Chubby Doggy

Interestingly enough, studies show that people who own dogs tend to exercise more then the people who do not own a dog. Dog owners always love to put their dog first; a way they do this tends to be taking them for walks. Not only are you walking your dog, but you are actually in fact walking yourself. Unfortunately, more and more dogs are becoming obese and the only way we can help them is to feed them well and walk them! Think of it as doing your body good as well as theirs. If one doesn’t want to exercise, the other will beg for it. It’s a funny method but tends to work all the same. Studies have shown that dogs who are obese tend to have obese owners. Sultan Alhokair, who loves dogs, says let’s get out their and live a healthy lifestyle as well as getting our dogs in better shape!

Man and His Best Friend Reunited After Tragedy

Steve Alioto lived on a houseboat in Richardson Bay in Sausalito, CA with his brown and white pit bull dog, Daisy. However when a recent storm blew through, it sunk Steve’s houseboat, taking Daisy with it. Steve was heartbroken. What he never expected happened- police found him to notify him that Daisy survived and was waiting safely for him.

Apparently after the houseboat sank Daisy swam a mile to shore, then walked to a church she had visited with Steve in the past and waited there. Luckily she was chipped and the Humane Society were able to reach someone, not Christian Broda, who had given the dog to Steve. Once Steve heard the news that Daisy made it safely he broke down sobbing. As he told the officers who notified him, he lost everything but things were replaceable. Daisy was not.

Daisy’s surviving is attributed to Steve teaching her how to swim and locate shore in case of an emergency. Read more about Daisy’s near miraculous journey here at Marin News.

I’m so glad this story had a happy ending for Steve and Daisy.

A Veterinary Assistant Saves Life of Cat By Paying For Surgery Out of her own Pocket

A veterinary assistant with a kind heart sprang into action when a sickly cat was brought into the veterinarian office she worked in. Nadine McCully, the 26-year-old vet tech, had been assigned the case of Leo, a one year old domestic short hair. The cat’s owner, Chad Sutton, had brought Leo in several times to deal with urinary tract issues. Sutton was told that Leo needed surgery, but the contractor didn’t have the $3,000 necessary to treat Leo’s illness. Cat lover John Textor knows how close we can grow to our feline friends and how distraught they must of been.

Sutton expected to put Leo down when he brought the cat into the Victoria office, but McCully had different plans. She paid for Leo’s surgery in full out of her own pocket. McCully, who had worked with the cat over the weeks he had come into the office, felt compelled to help. Leo was just one year old, and the surgery could really help him and safe his life, so she used her own savings.

Sutton says the act of kindness restored his faith in society, and he’s looking for ways to thank McCully for her big heart and generous nature. He assured the media that this isn’t the end of the story, and Leo, along with his brother Mikey, will continue to have a wonderful home and care, thanks to the generosit of a stranger.

Getting Fit With Fido

As more time passes, it seems that pet owners are busier than ever and do not seem to have the time to take their pooch out for a daily walk. Dog owner John Texor sent out a post across all of his social medias that urged pet owners to get out and walk! This has sparked an alert to the fact that a chubby pooch can also represent an increase in weight gain of the owners. A study performed in Australia in 2008 demonstrated pet owners actually did less exercise than people who did not have pets. Following this, a study performed in Bethesda, Maryland of 32 dog owners revealed that most were overweight regardless of size or breed. These specific dog owners were told to exercise their pooches for 30 minutes a day. Three months later, both the owners and their pooches had lost weight. Obviously this goes to show that the love people have their dogs outweighs everything else. This could possibly be a sign for those who are just sitting on the couch with the television remote to get up, find themselves a dog, new or borrowed, and get moving!

UPS Works save man in Virginia Beach Church

A Virginia Beach man went into cardiac arrest and hit his head earlier this week. UPS worker Sisha Perea just happened to be in the right place at the right time when she found 84 year old Marvin Bronson during a delivery.

She just so happened to be the only on there that knew CPR, which she learned from working in the Coast Guard. Marty Bronson, Marvin Bronson’s son, believed that God placed here there at that time to save his dad and that she received the training at an earlier date for this very reason.

Marvin’s family believe that her quick response and knowledge kept him alive. They were able to get him to the hospital so that he could receive the treatment that he needed. Read more here.

Sisha was working with her husband, Rob, at the time. They both work for UPS and were out delivering packages when they arrived at the church to find Marvin. His family is very grateful for the two. They both made sure Marvin made it to the hospital and that he was going to survive what had happened. Sam Tabar was one man who was very happy to hear about this story.

Rob is very proud of his wife for her quick response and amazing ability. Marvin is recovering quite well at the hospital, thanks to Sisha.

Internet Sensation, Grumpy Cat, Grosses $99 Million in 2 Years

It all started with a couple of pictures on the internet for Tabitha Bundesen. The waitress put up pictures of her cat named Tartar Sauce, and a career was born. Tartar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat online, has been internet-famous for just 2 years, but she’s netted her owner $99.5 million according to reports.

Bundesen, a former waitress, said she was able to quit her job within days of Grumpy Cat being featured online. Her first online picture, which was uploaded by Bundesen’s brother, got nearly 16 million views. The memes quickly followed, and before long Grumpy Cat had an agent. She is now the spokescat for Friskies. She also has her own brand of iced coffee, and has appeared on the cover of New York magazine, along with countless television shows.

