The Importance of Legal Training

To find success in financial services, it takes training from many different areas. One of the most common backgrounds involves possessing a law degree, which can prove to be invaluable when dealing with complex regulatory and compliance issues, employment questions, and hedge fund formation. While there are many former lawyers in the industry, most experts agree that few possess the knowledge and abilities of Sam Tabar. Oxford-educated as well as a graduate of Columbia Law School, Sam has stood head and shoulders above the competition no matter where he has worked over the past decade.

Having such an extensive legal background, makes it obvious that Sam has often been put in charge of providing legal counsel on many important matters. Hedge fund formation, investment management, strategic marketing, client agreements, and more are just some of the areas Sam has specialized in over the years, and his expertise in these areas has been invaluable in helping clients realize tremendous success. In fact, one of his greatest achievements involved his work with PMA Investment Advisors. Working closely with top executives at the firm, Sam was put in charge of managing a hedge fund valued at over $2 billion. Not one to be intimidated by such a challenging task, Sam immediately went to work developing not only key strategic plans, but also networking with some of the world’s most affluent investors. Because of his efforts, PMA found itself positioned as one of the most successful financial firms in the world.

As his reputation grew, Sam found himself in demand by numerous firms needing assistance in global marketing and investor relations. Because of this, Sam began focusing more on institutional investors and the legalities concerning endowments, pensions, foundations, and more. Realizing this was a growing area of importance for many firms, Sam started developing strategies that would incorporate various aspects of global marketing and management initiatives. As he continued down this path, his list of potential investors grew. When he was finished, Sam had compiled a list of more than 2,000 investors with which he had worked.

Whether serving as legal counsel for a financial firm or as a client advisor specializing in hedge funds, frequent angel investor Sam has demonstrated time and time again an ability to achieve results that leave others in awe. Continuing to show what it takes to be an accomplished financial and legal professional, Sam is indeed a financial strategist poised for even more success.

Ricardo Guimaraes Steers Banco BMG to the Top

If he were a commodity for sale, Ricardo Guimaraes would cost anyone an arm, a leg and a pound of flesh. These are not just empty words. The exploits that this one man has done for Banco BMG can never be achieved by several minds combined. This is despite his short stint of only ten years of Guimaraes’ leadership at the bank as the chief executive officer and president. Ricardo has a financial history and experience having studied finance and management in college. His business acumen and skills must have been inherited from his grandfather who started a credit facility by the name Land Credit Bank that offered affordable loans to peasant farmers in the 20th century. The bank later grew and transformed to Banco BMG that is headed by Ricardo. BMG has a market share of the total Brazilian banking market.


BMG is the bank of the people. The bank offers affordable credit to the citizens. You are likely to bump into Banco BMG. We are talking about a bank that has three thousand branches and five thousand agents. Who doesn’t want a bank that operates just within their doorsteps? But it is not without a strategy, Ricardo is a renown technocrat. His transformation of the bank just speaks volumes. Personal loans at BMG are not only cheap but affordable to local citizens. The bank also has a cpiatal and asset base that has been plummeting over the years. Many investors are usually confident working with banks that have a large capital base as they are sure that their investments are properly safeguarded.


Under the leadership of Guimaraes, the bank also offers other cutting-edge facilities including payroll loans which are also a major profit earner for the bank. Corporate Social Responsibility is also something that Ricardo takes seriously. Many football clubs have benefitted from his sponsorship. Santos football club in Brazil is a testimony to Ricardo’s love for soccer. This puts the CEO in touch with the people in the grassroots and helps him quickly identify their financial needs from which he coins the bank’s products. Ricardo is not selfish with his wisdom and insights. Many people have benefitted from his mentorship and motivation programs. Guimaraes has sponsored and continues to sponsor many youths through offering scholarships. These services to the community has helped improve the image of Banco BMG throughout Brazil.


Ricardo is a business mogul by right. The growth in the banking market owes a lot to Guimaraes. His contribution to the sector is immense. Ricardo is a gift to the banking industry. His acumen and prowess coupled with his passion to see people’s lives usually improve motivates him to wake daily and report to work at Banco BMG. More information on Ricardo can be obtained from

Stephen Murray has Played a Major Role in the Formation and Success of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is one of the largest private equity investment companies in the world founded by  Steve Murray. It is based in New York City. The investment corporation was formed in July 31, 2006. Over the years that it has been in operation, it has invested over $16 billion in transactions that focus on growth capital in addition to leveraged buyouts. In 2007, CCMP Capital was ranked number 17 among the world’s leading private equity funds. Initially, it was known as J.P. Morgan Partners before the investment specialists detached from JP Morgan Chase.

