Mr. Granados Holds a Fun-Filled Event for Miami Guests

Danilo Diaz Granados is the co-founder and director of Toys for Boys Miami LLC. Since its establishment in 2013, Toys for Boys has been providing Miami elite individuals with one of a kind product offering from contemporary art, luxury timepieces to exotic cars. Their clients get a chance to shop for unique artifacts from the luxury boutique. The boutique targets rich buyers who have well received it.

The boutique’s popularity has mainly been attributed to the implementation of innovative marketing strategies by Mr. Granados and his team. Besides managing Toys for Boys, Danilo Granados also ventures in video production. He is in charge of editing, communication distribution, promotion and production at Edge of Glory. He has led a team of experts in producing films that have received significant acclaim.

Before founding Toys for Boys, Facebook lists how Danilo was and still is the manager for Movilway. This firm is a provider of payment method for prepaid mobile phones and addressing fiscal necessities of the user without bank accounts, as this article wrote about Diaz Granados. It is Celistics Holdings Company whose main office is in Madrid, Spain. Danilo Diaz Granados also worked for Fireman Capital Partners and was responsible for Latino demographics and creating an investment strategy for his clientele. Danilo Diaz Granados has vast experience and knowledge to assist his clients to invest in the most profitable markets in the U.S.

This summer, Mr. Granados held a fulfilled event for affluent guests who were handpicked. The event had exclusive activities like fine cuisine, previews, helicopter rides, a visit to the racetrack and a sunset boat ride. Since the inception of Toys for Boys, Granados has held similar events that featured a selected guest list. He has said on a few occasions that he likes planning exceptional experiences for his guests. At the event, Mr. Granados got the chance to launch his newest boats during the sunset boat ride. The event was a success as it was sponsored by Van Dutch, Technomar, Air Commander Aerospace, One Thousand Museum, and Gryphon Racing.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a Babson College alumnus who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. The extensive experience of market research enabled him to realize that the luxury goods market in Miami was untapped.

How WEN by Chaz Begins Improving Hair with the First Application

After seeing the advertisements about how well WEN by Chaz gave women beautiful luxurious hair, one young woman decided to see for herself if the product would perform the way the commercials claimed. She chose to keep track of the condition of her hair by writing down what she experienced while using the product every day for one week. She then compiled her information into an article she posted on Bustle. Her article starts out by informing readers that she is a hair care fanatic. She is hoping the product will improve the condition of her fine, thin hair.
Since she wanted to perform an accurate test on the WEN cleansing conditioner, the young woman used the amount of product indicated on the label even though it was in excess of what she would normally have used. She further writes about the poor condition her hair was in after a day of traveling on different modes of transportation. As she massaged WEN into her scalp she began to feel the condition of her hair improve in volume, while also noticing fewer hairs in her drain.

A Restorative Cleansing System

The WEN line of products were created as a complete cleansing system by hair care specialist Chaz Dean. Having worked as a hair stylist in an elite salon, Mr. Dean had first hand experience with the hair issues many people tried to deal with. Not only did Chaz Dean create a more comprehensive cleansing system, he also designed a product that could help repair damaged hair.

The Wen cleansing conditioners are made using an array of natural plant extracts. These extracts have been shown to help soothe hair to get rid of frizz as well as add shine and manageability. Each variety of WEN contains ingredients that are specific to what the formula is designed to improve. Wen products are Sephora available and can be ordered online through Amazon. For more info, visit the Wensite,


The Top NYC Luxury Real Estate Projects in the Fall of 2016

Finding quality NYC luxury real estate can be a pain. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can rely on the tycoons of real estate to tell you which projects they are watching this fall.

The first place to look on your NYC luxury real estate is the section of Manhattan in East Midtown. The reason is that the new zoning approval could mean that more modern buildings will go up soon. Second is the Vanderbilt building. It has had problems with occupancy, but new repairs have lured other tenants in.

Don’t forget about Liberty and Madison. This area does have some vacant buildings, but approval for a new development company means that new apartments will be popping up. And in another part of town there is the Harlem developments. They are doing away with drug clinics and cleaning the trash of the streets to make way for nicer settings. Finally, don’t leave out Hudson Yards or the extension of the subway. Both projects are under way and promise to provide great buys for real estate lovers.

