Toronto’s Regenerative Medicine Expert, Dr. Cameron Clokie

Stem cell therapy can be described as taking donated cells and putting them in a patient so as to treat an injury or disease. According to Dr. Cameron Clokie, an expert in regenerative medicine, taking utilized molecules, cells and biomaterials to fix parts that do not carry out their function properly in the body, due to injury or disease, is what regenerative medicine is all about.

Clokie is an Oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is Induce Biologics’ CEO. Induce Biologics is a regenerative medicine company whose main focus is on musculoskeletal reconstruction solutions.

He was a professor, at the University of Toronto, of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and has been a board member of scientific advisory boards for a number of companies.

There have been scientific breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, yet the number of patients being treated is still low. Hospitals are providing therapies that have not been proven, and which, sometimes, make the situation worse, yet they are making tons of money off of them.

The earliest form of cell therapy is blood transfusion. This is widely practiced in clinical settings. After that came the bone marrow transplant. Through a donor, blood cancer patients got a second chance at life by having new blood cells. How is it that people are not benefiting from regenerative medicine and the potential it has?

In cases of severe burn injuries, the patient’s cells are used for the cell therapy. This goes to show the far we have come when it comes to regenerative medicine. The Lancet report states that there is so much potential to reduce the burden of some conditions such as heart disease, progressive neurological conditions, and stroke. It is a fact that regenerative medicine can improve the quality of life of a patient suffering from chronic diseases and also increase life expectancy. The problem is that treatments through regenerative medicine are not mainstream medical practices.

Research, through regenerative medicine, is being carried out by scientists all over the world with the aim of finding solutions for many of the common diseases and injuries. We have seen progress, for example, the chip technology, which can change cells, from one type to another, and completely heal organs.

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Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin and Fairness

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two men who represented the Village Voice Media in Arizona. This was a prominent newspaper that had a big following in the state. Lacey was the paper’s executive editor. Larkin, on the other hand, was its Chief Executive Officer. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was at the helm of their arrests back in 2007. These arrests took place in the comfort of their own homes at night when everyone else around was fast asleep. Read more: Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times

Arpaio had a reason to arrest these individuals, too. He was becoming extremely stressed out about the Village Voice Media and all of the attention it gave his law enforcement techniques at that time. He served as the sheriff since the beginning of the nineties. People knew him for Tent City. They knew him for a range of instructions that related to incarcerated individuals and women.

Lacey and Larkin talked at great length about Arpaio and all of his actions. They did so via their paper. They didn’t have a lot of competition in that respect. There were few papers around them that did the same. With time, however, newspapers started taking note of all of the Arpaio pieces that began popping up in the Village Voice Media.

These pieces in many cases encouraged them to start talking about the matter themselves. The messy situation was exacerbated from there on out as well. It even started making waves all throughout the United States. The whole thing prior to that was mostly a local subject restricted to people in Arizona. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The two newsmen remained in jail for a total of 24 days. They set up a lawsuit right after they got out as well. They worked to highlight additional problems that related to the sheriff. They received a settlement that totaled $3.7 million.

Hispanic people encountered many issues when Arpaio was in charge. People all around the state had many grievances that involved what they considered to be his plentiful prejudices. Arpaio had many police officers who followed all of his instructions cautiously.

President Donald Trump gave Arpaio a pardon. People cannot easily anticipate precisely what this pardon may mean for the man who used to function as sheriff. There are individuals all over the place now who have great familiarity with Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin are essentially tireless in their attempts to provide the people of the public with information that’s genuine.

Amy Nauiokas’ Success

Amy Nauiokas is a lover of horses; her first horse was called Pandoer. The horse is 15 years old, and it is a Dutch Warm Blood. Over time, Pandoer lost his visual and went for a 3-year semi-retirement to Amy’s barn. While at the barn, the horse made a miraculous recovery and was back on track. Amy loves Pandoer and has a special connection with him.

