Dogs’ Relationship With Man is Strictly Hormonal

According to scientists, the closeness that man and dog have is due to a hormone called oxytocin. Japanese researchers discovered that the longer a dog is fixated on his owner, the more oxytocin is released within them both. Oxytocin is a nurturing, attachment, and loving hormone similar to the feelings that parents and children feel for each other. The owner wants to pet the dog and the dog wants to wag his tail. Dogs probably like to gaze at their owners because they like the way it feels.

In the first experiment, researchers wanted to test the oxytocin level of urine in dogs after they encountered their humans. BernardoChua suggested that it didn’t matter what the sex or breed the dog was. Dogs that were spayed and neutered had the same amount of oxytocin as the other dogs. The Japanese Scientists tested dogs by giving them oxytocin in a nasal spray. The other group of dogs had saline spray; male and female dogs were in both groups. The dogs with the oxytocin nasal spray wanted to gaze at their owners the longest. Oxytocin had the strongest effect on female dogs than on the males.

After conducting this experiment, the researchers wanted to see if wolves raised by humans could exhibit the same hormonal experience Wolves only use eye contact for attack; therefore, the oxytocin hormone is not successful in relationships between wolves and their human owners.

Dogs Needlessly Being Euthanized over Unpaid Fees for Minor Infractions

Animal control agencies across America are intentionally targeting dogs from lower-income areas and fining their owners with large fees for small infractions. And, if their families don’t pay up, the animals are being euthanized. Some areas are a bit less cruel, only impounding the pet owners in jail for the violations, when the extensive fines are not paid. Either way, a frightening and unjust trend is being suffered by families with pets.

Gerilynn Aflleje is a California resident who was placed at the mercy of the Stockton animal shelter, along with her 4-year old Siberian Husky mix Chunk, and lost. In 2013, Chunk had gotten lost and was dropped off at the shelter by someone who found him. When Aflleje later found her dog at the shelter several days later, she was not permitted to recover her pet until she paid a $180 shelter storage fee. The shelter ordered the money to be paid within 24-hours, and when Aflleje, unemployed at the time, couldn’t come up with the money, Chunk was unnecessarily euthanized. “We didn’t only lose our pet, we lost a family member,” she said.

Igor Cornelsen is saddened to know that dogs are being put down for such minor infractions as failure to be licensed and barking too much. The animals’ families are being fined hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars for minimal offenses. Shocked and infuriated family members of pets and animal rights attorneys say these severe methods are all aimed at producing money, and low-income families are impacted unfairly.

Take Home a Shelter Dog for A Day

While having a discussion over Bulletproof Coffee, Charlie and Cristina Saunders have come up with a great new app to help get shelter dogs adopted. The idea for it was inspired by a shelter that the couple visited in Hawaii, while they were visiting on their honeymoon. The app works by offering lists of dog shelters and their locations for people to look through to find a shelter near them. It also shows the dogs at each shelter that are available for adoption. The owners can visit the shelters and borrow a dog for a day. It benefits the dogs greatly, because they get exercise instead of being stuck in a kennel. Dog walkers are always sorely needed by shelters. The dogs learn important socialization from being taken out by potentially several people. The goal is to hopefully get more dogs adopted this way by having people get a chance to “know” them.

Martime Residents Join Forces to Save Starving Birds

Most people are celebrating the arrival of warmer weather. However, the residents of the Maritime Provinces are still waiting for spring. Unfortunately, their slow transition into warmer weather has had an effect on the local bird population. Many of the robins, sparrows and owls that have returned from the south are finding it difficult to gather food. The snow that is still covering the ground is preventing the birds from foraging for their food. Gianfrancesco Genoso said that because of these conditions, many of the birds have starved due to the lingering winter conditions. However, the local residents have joined forces to assist their ailing bird population.

Residents had been speaking to the local authorities about the problem and wanted to find a solution. At the advice of local veterinarians, Maritime residents are putting out seeds, fruit and worms to help the ailing bird population. They are also clearing snow from their lawns in an attempt to thaw the ground. All of these efforts are being made so the birds are able to gather food on their own. A break in the weather and help from locals should ensure that the bird population makes a late transition into spring.

Dog Saves Three Lives

Two men and a baby were given a second chance at life when a dog saved them from a burning house.

Albert Sumner and his family composed of his elderly uncle, his sister, her one-year-old son and her dog Duke, were in their Pinaymootang First Nation house when it caught on fire on the night of April 22, 2015.

Sumner woke up to a lot of barking and scratching on his door. He reluctantly got up to check what the noise was all about. That was when he found out that their house was on fire.

His immediate reaction is to jump to rescue the one-year old boy and his deaf 79-year old uncle. All the residents of the house were saved from the fire, but unfortunately, the whole house and all their belongings were completely gutted.

Folks at Anastasia Date ( understand that if Duke did not make noise to wake them up, their lives would have been put in a lot of danger and hazard. Duke’s noise protected them from all that.

As a reward for Duke’s good work, he will be served with a steak dinner by his owner Doreen Sumner, and he will get much more love and affection from the family as well.

