was and still is the manager for Movilway. This firm is a provider of payment method for prepaid mobile phones and addressing fiscal necessities of the user without bank accounts, as this article wrote about Diaz Granados. It is Celistics Holdings Company whose main office is in Madrid, Spain. Danilo Diaz Granados also worked for Fireman Capital Partners and was responsible for Latino demographics and creating an investment strategy for his clientele. Danilo Diaz Granados has vast experience and knowledge to assist his clients to invest in the most profitable markets in the U.S.

This summer, Mr. Granados held a fulfilled event for affluent guests who were handpicked. The event had exclusive activities like fine cuisine, previews, helicopter rides, a visit to the racetrack and a sunset boat ride. Since the inception of Toys for Boys, Granados has held similar events that featured a selected guest list. He has said on a few occasions that he likes planning exceptional experiences for his guests. At the event, Mr. Granados got the chance to launch his newest boats during the sunset boat ride. The event was a success as it was sponsored by Van Dutch, Technomar, Air Commander Aerospace, One Thousand Museum, and Gryphon Racing.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a Babson College alumnus who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. The extensive experience of market research enabled him to realize that the luxury goods market in Miami was untapped.

How WEN by Chaz Begins Improving Hair with the First Application

After seeing the advertisements about how well WEN by Chaz gave women beautiful luxurious hair, one young woman decided to see for herself if the product would perform the way the commercials claimed. She chose to keep track of the condition of her hair by writing down what she experienced while using the product every day for one week. She then compiled her information into an article she posted on Bustle. Her article starts out by informing readers that she is a hair care fanatic. She is hoping the product will improve the condition of her fine, thin hair.
Since she wanted to perform an accurate test on the WEN cleansing conditioner, the young woman used the amount of product indicated on the label even though it was in excess of what she would normally have used. She further writes about the poor condition her hair was in after a day of traveling on different modes of transportation. As she massaged WEN into her scalp she began to feel the condition of her hair improve in volume, while also noticing fewer hairs in her drain.

A Restorative Cleansing System

The WEN line of products were created as a complete cleansing system by hair care specialist Chaz Dean. Having worked as a hair stylist in an elite salon, Mr. Dean had first hand experience with the hair issues many people tried to deal with. Not only did Chaz Dean create a more comprehensive cleansing system, he also designed a product that could help repair damaged hair.

The Wen cleansing conditioners are made using an array of natural plant extracts. These extracts have been shown to help soothe hair to get rid of frizz as well as add shine and manageability. Each variety of WEN contains ingredients that are specific to what the formula is designed to improve. Wen products are Sephora available and can be ordered online through Amazon. For more info, visit the Wensite,