When Amy goes riding, she likes to wear Ariat which are very comfortable clothes that are great for any terrain. She likes to wear Vogel boots which are custom made for her narrow feet. When Amy is driving, she loves to travel in her vintage Land-Rover Defender because she likes the feeling of being on a safari while driving.

For a saddle, Amy like Voltaire and she uses saddles from them; one of her favorites is the tiny one they did for Archie. In 2010, Amy co-founded a not-for-profit organization that is called Bubble Foundation. The NGO is dedicated to providing food and access to activities to underserved children in the city of New York.

Amy has partnered with charter schools that share the same mission as her organization to design free fitness and nutrition programs that complement and expand the current efforts in schools. The foundation also offers support concerning funding, resources, and information to these schools. The foundation also provides activities, food programs, and learning adventures to provide the basis for building a lifetime of knowledge.

At her free time, Amy likes to hang anywhere at her Connecticut house. She loves sitting by the pool and in her back patio as she looks at the field where the kids are playing on swings. Whenever she wants to dine out, Amy likes to go to Blue Ribbon that is on Sullivan Street in New York City.

Amy is married to Harry Harrison who used to work for Barclays Non-core as the head of the division up until 2017 when the division was successfully closed. Harry is also a member of the board of directors of Bubble foundation, and even the member of the board of directors of GFMA (Global Financial Markets Association.)

Speak To An Expert At US Money Reserve Before Buying Gold Anywhere Else

US Reserve, Inc. distributes precious metal coins to collectors around the world. The company headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. All of the coins that they market are authentic and US government issued. Their clients can choose from gold, silver, and platinum.

The company has been in business for over 10 years. They have rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading gold and silver distributors. US Money Reserve has well over 400,000 clients. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

They refer to themselves as “America’s Gold Authority” in all of their online and TV advertising. It is the reputation of the company and other noteworthy things that have contributed to the firm’s success over the course of the last decade.

In just the last two years, the company has received the AdSphere Award in both 2017 and 2018 in two categories for a total of four prestigious awards. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

The company uses the direct response method of advertising to market and sell the precious metal coins to the general public. Their televised infomercials air on cable network TV, and they are constantly reaching new customers across the US and Canada as well as many other countries. The infomercials presented by US Money Reserve earned the company the “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials.” Best in Category awards again this year from AdSphere.

As a measure of the effectiveness of an infomercial, AdSphere determines the winner in several categories, including the amount of time it takes for customers to respond to the advertising they are viewing.

For direct response advertising, the earlier on the better. It speaks to the quality of the production that the infomercials presented by US Money Reserve are so well received by its customers. It is an honor for a company to win an award from AdSphere.

The company prides itself on service. When the customers call in to seek assistance, they have the opportunity to speak with a knowledgeable account representative. The intention is to get to know more about the customer and why they are considering buying gold or silver. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

It is important that the representative instill a level of trust. The company believes in building relationships first, without any high pressure sales tactics. The company website is informative, and a customer can also browse and shop online.

End Citizens United Has Impressive Resolve Toward Ending Corruption In Campaign Financing:

Political organization End Citizens United is an action committee that works diligently to get a reversal on the 2010 Citizens United verdict of the Supreme Court. The group’s overall goal is to champion campaign finance reform and see an end of big money in politics. A huge part of how End Citizens United works towards its goals is by supporting candidates that made their devotion to bringing along campaign finance reform well-known. It is all a part of the idea that honest politicians who do not want to ally their campaigns with big money from the corporate world are at a huge financial disadvantage, which causes obvious problems.

End Citizens United has shown a consistent commitment to trying to level the playing field of politics by grassroots fundraising efforts that go toward the support of candidates who believe in reform. The has made the organization an impressively influential organization within the world of politics. The coming 2018 election cycle is considered critical by End Citizens United. The truth is that any American who is concerned with the influence that big money is having over the political system should highly consider donating to the organization. Visit End Citizens United on Twitter for latest updates.

End Citizens United is also fighting to go after politicians who are using corrupt money in their campaigns. Florida governor Rick Scott has been a politician of particular concern due to charges of financial improprieties. Scott, for his part, seems to be attempting to deflect the charges down the line to people in a subordinate role.

