Laidlaw & Company Helped Me Understand My Investment Goals

I did not know my investment goals when I came to Laidlaw & Company for help. I was told about James Ahern and Matthew Eitner by a friend. I was told I could change my investment future, and I did so by speaking with them at-length about how to manage my money. This article is a short explanation of how Laidlaw change my life.

#1: I Did Not Invest Well

I believed that investing would be easier if I invested in things that seemed to work based on news reports, and I was choosing poorly. Laidlaw staffers spoke to me about how I could invest my money in something I believed in. They told me to invest in companies that I might appreciate, and I invested in private businesses that were good for me. We talked about my goals often, and my goals included growing my money for retirement.

#2: Everyone Thinks Of Retirement

I know that retirement is a common topic in the office, and it is important that I am ready to retire given the funds I have put away. Everything I did at Laidlaw was used to help manage my retirement portfolio, and I now have more than enough money to keep my retirement fund going for the long haul.

#3: They Are Helpful

I found Laidlaw to be quite helpful as they spoke to me about a number of different things that made my life easier. I know that investing is complex, and I needed a partner who would speak to me on my level. The Laidlaw staff does so every time I call the office.

The Laidlaw staff has been lovely to me while I invest, and they are helping me increase profits more every day. I could not retire unless I had help from their professionals.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is an alternative financial source company based in the United States. Its main headquarters is Indiana. According to the CEO of the company, they have a presence in all the continents of the world through their regional offices. Equities First Holdings has offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Perth, Sydney, and Singapore. For all these unions of offices, Equities First Holdings has completed more than 2,000 transactions ever since it was incepted in the United States in 2002. For all these operations, they translate to more than $2 billion in the issue to their client companies and customers as a way of securing fast working capital. However, the company does not view the accomplishment of these transactions as any big deal. However, they view them as the continuity of business on a normal working day.

Equities First Holdings has gained traction as one of the safest ways of securing fast working capital during this era of harsh economic crisis. For borrowers seeking quick working capital, they must first look for better alternative sources of capital in a time of tough economic crisis. The Founder and President of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, has noted that may people are looking for the stock-based loans as one of the best ways to secure fast working capital. In an environment where the banks and other alternative sources of finance have tightened their lending capabilities, Equities First Holdings as gained the favor of many startup companies and business conglomerates. Margin loans and stock-based loans are taking the day. For the borrowers seeking fast working capital characterized by the non-purpose feature during this era of harsh economic crisis where banks and other credit-based financial solution companies have tightened their lending capabilities, Equities First Holdings has gained the favor of many businesses and enterprises in the world.

While there are many options out there existing for people and businesses, there is a decreased traction on the credit-based loans because of the technical capabilities presented by the harsh economic environment. During this era, it is evident to everyone that the financial sector is in a crisis. The United States, on the other hand, is nursing the repeat of the 2008 financial crisis which hit the world on a massive scale. The situation is only made worse by the exit of Britain from the European Union. The stock-based loans are characterized by the high loan-to-value ratio that lets the user enjoy the loan with minimal interest rates.

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Looking for Exotic Lip Balm Flavors that Refresh and Moisturize?

When shopping for the right lip balm brand, you encounter the same generic flavors over and over: strawberry, cherry, vanilla, peach. Some have a pleasant taste, but others have a strange, off-bland flavor like cough syrup. And none of them are particularly exciting. Lip balm is something that you’ll use frequently, so you want a unique, refreshing flavor that suits your taste buds perfectly. In a world of bland flavors, EOS lip balm offers fresh, exciting tastes with the same level of refreshment as a real piece of fruit.

Unlike other brands of lip balm, which often contain artificial chemicals and ingredients, EOS is made from an all-natural formula. EOS is gluten-free and paraben-free, with antioxidant vitamins that help nourish and soften your lips. And if you’re looking for the juicy, summery taste of tropical fruit, EOS offers a variety of exotic flavors that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Want to Make a Fruity Splash?