CCMP Capital was originally created as Chemical Venture Partners to serve as the venture capital as well as the private equity arm of Chemical Bank in 1984. In 1996, Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan bank thus changing the name to Chase Capital Partners. Subsequently, J.P. Morgan & Co. was acquired in 2000. This acquisition led to the creation of JP Morgan Chase before again changing the name to JP Morgan Partners. The platform expanded over time owing to the integration of private equity organizations of Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers Hannover, Hambrecht & Quest, The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming & Co, and J.P. Morgan & Co.

In 2004 reported by NY Post, JP Morgan Chase fully acquired Bank One. It had its own private equity investment called One Equity Partners that was eventually designated as the main private equity of JP Morgan Chase. At that point, JP Morgan Partners formalized its spin out from JP Morgan Chase and announced the outcomes on March 2005. The separation became effective on July 31, 2006 with the creation of CCMP Capital.

Presently, CCMP Capital has established itself as a premier partner in handling various types of investments. It has earned the trust of the leading limited partners around the world particularly within the private equity asset category that include sovereign wealth funds, high net worth investors, and funds of funds. CCMP Capital majorly invests in four key areas where it leverages its industry expertise alongside its proprietary operating resources. The targeted sectors are energy, industrial, consumer/ retail and healthcare.

CCMP Capital has achieved immense success through its commanding value creation model, active management, as well as the prudent leadership demonstrated by Stephen Murray. He has been part of every strategy that the firm has made leading the way in making important decisions. His expansive expertise in varying fields has helped the firm realize its objectives thus higher profitability margins. Murray started working at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. He then proceeded to serve in all the entities that created CCMP Capital. He has been the president and CEO of CCMP Capital. Murray has been a great deal maker as well as a terrific investor and one of the people that have made positive contributions to the achievements registered by CCMP Capital.

Stocks Register the First Positive Week of the Year

Stocks in the U.S. closed high on Friday to register the first positive week of 2016. This recovery was led by oil and the hope of a European Central Bank (ECB) stimulus.

Although the market closed the week on a positive note, the U.S. stocks are still low for the year. Major averages for 2016 at 6.5% were about 10% below the 52 week intraday high.

Against the major world currencies, the U.S. dollar held at 0.5% higher. The euro was below $1.08 while yen was at 118.82.

The Dow Jones industrial average closed at around 210 points higher above 16,000. This was despite gaining over 250 points. The Nasdaq composite closed over 2.5% higher. Apple with a 5.3% increase and Goldman Sachs were the highest contributers to these gains. The S&P 500 closed at 2% higher, than the 1,900 level. The energy sector gained 4.3 percent leading the rest.

CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) which is considered in many sectors as the best fear gauge of the market, hit lows of 22.5. There was a composite volume of around 4.9 billion and an exchange volume of about 1.2 billion on the New York Stock Exchange. For every stock that declined, around nine stocks advanced. 49% of the daily volume traded in January was carried out by high frequency traders.

Joe Sowin, the Head of Global Equity Trading at Highland Capital Management (HCM) noted that the rally this week was mainly caused by short covering. He said stocks had hit lows on Wednesday and the recovery was led by sectors that were previously low like materials and energy. HCM is a leader in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation market (CLO).

It provides the following products globally for retail and institution investors: mutual funds, CLOs, private equity funds and hedge funds.

James “Jim” Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of HCM. Jim began his illustrious career in Morgan Guaranty as an analyst in 1984. Since then he has worked at American Express and Protective Life before establishing HCM. He has been in various capacities such as Corporate Bond Analyst, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer.

Jim has over 30 years of experience and while at Protective Life, he assisted in the creation of GIC a subsidiary to hit over $2 billion in four years. He is a member of the American Banknote and MGM Studios boards. He serves as Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and NexBank.

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Check Out The News From US Money Reserve

Getting To Know The Facts

Not everyone knows about US Money Reserve, but they are definitely impacted by their actions. In fact, US Money Reserve is statistically the biggest and most successful dealer and distributor of precious metals. The United States works with the US Money Reserve to release these metals. The metals are of silver, gold or platinum origin, and they are officially government issued coins. The reason why it is important to stay up to date on what the US Money Reserve does is because these professionals in currency evaluations make special announcements regarding what changes are expected to occur with the United States in terms of currency. In fact, the US Money Reserve actually employs a plethora of industry professionals, including over 100 people who specialize in currency evaluation.

Recent Changes In Currency Evaluation

The President of US Money Reserve actually appeared on CNBC. He took the time to make a special announcement on the show Squawkbox, in which he discussed the possible future of one of the United States’ pieces of currency. The piece of currency that may be discontinued is the penny. The President, Phillip Diehl, admitted that the penny is of low value in comparison to the actual cost incurred in the production of the coin. He even goes as far as to tell people that it isn’t worth their time to pick the coin up if they are to see one on the ground.