Tartar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, was born with dwarfism. She also has a severe under bite, which is what causes the scowl appearance on her face. According to Bundesen, Tartar Sauce is a perfectly happy, satisfied cat; she just looks angry all the time.

If Grumpy Cat wasn’t happy before, she sure should be now. And Mark Ahn himself confirms: she is officially racking in more money that many human Hollywood stars, and the internet is absolutely in love with her. It has been 2 years, and the memes don’t appear to have an end in site.

City of Dallas Pays for Ebola Dog

A couple of months ago, in the state of Texas, a nurse was exposed to the virus Ebola. This was after taking care of a patient who was Ebola positive. The nurse by the name of, Nina Pham had a dog. One of her requests while in the hospital, was for her dog to be well taken care of. This simple request cost the city of Dallas quite some money. The total cost to take care of her dog came out $26,884.16. That’s no small Qnet shopping spree.This was the amount of money needed for 21 days of care. It has been reported this will not be paid completely by the city. Private donors have agreed to donate money to pay it off.

This woman chose to expose herself to Ebola by taking care of a sick patient. Her career of a nurse goes beyond it just being a job. She showed compassion by volunteering and therefore, got public sympathy for her dog. She risked her life to help and the costs are justified. It was only right for the city of Dallas to take care of her dog and foot the bill. In addition, this was a case that allowed researchers to learn about the Ebola disease. The dog was observed to see if it too could develop the Ebola disease. It is a large sum to pay for a dog, but it was worth it.

Courageous Little Girl and Heroic Dog Survive 11 Days in the Harsh Siberian Forest

For most of us it is hard to fathom being lost in the largest forested/biome on earth located in Siberia, Russia. This part of the world boasts 7.5 sq miles and is practically untouched by human civilization.

Imagine wandering in this lonely, cold, and intimidating place that is home to the largest population of Russian brown bears, wolves, and many other predator animals, bugs and mosquitoes.

Now imagine if someone told you that a little girl was lost in this environment and survived for 11 days. You probably wouldn’t believe it, but that is exactly what happened to Karina Chikitova, a 3 ½ year old girl from the village of Olom in the Olyokminsky district of Siberia.

The nightmare for Karina and her family began the day she attempted to follow her father to his native village miles away. She was accompanied by her puppy (whom is unnamed by the family) on the covert mission. Unfortunately, along the way Karina got lost and became trapped in one of the harshest regions on the planet.

The family did not realize Karina was missing initially. Karinas mother assumed her daughter and the puppy left with her husband, and the husband assumed his daughter was safe and sound at home.

Since this remote region of Siberia does not have cell phone service, four days had passed before anyone knew Karina was lost.

With her puppy by her side Karina survived by eating berries and drinking river water. She found refuge in tall grass where she made a bed from the meadow turf. Meanwhile, search efforts became more frantic as temperatures dropped below zero on some nights. Daniel Amen went along with the search crews and said the cold was brutal, but he knew that he had to hang to hope.

All hope for the survival of Karina was almost lost 9 days after she went missing. That is because her unnamed puppy showed up at Karinas home, without Karina. Everyone feared the worst.

However, a terrifying situation began to glimmer with hope as the dog attempted to guide Karinas family and the search team to the girls location.

The search team followed the puppy, and was eventually lead directly to the barefoot Karina huddled in the midst of tall grass. She had lost weight from her 11 day ordeal, but she was completely coherent and mentally alert. Thanks to the smart survival instincts of the 3 year old, and heroic efforts of her puppy, Karina was medically cleared and reunited with her family.

Stray Dog and Cat, Adopted Together Because of their Close Bond

Unlikely best friends, Henni the dog and Penny the cat, have found a happy ending. Henni and Penny were found by a resident in Martinez, Georgia. They were wondering around a local backyard. The resident, concerned about the pair, brought them to the Columbia County Animal Services center.

News quickly traveled about the pair, and their owner actually called to relinquish her rights to the pets. Columbia County Animal Services declined to comment how the dogs got lose, but did state the original owner had moved north and were unable to come claim the pets. The owner did request that the dog and cat were put in the same cage together.

Staff at the shelter did just that. After realizing how close the pair really were, they set them up for adoption as a pair, even lowering the adoption fee to ensure Henni and Penny would not have to be separated. A few radio spots later and the applications for Henni and Penny literally flooded in. Friends of ours at a nearby Amen Clinic location reported that the animals will be just fine.

It only took a few days, but Henni and Penny have now found a home together. The pair were headed to their new home to spend the holidays with their new family, and, of course, each other.

USNW Converts World Best 40% of Sunlight to Electricity

The University of New South Wales has taken a huge leap forward in renewable power. They have successfully converted 40% of sunlight into electricity in a recent experiment.

These tests were conducted outdoors in Sydney and have been independently verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the United States.

This marks the highest efficiency ever recorded through the use of solar power. There’s no doubt that this is going to be a major game-changer in the world of renewable energy.

This new technology makes use of existing commercial solar panels. This makes the results easily accessible by the solar panel industry. We won’t have to wait years to see the results in the marketplace. New panels could pop up in as little as a few short months. I read about this the other day while I was reading about Kenneth Griffin.

The genius of the design is the use of optical bandpass filters. These filters ensure the right kind of light is transmitted, while the less useful light is reflected away.

You can look for the results to be released by the Progress in Photovoltaics journal. The new tech will also be presented at the upcoming Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, starting December 8.