The Smooth Sphere range of products offers a passion fruit flavor for a sweet, refreshing taste that reminds you of tropical forests. Also available are blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, and honeysuckle honeydew for a perfect blend of fruity tastes. If you’re looking for a lip balm that softens your lips as it moisturizes, the Visibly Soft range includes a coconut milk flavor that’s as delicious and refreshing as a glass of coconut milk. EOS’s fruity, summery flavors make this lip balm a perfect accompaniment to all your summer outings. And whatever flavor you choose, it’ll continue to provide moisture and nourishment year-round.

Want to Try it Out for Yourself?

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can purchase EOS lip balm at the official website and retailers like Racked across the country. The wide range of flavors and affordable prices make them great gifts, as well as little treats for yourself.

Read the EOS history published by Fast Company.

Ricardo Tosto: Getting A Powerful Business Lawyer in Brazil


Are you having legal issues with a business transaction in Brazil? Do you want to choose a reputable lawyer for business litigation? If you are in need of powerful representation or top notch legal advice, it is imperative to choose the most recommended business and corporate litigation lawyer in the industry.

Of all attorney specialties, business and corporate lawyers are most aligned with the business world. These lawyers typically provide advice and guidance to clients who are going through a legal situation and need direction. Sometimes they provide guidance to those who are starting a new business.

Keep in mind that all business lawyers do not have the top resources skills to provide outstanding service or legal solutions to clients.

When it comes to selecting a lawyer for advice or guidance, it’s imperative to do your research before making an informed decision.

Determine the immediacy of your legal situation before researching lawyers. If you have been involved in a serious legal dispute with a business partner or another company, you need to contact a lawyer immediately.

There is no need to delay in getting the right lawyer for the situation. Putting legal matters on the back burner might cost you more in the end.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a top rated Brazilian lawyer is your clear choice for all matters related to business or corporate law. Mr Ricardo Tosto renders high quality legal advice and representation in all matters related to business and corporate law. He has an impressive list of clients, including corporations, mid-sized companies, institutions, entrepreneurs, politicians, professionals and individuals who are in need of a competent lawyer on their side.

Ricardo Tosto is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and has appeared in courtrooms around the nation. He is well known for his unique litigation style and negotiation techniques. He has the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, and can create an atmosphere in which his clients’ case receives the attention it deserves. His approach generates more successful resolution of disputes for his clients. Ricardo Tosto’s goal is simple: to obtain the best possible outcomes for his clients.

IAP Worldwide and US Navy Lucrative Contract

IAP Worldwide could not hide their pride when they won a contract worth $900 million from the US Navy. The company is among other four who are also privileged to offer their services to the US Navy. IAP Worldwide, which boasts of a wide range of services and experience in their field, said that they are proud to work with the US Navy and to offer their unique services to them.

IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide, which is well-known on the global platform, has been successful in the past working with many organizations that have praised their hard work and excellent services. The team has also collaborated with the DoD organization and achieved massive success. They have also been working with the Air Force on their programs. Among the services that IAP Worldwide is expected to offer to the US Navy include providing construction on humanitarian projects, dealing with natural disasters and providing services to the armed forces.

US Army Contract

Since IAP was established, it has proven that it can perform and give value for money. Because of the records that the IAP sets in providing services, it was also awarded another contract with the army which is worth $53 million. The deal’s main aim is to implement the DCGS-A system for the military. The deal involves data set up for hardware processing, the operation of warehouses and training. The organization is expected to offer its outstanding services as it has always done in the past.

Efforts on Humanitarian Support

The company has always provided excellent services and support, and that is why it could not be left behind during Hurricane Mathew and was chosen as the company that could help those affected. The team worked smartly and immediately positioned teams to different bases in Florida, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Orlando. The states that were afflicted by the hurricane recovered thanks to the great support they received from IAP Worldwide. The company provided power in cases of emergency, communication and professional expertise.

The organization has a contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and that is why they were there to provide relief services to those affected by the hurricane. It has co-ordinated with different government entities. They assisted in removing people from the areas impacted by the hurricane, and it was a success.

About IAP

IAP Worldwide service is a company that has been working globally for over 60 years amassing a lot of achievement and experience. It was originally started to work with the US army, but it has since expanded its operations becoming a leading provider of a broad range of solutions in the world.