When it comes to NYC luxury real estate, you never know what you’re going to find. However, when you have a guide, such as the opinion of experts, it becomes easier to find that piece of land you’re looking for. So don’t shoot around in the dark, simply look at the popular real estate projects this fall to help you make quality decisions.

TOWN Residential

This real estate firm doesn’t just offer services for NYC luxury real estate, but does much more for the area. They are known as having excellent customer service in the industry, and for making decisions based on ethics and responsibility. For this reason, they have grown quickly in their short span of five years in business.

Town Real Estate has been awarded the top place to work in NYC properties, as well as topped the top 50 list of businesses to go work for in NYC. The reason is the expertise they bring to the field, as well as the standards they hold for themselves and clients. They do leasing, marketing, and selling of development properties, rentals, residential, commercial, and retail.

Michael Hartweg Joins SSUF

Mike Baur is a well-known individual in the world. He is one of the founding partners of the famous institution known as Swiss Start-up Factory. He has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than twenty years, acquiring a lot of knowledge and experience. At the Swiss Start- Up Factory, Mike Baur is responsible for fundraising and financing. Under his leadership, the company has grown, significantly, earning him much revenue.


The Swiss Start-up Factory was founded in the year 2014. The accelerator company is based in Zurich, and it has transformed the lives of many digital entrepreneurs. The institution looks for some of the thriving businessmen then later offers them exciting and promising opportunities. The company guides the entrepreneur from the first day using they start their partnership until the businessmen are strong to stand on their own. The company has strong networks in Switzerland and other parts of the world, and this makes it possible for the institution to help the upcoming entrepreneurs.


The accelerator company runs a special program for the digital entrepreneurs. The programs mostly take three months. During the three months, the company offers the businessmen a unique platform of great services, mentoring, coaching, office space at the best places in Zurich town and a reliable network that enables them to achieve all their goals.


Michael Haetweg is one of the founders of a company known as Leonteq. Just recently, Michael decided to abandon his company and join the Swiss Start-up Factory. Michael will now be serving in Mike Baur’s company as one of the investors and advisors. He will help companies who want to establish and do well in the modern market. After making this announcement, Michael sold all his stakes in Leonteq and also gave up his operational role in the company.


After quitting his good position at his former company, Michael has become of the individuals who have abandoned the day to day finance entrepreneurship. He will now be one of the investors in the fintech industry. He will now assist founder and many other companies about the fintech industry. Michael Hartweg is currently forty-four years, and he will carefully invest in selected startups that have been developed in the Swiss Factory. He will make sure that they develop to become successful businesses. This year, SSUF is planning to launch an accelerator program that will focus mostly on the fintech companies.


Investment Banking And How It Is Relevant To The World today

There are some branches related to banks. Investment banking is a branch which creates capital to come to rescue to situations involving companies, government, and other big entities. There are many functions that an investment bank is expected to do. They help to sell securities other than just providing equity security to the many corporations in the world today.

Investment banks are good at advising different companies on how best to negotiate, develop their structures and even at times they help them with their implementation process. In as much as the company will look good in the way it deals with most of its problems you will notice that some of the biggest problems get solutions from investment banks. Most of the investment banks help companies solve issues revolving around financial control, risk management, corporate strategy among others.

The best thing about investment banking is that they are good at offering suggestions to a company on how best they can manage their wealth so that they can either generate positive energy or a lot of profits. Most of the things that they will tackle in this case include mergers and buyers. Another thing that the investment bankers consider is the size of a bank. They are likely to put their energy in bigger and more established companies at the expense of the small and developing companies. The point is this way because the economy of the country in question will fluctuate mostly depending on the financial optimization of these enterprises. Notice that most of the services they offer are paid for while at times they provide funding services.
One thing about the way that money is revolving in the world is that you will not notice how round it can go. When it stops, massive disruption can happen to the country in question. It is all about the global network and the investment banking in the world as a whole. Think of how the money would go to a country in China when one buys a given machine but ends up in the United States when China decides to save it and later invest it in the World Bank for future country projects.

