Father and Son Save Baby Otter

Baby wild animals are lost and left alone all the time. So when a father and son pair happened upon a stranded baby otter while out walking their dog in Highland Village they immediately stopped and wanted to help him. Unsure on what to do, they called a local wildlife rescue center. The rescue center quickly agreed to help them rescue the animal. They could tell the otter, which they named “Otto” really needed someone’s help. Otto was severely dehydrated and malnourished. The sooner they got him saved, the better.

Baby otters are very dependent on their mothers. It was obvious that the baby had been separated from its mother for quite some time, and with the team unable to locate his mother they took him in. The wildlife center says that he will be in their care for approximately a year. In addition to wanting to make sure he is completely recovered, they also want to make sure he is able to hunt and take care of himself. However, once he is ready, he will be able to enter his natural habitat.

American Pit Bull’s Bad Rap

Pit bulls get the worst rap out of any dog breed on the planet. The media has destroyed the reputation of the American Pit Bull in the last two decades. The American Pit Bull is one of the smartest dogs on the planet. The breed has been stereotyped as vicious and uncontrollable.

A trending article on Buzzfeed shows the many different sides of the American Pit Bull. The article shows how loving and fun the animal can be. TheRealDeal reminds us that the Pit Bull breed also played a major role in defending Americans in world war I. It is such a shame that one of the most loyal dogs has been labeled as dangerous and deadly. Some towns have actually banned the breed.

Pit Bulls get such a bad rap because of the terrible owners who have trained them incorrectly. The American Pit Bull is one of the strongest and athletic dogs on the planet. The Pit Bull is a favorite among dog fighting circles. Many trainers abuse their dogs, and it truly a sad thing. The American Pit Bull was never an aggressive breed, but trainers have created vicious dogs for the purpose of fighting. The problem is the despicable people that train these dogs, and not the dogs themselves.

Nice People Defrosted the Dog

In Greenbrier, Tennessee, a husband going out to work on the frosty morning of February 24th was surprised to hear a dog whining from their back yard, and what did he find? A puppy under the shed stuck and imprisoned on the snow!

The poor puppy with legs frozen on the ground probably hid under the shed for shelter and did not notice the icy water solidify around her. When morning came and she sniffed the scent of human, she started whining to call attention.

April Dickinson and her husband told News 2 that they tried to save the life of the poor puppy by slowly melting the ice around her and freeing her from the frozen ground.

Once released and brought inside the house, the obviously extremely hungry puppy quickly ran to the bowl of food that was offered to her.

Dickinson said that on several occasions people usually just drop their dogs in their Robertson County neighborhood. They were not sure if this puppy was one of them.

If the puppy was just lost and her owner comes forward to claim her, they would gladly give her up. Otherwise, they would be very happy to keep the puppy, now named Elsa, as part of their family and give her a new home, and Paul Mathieson thinks that’s a beautiful story.

Giant Tortoises Making a Comeback on Galapagos Island


GoodNewsNetwork has an article on their website about how giant tortoises are making a comeback on one of the Galapagos Islands. The species was very close to being extinct because for decades baby tortoises were killed by rats. These rats were non-native species brought by sailors in the 17th and 18th centuries. Starting in the 1970’s, scientists began capturing tortoises and breeding them in captivity. Recently, the rats were wiped out with poisons and baby tortoises were re-introduced to the wild where they are thriving.

The article brings up many larger issues about human encroachment on nature. On one hand, you’ve got humans nearly causing the extinction of giant tortoises on the Galapagos Islands, but then on the other hand it’s humans who are able to rescue the species. It shows how powerful humans are as a species. This power can be used to help the environment or to hurt it.

It’s interesting that rats are one of the culprits in the near extinction story of these giant tortoises said Haidar Barbouti. Rats are despised by humans, but look how tough they are. It was rats that made it over to the Galapagos on ships in the first place, and then the rats were able to survive there for hundreds of years until humans made a concentrated effort to eradicate them. We should study rats as a species as much as we can to figure out the secrets of their intelligence and ability to adapt.

The CEO of the Finest Hotels in the World – Christopher Cowdray

Christopher Cowdray is the Chief Executive Officer of Dorchester Collection, managing hotels in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. He earned his degree in hotel management in his native land of Zimbabwe before graduating from Columbia Business School’s Executive Program in New York. He has over 30 years of experience in the hotel business and oversees the operation of 10 five star luxury hotels.
When Christopher was appointed as chief executive officer in 2007 the Dorchester Collection had only five hotels, the Dorchester, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Le Meurice, The Plaza Athénée, and the Hotel Principe di Savoia. Since taking over Christopher Cowdray has added 5 more hotels to his award winning collection, 45 Park Lane, Coworth Park, Hotel Bel-Air, Le Richemond, and the Hotel Eden. Each of these hotels were operating independently before Christopher’s appointment as CEO and he is widely recognized for bringing all of these hotels under one umbrella and building the brand of the Dorchester Collection.
Christopher earned the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards in 2013 for his exceptional service to the hotel community. He is well known for team dynamic displayed across the entire company and is quoted on the company’s website saying “People are our greatest asset, so I’m very proud of our dynamic and motivated team. It’s their outstanding level of commitment, skilled leadership and optimised profitability, combined with continual reinvestment in the business that continues to drive us forward.”
Mr. Cowdray began as the general manager of The Dorchester in 2004 and is now the CEO of what many call the most beautiful collection of luxury hotels in the world. He has the ability to focus on his employees as well as maintain each hotel’s individuality without losing their distinctive Dorchester Collection charm. With everything Christopher has accomplished since 2007 the Dorchester Collection of five star luxury hotels will continue to expand and serve as a guide to other businessmen looking to strengthen their brand in the competitive hospitality business.