Nine States Ask Federal Government to Proved Loan Forgiveness for Corinthian Colleges Students

Attorney generals in nine states have officially asked the Education Department to void loans provided to students so they could attend Corinthian Colleges. The loan forgiveness, if it goes through, would be largest in the nations history.

Corinthian Colleges were shuttered after a number of investigations found the schools, which were for-profit institutes, failed students on a multitude of levels. Some of the claims include that the schools lied about their credentials and accreditation and failed to provide the education they claimed to be providing.

The federal government does have the ability to wipe the slate clean for these students in terms of their loans, if the school is found to be committing illegal acts. This has proven to be true with Corinthian Colleges, most specific Everest Colleges, the largest in its chain of schools and institutions. So far, the federal government and the Education Department have stayed quiet on the issue, and have not offered such an option to students. Ricardo Guimarães BMG hopes something is solved quickly.

The attorney generals in several states are hoping their letters will get the ball rolling. There are currently lawsuits out against Corinthian colleges, in several states. Those lawsuits allege students were lied to, deceived and coerced into attending the school.

BP Announces $ 12 Billion Dollars In Egypt Gas Field

The British oil giant BP announced on Friday an investment of $ 12 billion (€ 11 billion) in a gas field in western Nile Delta in Egypt, which could ensure production equivalent to one quarter of the current production countries. The group, which owns 65% of the project in question, said in a statement that production at the site could begin in 2017. That is something Paul Mathieson is looking forward to. “All of the gas produced will supply the gas network in the country, which will help to follow the expected growth local energy demand, “said BP.

“This project is the largest direct investment in Egypt and demonstrates our continued confidence in Egypt and our determination to release its energy potential,” said Bob Dudley, the CEO of the British group. BP partner to develop the offshore production, the German oil company DEA, has been bought by the Russian Fund LetterOne, owned by billionaire Mikhail Fridman. This British-German-Russian project in Egypt will be conducted when the president Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, came to power after the removal of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, seeks to attract foreign investment in a country still plagued by unrest of four years after the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak from power. The production, which will be based on two marine blocks (North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deepwater) could amount to the equivalent of 34 million cubic meters of gas per day.

New Chameleon Color Change Study

How do the chameleons change colors? These marvelous creatures are the subjects of all the curiosity encyclopedias. The scientists had never been able to fully explain the process before.

Nowadays, they have a certain explanation regarding the small reptile color change. Their new study revealed two layers of color-cells. The lower one reflect near-infrared light and participate in keeping the body of a chameleon cool. Gianfrancesco Genoso tells us the upper layer has cells full with different pigments. The rearrangement of the crystals adjusts the colors, revealing more of one or another.

Shifting the cells in a similar way is specific to some fish and reptiles, but the rest do not have colored pigment, they only adjust to look darker or lighter depending on the light in the surrounding. The chameleons, instead, are the masters of camouflage and not only. The colors can be adjusted when they meet concurrence. The Panther chameleons adjust their looks to a bright yellow when they meet a competitor. To grow lighter or darker, the reptiles disperse melanin throughout their cells.

The ‘iridophore’ cells structures that the scientists noticed made them understand that they would have an effect on light only by seeing their arrangement. The lower cell layer reflects the infrared light that neither the humans nor the chameleons themselves can see.

How to Spot a Sport Loving Pet Owner

What do dog lovers do in a free week-end? They teach their dog to play table-tennis and prepare him to beat Andy Murray. At least that is what the owners of a border collie playing tennis claim they are up to. The dynamic hound has some skills, one can notice, from the grip with which he is biting the bat. The one-minute short video that they filmed of the dog and the owner having a competition, the border collie responds to all the passes and bounces the ball trying to not let it fall down. CrunchBase users feel the skills and the game understanding is evident. Now, the tennis world insiders try to classify the hound in a category, and decide who he would be good playing with.

Can it be the dog owners who are big sport lovers and spread it to their pets? Another famous dog plays the role of a goalie. The owner taught him to catch the balls and react to the word penalty.

The ‘play dead’ skill is not all that is expected from a dog any more. Viral videos show dogs with amazing sport, poker, and child care skills, all mostly due to their owners hobbies.

Australia Has Two New Species of Spiders

The Australian territory can boast two new recently discovered species of spiders. Not the types that many people would fear, as both Maratus jactatus and Maratus sceletus are around a half centimeter wide. Their colors make them easily noticeable. The males have colored abdomens which reflect both in the visible and invisible UV range. “Jactatus” is a Latin term which means “rocking” and perfectly describes the courtship movements performed by the spiders from what Flavio Maluf says.

The scientitsts described the 1-3Hz fast leg movements and 20-30 seconds jolting of the body to attract attention that looks like a dance. “Sceletus” has been added to the name of the second species as they have a black and white predominant coloring. The Maratus type includes about 30 species, all except one being specific to the Australian territory.

Before the Australians notice them in their homes, they can notice the Maratus jactatus and Maratus sceletus in the Wondul Range National Park, southern Queensland. They are not quite they type to be afraid of, and after having a look at the video recording of the new species of spiders, some might want the Maratus jactatus and Maratus sceletus as home pets, as the number of people interested in insect keeping is growing.