Save On Your College Expenses With Great College Saving Programs

Today it can be hard to finance your education because of restrictions on federal aid and massive student loan debt. However, Dallas based NexBank has acquired College Savings Bank and now offers you the opportunity to save up to 25% on your college expenses. College Savings Bank is known for their over 539+ college saving programs. They will still continue to operate under their name and current likeness. Now more than ever before you have the opportunity to pay for college and practically eliminate the threat of debt. Too often parents accumulate debt trying to help their children fund their education.
NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank

NexBank invites new clients to visit their official website for more details on service plans and information. You have the option of putting your money in an account that bares interest. In fact, NexBank offers you the chance to live in your dream home with their mortgage accounts that are also available online. Get a reliable monthly mortgage with low interests rates. You even have the option of buying a new or used car through their finances options. You’ll never go back to your former bank knowing your money is in a trusted insitution that is FDIC insured.

You’re invited to visit their official website to talk to one of their friendly professionals or get account assistance. Customers have access to their account immediately after registering for an account. You can manage your money any time from an any device including your mobile device.

NexBank Offers

– Direct Deposit
– Online bill pay
– IRA accounts
– Free checks
and much more…

NexBank members have the option of many free features. Put your money in an account that will work for you. NexBank is the right choice for people that want to maximize their money and build their finances.

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Adam Goldenberg has done a great job as a leader at JustFab

The fashion industry is constantly evolving. New styles come into fashion and old ones rotate out. Companies on that are able to keep up with this evolution stick around, but many companies rotate out over time. New and exciting companies can capitalize on the newest trends and reach new heights.

Recently, athleisure wear became incredibly popular. Men and women around the world love wearing athleisure wear to work out in and to hang out with friends and family. It combines form, function, and fashion for the perfect clothing. Several companies have capitalized on the athleisure trend, but none have done so quite as well as JustFab. JustFab launched just a few short years ago, and already their top line of products, Fabletics has caught on with people across the country. Fabletics is an affordable and luxurious line-up of athleisure wear. The Fabletics line is incredible, and it is incredibly affordable. Fabletics has grown considerably in just a few years, and they have an incredible leadership team to thank for their progress. Adam Goldenberg is part of the great leadership team at JustFab.

Adam Goldenberg was recently featured in Built In Los Angeles, a popular Los Angeles business blog. Adam anticipates JustFab having a breakout year. Built In Los Angeles pointed out that Adam is very familiar with having big years. Adam has many years of leadership experience, and his career has already featured several big years.

In 1997, Adam Goldenberg founded Gamer’s Alliance, a network for gamers around the country. After just two years, Adam was able to sell the network to Intermix media for a considerable profit. Adam later went on to found Intelligent Beauty in 2006. The company was incredibly successful, but several years later Adam had a bigger idea. Adam and his partner Don Ressler wanted to launch their own line of athleisure wear. They started JustFab in 2010.

JustFab has been incredibly successful in the last six years. In 2013, JustFab brought in $55 million in funding. This funding proved vital to growing the company. In the next three years, JustFab has grown considerably. Adam Goldenberg credits the company’s willingness to work hard and listen to customers with their growth. He believes JustFab has several bright years ahead of them.

Athleisure wear is taking over, and leaders like Adam Goldenberg are revolutionizing the industry. Adam’s leadership at JustFab is making a major difference for the company and the industry as a whole. Source:

Success of Securus ConnectUs Technology

Securus Technologies is providing the best inmate communication solutions in America. Securus is the most tech-savvy company in the industry. ConnectUs technology saves the correction officers’ time and resources. They can get inmate forms reliably and launch grievance application on time.

Russel Roberts believes that the Securus Technologies will continue to provide the criminal justice with the latest and most effective communication innovations. Apparently, the correctional facilities use paper forms to attend to inmate’s needs. With automated application forms, the process is faster.

The ConnectUs application makes requests and grievance forms readily accessible to the inmates. The ConnectUs application platform is eliminating usage of manual processes and replacing them with digital automation. Consequently, the saved time and resources enhance the fight against criminality in the America. Also, the Securus enables inmates to apply for the forms by themselves at all time.

Chief Kolitwenzew believes that the ConnectUs application is one of the simplest technology to implement. The technology is already proving a hit among users. Securus innovation is leading in the modernization of the correction facilities.