The fact is that the 2010 decision on the part of the Supreme Court has allowed wealthy individuals and special interest groups to gain an illegitimate advantage in the political process because transparency is something that is lacking. This is, in fact, the primary complaint lobbied by the organization. Due to this, it is critical to promote candidates that are positively disposed to reform on this critical issue. The group has its headquarters in the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. and is under the expert leadership of Tiffany Muller. Muller serves in the dual role of Executive Director as well as President. Matt Burgess is the EVP and Adam Bozzi serves in the role of Communications Director.



How DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Gives Back To The Broader Community

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is highly engaged when it comes to corporate social responsibility. He established the Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Foundation initiative which supports a number of causes dedicated to education and developing employable skills which result in an empowered society. He says that he has had huge success as an entrepreneur and so wanted to give back to others so that they could find success as well.

The nonprofits that he supports as the DAMAC owner are ones located in the United Arab Emirate, especially in Dubai where Hussain Sajwani’s real estate company is located. He says that Dubai is full of potential just waiting to be unlocked through people getting a good education and doing hard work. According to Akhbarak, among the nonprofits he has supported over the years are Dubai Cares, the Dar Al Ber Society, and the Emirates Red Crescent. He donated AED 1 million to this latter organization which resulted in five million people gaining access to clean water.

Another initiative that Hussain Sajwani supports is One Million Arab Coders. This is a nonprofit that provides a free online platform for those in the Middle East to learn software development on. Once the course is completed the students receive online certifications and access to an exclusive job platform where they can find work. In a post from, the types of jobs people completing these courses can get are data analyst specialist, front-end web developer, app developer, and becoming a full-stack web developer. The first students in this program graduated in April 2018 and the program can be completed in just three months.

Hussain Sajwani was born in either 1952 or 1953 (the UAE didn’t keep birth records back then). His biggest success was becoming the DAMAC owner. When the UAE started to allow foreigners to buy homes in that country he seized upon this opportunity and started DAMAC, a real estate development firm that exclusively builds luxury properties. He has now built thousands of villas, apartments, and condos in several different nations. Among his largest developments are Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, Nine Elms Property Limited, and AKYON Maldives Resort. Learn more by visiting his website.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Man of Many Mediums

Ryan John Seacrest has appeared on and hosted many television series, the most notable being American Idol which made him a household name and launched his career into major stardom. His career started with the hosting of ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge and was followed by children’s programming such as Gladiators 2000 and Wild Animal Games. Ryan Seacrest was then picked to host the NBC Saturday Night Movie, his first major network job. This directly led to his hiring as the host of American Idol. An optimistic demeanor and vivacious personality made Seacrest a fan favorite as well as making the series a major hit for FOX.

In addition to hosting American Idol, Ryan Seacrest was also picked to be the host of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve after Dick Clark was unable to continue as sole host of the program due to his stroke. Under Seacrest’s tenure as host, the program has high ratings and is received warmly. In 2017, Ryan Seacrest was selected to replace Michael Strahan as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on Live With Kelly, a morning show on ABC. According to the New York Times, Strahan had gained a considerable fan base during his time on the show meaning that being his replacement might be a considerable task to accomplish. Despite that, Seacrest settled in easily and helped boost the ratings of the show. For the first year of the show in which Seacrest was a co-host, Seacrest and Ripa were nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award.

Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) has participated in many endeavors outside of television as well. Seacrest started a fashion line entitled “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” which emphasizes comfortability, matching styles and visual appeal. Seacrest’s skin care line of products, “Seacrest Polish”, has been among the top sellers for men’s skin care as long as it’s been on the market. Seacrest has also participated in charity work. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation gives opportunities to children in hospitals and their families by educating them about media and journalism via miniature broadcast centers built in the hospitals. The foundation may be the perfect summation of who Ryan Seacrest is.