Thor Halvorssen: Strength in Numbers

Human rights violations is as old as humanity itself. Virtually every country has had a history of tyranny and unfair treatment. However, humans have come a long way in many cases. A lot of countries have overcome a lot of injustice and are a lot closer to be truly equal in treatment. Unfortunately, there are some countries that are still unequal in their treatment of their citizens. Fortunately, there are activists that are working overtime to put a stop to the injustices of the world. One of them is Thor Halvorssen. He stands out from among the others in the fight for human rights.

One thing that makes Thor Halvorssen stand out from among others is that he is very passionate about what he does. He is also very creative, charming, and persuasive. He fights for people because he loves people. He is also compelling enough to get some celebrities involved in the fight for human rights. Christian Bale, star of The Dark Knight Trilogy among other movies has gotten involved in the fight for human rights. He has traveled to different countries that are not very humane in order to meet with certain people that have experienced the injustice of the country.

Thor Halvorssen himself does not stay on the podium. He actually gets involved in the fight. He puts himself at risk and even takes some of the beatings. He considers this as a part of the job. He believes that activists should be willing to run into the battlefield and take on some of the battles. He is not someone who is going to shy away from any real action. This is one of the reasons that he is taken seriously as a human rights activist. He is also gaining a lot of trust from others that are fighting for human rights.


Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, a Pure, Healthful Water from the Mauna Loa Volcano

The Hawaiian people take great pride in their bond with nature and in fact label themselves as children of the land. One of the tenants of the Hawaiian culture is to show respect and care for the land.

Their relationship with their land has stood firm for thousands of years, letting nature provide food, housing, clothing, their tools and even their musical instruments. They then were responsible for protecting and conserving the environment and its many resources by using sustainable practices.

Using these resources, they have created Waiakea Water, which is among the most awarded bottled water in the United States. They have shown a 5,000 percent growth since it was launched in 2012. In the past year alone they have added their product to almost 2,000 stores in 30 U.S states. The brand was founded on a triple bottom line platform which is focused on sustainability, health, and charitable initiatives. They now, to meet the growing need and the international demand, are building a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii.

Founder, Ryan Emmons is very proud of this company and their growth. They have in the space of a year gone from selling a couple thousand cases of Waiakea to more than 120,000 cases. Along with this, they have donated 500 million liters of clean water to underserved communities in Africa. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Forbes also reported that Waiakea water is in a partnership with Pump Aid and they donate 650 liters of clean Waiakea spring water for every liter that they sell. Waiakea is a naturally alkaline, electrolyte packed, mineral-rich product and its source is one of the purest locations on earth and it is packaged in entirely recycled bottles.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock in the Mauna Loa volcano located on the Big Island which creates one of the most natural and delicious waters in the world.

According to Specialty Food, Waiakea Water has won six very prestigious awards as leaders in the beverage market for its taste, design, and their innovation. They won the National Restaurant Associations Food and Beverage Innovation Award in 2015, World Beverage Innovation Award Finalist for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and Best Packaged Water, and the Most Innovative Food Product from Good Morning America.

Mr. Emmons said that it was hard for him to think that access to clean water for many is a total luxury. In their partnership with Pump Aid the consumers have helped the children of many areas to have healthy lives and therefore fewer preventable water-borne illnesses. In short, it has given many families a life changing gift.


Eric Pulier: Author, Entrepreneur

Modern day society is full of talented individuals that span across a wide number of fields whether it’s healthcare, education, entertainment, or sports. Unfortunately, many of these extraordinary people never seem to get the credit that they deserve. Unlike professional athletes or entertainers, this individuals have an actual talent that benefits mankind. Have you ever heard about a guy named Eric Pulier? More than likely you haven’t, but this individual has been a strong presence in numerous professional fields of work. Let’s take a further look why this guy is so great.

Eric Pulier is man of many talents and has worked in education, healthcare, technology, and finance/business. His natural born ability of solving issues come naturally as he can take a small idea and transform it into something that’s can be used in reality. Did you know that in the fourth grade he programmed his first computer? That’s right! By high school, Eric Pulier had already founded his first computer database company. As of today this remarkable guy has been the founder of 15 companies such a FLY, XPRISE, Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, Akana Software, Desktone Inc, Media Platform Inc, and many more. Being such business minded didn’t happen by chance as Pulier attended college at the prestigious Harvard University. During this time is schedule was very busy as he participated in many different activities such as being the editor and column writer of the prominent Harvard Crimson publication. Not to add flames to the fire, Pulier also took classes at MIT also. Unlike most individuals, this guy’s ambition well ahead of his very own years and peers.