ConnectUs inmate forms and grievance application is the best change in the market that majority of correction centers are using. Inmates can access the information available in the correction facility through automated documentation conveniently. Additionally, the platform has more benefits that boost communication between correction staffs and inmates. One of them is digital inmate bulletin.

Securus Technologies offices are in Dallas and Texas among other states in North America. The organization serves the public safety, law enforcement and correction facilities by providing emergency response, inmate self-service, biometric analysis among other services as a way of improving the security of the prisoner.

Securus Technologies is transforming the lives of the prisoners significantly. It is making incarceration life much bearable. Its application is making correction and rehabilitation smooth.

Brian Torchin Fights To Lower Healthcare Costs

Brian Torchin is the managing partner of HCRC Staffing a company founded with the mission to provide quality staffing solutions for chiropractors, podiatrists, medical offices, and physicians. The company is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and incorporates Brian’s years of experience in medical and staffing knowledge to provide expert staffing services to HCRC Staffing’s clients. In addition, Brian and HCRC Staffing offer extended night and weekend hours to make sure that their clients are provided with effective and timely communication about their needs. In addition to the private practices they serve, they also count among their client base several urgent care centers and hospitals. HRC staffing presently works in all 50 states as well as Europe, Asia, Canada, and Austrailia providing their services.

Today HCRC Staffing has a large database of not only active physicians but also a growing list of qualified candidates with various medical skills who are seeking employment in the medical fields they serve. To help their clients find just the right person for the position they are trying to fill, HCRC Staffing assists the client in assessing the current marketplace, identifying the client’s current position criteria, schedules applicant interviews and oversees contract negotiation between the potential employee and HCRC Staffing. Brian spent many years staffing, opening, and managing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida picking up his skills. With the knowledge he gained doing this, he started staffing his personal offices with physicians , doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and physician assistants which eventually led to the development of HCRC Staffing as an international company.

Over the years Brian Torchin has developed the reputation of being a detail-oriented businessman who has a positive outlook on life and the business world. He has developed this outlook by focusing on building long-term relationships with his worldwide clients. He has also collaborated with many groups and individuals involved in healthcare to increase his contact list and his knowledge of the latest techniques used in the industry. He is also mindful of the fact that health care providers worldwide are working to integrate their patient services which help shrink their total care cost while it raises patient satisfaction and drops patient re-admissions.

Why Choose White Shark Media For Your PPC Management

White Shark Media is a reputable company in the advertising industry. White Shark Media caters to the needs of small business owners, mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, online marketers and professionals. The company has a good understanding of the advertising field, and it focuses on PPC campaign management.

A pay per click, or PPC, manager at aims to drive traffic to a company’s website. PPC management firms are experts in marketing promotions and Internet search engines, including keywords research and writing copy for websites and ads.

With PPC advertising, you can start generating traffic quickly and start making sales. Fortunes have been made by companies and marketers who understand how to use this advertising platform to reach their target audience and entice them to respond the advertised product or service.

Deciding where to invest in advertising campaign management service for your company is a big decision. White Shark Media Review team understands the impact that this important decision can have on your business and your revenue. That’s why they offer an in-depth, and personalized analysis of your ppc account.

A certified Adwords specialist will have a thorough look at your current advertising campaigns and make recommendation on how to improve them and get you the results you seek. Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

These experts will even walk you through the process of setting up a new campaign and show you exactly what works and what doesn’t. By the end of the training or tutorial, you will be able to set up a winning campaign by yourself and start generating impressive returns on investment.

If you need assistance with campaign management, the team at White Shark can handle it for you. This will allow you to focus on running your business and not worry about adjusting or tracking your ad campaigns. Thousands of companies and marketers prefer this approach, because it generally yields better ROI. These professionals have great expertise in keyword research and how to create ad copy with the right keywords for your business or product.

White Shark Media is committed to their clients’ continued success, and they can help you achieve the kind of result you are looking for. This is why they intend to be innovative with their affordable, flat fee marketing and advertising solutions with full transparency, honesty and no contracts. Contact White Shark Media to learn more and find out about the slew of benefits they offer.