Ara Chackerian: The Best Philanthropist In The Field of Healthcare

If you are looking for great investments and lessons on what to do in business, you should look to Ara Chackerian. Believe it or not, the entrepreneur has a lot of missions accomplished in the business world. Particularly, the Florida State graduate loves to work in the healthcare field to promote pharmacy services. As a matter of fact, the angel investor uses his marketing skills as a means to reach many companies. You can visit




In these days and times, Ara is working on promoting in more countries. In actuality, the philanthropist is working in the United States, Armenia and Nicaragua. With his focus on the youth, Chackerian counsels them in the areas of chemistry and pharmacology. As a bonus, Ara co-founded Pipeline Rx. Specifically, it allows customers to call in written prescriptions whenever they need to be refilled. With 20 years of experience under his belt, the connection between technology and healthcare are running hand-in-hand. Check out for more.




For a hobby, Ara Chackerian looks to farming as a way to relax and think about the healthcare field. In reality, the business owner wanted to create the most organic prescriptions in all of the world. Of course, healthcare would eventually catch on to his vision, and as a result, there would be more lives saved. With that being said, Ara believes that he can come up with solutions that won’t destroy the Earth or contribute to landfills. In actuality, other businesses would soon want to team up with Ara to fight against global warming. With all of his hard work underway, the philanthropist is creating more jobs through the farm than in any other place. In summary, Ara Chackerian feels that the resources that you need are already on Earth. Overall, it’s a matter of time before every business connects with the natural environment and technology.


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The Life of Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner is a billionaire real estate developer from the United Arab Emirates. He is the chairman and founder of a real estate development company known as DAMAC Properties. His company was ranked as the best real estate company by the Forbes 2017 magazine. Having studied at the University of Washington Sajwani began his career in1981 where he worked in the finance department of a gas industry in Abu Dhabi. In 1983, the billionaire founded a catering venture. His customers were all and sundry including Bechtel and the U.S. military. Hussain Sajwani’s breakthrough came in 2002 when he established DAMAC Properties which is the largest property development company in the Middle East.

Since its establishment, the company has developed about 19000 apartments. The real estate company also has 44000 projects which are still in development. DAMAC Properties was publicly listed in 2015 and it began trading in the Dubai Financial Market. Hussain Sajwani DAMAC Owner developments include some prestigious apartments which have interiors done by Italian designers Versace and Fendi, a golf course which has been designed by Tiger Woods, extravagant villas designed by Bugatti. The company has also partnered by Paramount Pictures to come up with Hotels and Resorts.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner has a close relationship with Donald Trump who is also a real estate titan. Donald Trump has a real estate company known as the Trump Organization. He is looking forward to establishing a business relationship with Trump’s real estate company. The two billionaires celebrated New Year’s Eve together and they have already established luxury villas which are estimated to be about 2 billion dollars in sales. Hussain Sajwani has deep ties with Trump’s family including his three children who are greatly involved with the business partnerships between Trump and Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani is an active philanthropist; he has contributed to many charitable organizations and launched an initiative in Dubai to support needy children across the globe. He wrote a cheque of two million emirate dollars which was enough to provide enough food and clothing for over 50000 children.

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Jim Toner: 7 Keys to Wealth and Success

Jim Toner is an entrepreneur and real estate investor with 25 years of experience. Mr. Toner tells of his experiences in an interview he had recently. What is notable about the character of entrepreneurs and real estate investors in general is their resilience. Mr. Toner, like many other entrepreneurs and people in real estate, has had some upsets, going from broke to wealthy in a short amount of time, but he always perseveres in spite of setbacks. Now after having much success in his field, Jim Toner shares with us how to become successful with some tips.

Mr. Toner has given us 7 tips he believe will help others be as successful as he. These tips include your attitude, your team, working on yourself, working for yourself, be hard on yourself, become good at time management, and finally, set goals and believe in yourself.

Jim Toner tells us that one of the most important qualities a person can have is a healthy attitude. Having skill, connections or knowledge isn’t much if a good attitude is not accompanied with these other qualities to aid in your growth. There will be obstacles, but the size of the obstacle on the attitude.