It was interesting to hear his reactions to other view points, also. The reaction that was most memorable was when he spoke to what Andrew Sorkin had to say about the removal of the penny. Andrew Sorkin tells people that removing the penny will cause some disruption of America’s financial system, including inflation and distorted prices. President Diehl’s stance on this is that there is no issue because of the influx of electronic transactions as of late. Lately, there have been upwards of 75 percent of the transactions in the US completed through electronic means.

President Diehl goes on to say that the business owners will likely react to the change by rounding their prices in favor of the consumer’s pocket to show a courtesy to their customers.

Autism Rocks: Making A Difference In People’s Lives

Autism Rocks, a charity organization, is giving families hope for a brighter future for their children who have been diagnosed with this terrible disease. Established by Sanjay Shah, a British businessman in 2014, the focus of the Autism Rocks foundation is on a cure for autism. They are very interested in on what causes autism and through research and development hope to one day give some much needed answers to the tough questions surrounding autism.

Sanjay Shah was in the banking industry most of his life and after losing his job in 2008, he decided to open his own business. Shah opened an investment, brokerage, and principal trading business called Solo Capital. Solo Capital gave Shah the opportunity to make millions of dollars and as of today his company employs more than 100 experts in the financial field.

A couple of years back, Shah and his wife, Usha, took their young two year old son to the hospital after he had been sick for a week and still not able to keep any food down. The doctor ran test on their son and felt that his symptoms required further testing. Their son was diagnosed with autism. Shah and Usha were devastated and starting searching for a way to help him and others stricken from this terrible disease. The Shah family was able to pay for their sons treatment and in doing so realized that without their wealth, their sons’ condition would have gone untreated. This was the beginning of how Autism Rocks came into being.

Shah got the idea to give private concerts by invitation only with some of the biggest names in the music industry as the entertainment. London was the city of the venue’s and the concerts have been very successful in bringing in much needed funds for the research on autism. There are plans to open the concerts up to the public in the near future.

With organizations like Autism Rocks and people like Sanjay Shah and his wife, Usha, constantly striving to secure a place in the world for the research and development of a cure for autism, there is hope for tomorrow. Hope for the next child and knowledge that there are organizations out there who want to help and can provide you and your family with the information you need.

Slyce: Visual Based Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made life easier especially when interacting with machines thanks to tech leaders like Yann LeCun, Andrew Ng, and Geoffrey Hinton. To date, no company has come up with an event that marks the big arrival of AI as it has always been with us. We interact with it every day in applications like the Google’s autocomplete, Apples Siri application and Facebook friend tagging ability without being aware. Companies too have taken the advantage of the presence of AI for the past 5-10 years. Shopping applications like the Amazon in US and other online stores are examples of such.

Shoppers have the control on what to buy, where to buy and the price they want to buy at. In the online stores, however, they are presented many products from all over the world. To find the right item, the user has to know the right keywords to input to get the appropriate clothes for instance in an online fashion store. People also follow suggestions according to AI in that if they find friends online who have acquired a similar item are more likely to buy the same thing. Shopping online for fashion requires one to engage their visual ability and appreciate what’s available. Friends suggestions or the ability to search a picture that one saw somewhere makes it easier for other fashion shoppers too as they can now pick what they want with ease.

The ability to search image recognition online has been around for about ten years. The image based AI has been used by companies like Cortexica, Slyce, CamFind and many others to aid in the visual search. A fashion enthusiast can now choose from a number of recommendations for patterns, size, fit, style and many others with the results being relayed in real time. Visual applications like Slyce will offer perfect solutions to online shoppers and retailers too. The platform is available for both mobile and desktop. The recognition is possible through referencing existing images of a product or by uploading a new picture to find similar ones.

Slyce also makes it possible to recover lost revenue with the Slyce Link. When shopping also there is the out of stock solutions for both devices and shoppers can also abandon their carts after shopping. The application also integrates a image recognition powered savings application called the Scout. The application will not only make it easy to shop for consumers but will also empower them to search everything they want based on what they have seen and touched. It only offers the perfect visual search solution.

How The 2008 Market Could Be Back Again

Is is time to consider that the 2008 style stock market may be here with us again? George Soros and many others say on Bloomberg that this may be the case. There is ever chance consider all of the various events currently taking place in our markets and markets all around the world.

One of the things that a lot of people are currently looking at is the situation that is happening in China. There are a lot of macro factors going on that could well play into a tough situation for the United States markets and the other markets that are related to our own.