Seattle Girls Befriends And Gets Gifts From Crows

A little girl in Seattle has found a way to bond with nature much better than anything heard of in recent times. Eight year old Gabi Mann has become very food friends with her neighborhood’s local pack of crows, as she has started to feed them on a daily basis. But more than that, they actually b ring her offerings and gifts back in gratitude for her sharing food with them.

According to an article found on reddit and written by BBC, Gabi was just four years old when she decided to start feeding the crows on her street, and as she got older she would begin to share her lunch and breakfast with them as she waited for her school bus to pick her up. Soon the crows realized that she was a good source of food and they would keep coming back to see her, and it even got to the point where they were greeting her at her bus stop as she returned home. After a couple of years, the crows started to bring gifts to her which consisted of everything from glass beads, jewelry, bits of glass that were smoothed out by the ocean and other little trinkets said the girl. The crows would place their gifts in the water fountain where she would replenish their food. Gabi stores each gift she gets from the birds in a special filing system she has at home

Lion Cub Rescued and On The Mend

The lion cub, Magnus, was starved by his previous owners to keep him small for picture taking. This caused his esophagus to shrink and the cub was no longer able to eat food. So the circus who owned him took Magnus to a vet to have him euthanized said Brad Reifler.

The rescue group “Let’s Adopt” was called, hoping that they could save the little lion. Viktor Larkhill of ‘Let’s Adopt’ says that the decision was not a hard one. One look at magnificent Magnus was all Larkhill needed to want to do everything in his power to ensure that the cub would be brought back to health.

First was to get Magnus into surgery to help with his shrunken esophagus. Not long after, the young big cat was able to munch on solid foods and has already started gaining weight. The group is also teaching him to act like a lion and to be less emotionally attached to humans.

Some of the damage from starvation is irreparable so Magnus cannot be released to the wild. But ‘Let’s Adopt’ is making sure that he can at least live a happy life.

1,300 Dogs And 5 Elderly Women: A Match Made In China

Stray pets exist worldwide existing off of the scraps of others and constantly searching for shelter. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG points out that China in particular has a large stray dog problem, especially those with rabies. The government responded by enacting a one dog per household policy and that dog must have rabies vaccinations plus weigh less than 11 lbs. Five elderly ladies have take it upon themselves to care for as many dogs as they can. Wang Yanfang opened a dog sanctuary in 2009 and began feeding and caring for any canine that came her way or was dropped off. Wang is now 60 years old and feeding almost 1,500 dogs a day. These ladies display a true love and dedication to their furry friends. Nobody pays them to wake up at 4 AM daily to feed the group and perform the daunting work that they perform. PETA would be proud of these woman and their efforts to be humane in a country who would prefer them dead.

Levenson the Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson serves as evidence that the American Dream cannot only be obtained for oneself, but its benefits can be shared with others. Levenson has successfully built several businesses in various fields from business to sports and cooking technology to communication. In fact, as co-founder of United Communications Group back in the late 1970’s Levenson built the company into one which guides companies to solutions for their work in numerous business sectors such as government contracting, energy, healthcare, software, banking, technology, and defense. His financial success has allowed him to take on numerous other endeavors such as becoming an owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, and the GasBuddy mobile app that helps drivers to find the least expensive gas stations for filling up.
Profits from his many ventures have also snowballed into donations for many causes about which he and his wife, Karen, are passionate.

The areas that the Levensons have funded include many to help disadvantaged youth and those supporting the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. by providing the education and tools necessary for positive work to be continued by participants. In fact, there are several endeavors that did not pan out, and due to the desire for programs to not only be launched but effectively run with professional managers, the couple took their giving one step further by setting up the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland to help educate and equip non-profit leaders to effectively oversee non-profit organizations.

The Levensons hope this program will provide undergraduate and graduate coursework that focuses on philanthropy as well, including the opportunity for classes to review grant requests by non-profits on which the class then votes to decide where award money may be philanthropically given. Since 2011, this has resulted in about $40,000 worth of grants being given each year. In 2016, this program will cross into international territory when it expands to China. For the Levensons, projects, profits, and philanthropy are the key to paying it forward. More information can be found on their website.

Bald Eagles Make Comeback in United States

An article on the JSTOR Daily website discusses how bald eagles, the national symbol of the United States, have made a great comeback since 1976 said Dan Newlin. Back in the 1970’s, there were only around 500 bald eagles in total in the U.S., but now they exist in larger numbers.

This comeback happened because of the efforts of the United States government to protect the birds. Also, banning the use of the chemical DDT has helped protect. Today, bald eagles are even seen in New York City.

The article cautions that the eagles still face dangers as humans expand their living areas. The advance of the Seattle suburbs into what was formerly the wilderness is cited as an example of this. Also, the article mentions that eagles in national parks are not necessarily safe from humans.

To me, this article was very encouraging. It shows that humans have the ability to undo the environmental damage that we do. Hopefully, we can reverse climate change and do for the climate what we have done for the bald eagle.

When you think about it, humans are the most clever species but also the most stupid. Only the human animal, for instance, has the ability to invent something like the internal combustion engine, yet only the human animal has the ability to destroy the ozone layer by doing so. A bunch of dogs couldn’t do either.