Having such a brilliant mind and a fascination with technology, Pulier has contributed in many successful events such as building the platform known as the “Bridge To The 21st Century” for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration as well as arranging a showcase that used innovative technology to connect space astronauts with NASA here on earth (via) advanced technology. As of today this proud father of four has his hands in many different businesses, but one things certain, Eric Pulier will continue to push the boundaries even further in the future.

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Figuring Out Your Brain Type to Succeed Financially

A lot of people want to succeed financially. But they have natural limitations that keep them from doing so. If you know the brain types of people who do succeed financially, you can learn from them, and imitate them to a certain degree. Myers-Briggs believe that we can never change our brain type, but we can develop it to become slightly more balanced and effective.

The four kinds of brains that make the most wealth are the ENTJ, ESTJ, INTP, and ENTP. The average human is an ESFJ. A practical, friendly, observant, and skeptical person. The easiest way that the Average Joe or Mary can become wealthy is by learning from an INTP or an ENTP, the smarter and more intellectual cousins      of the ESFJ. This frequently occurs when you get a college education. The complement brain of the ESFJ is the INTP, the innovative and clever scientist. ESFJ’s who practice programming, independent thinking, and reading will have a greater chance of becoming wealthy.

Developing discipline is crucial to becoming wealthy. People who are poor share several things in common. They like pleasure. They are selfish. They do not test what they hear. They demand and expect handouts. They go into debt frequently. They are generally mean and ungrateful.

People who are wealthy share the following brain traits. They like to suffer. They are generous. They always test what they hear. They give and do not receive handouts. They lend frequently. They are generally kind and grateful.

Becoming wealthy may seem like a high and challenging road. But it is something that we can all work toward. There are many people who have succeeded, and studying their lives will yield the missing ingredients to your financial situation.

Warren Buffett, a billionaire who built the gigantic investment company Berkshire Hathaway, summarized his investment philosophy as avoiding what others love while loving what others avoid.

Martin Lustgarten wants to help you succeed on the road to wealth. There are relatively few people who make it big. That is because becoming wealthy is the result of your natural abilities, choices, and your environment. Martin Lustgarten wants to help guide your choices and environment so that you can become more successful.

You can contact Martin Lustgarten at his Linked In account. He looks forward to hearing from you.


ClassDojo on the Move to Monetize the App

ClassDojo, a startup company that offers an application where students and educators can commune and expand their knowledge base, mentioned that they are planning to create premium features after the app’s widespread success.

Based on research, ClassDojo has already reached millions of educational institutions in the United States, and approximately 66 percent of these schools have more than a single teacher that integrates the application to their teaching practice.

How did the app rise to fame?

The primary thing that jumpstarted the startup’s prominence is the fact that the students who also utilize the service are allowed to receive prizes from their tutors each time they do a great job. Although this reward system is not too different from how the former gets stickers from the latter at the end of the classes, there were a few organizations that opposed the notion. Instead of being negatively affected by the criticisms, however, the partners behind the company decided to work harder to provide a newer and more efficient way of communication between all parties involved.

According to Diane Rhodes, an educator in Tiburon, California’s Bel Aire School who has been accessing the app for three years in a row, ClassDojo made it effortless for them to communicate not only with the children but also with the parents who naturally wish to check up on their kids often. Through this new application, Rhodes was able to capture photos of the students as they perform various tasks at school, and then post them real-time for the concerned mothers and fathers to see.

How is the appearance of the application?

If simply speaking of the design of ClassDojo, it is easy to deduce that it looks like the Facebook platform but with darker purple color. Apart from the teachers being permitted to publish images in public, the parents are also capable of liking them and posting comments on every photo. The company even increased their services by developing Snapchat’s Students Stories that lets the children post pictures on their own as well.

Nevertheless, the goals that ClassDojo wish to fulfill are comparable to that of Slack, for the reason that the teachers can avail the application without having to ask the system first.

About ClassDojo

Founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo is an online space that assists educators in making learning more interesting to the students by creating a digital classroom wherein they can share everything.