The ongoing situation is China is that the country is believed to be devaluing its currency. This has spiked concerns that other countries in Asia may feel the pressure to do the same thing. If that were to happen, there could be a lot of lasting problems that result from it. No one wants to see a currency war spark out, particularly at a moment like this.

The Economist has noted how accurate Soros has been on a lot of the macro economic calls he has made about the market. He is skilled at making calls about these types of things because he follows the pulse of the economic picture all around the world. He practically never stops looking at how things are going all throughout the economy.

There are a lot of economists who are not calling for a 2008 style recession, but they are almost always late to the party. They rarely ever tell the world that there is going to be a recession until that recession is already upon us. Soros tries to get ahead of the recession and let people know that it is about to happen. He has a strong track record of being able to do so.

Another concern for Soros is the mess in Greece. There was a debt crisis that was garnering a lot of attention for a period of time. However, that crisis seems to have fallen off the radar of a lot of popular media. That being said, the crisis is still ongoing and still has a lot of potential to get a lot of markets into a big mess.

Soros is concerned that a lot of people are not paying attention to what is happening in the stock market right now. There are signs like the ISM manufacturing indicator which has now dipped below 50. When it goes below 50 this is often an indicator of what is about to happen in the markets, and it is not a good sign. This means that manufacturing has slowed in the United States, and this of course translates to bad news for the markets. There are simply too many things that directly tie into manufacturing for this to be ignored.

There are a number of voices that are worried about what is happening in the markets right now, but Soros is one of the few who is telling the world that it really could be as bad as 2008.


A Downturned Economy is More Apt to Grow

It’s a simple intuitive understanding that when a market goes down, the potential for gain for new investors is then greater than it was at the peak of a market’s value. With US stock markets having seen a “mini-crash” in the early fall of 2015, some investors are standing on the sidelines calling 2016 a potentially positive year for investments, compared to the rather negative fiscal sentiments around in the equities markets.

The oil issue obviously looms large as well, with economies and investors fixed on the always fluctuating per barrel price of crude oil. Steadily falling due to geopolitical issues around the world, oil prices are a weight on investor confidence going into the new year. This information stands at odds to any wish for a larger market rebound in time, but it is not necessarily a “make or break” factor for investors investing in equities, rather than commodities.

A reason for optimism for the near year of investing is found in the fact that so much of the prognostication is calling for doom and gloom. If the prognosticators are spreading such a negative forecast and the year ends much in the same way as 2015 did, the results would be rather favorable. 2015, despite its low points, was a generally flat year for equity markets.

James Dondero, co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, has three decades of experience forecasting and investing in equity and credit markets. Jim was instrumental in the creation of CLO (collateralized loan obligations), which has helped investors find suitable vehicles for their investment capital in quite beneficial ways.

Philanthropy is a passion and main activity of Jim’s professional career and has made significant financial contributions to a variety of causes and organizations. His stellar track record of financial success brings forward brand associations such as American Express and MGM Studios. If these organizations can trust Jim’s approach to investing, then perhaps you and your firm should consider his involvement as well.

Groundbreaking Company OrganoGold Continues to Expand

Coffee is known world-wide for its health benefits and nutritional properties. Studies have shown that it can help lower the risk of diabetes, several different types of cancer, heart disease, and more. Business man Bernardo Chua has found a way to increase these benefits by adding an ancient Asian herb called Ganoderma.

Bernardo Chua’s company, OrganoGold, makes organic coffee and tea that contain this very special mushroom. They grow Ganoderma organically in their multi-million dollar Gano Herb Industrial Park. After processing this herb into a fine powder, they then add it to their range of products including their Café Mocha, Organic Green Tea, and more.

Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines and was often given the benefits of Ganoderma, which is a proven health agent. Now, he wants to make it possible for everyone to benefit from its ancient properties. Chua has been working in the health and wellness market for more than ten years. He has a passion for helping others by providing products that taste delicious and benefit the body.

Beginning OrganoGold was a logical next step for Bernardo Chua. In 1999 his Wikipedia entry shows that he started Gano Excel Philippines with Leow Soon Seng. After working to grow and expand that company he became the president of Gano Excel USA. Eventually, he used his passion and knowledge of Asian herbs to begin OrganoGold in 2008. OrganoGold is now available world-wide.

OrganoGold offers a variety of gourmet beverages and they all contain Ganoderma. Their product line includes hot chocolate, organic green tea, and a variety of coffees. They also offer something called Black Ice which is iced black tea with natural honey.

However, OrganoGold doesn’t just offer coffee and tea with Ganoderma. It now offers personal care products such as tooth paste and soap that also contain the mushroom. They even offer Ganoderma Lucidum in capsule form to make it easy to get the right amount. OrganoGold is constantly expanding into new territories and products and bringing its groundbreaking herb to everyone.