Who you surround yourself with is also very important. Who you allow around you is who you will become. According to, no matter how good an individual may be, a team of competent players is a necessity. Putting all the decisions on a single person is out of the question, and leaders need to be able to delegate to a trustworthy team of specialists.

Mr. Toner also points out the importance of a healthy mind and body. In order for him to become more successful, Jim needed to work on himself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and encourages everyone else to do the same. He also stresses the importance of laughter being healthy for us. Mr. Toner believes reading played a part in his success, and says reading about other people who have become successful and wealthy should be a pre-requisite to riches.

For Jim Toner, one key is independence. He believes people working for other people should seek to step out on their own as soon possible. Jim says this is because you can’t get rich working for others as an employee, giving up financial control. Becoming independent can be very rewarding. Jim says taking risks is like a muscle that needs to be exercised, and the more frequently it’s exercised, the better.

Jim Toner says we need to be honest with ourselves with what is happening in our personal and financial worlds. We need to always persevere and put our best foot forward, no matter the level of difficulty of the situation we find ourselves in. How we respond to the situation is one of the keys to our success. Mr. Toner says we need to hold ourselves accountable for what we do, striving forward, and one day we will get to where we want to be.

Jim Toner tells us time management is important as an entrepreneur. There are always conflicting appointments, meetings, deadlines and projects to deal with, but prioritization is key. Decide which tasks come first and plan the schedule for the day ahead of time. Get up early in the morning and get the day started right. Starting the day right sets the tone for the rest of the day to go right and be more productive.

You’ll never get to where you want to be if you never make the decision of where you want to go. Jim Toner tell us that setting goals for ourselves is of high importance, as well as writing out these goals. Dream big and believe that you will achieve them. Setting goals is pointless if you don’t believe you can achieve them. As Jim Toner says: “You can learn all the success techniques, go to all the seminars, take the coaching program, and participate in everything else that’s available, but if you do not BELIEVE success is possible you will fail.”

One of the most valuable things Jim Toner tell us, is that there are no shortcuts to success. Becoming successful and wealthy takes determination and perseverance. These are the foundational keys for any successful business. Determination and perseverance, as well as setting goals you believe you will achieve. Jim Toner has had 25 years of troubles and successes in the real estate sector, learning much along the way. Now he has passed on what he believes to be the keys to success and financial freedom to us. Follow Jim on Facebook.

Shafik Sachedina’s Contributions to the Sussex Community

About Shafik Sachedina’s Education and Career

Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon from England who originally came from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He is a graduate from the University of London’s dental school that is affiliated with Guy’s Hospital Medical where he finished in 1975. After completing his studies in dental surgery, Sachedina worked for many years before later engaging in other businesses in the health sector. He currently operates the Sussex Healthcare, a facility that he co-founded with Shiraz Boghani in 1985. Equally important, Sachedina also holds a senior position at the Jamati Institution, which supports the Ismaili communities under the Aga Khan Foundation.

About Shafik Sachedina’s management of the Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is not only one of the founders of the Sussex Healthcare, but also holds the position of a joint chairman and the director as well. The Sussex healthcare center is a group of homes that offers treatment therapies to some selected mental illnesses besides specializing in providing care for the elderly. Over the years, the Sussex Healthcare has grown to have more than 25 homes, which are located in various areas in London. What’s more, the facility has more than 1,100 employees who are professionally trained and holders of level 5 diplomas in the practice. Besides, under the leadership of Shafik Sachedina, the home has had over 300,000 patients who have been served at the center.

Further, as one of the leading healthcare centers in Sussex, London, the center is an award-winning group due to the personalized care and quality services that it provides. The facility is again an independent healthcare company where Sachedina and his partner run the homes exclusively to support the Sussex community. Also, the selected illnesses that the healthcare treats include the individuals with mental frail caused by Alzheimer’s diseases or dementia. Other conditions that Sussex Healthcare provides its support services include care for people with neurological problems, learning difficulties, and physical disabilities.

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